The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You by Amulya Malladi

The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

Set amid the world’s international airports and glamorous (and sometimes not so glamorous) hotels, the bestselling author of “The Copenhagen Affair, brings you story about what it really means for professional (but still human!) women to tackle the corporate world, scale the leadership ladder, and lean in to the lives they’ve always wanted, and truly deserve—Up in the Air meets 9 to 5 for today’s Pantsuit Nation.Asmi knows that CPH (Cop...

Details The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

TitleThe Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
Release DateJul 1st, 2019
PublisherAnd Then She Said Press
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

  • Deanna Sletten
    Asmi is a successful woman who holds a high-powered position in a global corporation that allows her to travel all over the world. On the flip side, she is forty, unmarried, childless, and has no immediate prospects for a permanent relationship. She worries that she may have put too much emphasis on her career and too little on her personal life, and just as she begins to question her choices, she finds herself in the middle of a corporate Hunger...
  • Toni
    This book was funny, touching and will love Asmi as she makes her was through a high powered job with wry humor and tenacity. Best book I've read in long time.
  • Anita R Mohan
    If you are a woman, READ this book. Does not matter what age or stage of life you are in, student, homemaker, in between careers, or a working woman, just READ this book. Call it a Survival Guide or Coaching 101, this book motivates, inspires, and maybe even emboldens. A survival workbook brought to life by Asmi, a woman in her 40’s, unmarried, not in a permanent relationship, at times melodramatic, and always doubting herself because of famili...
  • Angela Johnson
    Asmi is a role model, even if she can't see it. I can't quite remember how I got connected with the author to receive this ARC but I'm so glad I did. What a refreshing and empowering piece of literature. There are times when Asmi grated on my nerves, but it's probably because we can all relate to that inner self doubt that Asmi often experiences (or her inner critic as she refers to it). Asmi is a woman we can relate to even if our circumstances ...
  • Carla Suto
    THE NEAREST EXIT MAY BE BEHIND YOU by Amulya Malladi is an insightful and inspirational book that drew me in and kept me engaged from beginning to end. It is told from the point of view of forty-year-old Asmi, a successful marketing executive in a global corporation who suddenly finds herself embroiled in a battle with a male colleague for the next rung in the corporate career ladder. She finds herself questioning her priorities and her abilities...
  • Annie McDonnell
    We’ve needed a book like this! Women will applaud Amulya Malladi’s talent for weaving a workbook for us on how to step forward in our lives and careers into a fictional tale. We are offered real life strategic advice and guidance as the main character, Asmi is actually living it in the story. It was truly brilliant! To give a voice to the workbook is just a magnificent idea! In the days where women need to learn to stand up for themselves and...
  • Kumkum
    I’m a huge fan of the author’s books. In fact, I have read every single one of them! Her style of writing and the fact that each of her books revolve around different situations and each one has a unique storyline, keep me captivated till the end. This is the first time I’m writing a review though – so here goes!Reading this book is a must for all women – whether career-minded or not, I must say. The story intricately weaves in and out ...
  • Miss W Book Reviews
    The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You is the first book I have read by author Amulya Malladi and I am telling you it WILL NOT BE THE LAST!!!! This novel is not only incredibly well written fiction but also doubles as a professional woman's workbook and empowers working women everywhere. As a woman in the corporate world, this novel spoke to me!I could not BELIEVE the bonus between each chapter! An excerpt from The Business Workbook "And then she sai...
  • Shiva Priya
    A must read for all kinds of women; working, SAHM, working at home, Mothers rejoining the workforce all go through the exact thoughts that Asmi has. Super refreshing and a raw read. At times you cringe with Asmi and at others you laugh, cry, and embolden as she goes through her struggle with corporate gender-biased politics and a hunger games style promotion. Every woman has faced a Scott, has a Cara to lean on and an Isadora to model after. This...
  • Nikki
    What an amazing book! I was given this ARC for an honest review and even if I hadn’t I still would have bought this book as soon as it hit the shelf! I love the way Amulya Malladi writes! She takes you literally on a journey in her books as if you are right with the characters and I love it! This story of Asmi shows that in this cut throat world of corporate ladder craziness woman can do it all just as good as men! She learns she can have the c...
  • Angela Stone
    Enjoyed this book. Too tired to put why into words.
  • Rochelle Weinstein
    Malladi tackles a relevant topic for women in the modern working world: executives forced to juggle beauty and brains, balancing family and the workplace, and like one reviewer stated, all in fabulous heels. The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You is inspirational and compelling in its depiction of the struggles women face in the Lean In culture. An intelligent and witty read from a powerful voice. Brava to the author for tackling this important issue...
  • Maida
    Riveting women’s fiction/self-development workbook hybrid. Full review at
  • Jeanne Fredriksen
    Publishing July 1, 2019, appropriately just in time for Independence Day! Take a worldwide, whirlwind tour with Asmi Verma as she fights for the VP promotion being dangled in front of her and her colleague, the misogynist Scott Beauregard III. Fast and furious, THE NEAREST EXIT MAY BE BEHIND YOU by best-selling author Amulya Malladi is poised to lift women's spirits and teach us all about leadership and respect in the workplace. ~~~~~~~~~~Not all...
  • Angelina
    Amulya Malladi’s new novel is a suspenseful fictional cocktail of corporate Hunger Games, Lean In, and business workbook with a dash of Jane Austenesque humor. Set in corporate America, the novel begins with Asmi wearing uber professional suit, Jungle Red lipstick, and Wild Thing sandals about to meet the CEO of her company to learn if the CEO will promote her as the new VP of Marketing. She is more qualified, is smarter, and has more integrity...
