Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, #5) by Lee Child

Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, #5)

Hitching rides is an unreliable mode of transport. In temperatures of over a hundred degrees, you’re lucky if a driver will open the door of his air-conditioned car long enough to let you slide in. That’s Jack Reacher’s conclusion. He’s adrift in the fearsome heat of a Texas summer, and he needs to keep moving through the wide open vastness, like a shark in the water. The last thing he’s worried about is exactly who picks him up.He neve...

Details Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, #5)

TitleEcho Burning (Jack Reacher, #5)
Release DateApr 30th, 2002
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, #5)

  • David
    In "Killing Floor" (which I thoroughly enjoyed), Lee Child introduced an electric main character named Jack Reacher. He is ex-military and wanders from place to place. He is smart and a violent badass to anyone who messes with him or those he cares about. In Reacher, Child has created a character who can interact with anyone, go anywhere and do anything. So who does Reacher interact with in this book? A Hispanic woman named Carmen. She picks up R...
  • Lyn
    Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books are to the action thriller genre as AC/DC is to rock music: a revved up, entertaining, if not altogether original or thoughtful collection of INYERFACE! vignettes and tied together with a BACK IN BLACK street cred.Reacher takes the HIGHWAY TO HELL for his next adventure as he travels to far south Texas near the Mexican border. Getting into trouble literally out of the blue, Reacher finds himself caught up in domes...
  • Alp
    A real page-turner!Echo Burning is the fifth installment in Jack Reacher series and the series itself keeps getting better and better. The plot was intense, exciting, and thrilling, exactly as I expected. Despite the fact that the story moved at a very fast pace, I still felt like I couldn't turn the pages quick enough because I was dying to know who was behind these murders.Jack Reacher never ceases to amaze me with his cleverness and confidence...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Echo Burning (Jack Reacher #5), Lee ChildEcho Burning is the fifth novel in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. It was published in 2001. It is written in the third person. ack Reacher breaks a bully's nose and finger after being repeatedly provoked in a Texas saloon, so when the bully turns out to be a local cop and shows up with three of his colleagues the following day to arrest him, Reacher decides it's time to move on. He chooses h...
  • John Culuris
    “Pantser” was--and may well still be--a term used in the publishing industry to describe authors who do not plot, who “write by the seat of their pants.” And while you can’t always tell if a particular writer is a pantser, there are certain books and series where there is absolutely no doubt that the authors write as they go. The most common identifying trait is filler, sometimes obvious filler. The reason pantsers are not always recogn...
  • Michael
    Lee Child has many qualities of a great author. His characters do things. His characters talk. His characters act in reasonable ways. Child lets the reader into Reacher's head. We get to see the decisions he makes. We understand why those decisions are made. One would think this would make for a very predictable story, predictable events, predictable dialog, and thus a boring story. Nope. Far from it.While the reader does have great access to cha...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    One of the better Reacher books. I have given 3 positive reviews in a row here...pretty good.This book has what I'd call an "interesting" opening... If you've read many of my reviews you know I use that word, frequently. It says so much.Reacher upon smacking someone (else) in the nose makes the disturbing discovery that he seems to have damaged the person of the local constabulary. Realizing that discretion is the better part of valor (and that h...
  • Adrian
    Now I suppose the question is, after 5 novels am I already falling out of love with Jack Reacher (now don't get me wrong he's not really my type , but I have enjoyed his larger than life (literally) character). Well hopefully the answer is no. I did enjoy this book and would give it 3.5 stars if I could, but I cannot round it up to 4, its not as good as episodes 1 to 4, so 3 stars it has to be, sorry Jack.Maybe it is time for another "Jack free"...
  • Ralph McEwen
    Another good story by Mr. Child. 5,388 ratings, 356 reviews, 3.90 stars probably says it all. I did like Micheal Busby’s review which I have linked below.
