Highball Rush (Bootleg Springs #6) by Claire Kingsley

Highball Rush (Bootleg Springs #6)

“Suddenly all those old country love songs I’d played so often made perfect sense.”Gravel-voiced Gibson Bodine takes his lone wolf image seriously. The tough guy. The bad boy. He lives alone. Works alone. His one love—besides starting a good brawl—is sitting on a rinky-dink stage in a backwoods bar playing guitar and singing about things he’ll never have.When a video of him playing goes viral, Gibson ignores the unwanted attention. He...

Details Highball Rush (Bootleg Springs #6)

TitleHighball Rush (Bootleg Springs #6)
Release DateJul 24th, 2019
PublisherAlways Have, LLC
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Mystery

Reviews Highball Rush (Bootleg Springs #6)

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    Highball Rush is book six in the Bootleg Springs series by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score. At long last, it’s the final book. The book with all the answers and the book with Gibson Bodine’s story. I never thought about it before but it is fitting that Gibson’s book was saved for last. Gibson was the oldest of the Bodine siblings. He is thirty three years old. He’s the one that got the worst of growing up in a dysfunctional household. Now ...
  • Jodi
    I'm still reeling a bit that the series is over. All the loose ends have been tied and all the Bodines (and lots of other people) got their HEAs. But I'll miss them, for sure. Gruff Gibson met his match and found out he had a heart there all along. It was just buried under too much past. The townsfolk showed once again that they protect their own- whether through Bootleg Justice, or love. Stray animals and stray people found their place. And the ...
  • Meka L. Rascoe
    "I'll give you what you need, darlin'." --Gibson BodineI'm not easily persuaded when it comes to my sexy, grumpy heroes. I always want the woman to be worthy of their bleeding hearts, and Gibson Bodine is no exception. He may be the posterboy for brooding heroes, and would rather everyone just let him be, but he's also talented, humble, and very protective of his family and friends. All amazing qualities that would serve you well in a town like B...
  • Brandi
    Just in case you need to know a little something about Gibson Bodine...And if you want to know a little something about the leading lady...I've never been more satisfied with a series ending book than I am right now. I just can't even begin to tell you how many feels I experienced while reading this book. Gibson Bodine is the grumpy Bodine. But I swear he's a lovable grumpy. You just want to pull him into a hug and never let go. But you won't do ...
  • CzekMart
    Highball Rush is the fantastic finale of a phenomenal series! A match made in romance readers heaven, two literary geniuses - Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score - getting together and gifting us with this amazingly funny, suspenseful, steamy rom-com series with all the feels!Highball Rush is book 6 in the Bootleg Spring series, and while each book is a story of a couple with their own HEA, there is an underlying mystery woven through the entire serie...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    I'm sad that it's over...If you haven't tried the Bootleg Springs series yet, I highly recommend giving it a try now that it's reached the end. I have seen each of the Bodine's...and a few extras, fall in love, and enjoyed watching their journey to happiness. Each instalment showed another dimension to the craziness of this small town and I loved the feeling of anticipation, wondering what they will get up to next.Both authors, Claire Kingsley an...
  • BookishStacy
    Y'all. Seriously, this book is E V E R Y T H I N G. Highball Rush is book six in the Bootleg Springs series and gives us the story of the oldest Bodine sibling, Gibson. We also get the whole highly-anticipated story that we've been following throughout the series--what actually happened to Callie Kendall, the girl that mysteriously went missing from this small town thirteen years ago.Gibson Bodine was absolutely everything I wanted him to be and ...
  • Jules
    The sweet evening around the campfire after a full day of whitewafter raftingLucy Score and Claire Kingsley have broken new ground with this version of a co-write, and I for one am a huge fan. Throughout the books, the quality was top notch, and I could not discern any major differences, each book was a standout on its own, and as a series, it was amazing. Waiting to find out the resolution to ALL the secrets harboured in this small town, surroun...
  • Deanna
