The Silver Mark (Crow Investigations, #2) by Sarah Painter

The Silver Mark (Crow Investigations, #2)

London is Lydia Crow’s city so when a man is found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge, she takes it personally. Driven by her desire to improve her fledgling P.I. skills and an innate sense of justice, Lydia investigates. Even when it seems as if the Silver Family might be involved, Lydia refuses to back down. The Silver Family, who run the finest law firm in London, have a gift for persuasion. In the Bad Old Days it was said they could make a man...

Details The Silver Mark (Crow Investigations, #2)

TitleThe Silver Mark (Crow Investigations, #2)
Release DateMay 18th, 2019
PublisherSiskin Press Ltd
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction, Paranormal, Audiobook, Magic, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Crime

Reviews The Silver Mark (Crow Investigations, #2)

  • Andrea
    We got a murder mystery!Still feeling the magic and mystery we got going on- but the romance has unfortunately continued to be very... milquetoast. We got a murder mystery!Still feeling the magic and mystery we got going on- but the romance has unfortunately continued to be very... milquetoast.
  • Mark
    Very good, book 2 in this series, looking forward to reading the other books in this series.
  • Charlene ✿
    Binged and loved it I couldn’t put it down. I had to know who did what and why and that’s a testament of a great book. I bought the book t 11:30pm and I stayed up until I finished it at 3:30am. I love the world, the magic, the mystery of the families and Lydia’s magic. Fleet is a dreamboat and I want a friend who’s a ghost. I just wish it was longer and had faster character development with Lydia in regards to her magical abilities becaus...
  • Asia
    It took a while to get going but it got there. There was still a couple of grammar errors but less so than in the first. Also I'm glad the repitition got dialed down; how many times do we have to have a full explanation of who Jason is in the first few chapters?Other than that, it was great to watch Lydia's mind work at connecting the dots. As the reader you're not given any more information than she is so you get to guess along with her. The wor...
  • Sue Gill
    Really enjoyed this second in series book.The main. Characters are developed more and are all interesting with their own mysteries and quirks and depth.Cant wIt to read more.
  • Gail Cleare
    Loved it. This is a very cool series. I recommend it if you enjoy detective stories and the occult.
  • Jean Curran
    Very ReadableFormat: Kindle EditionThe Silver Mark captured my attention right from the start. The portrayal of protagonist Lydia Crow, a 'freshly minted' P. I., presents her as an authentic and relatable young lady with a strong sense of justice. I particularly enjoyed both the thread of humour that runs through the story, and the detailed urban setting.I read it as a stand-alone novel but enjoyed it so much that I will definitely be reading the...
  • Dee
    I really want to like this book more than I did - I think that the author has built a good mystery that I want to know more about (the Families and magic) but there are just so many things that just don’t ring true.The main character seems truly stupid at times - she couldn’t navigate her way through a shoe store with a map. Her never ending ‘guilt’ at not being a good friend is ridiculous given she has just started a business and everyon...
  • Leonie
    I often read Y/A fiction and wonder why the 17-year-old female lead seems to be actually around 32 in the way she behaves and her reactions to the world around her. Here, it is the other way around as our heroine, Lydia, is in her mid to late 20s and comes across as a 17-year-old spoiled brat. However, apparently I am still reading. Though that could be because I have Anna Karenina lined up next…
  • Angela
    The second in a series by Sarah Painter, The Silver Mark builds on the world established in The Night Raven where magic exists but is apparently limited to four families, the Foxes, the Pearls, the Silvers and the Crows including the main character, Lydia Crow. Lydia in this novel is building up the private investigations business she began the the previous novel and in her we have a character it is a pleasure to spend time with. Intelligent and ...
  • jammaster_mom
    This is a very intriguing noir mystery series. Lydia Crow is a private investigator who has just opened up her own firm in London. She is also a member of the Crow Family who have magical powers. There are 4 different Families but Lydia's father made a decision to raise her outside of the Family so there is a lot that she doesn't know. Her whole life her parents reported back that she was a magical dud but that was far from the truth. This book f...
  • H.Cleary
    I started the first book on Friday and then began the second on Saturday and finished it in more or less one sitting they were so gripping and engaging! I really like these books and can’t wait for the the next one in the series.Lydia is a great heroine, a young woman who hid from her Crow family legacy in Aberdeen where she trained as private investigator before coming back to London and picking up mystery cases. This book continues where Nigh...
  • A.M.
    Lydia Crow is finding her feet. Her investigation business is getting some clients, her ghostly flatmate Jason is becoming more corporeal every day, and DCI Fleet is making her brick and board book shelves. Her father is still unwell, and her Uncle Charlie is inching her further into the family business… that should be Business with a capital B. He’s already worked out she can ID talents.She’s learning more about her gifts and the way they ...
  • Angelnet
    Book two in Painter’s Crow Investigations series sees Lydia Crow picking up where we left off at the end of The Night Raven. Living above her uncle’s cafe in London, Lydia is desperately trying to forge her own path with her fledgling private investigations firm. Largely spying on cheating spouses it isn’t exactly the kind of work that she dreamt of but it does pay just about enough to mean that she doesn’t have to go and work for Uncle C...
  • Kate
    I'm starting to see a pattern- I felt that the first novel in the series ended rather precipitously, and it happened again in book two. Now admittedly I listened to this one while doing other things, but I honestly thought, as the reveal for the killer was happening, that this would be the red herring suspect. "Ha! Can't fool me! No way xxx did it!" I thought, smugly. Then the book ended, and I went, huh? And of course it was ended with another c...
