Gin Fling (Bootleg Springs, #5) by Lucy Score

Gin Fling (Bootleg Springs, #5)

A slow grin spread across his face and I had to turn away from the wattage. It was like staring at the sun. The handsome sun that was making my core temperature rise and causing a hormone dump in my brain. — Shelby Thompson Personal trainer Jonah Bodine discovers more than he bargained for with the half-siblings he didn’t know he had in small-town West Virginia. Not only is his dead father a person of interest in a cold case disappearanc...

Details Gin Fling (Bootleg Springs, #5)

TitleGin Fling (Bootleg Springs, #5)
Release DateJun 26th, 2019
PublisherThat's What She Said Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Mystery

Reviews Gin Fling (Bootleg Springs, #5)

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    Gin Fling is book five in the Bootleg Springs series by Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to find out how a series is going to end. This is the next to the last book. Jonah Bodine’s story. And I’m telling you, it is FULL of so much! There are so many big reveals, but still some questions left to be answered. And Jonah was everything I hoped he would be and more.Jonah Bodine grew up with his single m...
  • Jilly
    The dude in this book is a personal trainer. He works out constantly and eats only healthy. He also tells everyone else that they should eat healthy... a lot ... who wouldn't fall in love with a guy like that?And kale chips are just as good as tortilla chips too, right?And, it's not like we don't know if we aren't exactly living the healthy lifestyle."Jilly, mixing chocolate and alcohol doesn't make a healthy smoothie and twerking isn't considere...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    A Summer fling that grew into an Autumn, Winter and Spring fling too...I can admit that for 2.5 seconds, I hesitated to start Gin Fling because of the continuing Callie Kendall mystery. It was a silly hesitation because I know that the mystery is not the main part of these stories but I find myself just wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery already. That 2.5 seconds that I hesitated was the only hesitation because once I started reading, I ...
  • Brandi
    OMG. IF I DIDN'T LOVE BOOTLEG SPRINGS BEFORE, WELL I DEFINITELY DO NOW.RTC.I just, I thought this series couldn't get better. I thought they had given me everything I wanted. But I was so, so wrong. Jonah and Shelby are PERFECT. I probably said that about Scarlett and Devlin, Bowie and Cassidy, Jameson and Leah Mae, and even JuneBug and GT, but I mean it this time. I absolutely love how Bootleg Springs takes in these two outsiders and makes them ...
  • Cece
    Expectations for this addition and the next to finish out the Bootleg Springs series are high. Gin Fling blew those out of the water! With everything happening between the Bodine siblings and their significant others, Jonah getting an unexpected roommate, George winning at pets, June's aliases, dino nuggets, everyone getting "Scarlet Bodined" and the twists in the ongoing Callie mystery, I didn't want this story to end. My heart was bursting with...
  • Peggy R
    I am so in love with this series and these characters that I am going to be sad to see their journey come to an end. Gin Fling is the second to the last book in the series and it is Jonah Bodine's turn to fall and fall hard. What keeps me coming back to this series for each new book is a fantastic partnership and writing from these two authors. These characters and this town are written with such realism that they jump off the page. I literally w...
  • Lona Mccombie
    WOW! Just WOW! Gin Fling was everything and more ….it blew me away! First of all, Bootleg Springs is one of my all-time favorite “fake” places, with aspects of real places and features of the surrounding areas combined. I live in southwest Pennsylvania, about 25 minutes to the West Virginia border so I feel like I am an honorary West Virginian. I loved seeing Pittsburgh and Cheat Lake mentioned in the book, we often go boating on Cheat Lake...
  • Alex ♈
    They saved a puppy. He wasn't a manwhore. She enjoyed sex.I clicked 3 for this.2.5 actually, because of 3 reasons above.They tried to portray him as a good guy, but I wasn't convinced. The heroine was ok.Suspense started to annoy me. I guess the last book about the huge manwhore gibson will be also about his lost young love, Cassie, the girl, who was missing for years. Gah, he'll have many surprises for her... chlamydia, herpes etc 🙄The way th...
