The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley

The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock

His life is perfectly regimented. Is there really room for something as unpredictable as love?Oliver Clock has everything arranged just so. A steady job running the family funeral parlour. A fridge stocked with ready meals. A drawer full of colour-coded socks. A plan (of sorts) to stay trim enough for a standard-sized coffin. And in florist Marie, he’s even found the love of his life—not that she’s aware of it.When a terrible tragedy takes ...

Details The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock

TitleThe Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock
Release DateFeb 1st, 2020
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Romance

Reviews The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock

  • Jayme
    3.75 rounded up! Oliver makes resolutions in a yellow, dog -eared notebook, whenever his life needs reviving, or whenever he needs to unwind from his job as a funeral director.Excerpt: I must eat less cake. I must stop watching infomercials. I must take up a hobby-making model aeroplanes, perhaps? I must go to the movies once a month..even if it means going alone. I must find love. Can I find love? He has loved Marie, from afar, for 14 years. Bu...
  • Melki
    The first sentence in the book is I must eat less cake.I almost stopped reading right there.I mean, why would anyone EVER make a cockamamie vow like that?As it turns out, that's one of the few resolutions made in this novel that Oliver does NOT keep. Let's meet Oliver, shall we? A nebbishy funeral director about to turn forty, he's spent his entire adult life obsessed with just one woman - a woman who's married to someone else. His funeral home i...
  • Ceecee
    What a lovely, gentle story Jane Riley has penned for her debut novel. Oliver Clock is 39 years old, he’s a funeral director at his family’s long established and traditional firm. He has a yellow notebook in which he writes his resolutions which start with ‘Thou shalt’! He’s a lovely man, he’s witty and funny, quirky, a natty dresser especially his colourful ties and he’s in love with married Marie but he’s far too honourable and ...
  • Sarah
    For my full review, visit me at of my personal reading goals for 2020 was to read books out of my usual comfort zone; to try new genres and narratives that seemed a little bit more “different”. Here, Riley certainly achieves this with a story based on a funeral director and his very lonely life.For my full review, visit me at
  • DeAnn
    3.75 quirky character starsQuirky as in he runs a funeral parlor and sizes people up based on what size coffin they would fit in! And he’s been in love with his friend Marie for fourteen years, but he’s never told her. Oliver likes things in his life in a certain way, he’s a sharp dresser but does love his pastries.I must admit that when I read the description for this one, I was hoping for an experience like “Eleanor Oliphant is Complete...
  • Jeeves Reads Romance
    Serious with shots of humorLast year, I read a book called How Not to Die Alone, and I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to it while reading this. Both feature lonely, middle-aged guys working in industries that deal with death, who develop feelings for married women, and make the realization that they need to make some changes if they don’t want to, well, die alone. In a lot of ways, the comparisons end there, but the tones of the book rema...
  • Richard Propes
    I kept hoping that "The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock" would completely grab me, but it just never did. It was good enough that I hung in there until the end, but it's one of those rare books where the 3-star rating was evident from beginning to end. "The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock" was a pleasant enough read, but tonal inconsistencies bothered me - Was it about self-improvement? Was it a romance? Was it a PG-rated "40-Year-Old Virgi...
  • Annie
    Like Oliver Clock I make Resolutions. Thou shalt read your free Amazon Prime books the month you receive them. This was the perfect New Years read. Loved it! It had moments when I was yelling at Oliver to run like crazy from that woman. Great reminder "Thou shalt not let other decide things for you." So proud when Oliver stood up for Himself. I can see myself reading this again. Excuse me while I go try out my new portable Clothes Steamer Oliver ...
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    I couldn’t stand the way she bought tissue holders, as if covering them in gauche floral boxes would disguise what they really were – snot receptacles for the grieving. I saw the cover of this book and thought...Oh I have to request it. While I’d never choose a book solely based on its cover, this one drew me in. It makes me think of that kind of crap day that turns into a week, then a month, then a year.Oliver Clock has been the poor recip...
  • Misty
    I just turned the last page of this unique novel and find myself ambivalent regarding its merits. Whilst the writing is solid, the structure well-constructed, there was just something missing.Oliver Clock is a 39 year old man experiencing his very own midlife crisis. His name is significant insomuch as his clock is ticking, and he has suddenly become acutely aware of his lot in life. Oliver inherited the family business (a funeral home that enjoy...
  • Ruthy lavin
    To be fair, this book is worthy of 3.5 stars but didn’t quite reach 4.... its a little bit lack lustre at times but still a great read. I love the new popular style of character I keep meeting in general fiction these days.Quintessentially British, a little bit dreary but unknowingly hilarious (Eleanor Oliphant and Oliver Clock being perfect examples).This is a great book for some light hearted escapism, it’s well written and very funny in th...
  • Tonstant Weader
    The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock is a delightful novel of a man who has lost his way. He loves to make resolutions and has a notebook full of them, not that he does one thing to make them happen.Oliver is approaching middle age and while he owns his own business (a family funeral home he inherited), he feels he has missed out on life, on having a family and children. He is in love with the florist, Marie, but by the time he realized he love...
