Crew Princess (Crew #2) by Tijan

Crew Princess (Crew #2)

Being crew is walking between two worlds. One world is normal: Prom. Parties. College. Those are the concerns they worry about. In our world, we deal with other situations. Cops. Drugs. Brawling. That’s a typical day for us. But what if it wasn’t? What if there came a day when you stopped? When you considered letting your enemies win? When you didn’t fight back? When you chose a different path? First I lost my family. Then I got the Wolf Cr...

Details Crew Princess (Crew #2)

TitleCrew Princess (Crew #2)
Release DateAug 19th, 2019
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Young Adult, High School

Reviews Crew Princess (Crew #2)

  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    'CREW PRINCESS' is the second book in Tijan's 'Crew' series. It picks up where the first book Crew left off. It is wise and recommended that you do read Crew before diving into this one. Welcome back to Bren Monroe's world, she's Crew Princess and has her boys which stand right beside her, they make up part of the Wolf Crew which consist of Cross, Jordan and Zellman. They are very protective and loyal towards each other and will tear shreds out o...
  • Wendy
    Let me start off by saying that Crew Princess is the second book in the "Crew" series and it can not be read as a stand-alone. You will need to start with the first book "Crew". No worries's really good ;) This one starts off where the last book left us and I have to say...I liked this book a smidge better than the first. Bren is still in her Wolf Crew with Cross, Zellman and Jordan. They are still very much feared in school...but......
  • Manoela
    3.8 Stars Crew Princess is the second book in the Crew series that follows the story of Bren and her group, starting exactly where the first book left off, so I highly recommend reading the first book in the series. And I liked this book, but not as much as the first one.It took me a long time to connect with the story finding it a bit dull, but once she got the rhythm the reading improved for me. The point here is that I think this book has serv...
  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    Oh. My. God. I feel like I’ve been waiting for forever to read this book. I was so absorbed in book one that as soon as I finish I had a need for book two and after waiting it’s FINALLY here, I got the fix I very much needed. Wow. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewCrew Princess picks up from the first book in the series (Crew) it was everything I hoped for but also more than I could have ever imagined. These characters really broug...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    AHHH. Crew Princess was absolutely AH-MAZING. it was sexy and emotional and an all around adrenaline rush. I seriously can't get enough of the the Wolf Pack crew.  The more I get of Bren, Cross and her crew the more I need!! This story was pure FIRE!Without giving away any spoilers, it is so important that you read Crew before reading this book. I would also make it a point to read Channing and Heather's book as well as they are both huge charac...
  • Weronika - Little Steamy Reads
    „This is what we did, our crew. One of us needed something, and we were there.”Oh, man… Tijan surely knows how to lure her readers! Crew Princess was action-packed rollercoaster of emotions and I still want more. This story was full of twists and turns and unexpected developments. But although the danger is constantly in the air, we feel secure, because the friendship, loyalty and allegiance between the characters is unbreakable and stronge...
  • Candace Tidwell
    Stunning and Beautiful.Crew Princess could not have been written better. Tijan created another stellar storyline. I'm not going to dive into details you have to buy the book this time. If you have read Tijan books then you know what I'm talking about. If you have not read anything by Tijan then this is not the book to start with. Enjoy!
  • Nanda
    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review. Once again, Tijan made me fall in love with not only one but several of her characters.I've had a crush on Cross since Crew - don't judge me, he's really wonderful - and in this book my crush has only grown, because even going through so many twists in his family life, he's always there for Bren and the Crew, and that's unchanging and completely owned by him.I loved seeing how Bre...
  • BLuvsBooks
    Please read Book 1 - Crew - to enjoy. The Wolf Crew is back!I love this world Tijan has built. It’s a heightened version of highschool full of secrets, action, drama, twists and turns. However, the core of this story is love and loyalty. Bren, Cross, Jordan and Zellman are dealing with new and old enemies while protecting their own.Through all of this they are growing and changing as their Senior year ends. If you love a bad ass heroine, ride o...