    I am sitting here, writing this review, basking in the afterglow of another five-star read. Gin Fling is the very definition of “all the feels” because Lucy Score will make you feel every emotion known to man. I have read the previous four books in the series, and although Gin Fling can be read as a standalone, you will have a much better insight into the Bodine family, their friends, extended family, and this entire small West Virginia town ...
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is fifth in a series and, unlike most romance series, the books have a mystery plot threading through them all. So only skip around if you don't care about spoilers and missing pieces from that mystery plot. The rest of the relationships are explained well-enough in text, but I still recommend reading in order to pick up the full impact of those stories, as well. Jonah has been kind of an enigma since this series started, but one that I didn...
  • NovelMomma
    I've tried to write this review a few times, but each time it ends up a rambling love letter to Bootleg Springs. I promise to focus, but you will have to stick with me, because there is a lot to say about this one. Long story short? Buy this book immediately and devour it. You'll try to savor it, but you won't be able to put it down.I love this book and everything about it. I adore Jonah and Shelby. I love seeing each of the couples from the prev...
  • Christine
    Gin Fling is just another wonderful addition to the Bootleg Spring series! Truly, every installment in this series keeps getting better and better, and I love every single minute that I can spend in Bootleg Springs. Jonah and Shelby started out on the wrong foot, but thanks to some sneaky moves by Miss Scarlett, they were forced into being roommates, which didn't go well at first. But once Jonah found out the real reason behind why Shelby was in ...
  • Joyce
    Whiskey barrel full of emotion!This Bootleg Springs installment packs a wallop and I’m a hot mess of feelings! From workouts to weddings, this small community closes its ranks to heal the hurting, uplift the lonely, and right the wrongs. (bootleg justice, baby!) Jonah and Shelby’s romance is fraught with peril, but these two are also funny, sweet, and crazy hot! The goals they achieve (no spoilers!) had me cheering with tears of joy! Gin Flin...
  • Meka L. Rascoe
    I received an ARC of this book and loved it!💖💖 It’s back to Bootleg Springs for readers who are closely following this series written by our favorite dynamic duo, Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley. With that comes more sexy and fun times that usually includes shelling out some good old bootleg justice, overzealous matchmaking, and getting hammered on the best moonshine to fill a mason jar. In the middle of all this, there’s the mystery of ...
  • Bree
    I think I say each new book in this series is my favorite, but it's really true. Jonah had always known about his siblings but doesn't come to meet them until their father dies, because that's how much he wants nothing to do with that man. And Shelby comes to Bootleg Springs for research. Their romance is beautiful and natural. They have chemistry, but they also have a mutual respect for each other which builds quickly into more. But the real sta...
  • V Meade
    Jonah Bondine and Shelby Thompson, book 5 in Bootleg Springs is everything a reader can hope for and so much more. Jonah and Shelby did not grow up in Bootleg Springs, however due to family both of them are temporarily staying there. And just like the other 4 books Jonah gets a roommate who suddenly is off the market? The Callie Kendall investigation is blown wide open and will leave you wondering…. Is there anyone in the world who is NOT a par...
  • Amanda (Romance Reviewed)
    Gin Fling returns us to the world of Bootleg Springs and the Bodine family, and it is a gosh-darn delight. I love this family and this town so much. There is so much humor, heart, family, and moonshine throughout the first five books, with a mystery unravelling across each. It’s so rare to find the perfect combo and balance between mystery, humor, and romance. I’m not sure how much to say without giving away the plot of the overarching myster...
  • Paulette
    What can you say about a book that has you tearing up and it’s only the first chapter? Here was my thought, “I can only imagine what is yet to come. Am I really ready for it?”Just when I think these authors can’t write a better book than the last one they go and prove me wrong. This story is worth the gasps, the swoons, the laughter, the heartache, the intrigue, Mona Lisa McNugget (speaking of McNuggets can you say Dino nuggets), Katherin...
  • Debbie
    What an amazing book! I have been looking forward to the final two books in this series for what seems likes YEARS! Shelby is studying for her doctorate and arrived in Bootleg at the wrong time! The town folk assumed she was a reporter and treated her as one, until they found out the truth! What Jonah is the last to realise is that all the questions she is asking the town about is to do with her final paper.It all comes to a head when the two end...