    Wow, just wow! Claire and Lucy have really outdone themselves with this series of books. They created a world that you just want to go visit and live there. The characters feel soo real and well created that I am sad that I will not hear from them again...(unless they write more to this wonderful town)!!!This final installation of the series clears up all the questions you have throughout the series. I will not give away any of the answers as you...
  • Norma
    The Bootleg Series. When I first found this series, I was knee deep in my husbands deployment. He had just left and I was home trying to figure out life again, sans husband. Just me and my two kiddos trying to figure out how to manage when it was just us. Books became my escape from the monotonous everyday that is life while your other half is deployed.Enter Whiskey Chaser. Holy freaking Hannah. I had read both Lucy and Claire prior to this book ...
  • Bre
    A perfect ending to an amazing series.Highball Rush was everything I expected it to be and so much more. I've been waiting for Gibson's story since the first installment. His story was begging to be told from the very beginning, and Claire didn't disappoint. I've been a Bootleg Springs fan since the beginning. Waiting for these stories to come has been the most beautiful form of torture. Lucy and Claire have exceeded my expectations with each rel...
  • Christine
    Holy smokes - Highball Rush...….how frickin' amazing was this story y'all?? Gibson's story was totally worth the wait and the best way to end the Bootleg Springs series! From his broodiness and growling, to seeing him soften up and fall in love with the girl that stole his heart (when he calls her love, swoon!) - Highball Rush is pure perfection from start to finish. I laughed and cried and smiled my way through this story that will steal a lit...
  • Leisa Ann
    Reasons to read this book:1. Claire Kingsley wrote it with Lucy Score2. It’s Gibson 3. It’s the 6th and last book of the series4. The mystery is solved5. It’s Bootleg Springs 6. It’s a 5+ star read Reasons to read this book:1. Claire Kingsley wrote it with Lucy Score2. It’s Gibson 😍🔥3. It’s the 6th and last book of the series4. The mystery is solved5. It’s Bootleg Springs 6. It’s a 5+ star read
  • Laura
    Highball Rush - the final installment in the Bootleg Springs series - is EVERYTHING! Romance, mystery, suspense, danger, music, dancing, plot twists, family, friends, enemies, humor, sexy-time, Bootleg Justice, and a very happy ever after are all in this book. It has been a couple of days since I finished Highball Rush. I usually want to post my reviews immediately after reading a book so that my thoughts are fresh as to what transpired. Not so w...
  • Kim
    From the very start, Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score created pure magic with the Bootleg Spring series and I have to say, they have outdone themselves in Highball Rush! I have been in awe of their writing since Whiskey Chaser and have loved EVERY minute of this series!Highball Rush is the conclusion to this amazing series and the ladies definitely saved the best for last! Gibson Bodine is one hell of an uptight guy with good reason. However, throu...
  • Jackie D
    * Woo *Ya know, I thought I would be saddened reading the last of Bootleg Springs, and the Bodine family. However, Gibson's eye-opening finale brings together everything and everyone. Leaving me sated, smiling, and happy!If you were ever on the fence about the town of Bootleg Springs, I promise after reading this you will have formed a solid opinion on the townsfolk down to the animals that run freely.All those questions that have been building u...
  • J Williams
    This is everything we hoped for in the final Bootleg Springs book. I'm not going to talk about the plot, y'all need to just read it! Just know it's funny, its sexy and I cried more than once-both happy and sad tears!Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score created this amazing world and invited us to live there for six truly remarkable books. I am so sad to leave the Bodines and all of Bootleg Springs.
  • Sarah
    It felt like Christmas morning when I woke up today to find Gibson Bodine's story on my Kindle (I received it as an ARC). Gibson has intrigued me from the beginning and I have been waiting for his story - and the conclusion of the Callie Kendall case - since book 1. Let me tell you, this 1000% did not disappoint. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Thank you, Lucy and Claire, for giving us this wonderful series!
  • Claire
