Bound in Flame (The Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, #1) by Katherine Kayne

Bound in Flame (The Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, #1)

Letty Lang is a suffragist of the most fearless kind, with a bullwhip, big plans, and ancient power she doesn’t understand. Will a fast horse and a stubborn man derail her dreams?Banished to boarding school to tame her wild temper, Leticia Lili‘uokalani Lang sails home to Hawaii, bringing her devotion to animals with her. She’ll be among the first female veterinarians in history—most remarkable in 1909 when women still cannot vote.With on...

Details Bound in Flame (The Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, #1)

TitleBound in Flame (The Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, #1)
Release DateOct 28th, 2019
PublisherSmith Publicity
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance

Reviews Bound in Flame (The Hawaiian Ladies’ Riding Society, #1)

  • b.andherbooks
    I will be doing a full review for Library Journal so these are my messy thoughts for a mess of a novel. I was assigned this book to review as for Library Journal. I review specifically "Historical Romance" novels for Library Journal. This book looks like a historical romance novel, has back copy that reads like a historical romance novel, and even has a Hawaiian language glossary at the back, all things that indicate this is a historical romance ...
  • Jennifer
    Wow! I am adding Katherine Kayne to my MUST READ authors list. This was an incredible debut. It does not suffer from being the first in a series at all. This is a fantasy book that feels more like historical fiction. The world building is so well done and blends beautifully with early 20th century Hawaii. All the characters are well developed and somehow manage to be both believable and magical. I think that is because the magic itself is slow an...
  • Elizabeth
    Title : Bound To FlameSeries: Hawaiian Ladies Raiding SocietyAuthor: Kathrine KayneGenre: Historical romance /magical realismPages: 347Rating: 5 Publication:Oct 28,2019Letty Lang is a suffragist of the most fearless kind, with a bullwhip, big dreams, and ancient powers she doesn’t understand. Can she save her lover from her own lethal passions?Banished to boarding school to tame her wild temper, Letty Liliu Title : Bound To FlameSeries: Hawai...
  • Jodi
    Bound in Flame is a historical novel with romance, magic, and a hell of a lot of fun. In 1909, Letty Lang is a headstrong Hawaiian suffragette and horsewoman who dreams of becoming a veterinarian. But life, an English man, and a strange power get in her way. Letty must learn how to handle her fiery healing touch before her inner flames consume her. This just might come at the expense of love and ambition. Can she channel an ancient power and be a...
  • Liv the Jellyfish Queen
    How can I punish her now? How can we proclaim that we want more bold women and then the minute we have one, put a bridle on her? Sheer hypocrisy! My friends, this book is about Hawaiian suffragists on horseback. Yes, I didn’t know that was a book I needed either, and yet, here we are.So, Bound in Flame is about Letty, whose full name I’ve forgotten as soon as I read it (my abilities to forget names in a matter of seconds is not even funny any...
  • Sonya
    Just as Hawaii is a place where every sense in your body says "thank you, thank you, thank you," I felt the same when I reluctantly finished this wonderful story. Katherine Kayne manages to capture the unique, special time in Hawaiian history when their royalty was still a powerful force in their society and Hawaii was a study in contrasts: cowboys and princesses, wild pigs, steam ships, colorful hula dancers, sacred lands and ceremonies, abundan...
  • Smut Report
    Review also available at The Smut Report.Heat Factor: She’s on fire. The sex is not (and it’s not meant to be, really).Character Chemistry: Yes.Plot: I can’t even begin...Overall: Try a little something different on for size. Historical romance is great, but it’s so hard to find historical romance that’s not 19th century British. There are also the various popular American settings: Wild West, Gilded Age, Reconstruction. So when I found...
  • Corene Caley
    I've had the pleasure of working with the author and seeing this book go through a few revisions. What Katherine Kayne has produced is something new and exciting in the romance and historical fiction genre. This is a fun and wild read that is entertaining from the first page to the last! Be ready to be transported to Hawaii and another time and place. Great beach read or anytime escape. Bravo.
  • Sara Jo
    I very much enjoyed traveling to Hawaii and immersing myself in the magic of the islands with this story! Recognizing that I was given an advanced copy, I truly hope that more edits come later to transition scenes better. Too often the scene or dialogue cuts off abruptly, jarring the reader.I was provided with an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
  • Suzy Michael
    *I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review*Bound in Flame by Katherine Klayne is a refreshing fantasy and historical fiction novel that takes place among the enchanting landscape of the Hawaiian islands. Local myths and legends meet political upheaval in this first installment of 'The Hawaiian Lady's Riding Society' novels.Headstrong and bad tempered Letticia is sent to boarding school to curve her...
  • Kate
    I once had a Hawaiian friend who had enough mystery and magnetism to inspire a novel like Katherine Kayne’s Bound in Flame. There’s just something about the allure of Hawaii, the islands and its people, that enchants like nowhere else. This is why Kayne’s romance novel - with its major dose of historical fiction and mystical fantasy - is such a sweep-you-off-your-feet stunner. There’s so much to delight in each turn of the page.Bound in F...
  • Tamara Morning
    Title: Bound in FlameAuthor: Katherine KayneGenre: Rating: 3 out of 5 In 1909 Hawaii, Letty Lang is a suffragette, a rebel, and an animal lover with a temper who’s determined to become the first female veterinarian in Hawaii. There’s also the flames she feels around her, that she’s never understood. When she dives into the ocean to save a horse, she sets things in motion that will change the way she sees the world.She is a Gate to the land ...
