Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy, #3) by Jaymin Eve

Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy, #3)

They're my boys now - the four heirs of Delta. Together we’re a team ... a family. Five broken, brutal, possibly sociopathic people, and we are all that stands between the world and the powerful, corrupt Delta corporation.We have no idea what we’re doing, but somehow we are determined to stop them. Permanently. We just need leverage ... irrefutable evidence of their corruption. And we need it now. Before the vote that will change everything.O...

Details Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy, #3)

TitleBroken Legacy (Dark Legacy, #3)
Release DateJul 31st, 2019
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreRomance, New Adult, Dark, Young Adult, High School, Contemporary

Reviews Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy, #3)

  • Kim
    I am glad I got this over with to be honest. It’s not that I hated Riley but the 8000 times the word “butterfly” is mentioned got old already in book one and I really didn’t need to be reminded every other page how special she is. Because everybody was trying to get into her pants and kept telling her how amazing/hot/strong she is. What I disliked the most is the whole Chosen One vibe she gave off. Only Buffy gets away with that title in ...
  • queen_of_the_books_18
    ”You are my life, Riley. My fucking life, heart and soul. Without you, there is no fucking me.” Book 3 in the dark Legacy series following Riley, Beck, Dylan, Jasper and Evan. This is not a reverse harem story. It’s dark, thrilling and deliciously addicting. I’m really sad that this series is over. I’m never going to be able to get enough of the Heirs of Delta. This series has had me hooked from the start, with all of the suspense and d...
  • Miftahul
    " “I’m bossy because I fucking love you, Butterfly. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me."Title- Broken Trust Series - Dark Legacy BookAuthor- Jaymin EvePublish Date- 31st July 2019 Genre - Romance, New Adult, High School, Dark Amazon-Broken Legacy: A Dark High School Romance (Dark Legacy Book 3) Kindle Unlimited My Instagram- The Third book...
  • Siobhan Davis
    This was so freaking good! Especially the second half which was so action-packed I barely took a breath! I'm hoping that ending means more is coming. I need more Delta Heirs in my life!!
  • Emily (Emily Reads)
    Yesssss!!! This was the perfect conclusion to an incredible series! I don’t even know what exactly I was wanting to happen with Delta and everything else, but all I know is that it couldn’t have ended more perfectly than it did! Beck is still a fierce overly protective alpha, and I mean come on, do we really want him to change? I know I sure don’t!! SWOON. SWOON. SWOON. I can’t get enough of Beck and Riley together and I’m so sad that t...
  • Vaishali
    11 August is too faaarUpdate- omg omg omg, I just finished this book and I still have not gotten enough of this series. The book has unexpected series of events that will keep you hooked till the end with a dose of the adorable(ness) of all the characters. I love love love Sebastian and Riley as a couple. 11 August is too faaar😭Update- omg omg omg, I just finished this book and I still have not gotten enough of this series. The book has unex...
  • Shyralf
    3 Stars! Last book in the trilogy, was sadly just a “meh” for me. It was corny and I found myself skimming and I hate that, could have been better. 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars! Last book in the trilogy, was sadly just a “meh” for me. It was corny and I found myself skimming and I hate that, could have been better.
  • Christy Bailey
    Simply the Best!I fell in love with this series and these characters from book one. Beck was my knight in dark armor! He was one of the best alpha males I have read about ever! Watching him grow into the man he became was amazing! Riley was one bad chick even with the hand she was dealt. She had her moments of crying and acting like the damsel in distress but it all made her stronger in the end. I loved all the other guys but I am kind of upset w...
  • beth m
    Disappointed legacy I was so freaking excited when I knew it was getting closer to the day this book was coming out I waited for what felt like years! Yes dramatic. I honestly would’ve waited longer if that meant that the product Tate and Eve put through felt finished, polished, and thorough. It didn’t. There were a lot of twists and turns and I felt like there were ideas/scenarios put in here that had me tilt my head to the side. Like how th...
  • Jennifer G
    The Delta Heirs. Five broken teens. Closer than friends. They depend on each other to stay alive. They are Family. Beck, Dylan, Evan, Jasper, and Oscar grew up amid the violence; they were trained their entire lives to take over Delta Corp as their family's successor. Each perfected the cruel cunning necessary to survive. Except one didn't survive. They lost one of their own when Oscar was killed. However, each family must have a successor, so th...
  • Grey
    Bummer. Unpopular opinion alert. Actually no, I'm gonna take that back. I actually really liked the series as a whole. It was crazy addictive and intense and this book was no different. However, reading it felt like it was always... full tilt, off the rails, mainlining 4 pots of coffee and being up for about 36 hours straight... are you feeling me? In short, it felt rushed. I know, after I pitched a fit a couple weeks ago that I couldn't wait unt...
  • E Varady
    Series ReviewI was underwhelmed and mostly skimmed this last book. The series is full of tropes that don't carry because there's little actual plot or character development. Riley is full of dumb decisions and tears. She literally cries every chapter. She has tragedy in her life, but it gets pushed out by the shallow and petty.One of the hardest things to deal with was the insta love. One, the girl is 17. Two, she ends up living with him - why? S...
  • Amy McNeece
    This last book in the Dark Legacy was different from the other books. I really enjoyed it and it was a great conclusion to the trilogy. Really hoping the other successors get their own books.. fingers crossed!
  • The Drowsy Bookworm