    Do yourself a favor. Go read the first 5 installments of the Bootleg Springs series written by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score. That way you’ll be sufficiently emotionally invested in the characters to truly appreciate Highball Rush, the final story in the set. This whole series is steeped in mystery, shenanigans, adventure, moonshine, and of course some hot loving by the good folks of Bootleg as they find their soulmates and solve a decade-long...
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is the last in the series and this one has had a mystery thread throughout. So definitely read these in order. Fortunately, this does a great job wrapping things up and gives us a very satisfying conclusion.This will contain spoilers for the previous books. Be forewarned if you care!I was thrilled at the end of the previous book to think that Gibson might have been involved with Callie when they were kids. It confirmed that the big lunk real...
  • Maryanne DeWitt
    I don't even know where to start. I can't believe the Bootleg Springs series is over...I feel like my best friend moved away! This book was AMAZING - seriously - AMAZING. Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score created SUCH an awesome series - one that you DEFINITELY do not want to miss! If this is the first book you're seeing - go back to book 1 - they must be read in order! This book takes us on sweeping highs and terrible lows, all while making the rea...
  • Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase
    From the very beginning of this series the reader falls head over heels in love with all of the characters in Bootleg Springs especially the Bodine family. Between reconnecting with past loves, finding new loves and making connections that last lifetimes every book in the series was better than the last. With that being said, once again I wish I could rate this with more than 5 stars. Every chapter had me wanting more, every character was beautif...
  • Joyce
    Hold on to your hat! This has got to be the best series finale ever in the history of evers. What will you find in this episode of Bootleg Springs? Book club, bootleg justice, chocolate brownies, music, moonshine, sweet kisses, unusual pets, romance, suspense, belly laughs, fiery passion, pepperoni rolls, dancing, bonfires, softball, and love, love, love. Thank you Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score for the unforgettably wild ride.
  • Bree
    If you have been anxiously and not so patiently waiting for Gibson's story, you will NOT be disappointed! I love broody alpha heroes, and with his gravelly voice and grumpy demeanor, Gibson is one of the best I've ever read. Lucy and Claire have done such a seamless job of telling this family saga without any hiccups that might be expected when two authors share a series from opposite sides of the country. The town of Bootleg Springs is the main ...
  • Debbie
    If I could give this book more than 5* then I would! I loved everything about it! Infact I loved the whole series! The build up in the first 5 books to what actually happened to Callie is so good, little snippets of information but nothing too much! The evidence that keeps building against Jonah Snr. Building the hype up for the finale, and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed!Gibson is a grumpy person, his family know it, the whole town...
  • Jasmine
    The grumpy broody eldest Bodine. The mysterious angry brother that left everyone wanting more before we even knew what more was. Gibson Bodine was just about everything you expected; a grumpy man of few words and even fewer emotions. But, in Highball Rush, we learned he is so much more than that. He’s loving, caring, protective, sexy, oh so freaking sexy, and behind that wall of anger is the biggest heart filled with more love that you could im...
  • maggieandteddy
    Loved Gibson. All the supporting characters are back. Plus -----?? 4.5 stars this book/ 5 stars for the series. *Books 1 through 5 need to be read before this book*
  • Peggy
    The grand finale to the Bootleg Springs series. While each of the 6 books can stand alone, they have an underlying mystery (Or 2) that is resolved here.This book is like the fireworks at the end of the night. Flashy, exciting and constantly surprising. The characters are wonderful, the dialogue perfection.The storyline is well developed and the ending is so well done. It leaves me wanting to visit Bootleg and sit in the hot springs awhile. Thanks...
  • Shanna Larson
    Brava Ladies. I LOVED THIS SERIES WITH MY WHOLE HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I loved this book so much but also, Thank you, because Bootleg Springs has imprinted big time on my heart!In an effort to keep from spoiling anything, this is all you'll get out of me, but 100% this book, aside from whatever else was happening, was very well written and my heart is all the things!!!