  • Terri Lynn
    I just can't make myself like this at all. Jack Reacher is in Texas after breaking up with Jodie in New York, back to living like a bum in cheap motels, carrying only a toothbrush and cash (but no ID), walking and hitchhiking everywhere, and throwing away clothes rather than wash them. He's also still finding trouble. Right away he's in a bar staring at a redneck cop who is wolfing down bbq chicken wings and letting the greasy sauce roll down ont...
  • Casey Ols
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oops I must of fell asleep with my hand on the keys. This book was so boring that I can't keep my eyes open. Lee Child is one of my favorite authors and I enjoy all of the Reacher novels but this one sucked. I couldn't wait for this one to end so I could move on with my life. The beginning and the half way through it had a good story line and I was really looking forward to something good happening, back nothing ever came. ...
  • Richard
    6/10With a newborn child just arrived and your nights reading time ruined, what book will see you through those 5 minute windows you get when you're not drooling in a sleep coma, cleaning up baby shit or vomit. A Jack Reacher novel is what!The plot is simplistic and far fetched which is what you would expect for this type of novel, where it lacks compared to previous novels in the series though is the action. There are little bits of action dotte...
  • Keri
    Let me start out by saying I love Jack Reacher, but this is the weakest of all Lee's books, IMO. It was the usual, Jack going to go out of his way to help someone and I didn't have issues with that. What completely pulled me out of the story was the research that wasn't done for the story. The way law enforcement works in Texas should have been better researched as well as Mapquest could have been used in order to gain distances between El Paso a...
  • Carol
    Note: my Reacher ratings are on a different scale from all other ratings I allocate. They range from 3 stars to 5, in the context of the Reacher universe. This one, a 4-star Reacher novel is not as good as a 5-star Reacher novel, better than the rare 3-stars which are lame for Child, and pretty good for his universe of competitors. Because I can.
  • Malcolm
    [Author: Lee Child|5091] brings us a bit of a TexMex western this time -- dropping Reacher into a distant and underpopulated border county of Texas, so strap on your spurs, gang -- Reacher's a cowboy.As usual, the story is effective enough, but frankly, I'm feeling that Child doesn't do enough "credibility" checking on his stories, and relies upon the fact that we're completely committed to Reacher, so we won't notice that all the other character...
  • Nate
    Another really fun Reacher book. This one had a very personally relatable setting in that it’s in hot as fuck Texas. Now we don’t have much humidity here in Arizona, but I definitely know hot as fuck (it was 115F the other day.) Good pacing, good mysteries, and some of the most intense action sequences I’ve seen from Child yet, especially the climactic confrontation. (view spoiler)[The shootout on the “clock” mesa was pure fucking aweso...
  • Rob
    Number 5 in the Reacher series.I am slowly working my way through the Reacher series and this is, in my opinion, is the best so far.This book takes place in Texas. Now, I've never been to Texas but Lee Child has managed to paint such a real canvas of the State with the power of his words it's hard to believe you've never been there. The oppressive heat ( 110 in the shade), the parched arid landscape, the endless miles of nothing. as I write this ...
  • Erica
    I read a review for this recently where the reader was disappointed that there wasn't very much action in this book. While listening to this one I kept thinking about that review and in this book, much of the so-called action is analytical and subtle. I sort of had it easier than most that i had previously listened to this book so I knew ahead of time, things that would happen-although not in high detail. By the end of the book the reader is able...
  • Abram
    My Rating: 4.1/5Just like all the other novels, this one is great too. The phasing of the story is better than Tripwire and the characters are interesting enough. The book is good edge of the seat type of a one. But you can easily find out the bad guy and the final twists yourself. It's really predictable but who cares?the story is good and it's a fine novel. I will read the next one. Than you.
  • miteypen