  • Kaylani Gallardo
    I had to DNF this book! I read about 85 pages and I was completely bored! I have no connection to the character! And after 80 pages you should know more about a book then what you can simply read in the synopsis! I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn’t get myself to continue to read just for the sake of finishing a book!
  • Louisa Dwyer
    Compelling and lovelySo not my usual kind of book but I’m thrilled that I decided to give it a go. The story is heartwarming, sometimes amusing and very original
  • Amber
    Oliver Clock is stuck. He can't get out of his head to move forward with any of the random resolutions he has made over the years. Approaching his 40th birthday, the OCD Oliver continues on making and putting off his resolutions until it's too late to realize the dream of having the girl he loves. However, this loss is exactly what he needed to propel himself forward and to "get out of his comfort zone."One thinks at first that Oliver was forced ...
  • Shelley Oesterreicher
    I choose this book on a whim - I was given two free Kindle books on Amazon. The description intrigued me. At the beginning it seemed slow paced and I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I’m so glad I stuck with it and finished reading it! Oliver Clock is a wonderful, endearing character. I was cheering him on through all of his dilemmas.
  • Bex Reynolds
    I can't describe how much I loved this book. The main character is so likeable, my feelings peaked and troughed with his throughout. The writing is excellent. This is heartwarming reading at its finest!
  • Impy
    Oddly CharmingStrange, offbeat, sweet and endearing. I think this one might have to go on my shelf of "comfort reads" for when I'm feeling down and need something familiar to warm my day.
  • Matt
    I read the whole thing because it was interesting and the premise was clever, but it was also kind of boring. There was a fair amount of redundant exposition. The author would explicitly tell us how the main character felt even after showing us. In that way, I felt like the style was a bit patronizing. Overall character development felt uneven. The main character, Oliver, was clearly the focus (it's a first person story), but I was left wanting t...
  • Claire
    I don’t know how or why I had this book on my Kindle, but it was a delightful surprise. It moved fast enough, and it was funny in enough places. I feel a few plot points were rushed or not given proper closure, but it wasn’t enough to affect my liking of the book overall.
  • Goth Gone Grey
    Perfect first book of the year and decadeFirstReads can be hit or miss; let's cautiously crack this one open and see what it has to offer: "They say old habits die hard, which is true, but I also think that new habits are born easily when you live on your own. Like talking to yourself. Ordering pantry items in alphabetical order. Storing balled-up socks in colour-coordinated rows in a drawer. Buying microwave meals for one when you should be coo...
  • Merri Dillinger
    I haven’t had a lot of luck with Amazon First Reads. I know this isn’t fair, but based solely on my track record when reading them I feel like they are books that Amazon sort of throws on the ‘seconds’ pile, hoping a few people will read them since they are free, like them, and generate a little buzz for the buying types out there.And usually, I feel like they are a waste of my time.I was pleasantly surprised by The Likely Resolutions of ...
  • Lauren Bernard
    I really enjoy this type of book - complicated, interesting characters; funny, touching.
  • my bookworm life
    I thought this one was just a nice charming read, one that ticked (ha) along quite well and focused on an interesting and quirky narrator. Following Oliver on his day to day life while working at his family run funeral home was different as i haven't read a book where someone worked there before so that was new, his interactions with their clients was always blunt, to the point and often comical, but he always meant well. He is in love with the l...
  • Madeline
    I have been out of focus this month. It has taken me three times as long to complete this book as it normally would have. However, I have enjoyed the ride. Oliver is one fantastic guy. I’m glad to have ridden around with him, spying into his unusual life.
  • Sue King
    3.5 stars for Oliver ClockI really liked this book but felt that there was almost too much of a good thing in places where the descriptions went on and on. Also the plot was a little predictable, but the book was enjoyable nonetheless.
  • Lisa of Hopewell
    discovered this book in First Reads [for Kindle] part of Amazon’s Prime.The StoryFuneral director/mortician/embalmer Oliver Clock is in a rut. He runs the family business, Clock and Son Funeral Home with the unnecessary and overbearing oversight of his mother. He has reached a certain age and has not married, nor is he actively pursuing anyone. He likes to make resolutions in his notebook to occasionally make a change in his well-ordered and ve...
  • Hanny
    There were few times when I almost put this book down, but I’m glad I didn’t. I couldn’t relate to the main character, Oliver Clock, but I was happy to see his character develop and grow. The author did a wonderful job speaking through Oliver.
  • Carolyn
    I almost quit early in this book because Oliver Clock spent so much time feeling sorry for himself. He had been forced to take over the family funeral business when his father died, but everybody knew he wasn't the power at Clock & Sons. His seventy seven year old mother had the power and she kept Oliver in line doing things her way. He was so depressed he actually curled up on the kitchen floor and sobbed. The droll self-deprecating humor of Oli...
  • Gordon
    A gentle meander of a story, with wonderfully rich characters that pulled me into the world of Clock & Sons.At times sad, at times funny, and always poignant, I was almost disappointed when it finished, and definitely glad with how it ended.