  • Alishba
    4 OUT OF 5 'CREW' STARS. 🗣😍I'm so thrilled to receive my first ARC book by Tijan. I've been reading her for years and her writing never fails to blow me away. I admire her so much and Crew Princess was definitely one of the most anticipated books for me this year! After reading 'Crew' I was off my seat waiting to see what Tijan will deliver next and let me tell you that she delivered it RIGHT.This book picks up from the 1st book "Crew" in t...
  • Alecia ~☆~The Staircase Reader~☆~
    HOLY HELL!!TIJAN HAS DONE IT ONCE AGAIN!!!I, once again, found myself locked in my bathroom, while having company, just to devour as many words as I possibly could!! I can't seem to get enough of the worlds Tijan creates!Crew Princess is the second book in the crew series. If you haven't read the first book, Crew, I highly recommend you read that one before diving into this one. You won't be sorry!About Crew Princess:The Crew system in Roussou is...
  • Angie Crabtree-Liezel and Angie's Book Blog
    I’ve been on a huge reading binge this week. Mostly because I have reviews due but I’m so happy it worked out this way. I was in a huge reading slump that I couldn’t get out of no matter how hard I tried. Nothing was working until I read a children’s book. Yes childrens. Lol It opened me up to finally pick up the books I didn’t feel like reading and I’m so happy I did. This book made me see myself and Bren in a different light. I’m ...
  • queen_of_the_books_18
    ”I need to see you, Bren. Not the you in my arms right now, not the you you show everyone else. I need the real you, the one I know you hide. I need you.”Crew princess is book 2 in the Crew series and needs to be read in order to understand what is going on. My love for the Wolf Crew has just expanded even more, if that’s even possible. I will be honest and say I struggled with the first half of the book, it dragged a little for me which is...
  • Bozena
    WOW! I didn't realize how much I missed the "Crew-books" till I read this one 🤩OMG! this book was so unbelievable ridiculous good and extremely exciting 😍. The rough emotions that are playing in this book let you hold your breath for the most part of this story. It's amazing to see Brens transformation from a teen to a woman. I love her thoughts and feelings. She is as stubborn as usual and of course fights against the world and her feeling...
  • Diz Reads 4TLOReading
    I loved being back in the world of The Crews and all that entails ! Picking up from exactly where we left on in Crew ! Crew Princess isn’t shy about getting your feelings all twisted up and comes back with a punch ! Cross and Bren, Z and Jordan and all the people that are part of their world make this read feel part of you. I love that we are in the same world as FCH and cross over characters are spoken about and some even cameo ! Tijan doesn...
  • Caroline
    « Ever get the feeling you’re sitting in a car that’s not moving, and everything is traveling past you instead ? »I loved this book. Intense, suspenseful, and done perfectly as usual with @tijanbooks. Learn. Push yourself. Adapt. Grow. Move on. The crew is graduating High School and they’re determined to be respected, not without difficulty… « It wasn’t just pain. It was everything. I felt it all. Love. Agony. Hurt. Anger. »« You e...
  • Katrina
    Typical Tijan. She sucks you into this fantastical world—no, not fairies and dragons, but high schools that probably would never exists. And makes this 40 year old woman believe that she is there and these characters are her friends. Fallen Crest peeps make an appearance as well (❤). Read the first and then devour the second. Typical Tijan. She sucks you into this fantastical world—no, not fairies and dragons, but high schools that probab...
  • Amazeballs Book Addicts
    Crew Princess is a good read. You must read Crew first before reading this one. It picks up where Crew left off. I was a little confused on some of the things happening in the beginning but when I got into it, I was hooked from beginning to end with this one. Bren, Cross, Jordon and Zellman are still tight but we see growth in the characters. There's a good story line with some twists. Overall this was a good read and I'm looking forward to readi...
  • Lager & Lefse Book Blog
    Let me start this my saying that I love Tijan. She has so many powerful and meaningful books, that when I see she has a new one coming out, I’m like, ‘yes please’. However, it pains me to say this, but I was a little disappointed in Crew Princess. It seemed to fall a little flat compared to the rest of the series, but I’m not exactly sure why.Jordan, Zellman, Cross, and Bren are still tight as ever in their Wolf Crew and have matured and ...