    Fast paced and fun. I’m sorry to see the series end! It was my guilty pleasure.
  • Kandace
    A roller coaster ride of a series! Definitely keeps you on your toes. I was a little curious about the serial killer? I mean that part of the story made for some action, but it was pretty pointless. Still enjoyed!
  • Michelle Fritz PA
    Dangerous, daring and delicious!!! This blew me away!! Filled with heart racing scenes and swoon worthy moments, my favorite heirs take on their elders!! The twists and turns were unbelievably amazing and frightening in their intensity!! Butterfly is struggling to cope with each new dilemma and Beck and his brothers are right there beside her, fighting to save the day!! When things truly look bleakest, it's one nail biting scene after another bef...
  • Heather Renee
    Beautifully done! This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! My heart raced and my heart broke by then it was all sewn back together in a beautiful ending! All of my questions were answered with intricate twists along the way. Can’t wait for more from these authors!
  • Moon Love
    This ended the series quite nicely. I didn't think the threads would come together so well. I do hope Jaymin Eve and Tate James continue to write in this world. After all there are three other heirs who are still single!
  • M I
    I loved the first 2 books, but I found myself struggling to connect to Riley and Beckett in this one. I felt their characters had somewhat changed and lost some of their edge. Riley felt pliant at times and I found Beckett a bit cheesy? I still enjoyed the book and by the end, I was wishing for a spin-off or follow up on the remaining heirs, especially Dylan!
  • Sarah
    Oh lordy, lord, lord! This book is awesome, it has romance, friendship, lust, hate, drama, fighting, brooding, darkness, twists and turns -it's quite frankly fabulous. I love books like this that are have so much going on, so many twists, turns and unexpected surprises. Just when I think I've put together all the references, hints and clues... BAM! Surprise bitches, you have't got it worked out at all. You have to appreciate the masterful handlin...
  • Nad
    It was amazing. When I thought they died I was like is the author playing or are the guys actually gone. Freaking Cathrine should have died from the get-go she was clearly unstable felt sorry for her though because her monster of a father created a monster. This was an awesome and convenient takedown that they didn't even have to really plan it but it was crazy. I really want a spin-off series whereby the other guys fall in love and there's a who...
  • Shanisa
    Ughhhh! This. Book! It was everything! From the beginning it drew me in and I could not stop reading it. In most series, the story line gets to be too much or it just falls short and ends ridiculously stupid. And I’m left like, really?? But this series There was never a dull moment!I love every single character! Literally every last one of them. I’m hoping they each get their own books so I can follow up with them and know their story. Rile...
  • Barbara S
    Broken Legacy (Dark Legacy, #3) 5 I AM SPEECHLESS ”You are my life, Riley. My fucking life, heart, and soul. Without you, there is no fucking me.” Riley and the boys have only one wish to destroy the witch Catherine and the Delta,but their own lives are also in danger every minute.And the danger may be so close you can't even wait for it.Two authors have done a super good job with this book series,and this last book in the series was so well ...
  • Liz's Book Bucket List
    Wow. I loved this book! I have been addicted to this series since I read the first page in book one and it is a little bitter sweet to read the last word in the final installment. I am really hoping that these authors might give readers a spin-off focusing on some of the other guys because I am not done with this world, these characters or the amazing feels that these authors were able to produce from me. This book picked up right where book two ...
  • Alexandra
    Twisted family history revelations!Crazy things happen to Riley throughout this last book of the series! Riley learns of her family's dark past and vows to change the future they have set out for her and the other Delta Heirs. My attention was grabbed from the very first word until the last and I am immensely happy with the ending. Now I hope in the future the other Delta Heirs get their own happy endings in their own books.
  • Cecilia
    Overall I really enjoyed this whole series.Loved Riley and Bash, and the other guys.Part of me was wishing in the last book that it was a, I read toooo many of those so its okay.This was a good page-turner, and lots of things happened.So, I am happy.(view spoiler)[ she gets kidnapped again by one guy. guys save her. then she gets kidnapped again by Catherine after she thinks the guys died. but they didnt. they all head vests on. She fo...
  • Caroline Eccles
    I FUCKING LOVE THIS SERIES SOOO MUCH!!!Definitely one of my absolute favourite series of the year! My gosh what a ride! I love the world building the love riley and beck so much. I love everything about this book no joke! Full of action, suspense, drama and steamy romance whats not to love? I love how beautifully this book tied everything together. The added twists had me gasping in surprise on a number of occasions. The shear brilliance of the p...
  • Allison Bumpus
    I don't even know how to start this review. Wow. I'm seriously at a loss for words. This book had it all. It was action packed, like crazy action packed, steam, and ran very emotionally high. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time not knowing what was coming. This book did not disappoint and the ending? Best ending ever. Felt like the story had come full circle. A lot of times I am still left craving more, like I want to know what happens af...
  • Kari Davis
    Talk about action packed!! Throw in some badass steamy sexy scenes and boom you get Broken Legacy. I loved everything about this series and I am hoping that we get more of it because we still have three other guys! HELLO! I need HEA for Evan, Jasper and Dylan. I not going to go into the plot of this because so much happens. You need to read it so you can experience the same WTF moments I felt. I am a fan of this writing duo they nailed it with th...