More Than Mortal by Abbie Zanders

More Than Mortal

Every ancient legend begins with a grain of truth. Ceri always knew she was different. Seeing people's auras and being able to change the weather with her moods just isn't normal, nor does she understand why simply being around others saps her of her strength. There's no one she can turn to; who she is and where she comes from are the biggest mysteries of all.Settled into a small college town, she immerses herself in studies of the supernatural a...

Details More Than Mortal

TitleMore Than Mortal
Release DateAug 15th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews More Than Mortal

  • Nicole
    Didnt see it coming! Abbie has hit gold again with this one. So many plot twists an turns...amazing. gonna need a fan to keep cool with the pure perfection of these alphas. An I'll be honest Ceri could melt some hearts as well. The draw between Ceri, her Guardian an betrothed is tangible on every page.The bonds between friends, betrayals from others, an heart stopping tear catches leaves no emotion unscathed in this book. Trying really hard not t...
  • Lisa Baffi
    This book was great!! I loved all the different points of view from all the characters. Also,there were parts where I laughed and others that made me shed a tear. Furthermore, the idea of a guardian was new and different. Lastly, I love that there is an epilogue, that is the best kind of ending. Abbie made another great book!!
  • Jody
    Holy @#!!! That was Amazing!!!This author never fails to entertain me! She has a way of bringing you into the story and keeping you there.I read this book it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down, I was drawn into Edan and Ceri’s world and didn't come out of it until the end. This was an amazing story with great characters. You will not regret adding this book to your library!!! I think every girl would love to have a Guardian(Edan)in their li...
  • Teresa Hoage
    I was a little worried I wasn't going to like this one after the first chapter with Teague, but I loved it. Did not see that twist coming! Love a good paranormal read, especially with such a wide array of characters. They each had their own stories and were easy to like, except for Teague, lol. Although I did find myself liking him a bit more towards the end. Cerri and Edan are a great match, so glad things worked out the way it did for them and ...
  • Kathi
    Changing my Mind on Mythology and Legends – Loved it!!Completely relatable and very emotional. Ceri keeps her distance from people as they literally drain her and being around people is taxing for her. When a trio of goth looking men accost her, her rescuer Edan has the opposite effect; she feels safe and trusts him to keep her safe.These two find out there are realms they know nothing of, but of which they are an integral part.The reader can e...
  • Kat Wes
    What an adventure! This book is unlike any other that I have read, including the PNR/fantasy genre. I love all the work and research that must have go into the writing of this book. It is so well written and thought out that I was held captive. This starts out seeming to be one thing and takes you on quite the ride. I can't say that I could have predicted what was going to happen throughout much of this book. Just when you think you know what is ...
  • Melanie Marnell
    Abbie Zanders weaves a magical tale of ancient realms and civilizations, dark demons, Guardian Highlanders and the Fae. Even the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, makes an appearance. It's a story of heartache, never quite fitting in, loneliness, and most of all love. It's charming with two wonderfully written and genuinely likeable characters. Ceri and Edan find something in each other that's been missing in their lives. She gives him purpose and ...
  • Carmen Torres
    I was blown away with this one. I started to read and from the first sentences I was trying to figure out what he was. She was just as beautiful wonderful to to know. Abbie Zander’s has hit out of the park. She has taken PNR to another level. Please don’t be upset I didn’t write about actual story;but needless to say that you’ll be in love with this book and future authors work. Not say she isn’t awesome to begin with but this is WOW.
  • Allena
    I love PNR, but a really good one is hard to find. And it seems that Abbie Zanders has provided readers with a winner. I love PNR reads that deal with the four elements and add in people who are just learning their destiny even better. As far as the secondary characters I loved Tristan to pieces and all the paranormal creatures introduced were amazing. This was a very intriguing book with a great storyline and flow. I look forward to any addition...
  • Michelle Lambert
    OMG! Abbie weaves a tale of the Fae that sucks you in right from the start. Neither Ceri nor Edan are aware of their true nature. The story of their awakening (and others!) will keep you enthralled until the epilogue!! (And thirsty for more of this series!) Definitely one-click!!
    This was AMAZING!!! I loved the whole concept and the characters
  • Alina
    Book started him off sleeping with some random girl and him talking about he is great at bringing a woman to climax. No thanks
  • Rebecca
    I really enjoyed it trying to work out who everyone was and who would end up with whom ..I love the Fae world gorgeous hot sweet and Sexy story.
  • Sharon Leali
    Magical things can happen in the strangest places. When dark and sensual meet bright and innocent the fae sit up and take notice. Who would be looking for a missing fae princess in the human realm? Sometimes collision courses bring about magical sparks and the male calling to her across the room, may not be the man she is meant to spend eternity. Ceri's searchers are both strong and bold, powerful and irresistible but the one she needs most must ...
  • Rachael
    Abbie Zanders does not disappoint again! This was an amazing tale of magic and the supernatural. I usually do not like heroines without a backbone or ones who don't stand up for themselves. However, I did like Ceri and her innocence. I'm not going to give anything away, but the story just made sense. There was a reason for her innocence, and it wouldn't have made sense if she was any different! Now, I loved Edan! I was rooting for him from the be...
  • Sandy Kelly
    This is a completely different take on paranormal! Ceri knows she is different but she never truly realizes just how different until her whole life changes in an instant. When she runs into trouble and Edan comes to her rescue, not only do they become closer than what they expect but it creates problems that could be beyond life changing for the both of them. This was definitely different than what I was expecting but it absolutely worked! Ceri a...
