The Judgment of Paris (The Odyssey Duet #2) by Rebecca Sharp

The Judgment of Paris (The Odyssey Duet #2)

Love is honorable but selfish. Love is a record of my wrongs.Love had fractured in trials but held on for the truth.And the truth was he’d hurt me, yet I loved him. He’d left me, yet I followed him. But I was done with Léo Baudin. And as soon as the semester was over, I would be done with Paris. But until then, I would learn the rest of his secrets. The ones they whispered about behind his back. The ones that had the entire city watching his...

Details The Judgment of Paris (The Odyssey Duet #2)

TitleThe Judgment of Paris (The Odyssey Duet #2)
Release DateJul 9th, 2019
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Reviews The Judgment of Paris (The Odyssey Duet #2)

  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    ❝ There was nothing left but to accept my punishment for love—to live in the city of love—the city that also held the man I loved—and yet be without him. ❞ THE JUDGMENT OF PARIS is the second book in R. Sharp's 'The Odyssey' duet. It picks up where The Fall of Troy left off. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives'How things ended in book#1 for our star crossed forbidden lovers like a crack whore I couldn't wait to get my fix, couldn't wait for...
  • Isabella.R
    4 Ma Petite Bataille Stars ⭐ “I haven’t been good to you, ma petite. My life here may not be good for you. Mais la vérité… but the truth is no matter how dark it is, the moon still belongs in the arms of the night.”Beautifully written and set across the magnificent backdrop of Paris, The Judgement of Paris is the conclusion of The Odyssey Duet.   You need to be reading this if you enjoy a forbidden, age gap romance between a professo...
  • Na
    3.5 stars"Léo Baudin had come into my life like one of the most famous masterpieces in the world. Admired. Revered. Meant to inspire. Meant to be loved. But always untouchable"Wow, this second part of this duet will blow your mind. Don't let my rating fool you. I really enjoyed every minute reading this book. But I have some minor issues with it, that haven been carried over forward from the first book. Questions popping up while reading, where ...
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    It's not often I find myself at a loss for words over a book but here I sit at a total loss. I felt the same way with the first book in this duet so it's really not a total surprise that I am feeling the same way again. Dr. Rebecca Sharp has outdone herself with this duet, she has crafted such a beautiful work of art that I truly do not see how she can top this.Leo and Troy have a complicated love story which takes us on a journey of heartbreak a...
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    "There was nothing left but to accept my punishment for love—to live in the city of love—the city that also held the man I loved—and yet be without him." Be still my heart... The Judgement of Paris is almost too much, it pulled so hard on my heartstrings and opened my eyes to the possibility of love too painful to survive. Dr. Rebecca Sharp, I loathe you in the very best of ways. The Odyssey Duet was my introduction to your writing, but...
  • Shyralf
    5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stars! Forbidden, Professor/Student Romance. Incroyable! I loved this duet! The setting in Paris made the best background. I felt all the emotions, the depths, so much angst and the incredible once in a lifetime love affair. It was perfection! The epilogue was beautiful. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars! Forbidden, Professor/Student Romance. Incroyable! I loved this duet! The setting in Paris made the best background. I...
  • Katie Silvi
    BEST AGE GAP EVER!!!!Excuse me a moment, I need to remember how to breathe.......Sharp, once again has delivered a masterpiece of all masterpieces. Every time I think she cannot top her previous book, she proves me wrong. The Judgement of Paris is just a big beautiful black hole that sucks the life out of you. I honestly didnt think my heart and soul would survive Troy and Léo. They just absolutely slayed me, in the best possible way. My heart ...
  • PP's Bookshelf
    The Judgment of Paris , the second and final book of Odyssey Duet by Rebecca Sharp was a timeless, poignant and elegant story of poetic love. It was a lazy stroll through a gallery or listening to the most beautiful orchestra where your senses will be engaged, stimulated and satisfied. But it was a violent battle field at the same time. The messy, intense, heartbreaking , chaotic and angsty emotions collide , clash, destroy and resurrect. The lov...
  • Laundry