  • Closet Romance Reader
    Holy cow! One of my favorite reads of 2019!! With unparalleled romance and edge of your seat suspense, this book has it all! Jonah Bodine may only be half related to his siblings but over the past year he has started to settle down and fit into Bootleg Springs. His business as a personal trainer has taken off especially since the local elders need to stay fit JAfter finding a small rental for the summer, he is looking forward to the time alone bu...
  • J Williams
    Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley have created an amazing series with fantastic characters, steamy romance and an intriguing cold case mystery. Gin Fling is Jonah Bodine's story.Jonah is the brother no one knew about. He has been welcomed by his siblings but still feels a bit on the outside. Shelby Thompson arrived in town under questionable circumstances and finds herself at odds with the Bodines. When they are forced to be roommates, sparks fly an...
  • Nicole Adams
    Lucy Score does it again!! I LOVED this book and couldn’t put it down!! It was full of ALL the feels and the authors trademark humour. I didn’t want it to end. The summer fling you’ll never forget heats up with Jonah and Shelby, as the central characters. I really enjoyed watching these two navigate their feelings for each other as well as deciding on what they want out of life. This story comes with a massive sense of family. Not just with...
  • Camille
    No spoilers because I always want people to read books for themselves and feel all the feels in real time. Also this is book 5 in the series you will need to read them in order. If you haven't go to the beginning find Scarlett and Devlin's book. You're welcome! This is Jonah Bodine Jr's book and it has all the feels! I started crying on page 17 and laughed hysterically through most of the rest of it. Our heroine is unrealistically concerned about...
  • Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase
    Thrown together in the same rental house Shelby and Jonah have to learn to get along. It does not help that the enemies both have skeletons in their closets that neither one wants divulged. But can the two move from enemies to friends and then from friends to lovers all while secrets are revealed and more questions need answers? Can they fall in love in the face of tragedy and despair? I absolutely love this family and cannot wait for the next bo...
  • Cheryl
    WOW! I can’t get enough of those Bodines. This series is the best. Love the characters and all the little snippets of suspense and mystery. Jonah and Shelby were just perfect together. Please write fast, I can’t wait until the final book. Maybe there should be a spin-off. 😉 I received this ARC for an honest review.
  • Ivy Deluca
    There is something about Bootleg Springs that is like visiting old friends. Seeing past couples, living their best HEAs, getting to see old supporting characters enriching the fabric of this little community, I love it. In this latest installment in Bootleg Springs, I enjoyed Jonah and Shelby’s personal journeys, which are well done. About the only thing I’ll say is, because I absolutely adored June and George (the previous book’s hero/hero...
  • CzekMart
    WOW!!Another sensational trip to Bootleg Springs. Gin Fling has to be the most intense, action packed steamy romcom mystery I’ve ever read!!! It is book 5 in the Bootleg Springs series, and we’ll follow Jonah and Shelby as they embark on their journey to happily ever after. While the couple’s story is completed in this book, the series has an ongoing mystery component and you will want to read the saga in order.In Gin Fling we get to visit ...
  • Kim
    Bootleg Springs is back y’all with the amazing story of Jonah and Shelby! Gin Fling had it, laughs, romance, friendship and the ongoing mystery of what happened to Callie Kendall.Jonah and Shelby are basically thrown together by the townsfolk of Bootleg Springs as well as Jonah’s sister Scarlett. While their friendship got off to a rocky start, you quickly get to witness these two becoming so much more and it was perfectly adorable!...
  • Jodi
    I want to be so excited that we’re getting closer to solving the Callie Kendall mystery and finding out everyone’s happily ever after. But I’m also so sad that it means we’re getting closer to the end of all things Bootleg. Hot springs and town chickens. Regular orders at the diner and floating deck parties. Apple pie moonshine and Bootleg justice. And love. So much love. The neighbors and strangers who become more kind. The friends and f...