  • Sue
    The year is 1909 and Letty is returning to her Hawaiian home after being sent to boarding school in San Francisco where she was sent to learn to tame her temper. She returns with a love of animals, a desire to be an independent woman and a plan to be a veterinarian. Along with her plans for her life, she is a mākāhā, a Gate to the healing fires of the land, her beloved ‘aina. Letty must fight to harness the ancient power that lives within he...
  • Iza
    Once again the cover and the blurb lured me in, however, the content itself was... lacking.Took me a bit to finish it - and I did so by skipping, reading a dialogue here and there.Why? Well, it started out interesting. Kudos to the author for the Polynesian culture and lore research she conducted in order to write this book. But at less than 40%, I kind of had to push myself to read. It was more telling than showing, not real depth to the story o...
  • Angie
    Overwhelming!Bound in Flame was well-written and well-researched but there was so much going on. The amount of subplots was distracting- veterinary medicine, horse training, magic, Pinkerton agents, English royalty, Hawaiian royalty, the suffrage movement, and romance. There were too many characters as well. I couldn’t keep track of who was who. I struggled to finish this book because I kept getting overwhelmed. The suffrage movement played suc...
  • Pamela
    I was given this book by my daughter who knows the author. It is not a book I would have picked up in the bookstore BUT I became more interested in the characters, the horses, the history of Hawaii that is interwoven in the story. I read it quickly as I was curious what happens with accurate guessing of the ending.Set in the early 1900's the main character is Letty who is not the usual young lady of that time - she is fiercely independent in how ...
  • Brunilda
    *Copy provided by NetGalley*I was really intrigued by the premise of this book and for the fact that the main character was an animal's lover!!!And it does have an interesting plot, with the right amount of plot twists, angst and cute things. Katherine Kayne's writing is so poetic, from time to time I caught myself going back to some passages to read them aloud, those sentences practically sang in my tongue.However, to be really honest this story...
  • Andreajanel
    I was provided with an ARC of this title by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is a delightful story about a heroine determined to flout convention and find her own path. Her journey is made all the more complicated by the legacy of magic that runs in her veins. It is a legacy that ties her to the lush history of her Hawaiian homeland. I found the pace of the story a bit slow, and the dialogue was stilted at times. However, the stor...
  • November Is Nyarlathotep The Haunted Reading Room
    A glorious "retelling" as alternate history of the Hawaiian Islands at the turn of the Century (19th-20th), with strong female heroines (multiple), paranormal elements founded and grounded in the Islands, the suffrage for women, and the rights of women to independence and careers; plus romance, animals, danger, and victories. Additionally, the author provides an inspiring and educational afterword about Hawaii's history and royal bloodline.BOUND ...
  • Claire Davon
    Ever since I went to Hawaii I have been intrigued by the rather tragic history of the island and its rulers. This book takes the audience to that time, in a somewhat fictionalized account of the island post the American takeover. But there is magic here too, and gods, and suffragists, all with an underpinning of romance. I enjoyed reading this book and will want to read the rest of the series in the Hawaiian Ladies' Riding Society. I was given an...
  • Sue London
    Bound in Flame is the best book I've read in ages. It is a world-building fantasy based on and in Hawaii, with significant references to early twentieth century history. A sweeping, luscious story that rang so many of my bells it was a personal twelve alarm fire, including cowgirls, horses, old magic, and suffrage. There is even an author's note about historical research! I can't wait to see more of this world. It was particularly moving to read ...
  • abdulia ortiz-perez
    I received this free book from the publisher for honest review.4 stars ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐This is the first time reading from this author.What a beautiful wonderful amazing read. What a great read! This had me hooked from the beginning. The sitting, theme, and the Characters had me pulled so in. Everything was well put together and it was just perfect. This novel did just that to me.Highly recommend everybody get this book and read it. Its so good! C...
  • Erin Haggerty
    This book is an unique and quirky story. Letty is wild and smart and so so driven which I really enjoyed. The slow burn chemistry between her and Timothy is so very adorable and I could feel the tension growing as I turned each page. I loved that the author used Hawaiian words to make it feel more folklorish and it made me feel like I was more apart of the story.
  • Mercedes
    A Fantasy Historical romance with some Hawiiaian myths.A good story about Letty a girl who a connection to animals and the islands.Some drama, twist, angst,romance and Island history.Enjoyed reading ablot the Islands.Voluntarily reviewed.
  • Beth Tilley
    What a special book! This book features strong, courageous women with special gifts. I enjoyed learning some of the history of Hawaii along with some of their vocabulary. The imagery is fantastic - the colors, sounds and flavors leap off the page!
  • Annarella
    Even if it's well written if wasn't my cup of tea. I couldn't connect to the characters and the book fell flat.Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
  • Yolanda
    Loved this little jewel of a book . It was good and good read , I loved the setting thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for letting me review this book
  • Alexa
    I personally don't really love historical fiction books. This one was a little difficult for me to connect to the characters. But I did think that the author did a wonderful job writing wise.