    Turns out there IS a Jack Reacher book I haven’t read! And what a good one. I was hooked from the beginning by what seemed to be three sinister storylines; I couldn’t wait to see how Child was going to bring them together. He gives you just enough information to keep you captivated and you’re never disappointed by each turn of the plot. Also, he’s a master at creating atmosphere. This book is set during a blistering heat wave in Texas pun...
  • Christy
    Jack Reacher travels the country with the clothes on his back and a folding toothbrush in his pocket. Hitchhiking through Texas, he’s picked up by Carmen Greer, a beautiful Hispanic woman. Although Carmen’s husband Sloop Greer is from a rich family, she only has $1.00 in her purse. Her husband’s in prison and Carmen hopes he stays there but Sloop’s worked out a deal with the federal authorities and is expected home. Carmen’s been cruisi...
  • rogue
    While interesting in parts, this book felt flat to me. The question of whether Carmen was telling the truth or not intrigued me, but in the end I found her and all the other characters unlikable, and not in an interesting way. I enjoyed seeing Jack be a noble humanitarian (the scene where he retrieves $20,000 is especially satisfying) but I found it unconvincing that he kept sticking around with Carmen, despite her shaky stories. The shoot-out at...
  • Kathy Davie
    Fifth in the Jack Reacher suspense series revolving around an ex-military policeman wandering the country and getting into a bushel of trouble.My TakeI hated this one! That bitch Carmen and her approach with Reacher. It's just wrong! Stupid twit! What is so important that she has to stick around? She's okay with offering her body, with asking someone to kill for her, but she's not okay with having a clean conscience and going on the run? Even to ...
  • Jane Stewart
    Very enjoyable tough guy story. I wanted to keep reading. It’s fun. You need to suspend disbelief a little.STORY BRIEF:Carmen is of Mexican heritage. Her husband Sloop is white. They live with his mother and brother on a remote Texas ranch. The mother and brother despise her because she is Hispanic. Her husband frequently beats her. They have a six-year-old daughter Ellie. Carmen has no money or family she can turn to. Sloop has been in jail fo...
  • Siobhan
    The Jack Reacher novels are guilty pleasure reads for me, due to my complex relationship with Lee Child.On the one hand, I love his work. The Jack Reacher novels are so fun. He is a wonderful character. The stories always pull you in. There is enjoyment to be had. On the other hand, I hate his story telling. The repetition throughout the stories annoys me. A lack of real style bugs me. Ergo, we have a complex relationship. I love to hate him – ...
  • ~☆~Autumn♥♥
    This is his best book so far! I enjoyed it so much. He made me feel the nightmare heat of Texas and I also enjoyed the rain. Lee Child can write about rain storms better than anyone and I love rain. It helped that I have visited Fort Stockton. I will read this one again in a few years.
  • Steven R. McEvoy
    In the last 23 weeks I have read and reviewed 25 Reacher stories. It started on a whim by picking up the current release because the description caught my attention when I was looking at it for my father. Not since reading that first one, Past Tense, have I enjoyed a Reacher novel as much as this one. And being honest, this is one of the few where I prefer the US covers over the UK editions, which is a rarity. Also because this is one of the earl...
  • Freda Malone
    Lee Child has once again given a book so many twists and turns, I couldn't put it down until ALL the clues were present. Well, even the best clue wasn't revealed until the last 50 or so pages! A woman pick up Reacher when he is escaping out a bathroom window. Oh good grief. I'm picturing my hero running away from the cops. The woman is desperate. Needs Reacher's help to kill her husband. Whoa, even I was yelling "Reacher, don't do it! Something i...
  • Bev
    Look. We get it. It's Texas. It's desolate. It's hot. And Reacher doesn't say much. This is a gripping story, but oh do those now famous descriptive passages of Child's draw this out for-EV-er! And if you took out the sentence "Reacher said nothing" you could shorten it by at least a chapter.That said, I enjoyed this book. Reacher runs afoul of a local police officer and needs to get outta town quick and while hitchhiking is picked up by Carmen G...
  • Lewis Weinstein
    Lee Child is the best at what he does. And, if you're ever in trouble, and Jack Reacher comes along offering to help, don't say no. In this story, Child skillfully introduces the pieces but doesn't tie them together for a long, delightfully suspenseful time. There is lots of action, and a 6 year old girl who pulls at your heartstrings. Is it all plausible? Of course not. But it is a great read.