  • Samm Lynn
    Fantastic! Awesome! Wow! (all too tame for my feelings about this book)I know it sounds cliched but I read for the story. I love fantasy, romance, and sci-fi in all forms (except westerns). This story hit's it out of the ballpark, with bases loaded, at the bottom of the 9th, with 2 outs, and the score 9-6 (and I'm not a sports fan).These characters are amazing and the author spent the time to let us get to know all of them. She gave us some to lo...
  • Kat
    Ms. Zanders books are always a guaranteed buy for me. This book ventures into new territory for her, and was well executed. I cannot say that it was my favorite of her books, it is definitely a solid read. The book does get a bit heavy in the middle, but the payoff if there if you read through (Part of me likened it to when I wanted to pitch Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron out the window in the middle...not the same type of angst as Archeron, but a he...
  • Shelli
    "The princess, it seemed, had a penchant for thrill rides." This book, like 'Immortal Dreams', was a bit hard for me to get into. But when I did I felt like I was on a roller coaster, waiting for the next swooping turn. And the next, and the next.It is very unlike her Callaghan series where the Females are very self assured and solid in who they are. Ceri did not have that quality until towards the end of the book where she was finally comfortabl...
  • Angie
    Sweet story that proves true love conquers all. Ceri is not an in your face heroine. She captures everyone’s hearts because she is so sweet and giving. Her love for Edan is all consuming, but goes against her Fae heritage.Edan is Ceri’s Guardian. He has a desire to keep her safe at all costs, including his heart. During their time together, both Edan and Ceri fall in love with each other. Both feel that it’s for the best of the other to all...
  • Country Girl
    This magical journey makes you believe anything is possible. It’s a beautiful story that is filled with an experience that’s out of this world.Edan and Ceri have instant chemistry from the moment they meet. Edan’s a guardian, a protector and Ceri makes him want to keep her forever. She’s beautiful, smart and he discovers she has magical powers.Ceri has always felt like she didn’t belong until Edan. She feels happy and safe in his arms. ...
  • Mary Dionisi
    Wow! This book was wonderful. I felt so much for all the characters, especially the emotional roller coaster ride that was Ceri and Edan's story. From the start, I was drawn into these characters' plight. In the beginning, it was their confusion. Then as their relationship grew and story line progressed it was their love and heartache. Ah, it was such a beautiful story. And the detail! Abbie does such a wonderful job of transporting her readers i...
  • Cathy
    MORE THAN MORTAL by Abbie Zanders. LOVED IT! Let me start by saying that paranormal is not always my favorite genre, but every once in a while I read a paranormal blurb that intrigues me and, boy, Ms. Zander's tale certainly roped me in. I adored the characters - my heart connected with Ceri and I rooted for her throughout the entire story. Edan is exactly what any girl would want for a guardian, and more. These two together are perfect! Both are...
  • Suzi
    Their is something special about Ceri, she has an air of innocents about her. A gentle kind soul that draws people to her. She ends up at a nightclub when friends from college ask her to join them, though she tends to stay away from crowded places she allows herself this one time to go out. Instead of having fun she ends up drawing the attention of some rather scary unpleasant men and one particular unusual one. In the scuffle she is rescued by E...
  • Kimberly Allway
    As a reader with quite a few paranormal books in her collection, this is by far one of the best. Creating a paranormal world takes skill and takes a reader to a world which is not their own and allows them to explore and live in that world. This story is everything that is good about paranormal. I loved that is was not cookie cutter, all the characters had flaws, it was not a fairy tale. Enough information to make the world seem real but not so m...
  • Susie
    Spoiler Alert!I really loved this storyline. Really fell in love with the characters. The ending....not so much. It ended abruptly in my opinion. It's a love story and yet we didn't get the wedding, their first time together, the pregnancy...everything the book worked up to was omitted. I wish it had ended with more....just more! I got to the good part I've been reading the whole book to get to and it flashes to 1 yr later...had a baby and The En...
  • LLS
    This book was not my usual genre when it comes to reading.I had never read a paranormal story before and it took me a while to get into the lingo. However, I enjoyed it immensely! Ceri knows she is different from everyone else around her and she struggles with everyday life. Her friends talk her into going to a club and even though she struggles with noises and people, she decides to go. This changes her whole life. She is rescued by Edan from so...
  • Karina Gabriela
    This book is simply AWESOME. This is the first word that comes to my mind...I am a fan, sure, i love most of AZ books. I read her contemporary books first. An then i started to read her paranormal books, afraid of not love them as much. The thing is...her paranormals are great, really good. They are so good that you accepts everything as normal. I totally forget about genre. I dive so deep into the stories that at the end it is just a love story....
  • Larrissa Parde
    Really good read!If you are a paranormal fantasy fan and a fan of Abbie Zanders than you've made the right choice. I really enjoyed this story! I will admit it had a bit if a slow start and it took me a moment to connect but the minute I did I was all in! I couldn't out it down. Loved the history weaved into the fairy tale fantasy aspect! I am already thinking ahead hoping she does more in this world! It really was a beautiful story and the story...
  • Rachael Bromley
    I love reading Abbi’s books and was really itching to read this one as the blurb spoke to me. I wasn’t disappointed in the least as we travel the story of Fae, bonded mates and secrets that haven’t been revealed in centuries. Teagan knows he is anything but normal but he can quite put his finger on it. All he knows is that women flock to him like hummingbirds to sweet nectar. Ceri knows she is different but enjoys being alone as large group...