The Billion Dollar Secret by Rafael Badziag

The Billion Dollar Secret

“There is no other book available anywhere in the world that contains this much entrepreneurial experience, insight, and wisdom in it.” —from the Foreword by Jack Canfield, multiple #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Success Principles™ and the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series Based on face-to-face interviews with over 20 self-made billionaires.There are thousands of books on millionaire thinking. The knowledge they offer isn...

Details The Billion Dollar Secret

TitleThe Billion Dollar Secret
Release DateJun 12th, 2019
PublisherPanoma Press

Reviews The Billion Dollar Secret

  • Jerzyludwicki
    This is a great book that shows self made billionaires stories and explains the principles of extreme business success. Every entrepreneur should read this unique book.All the billionaires in this book started with zero and achieved great successes with their businesses. Reading this gave me a great value and overview of how billionaires think and act. I totally recommend!
  • Andrzej Załucki
    Amazing expirence in one obok. Expirence 21 billionaire from the World. Make your dreams come true. It is hard work, but it is possible .
  • Karolina Szostek
    Wow! Like many people I've started my own business and have had trouble making it work. I wish I would have had this book first. But even if you're like me, and have already started your business, get this book and read to it over and over.. "The Billion Dollar Secret" can make the difference between success and failure, great success and just getting by :)
  • Piotr Michalak
    Till now, there never was a book that would contain knowledge of not a single millionaire... not even one billionaire like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk... not even one corporate CEO like Jack Welch or Tim Cook... but of 21 (twenty one) BILLIONAIRES, all condensed in ONE book. Rafael knows personally and befriended 30 billionaires, but dropped 9 of them from this knowledge base just to focus on SELF MADE people here! Whoah. This is an outstanding feat....
  • Szczepan Zmarzliński
    Fantastic book. It allows breaking stereotypes, even those that have been theoretically broken. I recommend it to anyone who wants to look into the mind of those who achieve the greatest business successes in the world.
  • Ashvini Bhaktha
    A book worth reading. This book written by Mr. Badziag, expresses how much potential one has and to realise the same one has to be totally invested. The way the journey of these self made people is described in the boom is truly amazing! This book is a must read. It'll fill you with motivation and energy to follow your mind.
  • Arlen Pengal
    If you ever thought, is it possible for a struggling, hardship prone, having no influential or rich family background individual to become super-successful or super-rich? The answer is YES. This book has no speck of fictional words but pure experience from real-life living entrepreneurs themselves, the legends. It's a MUST READ for all inspirational / motivational / entrepreneurial / real - life success story book lovers.
  • Irena Lenc
    Mind-blowingly good book ! The interviews are boiled down to the principles of success and to the very facts one needs to realise to be able to step up their game. Regardless of where you at with realising your ideas and dreams, this book will be a great source of knowledge and inspiration for you.
  • Kinga
    Great principles and going beyond what's taught in business schools. As a beginner in business, I find it encouraging and thought provoking. So far, the book is jam-packed with insight and knowledge about the things that actually help us become successful (not just monetary success). The stories are very inspiring and go beyond what can be seen on media and written by Forbes etc. so you are learning something new page by page. The book is structu...
  • Andrew Bott
    Since I read Think and Grow Rich I have not been so affected by a book until now. The Billion Dollar Secret includes interviews with 21 self-made billionaires, and includes practical steps, strategies and mindsets for you to take to lead a more successful and happy life. I was struck by the fact that all of these billionaires without fail believed that you had to work in something that you loved, and they all were driven to change the world. The ...
  • Andrzej Winiarski
    This is yet another great book from Rafael Badziag. He spent 6 years on this amazing project, travelling whole world and meeting billionaires to get insights on how to do a large scale business. Successfully. This book is compilation of 20 principles - kind of "Entrepreneurship Know How" which will help you to earn decades of various experiences, avoid mistakes, and show the most effective path to be successful in business (and not only)Learn fro...
  • Darya
    Absolutely loved the book! I find it very interesting in terms of personal stories and examples. The author has structured the book very well on different topics and provided examples from interviews. This is not a standard interview-based book which makes it engaging and easy to read. Looking for inspiration and having huge aspirations? This books is a perfect start for those who feel like a Ferrari, can "drive" their life on a high speed and fo...
  • Amit Verma
    This is a book about difference in big and huge; and difference betwen sucess and phenomenon.You will be surprised to know gigantic difference between milionaires and billionaires.millionaire owns one hotel; billionaire owns 200. .This book describes few of billionaires around the world at present and tries to find out what they do differently. What makes them so successful over such a long time and what they will like to share with all young min...
  • Albert
    Life Changing and Excellent. If you want to build incredible wealth or want to know how it is done, this book has practical first-hand information. I only wish this book would have been around when I started out in my journey as it would have saved me time, effort, energy, years and mistakes. I am applying many of the practical concepts Badziag presents in his book to investments and companies. I give this book my highest recommendation.
  • Suleiman Shaibu
    Rafael Badziag’s book “The Billion Dollar Secret” is a must-read for anyone who wants to go another level in their business. There is a wealth of information to be garnered from hearing first-hand how billionaires think and what steps they took to get there. The book encourages the readers to learn to take their destinies in their own hands and to quit making excuses. Don't put limitations on yourself
  • Violetta Brajer
    This book is "must have".One of the best book I have ever read.No all in one wonder solution.just right ideas and principles. Great inspiration: VALUE PEOPLE!
  • Daniel Ksawery
    I am shocked! Rafael, "billionaire hunter" gives us a way of thinking from twenty one the most effective entrepreneurs. This book is unique, no one has done it before. If you want to learn, you should learn only from the best.
  • Aleksandra Wojciechowicz
    This is not a book about money. Is a book about how to make a crazy dream come true
  • Cristie Underwood
    This was a very inspirational book, as the author spoke with billionaires that created well-known businesses on what made them successful. The advice that they give can help anyone that is starting their own business.
  • Vidya
    A book worth reading! Simply amazing and marvelous! Will definitely recommend this.
  • Vineet
    What an amazing book. If one wants to be successful then m sure this book will be great help on your way to that journey. Must read.
  • Heiko
    I am an experienced entrepreneur looking beyond the wisdom of millionaires. "The Billion Dollar Secret" caught my attention on NetGalley as it compiles first-hand wisdom of BILLIONAIRES, in contrast to all the books about how millionaires think. The author managed to convince 20+ self-made billionaires to work together on this book, including five World Entrepreneurs of different Years (out of 8 billionaire World Entrepreneurs alive!). This is th...
  • Nina Harrington
    This book shares some real insights into the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Self-Made Billionaires. Definitely more than just another bullet list of habits and top tips. Instead we have the personal backstories and very real rags-to-riches success histories of 20 current stars in the business world.These non-conformist entrepreneurs are intensely driven, committed, self-aware early achievers who have a compulsion to be in control and stay in control ...
  • Angela
    It's interesting to look at how more than twenty billionaires look at life and business. A good read for anyone who wants to move their business to the next level.
  • Muhammad Taimour