    I am blown away by the complete and utter beauty of The Odyssey Duet by Rebecca Sharp. The Fall of Troy (book 1) was one of the most painfully gorgeous books I've read in my lifetime. I knew The Judgement of Paris would be equally as stunning. It had to be. There was not way RS could bless us with such beautifully crafted characters - such devastatingly perfect plot lines - and leave us hanging with the second half. Well, rest assured, Paris is e...
  • Michelle Krystel
    I was given an advance readers copy of this book and have decided to write a voluntary honest review. I couldn't believe all the twist and turns and the drama. Rebecca you really out down yourself with the judgement of Paris. I still think Leo is mean and ruthless. But he he shows the good parts at times. Yiu just have to look harder. Troy I think sometimes she forgave to easily but when you love you put it all out there and life is short. I'm ho...
  • Lisa Hill
    What can I say about The Judgement of Paris? It was Epic. Amazing. Breathtaking. Léo is a flawed hero that I have totally fallen for. Rebecca writes him as a passionate, talented, larger-than-life man, who has foibles and weaknesses like any other. It makes him more real and gives readers hope that their own Léo is out there somewhere.Troian is a woman at the start of adulthood, struggling to find her path in life yet lucky enough to be swept u...
  • Kari Hansen
    Troy and Leo were a couple that shouldn’t have happened as he was her Professor and she was his student, but some things are too powerful to deny, and this was the situation when it came to the love between them.When Leo escaped what was about to become a media storm after their relationship was disclosed, he left a devastated Troy behind and returned to Paris. Fate had other plans for them as when Troy is offered an opportunity to study at the...
  • HeartBreaker
    I can't even begin to explain how much I loved this duet.This book reach all of my expectation and I really enjoyed reading it.The ending of the first book was devastating.With a possibility that their love affair could get public, professor Leo left Troy and went to his homeland-Paris."The Judgment of Paris" picks up a few weeks later.Heartbroken and alone Troy is learning to live with the consequences of her actions(starting a love affair with ...
  • Karina Giblin
    "All that anger, all that loathing, this was what it covered: a heart that was so bruised and broken it thought it didn’t deserve to beat, much less be loved. But then aren’t the most beautiful masterpieces the ones of the broken?"If this is true then Leo and Troian's story is the most stunning piece of art I have ever seen.Mrs. Sharp has once again delivered an angst filled, emotional journey of two broken lovers.I may have sworn a few times...
  • Jayce
    The best conclusion to an amazing duet 💙Where do I even begin with this book?! Rebecca Sharp has done it again. I thought the Fall of Troy was absolutely amazing and the best books of hers I’d ever read. Well I was wrong, because the Judgement of Paris was in another world entirely. This book made me feel every single emotion. It was a such a whirlwind and roller coaster. It was absolutely perfect. I devoured this book. I did not want to put...
  • Literary Temptations
    MY RATING: 4 StarsTITLE: The Judgment of ParisAUTHOR: Dr Rebecca SharpSERIES: The Odyssey Duet #2RELEASE DATE: 09 July 2019CLIFFHANGER: No ARC Kindly Provided for an Honest Review“Did you love me when I left you?”As soon as I put down The Fall of Troy I jumped on this with the quickness of Usain Bolt. Make sense? Never mind. I was already on a high from that cliff-hanger, so I wasted no time at all. We pick up from where we left Leo and Troy ...
  • Natasha
    Where do I even begin with this book?First, you NEED to read the Fall of Troy before you get into this book. This is a continuation of the story between Troy and Leo.Leo and Troy's relationship was far from perfect. Leo hurt Troy. She loved him. She loathed him. And she followed him to Paris. But once her school semester was done, she would be gone. But until then, she would learn all his secrets. But to know his secrets, meant to know him- all o...
  • Beyond The Covers Blog
    The Judgement of Paris by Dr. Rebecca Sharp is the second book in the Odyssey Duet, and it is as much of a tragic tale as it is romantic.  The main female character Troian originally is portrayed as weak and broken but in this story proves to be the strongest and bravest person in the story.  The Judgement of Paris is a unique story and told by both Leo and Troian (Troy) and is beautifully descriptive about the city that is named in the title....
  • Bibliophile Chloe
    What would you do for true love? That question is answered in a beautiful, loathsome, tragic and epic way with The Judgement of Paris.This is the continuing story of Troy and Léo.  It starts months after The Fall of Troy left us hanging.  The love and loathing between Troy and Léo is epic.  The angst in this novel brought me to tears, multiple times.  There is a scene in the Chappelle that was absolutely magical and has got to be one of th...