  • Heather Frimmer
    This clever and relatable novel shines a bright spotlight on the struggles women face in the corporate world. The main character, Asmi, is being considered for a promotion to the Vice President of marketing at her tech company. The other candidate,Scott, is a revolting frat boy type character who thrives in the boys club culture of his team. As Asmi faces a Hunger Games type set of challenges to prove herself worthy of the promotion, she learns a...
  • Linda Zagon
    Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You” by Amulya Malladi, She Writes Press, July 2019Amulya Malladi, Author of “The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You” has written a wonderful, thought-provoking, intriguing and time-appropriate novel. The Genres for this Novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The timeline for this story is in the present. The story takes place in corporate America and in companies around the worl...
  • Amy
    To be honest, when I read the summary of The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You I wasn’t sure this book was for me. I’m not a career woman, never have been nor have aspired to be. But Asmi’s concerns are women’s concerns, in all walks of life. The setting of the corporate world was an interesting backdrop for me, having never ventured into it. I learned a lot about that lifestyle while at the same time I could still relate to some of Asmi’s...
  • Michelle Stamp
    I have read and loved all of Amulya Malladi’s books. Every time I have started one, I immediately feel that I am with the characters and on their journeys with them. This book is no exception and I really enjoyed it. I was rooting for Asmi all the way, I liked her and could relate to her struggles even though I am not in the corporate world. I would strongly recommend this book and after you read it, you will probably want to read more by Amuly...
  • Tammy Morse
    This a book about a women who turns 40 and is single and working her way up the corporate ladder. Feeling because she is a female she won't get the job she is working for. So she decides she will write a workbook to help women feel better and help themselves in the working their way up in the corporate world. You have to read the book to see how she accomplishes her goals in her life. This is a book that is helpful for women today. To show that y...
  • Tracy Wright
    Asmi is a successful career woman who is able to stand her ground against an arranged marriage but secretly has the same ambivalent insecurities when it comes to the glass ceiling. She has a lovely home on the beach, shops in the world's best airports, has a married French lover....yet, she still questions what she wants and if she's capable of landing the promotion. Following her around the world, the reader feels as though they are at each pres...
  • Angela
    Part novel, part success manual and completely riveting. Asmi has a job that many people would covet. She travels the world and is successful in her career. She is vying with a (not so nice) colleague for a promotion. She is beginning to realize all of the sacrifices she has had to make for her career, many of them because she is a woman. Asmi (through her relationships with her sister, best friend, and romantic interests) Express what it takes t...
  • Alison
    Malladi had tapped into a slice of life that many women, who have battled their way to the top in the corporate arena, juggling societal and familial expectations along the way, will find extremely relatable. A witty, insightful and entertaining read about the challenges of life in the fast-lane, in heels.
  • Angel D
    Excellent new book!! Certainly anyone working in the corporate world will totally relate. Asmi takes us on a journey where I can say I have been!! It also speaks to any woman over 50 +( me, not Asmi) looking for a job in todays world. Talent , experience mean little when age is a factor and youth comes cheaper. This is a must read for women just wanting to be independent and respected in an often unfortunate “man’s world”. Asmi shows us all...
  • Robin
    This book was a cross between a novel and a handbook for women in the corporate world. Not being in the corporate world(I work in medical field) I found it very interesting both as a novel and a resource.
  • Moya Smith
    A good readI do love all of this author’s work. This was not an exception. The format was interesting but I honestly was not interested in the business coaching “chapters”. All came together in the end though. Off to read her newest book!!
  • Karina
    “The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You” by Amulya Malladi hooked me as soon as I saw the cover, the story inside did not disappoint. There are some books, which when once started are difficult to put down this is one of those books.  I started as soon as I got to work and I hardly put it down until I went home. I read this cute and humorous book in 1 day. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It was well written, with good characters that were fun...
  • Northwestreader
    This book, like all of Malladi’s previous books, is easy to pick up and almost immediately get engaged with the story. While it’s not a page turner in the way that a mystery might be, I found myself reading “just one more chapter” instead of getting up to engage in my next activity. With that being said, I am still not sure if it’s a novel infused with advice for women who want to succeed in the business world or if it’s a business se...
  • Adrienne Harris
    As with most of her novels (all of them, perhaps), I loved how Amulya Malladi introduced me to a different world—in this case, the corporate world—and specifically, the experience of a single woman of color in her late thirties working for an international company. As an academic, I travel some for my job, and I have often wondered what my life might be like had I pursued another path. I’ve loved every single one of Malladi’s books. As i...
  • Jennifer Wilson
    I won in a giveaway on here a little while ago, and just got a chance to read it. This is the first book from this author. The story has a promising plot, and I looked forward to getting into it. We meet the main character Asmi outside of her bosses door, waiting to find out if she’s received the promotion that she’s been working hard for. Then it goes back nine months, showing her life and everything she’s done to work up to that point. I ...