  • Kari Davis
    So when you get an ARC of your favorite author you drop everything and savor every page. I did that, and really enjoyed this. So many things about this book, but my lips are sealed. It’s action packed filled with some bombshell surprises that are going to shock you. In order to really understand Crew Princess, you must read Crew first. Bren Monroe is the Crew Princess. She has her crew, Wolf Crew which is Cross, Jordan and Zellman. However, Bre...
  • Jen
    Note: An ARC was provided by the author via Nina Bocci PR.Most of Crew Princess's characters may be teenagers (between seventeen and eighteen since they're seniors in high school), but if you think this is nothing more than another young adult (YA) romance, think again. If you're familiar with Tijan's writing, you know that while a lot of her books have main characters who are teens, the stories they tell aren't your typical YA romances. The situ...
  • Novel Grounds
    This. Book. Was. Everything. I mean it. I absolutely LOVED Crew, but this one? This was so much more than the first and so much more than I expected.There are a bunch of twists in this book that you don't see coming and a bunch of predictions that we ended book one with that completely are absolutely incorrect. I know. I KNOW. I pride myself on the fact that I know a lot of what is coming with books and this one threw me for a loop with where ti ...
  • Missy Brown
    Tijan is my unicorn author. I absolutely love everything that she writes. She never disappoints in delivering a good angsty read and always leaves me with a smile on my face. I could go on and on about how amazing I think she is, but honestly if you have ever read her before, pretty sure you already know.In Crew Princess is book two in The Crew series. We pick up where book one leaves off. Bren is just as amazing as she was in book one. I do beli...
  • Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers
    Crew Princess is the second book in the Crew series by the kickass, Tijan! I highly recommend reading Crew first so you get the full story. You do not need to read the Fallen Crest series to get just that but it will make you to want to. I know that’s exactly what it has done to me but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I don’t want to spoil anything so this will be quick. Bren and her Crew are now seniors in High School. It was a time to think ab...
  • 2OCC Reviews
    Crew Princess once again brings readers to the life of Bren Monroe and her Crew. The Wolf Crew is made up of Bren's boyfriend Cross, Zellman, and Jordan who all play big parts in the story. The Crew are all loyal to each other and are there for each other whenever one of them is in need. I love the dynamic of the group and the way that they are a family. This series was another great story by this author with all the emotions that you expect from...
  • Anna Lynn Portwood
    I was so excited for this book! I fell in love with these characters after the 1st book and fell even more in love with them in this book. These characters were still raw and flawed but they grew so much. Bren is such a beautiful soul. She saw so much change and growth in herself and she learned how to embrace it and start to heal! She is such a strong woman! Cross is the like the BEST boyfriend and best friend to Bren. Even with all his drama he...
  • Eileen Robinson
    This is the second book in this series and i would highly recommend reading the first book CrewSo the excitment starts right from the beginning and picks up where Crew ended!! Bren, Cross, Jordon and Zellman are still a tight crew and oh how i love them !!!!They are loyal, gutsy, determined and will protect each other with their lives!Rousso has had to take in some pupils from other schools, and tension is high. The Crew is on high alert and read...
  • Ann Goubert (Driven by Books)
    *4,5 stars*The follow-up to Crew is here and you don't want to miss what's happening next! I'd definitely recommend reading Crew first as you will be able to follow the story more and know even more about all the characters! It has been a rollercoaster ride and can't wait to see what happens next in this series.We're picking up where we left off at the end of Crew and learn more about what's really going on. Bren is trying to figure out where to ...
  • Taylor Graham
    Oh. My. Gosh! The twists. The turns. I’m dizzy! Crew Princess blew me away!!!! I am a huge Tijan fan. I love all her books but this Crew series so far is by far my fave! I will start off by saying you have to read Crew first. This is book 2 in the series! I didn’t think I could love Bren more than I did but dang I have a major girl crush! Bren and Cross are one of the best couples written. I love their chemistry and their banter with each oth...