  • Jenn the Readaholic
    This book picks up the story of Troian and Leo and it does NOT let anything drop, except your stomach and heart when reading just what Troy and Leo must survive in order to breathe freely. Troy didn’t intentionally follow Leo and doesn’t even know how she got here, which is mystery number one (and proves that Giselle really isn’t a bad person). Then we get the disastrous interference of a vindictive, manipulative woman and her lies. Lies th...
  • Patricia Rohrs (words we love by blog)
    Broken is the heart with no beat, broken is the soul with no love, broken is the woman without her âme sœur! Troyian has gone through life a mere shadow of a soul! When she felt she had lost all hope she found a love that repaired her and made her stronger then she ever believed! When the fickle witch that is fate stepped in Troy thought she lost it all but she was still going to wage war! What she never factored was the evil lurking in the sha...
  • Pernilla B
    Gah how do I start this?? To capture and type my emotions out about this book.I was completely enthralled with this story from the beginning to the end, drowning in it's depths, lost in a sea of captivating, emotionally raw words.It's poignant, poetic and heartbreaking but also beautiful and breath taking. "In the things we loathe become the things we love" Their love story isn't a fairy tale, it's messy, flawed  but real and powerful..Léo is s...
  • Dimaris rossy
    How these characters express their love and lust is pure poetry. Like a dance of seduction where the end game is full possession. Through the whole fight to stay afloat and escape misery Troy and Leo learn to identify the true meaning of their deep feelings. I love that they get to experience their relationship somewhere new. And even having the same obstacles it felt freer. It felt like they got some time to settle, think of a future and commit....
  • Konny
    The Judgement of Paris by Rebecca Sharp is book two in the Odyssee Duet. I read The Fall of Troy and couldn't wait to get my hands on the next book. It seems second chances exist.The story picks up where The Fall of Troy was left off. Léo Baudin, the lover and art professor of Troian left in the death of the night and left a devastated Troy behind.To make matters worse she gets her wish to study in Paris. And she goes. I couldn't believe my eyes...
  • Shaun Walsh
    I'm utterly speechless! The words make you feel EVERYTHING!!!!! The angst, the pain, I swear I wanted to throw my kindle at the wall at 49% but the pull of the exquisite words wouldn't let me go. Leo and Troy's story is beautiful and timeless and told perfectly by Rebecca Sharp. It's amazing how her words truly bring all the emotions to the surface and you just want to feel more! Absolutely loved this book!
  • Jamie Lee Zonneveld
    The Judgement of Paris is the second book in the Odyssey duet by dr. Rebecca Sharp. This book starts a few days after the ending of The Fall of Troy. The second book is as amazing as the first one. I really loved it. Troy and Léo are meant for each other!
  • Lofty
    4*After Leo’s sudden departure it has left Troian devastated. The light at the end of the tunnel is when she finds out she has been accepted to transfer her studies to Paris good or bad is it too late?Leo has no idea how the woman he left behind will deal with his departure she was his heart his life. An unwelcome appearance and interference make things even more difficult.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
  • Bridget Hickey
    OMG this is a love story that at times you will definitely want to throw your kindle at the wall.But dam this series was so good.After Leo left Torian was devastated and applied for school in Paris . Was this a mistake she herself wasn't even sure.The book will have your emotions up and down like a frigging roller coaster.This is a must read a a Outstanding series .Forbidden and enemies to lovers so hot.
  • Paula D
    Oh my heart! What a wild ride! It’s such a heartbreaking and beautiful story that I read it straight through. So much drama that your soul starts breaking for Troian and Leo many times during this story but love overcomes all. I loved this series and sad to have it end. But wow what a amazing ending! 5/5 stars
  • Jaime Reynolds
    A love story for the ages. I do not know where to even begin with this story. It is beautifully written and one that I never wanted to end. My heart ached and the emotions she put me through left me craving even more. The writing is flawless and the characters fit perfectly. A perfect ending to an amazing duet that you will not want to miss. A must read and one of the best duets of the year.