Running Blind (Jack Reacher, #4) by Lee Child

Running Blind (Jack Reacher, #4)

Women are being murdered nationwide by a killer who leaves no trace of evidence, no fatal wounds, no signs of struggle, and no clues to an apparent motive. All the victims have one thing in common: they each knew Jack Reacher.

Details Running Blind (Jack Reacher, #4)

TitleRunning Blind (Jack Reacher, #4)
Release DateJul 1st, 2001
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Running Blind (Jack Reacher, #4)

  • Alp
    “But you are kind of arrogant, you know?” she said. “Prosecutor, judge, jury, executioner, all in one? What about the rules?”He smiled.“Those are the rules,” he said. “People mess with me, they find that out pretty damn quick.” FIVE SOLID STARS, YES!!!Once again, Lee Child has delivered another winner with this smashing mystery/suspense/thriller story. Normally I’m a bit leery about picking up a book that is over 500 pages long....
  • James Thane
    The fourth installment in the Jack Reacher series finds our hero in New York where he's just inherited a house from an old mentor who has recently died. Reacher has also fallen madly in love with the old mentor's daughter, Jodie, who he knew as a teenager and who has blossomed into a sexy, brilliant lawyer. Jack truly loves Jodie and Jodie truly loves Jack, but he's not at all sure about this homeownership business. (Seriously, can you imagine Ja...
  • Ian Mapp
    I am afraid that this is a complete load of pants.Lee child has been my guilty pleasure, but this book does not have reacher doing what he does best (killing people!) or the epic scale of the other books. And there are some serious flaws with the logic in the book.Flaw One - Reacher is pulled in by the FBI because the results of a serial killer profiling exercise have resulted in the fact that it is Reacher. Despite going through his personal his...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Running blind = The visitor (Jack Reacher #4), Lee ChildThe Visitor is the fourth book in the Jack Reacher series, written by James D. "Jim" Grant with pen name: Lee Child. It was published in 2000, by Bantam in the United Kingdom. In the United States; the book was released under the title: Running Blind. It is written in the second and third person. The prologue opens with a mystery person's point of view on knowledge, power and killing, "Peopl...
  • Lyn
    A batter steps into the box and looks out at the tall, hulking pitcher on top of the mound. He’s got the book on this guy, knows the formula. All heat, nothing but fastballs. Starts inside to back the hitter off the plate and then works the corners.So he’s surprised when the first pitch is a loping change up, a slower pitch that comes across the outer edge of the plate for a strike. The next few pitches are all over the place – high, low, f...
  • Kris
    I think this is the first book I've ever rated "one star." Normally, I don't finish books that I don't like, so I don't have a reason to assign a low rating. I did finish this one, unrealistically hoping it would get better. First of all, I normally love the Jack Reacher books for what they are: guilty pleasures and a fun way to spend an afternoon. This book just left me feeling guilty for wasting my time, with no pleasure to balance it. I've rea...
  • Laci
    **SPOILERS BE HERE!**Oh, where to begin? First, I'm now convinced Child is paid per word--nothing else excuses the descriptions: "He did this, and this other thing, and this other thing, and then this other thing. She felt one way, and another way, and another way that's actually the same thing as the first two ways, but phrased a little differently. He went into the bedroom, and he saw a bedspread, a lamp, a bedside table, a window, a cat, a rug...
  • Jane Stewart
    2 stars. Long, drawn out process investigating murders. Not enough action. The ending was frustrating.REVIEWER’S OPINION:The story starts off in an exciting way with thugs demanding payoffs from a new restaurant owner. Reacher likes the restaurant and takes action. That was fun. But after that there was very little action, not enough. It was a long, drawn out process trying to solve the murders, but no one figured anything out until the very e...
  • Dave
    Reacher and the FBIRunning Blind offers the reader an impossible puzzle, sort of like the locked-room murder puzzle. There's a serial killer out there and it's a complete puzzle how the murders are being committed. In fact, it's such a puzzle that the FBI has to bring in Jack Reacher to solve it. As long as you don't get hung up on the unlikelihood of that playing out, you'll enjoy a pretty good mystery with few clues and a lot of dead ends to ba...
  • Tom
    I'm afraid I'm going to have give Jack reacher a rest for a while. This book was ridiculous. I had this thing figured out very early on and was dreading being right. You will not be impressed by the method of murder. It is a huge stretch to think that this could be remotely possible. Plus, the investigators are morons! Lee Child makes the FBI no more tha stupid thugs that can't get anything done without resorting to threats of everything from fra...
  • Jeremiah
    Ugh, where to begin. Another iteration of Lee Child's pattern: We have an inside man, a pointless subplot, and an improbable romance. I'm irritated at the lack of continuity here. In the 2nd book, Jack Reacher had exposed corrupt FBI agents, saved a cherished FBI agent (and daughter of a high-ranking general), and stopped a terrorist attack, but this doesn't even merit a mention when he's picked up by the FBI again? Not a line? Not a phone call f...
  • Adrian
    Ok, so I read 3 of these in quick succession late last year (the first 3) and then decided to take a break. I did enjoy them and I did enjoy this one, but I don't want to get hooked in as they are not my normal genre.As per usual Jack is larger than life and without giving anything away he is instrumental n both the crime(s) and the solving. One has to admire him despite him being so bloody perfect.(view spoiler)[I must admit that I really wanted...
  • Emma
    I needed something easy today and this was the perfect balm for my stressed out brain.I think I need some kind of small town conspiracy story to follow up. I need corruption and vigilante justice, backwater evil and all kinds of vice. Hit me up with recommendations please...
  • Stephen
