The Only Wizard in Town (Newport Pagnall #2) by Heide Goody

The Only Wizard in Town (Newport Pagnall #2)

A city under siege by a barbarian horde… A band of ruthless mercenaries… A trap-filled dungeon… A situation like this calls for the best wizard in town. What they’ve got is the ONLY wizard in town: Newport Pagnell, oral hygiene specialist. More used to soothing fevered gums and extracting rotten teeth, this dental spellcaster has to perform an operation like never before: extracting a fabled treasure from the jaws of certain doom. This ...

Details The Only Wizard in Town (Newport Pagnall #2)

TitleThe Only Wizard in Town (Newport Pagnall #2)
Release DateJun 8th, 2019

Reviews The Only Wizard in Town (Newport Pagnall #2)

  • Cassandra MADEUP BookBlog
    I have absolutely ADORED the books I have read by these authors up until now, and this has certainly been no exception to that although it did take a bit more getting into than previously.The reason for it taking longer to get into was purely because the layout of this one just took me a little while to get used to, that being said. Because the writing style was so much fun, with a variety of well timed jokes, it didn’t prevent me having fun re...
  • Will Macmillan Jones
    Great funWitty, occasionally extremely funny fantasy that takes a successor at several of the major tropes of the genre. Battles, dungeons, magic and various features abound. Recommended for anyone who can see the funny side
  • Claire
    Recap: Newport Pagnell becomes the only wizard in town and is coerced into finding the Quill of Truth in a vast booby trapped underground temple assisted by an artist, a thief , a soldier and the general.Review: I've read the first Newport Pagnell book and enjoyed it so I went into this with much enthusiasm and the writing style didn't let me down. The only off putting thing was the chronological resets of the storyline from different character P...
  • Ursula
    This is a very clever book and eventually highly enjoyable. But it was nearly a DNF (did not finish) because I found the structure of the story off-putting until I'd read far enough to piece it together.I read an early paper copy and am a fast reader. However, I also have a chronic illness which causes me to fall asleep frequently. The book slips from my hand. Usually I can find my place easily enough by recognising 'have read this part of the st...
  • Arkgirl
    This series gets better, the first book introduced Newport Pagnell but this takes his story on with humour, thrills, fun and some subtle cultural messages! It may be my imagination but a little dig at the Brexit bus caught my eye, plus various comments on the selfie culture and a thought-provoking character struggling with Autistic spectrum difficulties all make this a book that is fun but thought-provoking.It is told through the main characters ...
  • Jason Arscott
    A complex comedy of errorsThis being the second of the Newport Pagnell series and having read the first instalment I assumed I knew what I was in for. Well to a certain degree I was right but as is life I was also wrong.There is the comedy aspect and of course Newport himself, which is the expected bit. Now the rest is the unexpected bit, from the offset we are greeted by the middle of the story parading as the beginning and the end is somewhere ...
  • Mandy
    This is yet another wonderful read by this amazing writing duo. Newport Pagnall is in the right place at the right time, when the Amanni attack the city of Ludens. Rantallion Merkin needs a wizard to translate the ancient architectural plans to retrieve The Quill of Truth that is hidden in the tomb of the ruler Foesen. Problem is, the route to the tomb is through a specially built system of labyrinths, tunnels and various other rather dangerous t...
  • Andy Thorn
    A very entertaining fantasy parody. The erudite Newport Pagnall, wizarding oral hygiene specialist joins a quest into a trap-laden subterranean maze in search of a holy relic. The MacGuffin is a feather of truth but it is the cast of hugely entertaining characters and the witty satire that make the book brilliant. My favourite bit of satire is the conquering of a city by driving a cart around the streets with a dubious financial claim in relation...
  • Louise
    What happens when the last wizard who has done all the planning ends up with no head.This happens to Newport Pagnell and he needs to set off on a quest - accompanied by a philosophical thief, an aged hero, a literal soldier, and a selfie obsessed painter he needs to find the quill of knowledge.Told from different perspectives and jumping around in time which should be confusing but is definitely not. Loads of modern comments and laugh out loud mo...
  • Gareth Hogan
    Well written and witty.This is an original and very well structured adventure from two writers who are very, very good at their craft. It’s a different direction in style compared to the Slapstick of Clovenhoof, or the dark but hilarious Oddjobs. There’s a lot of humour in the story, but also a good dash of old fashioned fantasy adventure.
  • Lindsay
    Took me longer to get through this one but mainly as broken into each character explanation of their reasonings for being there.Newport Pagnell has now found himself in a new situation which a young girl and shenanigans aplenty!What do a thief, an artist, a wizard and 2 soldiers have in common? They’ve got a journey through a deadly tomb like Indiana Jones it’s great
  • Lorraine Reese
    A funny, intriguing story told by each of the characters' viewpoints. Each rendition reveals a little more and continues the adventure towards its merry end. A fun story with lovely 'modern' touches that can be read alone or as part of the series.
  • Ethan Shattuck
    Fun readThere are some real laugh out loud moments in this book. I enjoyed reading it as a bit of brain candy to distract me from unnecessary adult worries at the end of the day.
  • Penny-sue Wolfe
    A rip roaring comedy where the only wizard in town is a oral hygiene specialist! This book is hilarious with a great plot and a rib tickling ending! Brilliant!
  • Simon Leonard
    This is book 2 of this brilliantly funny series and even though it got a bit confusing in places it was still a great read.
  • Kamini Mehta
    A fun read. Much confusion and chaos occurs with very unusual and lively characters.
  • Susan Angela Wallace
    The only Wizard in town by Heide Goody and Iain Grant.A fantastic read. This just gets better and better. Loved the different characters. Brilliant. 5*. Highly recommended.
  • Amanda Williams
    Completely unpredictable. This was a fantastic follow up to the first book in the series. The flow was superb and I devoured this quickly. Can't wait to try out more by these authors.
  • Em Yarnell
    This funny and very entertaining book is just what I need after a heavy thriller. It's fast paced, incredibly well written and I absolutely love the characters!
  • jhanami
    I love a story told from alternating points of view if it’s done well and this one is just outstanding - while part of the narration overlaps, each iteration reveals a few more details and fills a few more gaps until everything falls into place.Funny, witty and irreverent, fast-paced, cleverly plotted, full of heart, with a great cast of characters and a fabulous main protagonist this was just an absolute joy to read - fantasy at its absolute b...