  • David Reavis
    Good continuation of the first storyI quite enjoyed the first book in this series and happy to report the second is just as good, which is not usually the case for me. The characters, main and supporting, are well rounded and pleasingly variable. The plots were also good, and not the annoying search for clues of a genre mystery who-dunnit. A little romance but not graphic. A complex heroine but not whiny or insecure. Gradual onset of abilities wi...
  • Margaret Smith
    Magical power and new P I in LondonSecond book about Lydia Crow, a PI and slightly magical member of the Crows, one of four old magic families in London. In the background the truce between the families is in flux, and Lydia is trying to establish her business but becomes involved i n a murder case. Her relationship with DCI Fleet continues, and Jason the ghost does lots of math writing on the wall of his bedroom with a sharpie . I love a female ...
  • Lynnie
    Deeply unsatisfying. It had all the promise of a murder mystery with none of the delivery. It feels like it just spun it's wheels and never moved forward. No promises to readers were fulfilled, no questions answered. The WORST type of ending where everything is just told in a dump paragraph instead of leading the reader on a path of discovery. The first book gave me hope for this series but this one was just a massive let down. Lydia didn't evolv...
  • Karen Heenan
    I read the first Crow Investigations novel when it came out, and book 2 is definitely a worthwhile companion. I enjoyed seeing Lydia's character develop as she became more sure of her detective skills, and also the deepening of her other relationships - family, romantic, professional. The magical elements are deftly woven in - as in her Language of Spells (my first introduction to Sarah Painter's work), it's so nicely done that you really wish it...
  • R.J. Corgan
    Really loving these series - this was definitely a 'middle book,' having kicked off the series in the previous novel it was nice to relax and spend time in the world that Sarah Painter has built. The mystery she spends the book exploring was not exactly riveting, but I'm patient and looking forward to the next book which many of the hints suggest the author may reveal some of the deeper threads that have been left unexplained in the first two boo...
  • Jason Payne
    Better than the first book in the series, which felt forced and rushed. Ms. Painter does better at developing her lead character here, the plotting is much tighter, and the love interest seems less contrived. One thing I do like that some other readers have been complaining about is that Ms. Painter doesn't wrap everything up in a neat package and answer every question raised. I much prefer a series that builds, unspools its answers slowly as the...
  • Mara
    SilverThe historic truce between the underworld families of London is teetering. Intriguing magical abilities passed down through the ages have weakened in most of the families, but not in our heroine. We discover them along with her as she sets up as a private eye mostly investigating cheating spouses, but occasionally stumbling into darker matters. This is a great fun read with themes of finding your place in the world, dealing with encroaching...
  • Debbie
    Another good storyI’m enjoying this series. This story didn’t have the tension of the first. I thought there were still some unanswered questions to the murder and that it was wrapped up too quickly. I like the slow build to the romance part of the story. I’m frustrated with the lack of curiosity by Lydia, the investigator, on Jason’s story. Hopefully this will be revealed in the next story.
  • Helen H.
    Imaginative and enjoyableThis is the second book in a new series and I sincerely hope Ms. Painter continues for many books. Her characters are believable, ones you would like to get to know in real life, and her plots are interesting and imaginative. But then all of her books that I have read are excellent. If you like urban fantasy I highly recommend Ms. Painter and Crow Investigations
  • Doris J. Ashbrook
    What a happy surpriseBought this book on a whim. To my delight, I am now a hooked fan. Good writing and solid, likeable characters are deftly woven into this mixed genre gem. Part mystery, part urban fantasy, this book reveals its underlying mythos a bit at a time. I read the first book in the series yesterday and the second today. I intend to start the third tomorrow and hope for more.
  • Jenette
    I didn’t enjoy this one at all. I don’t find Lydia a particularly interesting character and I didn’t feel like the mystery was all that intriguing. I really began to dislike Fleet about half way into this book and while I was certainly intrigued by Paul, my interest was not strong enough to overlook how little Emma there was or that Lydia is so lacking in awareness about herself for most of, if not all, of the book.Can’t say I’ll pick u...
  • Tracy
    An unusual novel, second in the series. Lydia Crow is a private investigator and member of one of the four families who had magic which has know faded. She is doing the usual PI drudge work of investigating adultery when a gangland style murder grabs her attention. With the help of a police contact and the ghost who saved her life in the first book (The Night Raven) she solves this murder. Well written and gripping story, can't wait for the next ...
  • Drew Doll
    Read this bookthe second outing in the Crow Investigations series is as good as, if not better, than the first. Lydia is finding her feet and the relationships with DCI Fleet and Uncle Charlie continue to get more complicated. We also see Lydia's power start to emerge. Fast-paced, great dialogue, lots of things at future puzzles, a really fun read. Highly recommended.
  • Joanne Watkins USA
    Cliffhanger ending I’m not a fan of cliff hanger Enders. I like Lydia and Fleet and the premise of this world. I found the plot frustrating as it was more bumbling accidents than detective work which felt sloppy. Lots of loose ends which I didn’t think necessary as it means this reads more like a chapter than a complete novel.
  • BRT
    I absolutely love this series about a young woman, estranged from her powerful magical family, who starts a detective agency. Her unofficial partners are the ghost inhabiting her new place and a local police detective with a powerful attraction of his own. It's not too heavy yet not too fluffy, just the right amount of seriousness. Only drawback, I have to wait for another book in the series!