    A Reacher novel is kinda' like pizza: Even when it's not great, it's still usually pretty good. HOWEVER, have you ever had one of those pizzas that was so bad that you cannot help but to tell others to avoid that particular pizzeria? That's what Running Blind was like. Avoid it at all costs!Seriously, THIS IS THE ONE TO AVOID IN THE SERIES! It's OMG stupid! If I told the heart of the mystery you wouldn't believe it, thinking it's the plot from so...
  • Stuart
    "I am the one and only..." - Chesney Hawkes "Vodka helped create some of the greatest fiction we've ever read" - some quote by someone, somewhere, after a bottle. To give Lee Childs his due, he is excellent writer of popcorn fiction - you know, the tough-guy-with-his-own-rules character. I'm a big fan of Jack Reacher and his on goings. The Visitor is slightly different to the other three Reacher novels in the sense Jack isn't smashing people's fa...
  • Abram
    My rating: 4/5The novel is great as the first two. I have to read the third one but I just couldn't get it in a lower price in amazon. So I bought the fourth one which is running blind or visitor. But when I jumped into the story I found out that the third book and the fourth are connected in a way ( not by story, so no problem) But You can read the third after four. There will be no problem in it. A character is present in both the books.Just li...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    I always "feel" that I should like the Jack Reacher books better. I mean these are very popular books...everyone seems to love them...Tom Cruise even agreed to play Jack in the film. Must be great, right?Still, mostly I like these. I can go a good solid 4 stars here. As the books go along there always seems to be (to me anyway) times where Jack just doesn't make a lot of sense within his own story/plot/personality. I mean (I say that a lot don't ...
  • Michael
    After reading half a dozen or so Reacher novels in the last couple of months, a couple of things are starting to become clear. The first is that Jack Reacher really, really loves coffee. And that the fold-out toothbrush is one of the great inventions of modern civilization. Another thing that becomes quickly apparent is that while these books are fun, popcorn reads, Lee Child has little, if any, interest in long-term continuity. I says this becau...
  • Mellie Antoinette
    Do you judge a book by its price? Well, have I got a deal for you! Jack Reacher is like a good Jessie J song, forget about the Price Tag, cause he’s worth every penny - all 799 of them U.S.! The checkered flag drops on the first sentence and we’re off to the races with an expertly crafted military mystery that flies from zero to 498 in a breath of words. Can you imagine? I’d love to write a good book one day...someday...somewhere over the r...
  • Richard
    7/10Bubblegum fiction at its best I suppose. Writing a review of a book like this a week after reading it is not a wise idea as I don’t really recall all the events. What I do recall is that I enjoyed the overall plot more than the last one. A mysterious character going around killing ex-army people which leads the FBI to think it is Jack Reacher for him to then pick up the case to try and solve it (which of course he does). The characters are ...
  • Mary
    This book bothered me in many ways. It was hard to tell if this took place a year and half after Tripwire or a mere few months (Tripwire took place in early June and this took place in mid-fall). So it was hard to tell if Reacher was with Jodi Garber for a year + or a few months. What bothered me the most was that in Tripwire Jodi had no problem with Reacher's ways especially when it came to taking a bullet for her. But suddenly his need to get i...
  • Pat
    My fourth Jack Reacher and very nearly my last. I've enjoyed the three previous books and was expecting to enjoy this one. But I didn't.I would have abandoned this in disgust by half way if it were not for my sheer determination to finish it - just in case the author redeemed himself. But he didn't. I really wanted this to be good - I like Jack Reacher books - or at least I have until this one. There was nothing in the previous books to suggest t...
  • Mark
    Because I read "Black Jack" the 6th in the "Hunt for Reacher" series, I thought I'd revisit the original Reacher upon which it was based...I wasn't disappointed!!!
  • Manray9
    One hundred pages too long and more holes than a colander. The identity of the killer was telegraphed about half way.
  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    Another fantastic book in the series! I loved the intensity of this one! It felt more intimate than other books, leaving me with more insight into Reacher's head & character which is awesome. I burned through the pages trying to figure it all out, and am happy to say I honed in on the killer...but didn't know the "why" until it all went down. An absolute Must Read! Can't wait to start the next one.4.5 stars
  • James
    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Such an annoying ending. What seemed like such a difficult problem - how (and why) do you kill a series of women, all ex-army, without leaving any traces or any signs of a struggle. In fact, they almost seem to have been complicit. The how (and who) was telegraphed fairly early and I hoped - so hard - that it was going to be red herring. That somehow, Lee Child was going to surprise us and come up with a fiendish technique...
  • Ben Jackson
    I really like the Jack Reacher books. They are usually smart, fun, interesting, and the character is just so damn badass, that they make for great popcorn. Unfortunately, this one just is pretty bad. Better than the bad books of most other writers, this one still falls short on most marks.Given, it is fun to see Reacher beat up on bad dudes, which he does with aplomb. However, the bad guys here are so predictable that the big surprise ending is e...
  • Gary
    5 stars all round reacher has been given a hard case to crack but the best thing about reacher he thinks and he thinks hard but this time it's the FBI can he out smart them all read it and find out
  • Elizabeth
    4 read, 20 more to go.
  • Kathy Davie
    Fourth in the Jack Reacher suspense series revolving around Reacher, a big man with nothing to prove and a heart of gold.My TakeHoo, boy, Jack is between a rock and a harder place. And with a little help from Child, Jack pulls the wool over their eyes and exposes the true killer. Somehow, I knew who it was, but I just couldn't figure it out. Not until the end when the truth had to be spoon fed me! Looking back, all the clues were there. I was jus...