Successful Aging by Daniel J. Levitin

Successful Aging

INSTANT TOP 10 BESTSELLER *New York Times *USAToday *Washington Post *LA Times "Debunks the idea that aging inevitably brings infirmity and unhappiness and instead offers a trove of practical, evidence-based guidance for living longer and better."--Daniel H. Pink, author of When and Drive SUCCESSFUL AGING delivers powerful insights: - Debunking the myth that memory always declines with age - Confirming that "health span"--not "life span"--is...

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TitleSuccessful Aging
Release DateJan 7th, 2020
PublisherDutton Books
GenreNonfiction, Science, Health, Psychology, Self Help, Biology, Neuroscience

Reviews Successful Aging

  • Natalie Fincher
    I'm too dumb for this.
  • Scott Wozniak
    This is the best book on aging I've read yet. It covers everything from the social and emotional issues of aging to the neuroscience and even diet and supplements. The author does a great job giving you real science in a way that doesn't feel overcomplicated. Some of this confirmed things I've read before:-Your friendships matter tremendously and you have to keep investing in relationships or they will naturally fade as you and your friends age.-...
  • Roxanne
    I thought this was a heavy book about how to age well. It is pretty scientific but it has good information.
  • Julius Adams
    A lot of science to get to the same results people have known for a long time. Cicero said it all in his treatise in OLD AGE, summarized below. Same findings, just without the science. So what is new here? Don’t waste your money....Below is a link to an excellent summary written by Dr. John Messerly on his web site, where you can read his entire commentary concerning Ciceros treatise. Thank you to him, it proves this book is not new or necessar...
  • Dave Mills
    True confession: I really didn't finish this book. In fact, I only made it to page 67. Wanna know why? Of course you don't, but I'll tell you nevertheless. Skip 400 pages of shit, go to page 401 (hardcopy edition) and read "APPENDIX REJUVENATING YOUR BRAIN." That'll give you an idea of just how bad this book is.Alas, in my "declining," addled old age, I tend to fall for books that might give me the magic elixir, the location of the fountain of yo...
  • konami
    Some parts technical but overall great info and suggestions towards aging brains.
  • Amir
    Highly recommend this book to people of all ages. In my mid thirties my mind went kept going to my parents and older siblings while keeping in mind the habits I should be cultivating for the future.
  • Terri
    This book sounded interesting but it was way too detailed for me to enjoy. Felt more like a textbook. I’d recommend cliff notes for this one.
  • Karen Ng
    The book is more technical and scientific than I expected. I find some chapters too overwhelming and tedious even though I was a scientist before retirement; read hundreds of books on neuro/ cognitive science after my brain bleed 3 years ago. The author's researches were very thorough and interesting, but attempting to educate an average reader with function and anatomy of the human brain, personality traits, memory categorization, cognitive scie...
  • Pat
    Science, old and new, applied to aging with a breezy, positive presentation by neuroscientist Levitin. 400 pages knocking down myths of aging, applying technical information, with practical examples as well as interviews with older people, some well known, stressing growth well into the sunset years. There are an additional 100 pages of notes/appendix/index making it a truly scholarly tome with gems to uncover. Encourages the COACH principle: cur...
  • Kathryn Bagg
    Fascinating, particularly Part Two - The Choices We Make. Encouraging to learn how many ways there are to influence our own wellbeing, no matter if thirty or eighty. Levitin writes in a positive way, and provides so may examples of how to improve one’s lot. Recommend it to young and old alike.
  • Taylor Ahlstrom
    Daniel Levitin’s Successful Aging is a relatable and expertly written guide to the scientific, social, and emotional process of aging, buoyed by the latest research into what we can do to increase not just our lifespan, but our healthspan—those years when we are still living healthy, active lives, not plagued by chronic pain and disease or tubed up in a hospital bed. As a neurologist, the book is heavily scientific, but Levitin does a commend...
  • Sandy Schleich
    I thought this book was really interesting. It did have some rather boring parts where I kind of got lost. There are several things that I liked a lot about this book. I really like brain science and how the brain works. This book explained a lot about how the aging brain works, how you could possibly help your brain as it ages, and other scientific things that have to do with the brain. I like the fact that you could get a lot of information out...
  • Jerry Baird
    I thoroughly loved this book from cover to cover. This is my second read from Daniel Levitin (A field Guide to Lies, Critical Thinking in the Information Age) and both are 5 stars and more. Successful Aging has the most recent research and data plus personal relationships that makes looking at medical terms in a new way that can be easily understood. I found that I have made many right decisions for the aging process, and also have some to work o...
  • Robert Yokoyama
    I want to age successfully, and that is why I read this book. I can increase the neuroplasticity in my brain by learning some new things. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt over time, I can increase neuroplasticity by learning to speak a new language. I grew up speaking Chinese, but I am hopeful that I can expand my vocabulary by taking lessons. I can also increase the neuroplasticity in my brain by performing in a th...
  • Wade Self
    Levitin does an exceptional job of summarizing an astounding amount of scientific literature to this point in history. Parts 1 and 2, those primarily based in summarizing the field, are a tight and effective communicated story. As Part 3 and more speculative sections emerge, I felt that the text read more similarly to an itemized list, with less connective fibers between the themes. Overall, if one is interested in the state of aging research, th...
  • Ruth Kamau
    This book is long, filled with technical terms, and in the end... it does nothing to fulfill the promise given by the title.It goes on and on about roles of hormones, what doesn’t work, experiments gone wrong, and then provides the most cliche advise about how to be happy in old age.Coulda just started with that and saved us the repetitive ways of explaining Alzheimer’s and dementia.All in all, some may appreciate this.
  • Patricia Stoltey
    There is a wealth of useful information in Levitin's book on aging. It's readable for those of us who are not scientists and cites a large number of studies and discusses their validity on a wide range of topics of interest to those who want to stay physically and mentally healthy and active as long as possible.
  • Barbara M
    One of the best books I've ever read on aging. It is well written and well researched. A neuroscientist explains the aging process and what can be done to add quality to our lives. There is a lengthly list of references in the back of the book if you wish to pursue additional study.I highly recommend it!
  • Sherry Monger
    I got a lot of good information out of this book -certainly some I have heard before, but packaged in categories that, for the most part, are easily read and understood. Conclusions arrived at by Levitin are fully backed by a hefty scientific bibliography at the end. This is an important read for those of us face to face with decline and a wish to make the most out of what is left.
  • Patricia
    I'm rounding this up from a 2.5 because I rushed through it before it disappeared. This book is OK but I'm not sure the author ever found the correct balance between presenting the science to support his arguments and trying to reach the every-day person. I do think it was good to have several ideas on aging be reinforced with the background he offered.
  • Irene Van
    In a compelling way with stories backed up by science, "Successful Aging" tackles the harmful myths caused by age-bias and gives very practical advice about how to stay as healthy and happy as possible in our 60s,70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond. And this advice is relevant for someone at any age.
  • Carlos Vasconcelos
    Good but more of the same.
    Thoughtful and useful
  • Carol Cross
    Anyone over the age of 65 should read this book.
  • Pcox
    Interesting and not too technical but I learned a few new things and reinforced prior understandings of what i should be doing :)
  • Carol
    Easy to read. Leviton explains all the technical, scientific data clearly in lay language. Very interesting information. Well organized and thought provoking.
  • Sara Goldenberg
    It was super interesting and extremely well written.