The Beekeeper's Cottage by Emma Davies

The Beekeeper's Cottage

Comforted by the gentle hum of the beehives at the bottom of the garden, Grace drains the last of her tea and walks slowly back towards the little hillside house she adores. Her marriage is over, but is it too late to start her life again? Beekeeper Grace thought throwing out her cheating husband would be the hardest thing she ever did. But when she opens the door to a property developer one morning, it’s clear that keeping the beautiful home a...

Details The Beekeeper's Cottage

TitleThe Beekeeper's Cottage
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Reviews The Beekeeper's Cottage

  • Berit☀️✨
    Emma Davies Rights such engaging stories full of so much charm and whimsy. This book is a follow-up to “The House on Hope Corner”, but it could absolutely be read as a standalone. It was so fun to revisit Flora, Ned, Fraser, and Hannah. It was so lovely to see that all the flowers are blooming at Hope Blooms Farm. In this story we get to know there beekeeping neighbor Grace and a newcomer Amos. Such a beautiful story full of friendship and ho...
  • Sarah
    It was so great to be back in Hope Corner again. There is something about this fabulous setting that just transports you away from real life to this idyllic location. Even though I am not a fan of bees, I so enjoyed finding out more about them through Grace. Though don’t worry, bee’s are only a very small part of the story.Amos I was drawn to as soon as we meet him. He has an air of mystery and I was dying to find out his history. He seems to...
  • Elaine
    If you're looking for a gentle, feel good read grab yourself a copy of this lovely story!Amos is travelling through but decides to stay in the village of Hope Corner where he gets a job at Hope Blooms Farm, working in exchange for food and lodgings...... He's secretive about his past but has a warm heart, great ideas, is hard working and everyone makes him welcome.Grace is the beekeeper who is determined to make changes to her life, starting with...
  • Toya
    This was my first foray into Emma Davies writing, and it most certainly will not be my last. She was able to spin a beautifully written love story amongst the gorgeous back drop of Hope Corner. When Amos first showed up unexpectedly to Hope Corner, I was immediately drawn to his quiet and brooding character. He didn't offer up much to his story at first, so I knew with time, all things would be revealed. Amos seemed to also have the innate abilit...
  • Karen Hollins-Stallman
    "The Beekeeper's Cottage" by Emma Davies is the perfect summer read. This book is the sequel to "The House at Hope Corner" but it can be read as a standalone book easily.. Comforted by the gentle hum of the beehives at the bottom of the garden, Grace drains the last of her tea and walks slowly back towards the little hillside house she adores. Her marriage is over, but is it too late to start her life again?Beekeeper Grace thought throwing out he...
  • Kim
    I adore books by Emma Davies. The settings are so beautifully drawn that you really feel as though you know the area and the characters are wonderful.Grace is starting a new chapter of her life and when Amos turns up he seems to hold the key to smoothing out the difficulties and making the future look rosier. But he never stays in one place long, he seems to know where and when he is needed, then he moves on. Will Grace manage to get him to stay?...
  • Angie
    Buzzing with a hint of mystery, this lovely tale of moving on is a delight to read.The first thing I loved about this story was the setting. The way both Grace’s cottage and Flora’s flower farm were described made me feel so happy and so at home, I immediately warmed to the characters within.I had no idea this was the second book in a series, the first of which was Flora’s story. I shall definitely be looking that one out as even though thi...
  • Els
    I am happy the author took me back to Hope Corner where we were treated to Flora’s story in a previous book. This time it’s her neighbour Grace who is in the spotlight.Both books can be read as a standalone, but it’s always nice to know what happened before. 🙂Every book I have already read by this author has a hugh amount of romance in it, but she adds a lot of depth by tackling a more serious matter as well.How long do you have to remai...
  • Rachel Gilbey
    I'm a huge fan of Emma Davies' writing, and there was something about this cover that drove me straight towards this book. I wasn't wrong to be lured in, its such a cosy story featuring Grace who is a keen beekeeper, and Amos who has been seen in a previous book of the authors and was great to see him given his own story. There is just something about Amos, that really makes me love him, he has a great approach to life, and you finally get to see...
  • Rose English
    What a great 'buzz:' this book givesFrom the vibrant cover, to the stunning setting in the village of Hope Corner this book has the key ingredients to a page turning summer read. Throw in the beautifully descriptive passages, and a bunch of loveable characters especially being re-acquainted with one of my favourite characters of all time - Amos Fry then you have another 5* story. I did not realise this was book 2 in a series and I think it is eas...
  • Lesley
    Well, I have just read every one of Emma Davies' books, back-to-back, and I cannot say how much I have enjoyed them.This one, by no means left me disappointed, but as per my progress update, I was a little confused as I'm sure Amos was in at least one of the other books, but can't find reference in synopsis. It certainly didn't detract from my enjoyment of every single book.If you want the feel good factor, these books cannot be recommended highl...
  • Sharon
    This book is the sequel to The House at Hope Corner. We return not just to Flora and Hope Corner, but more specifically Flora’s neighbour and friend, Grace. Whilst it is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone book easily. I loved the first book and was really enthralled by Flora’s story. I had already met Grace so already knew her back story of being in a loveless marriage to a womanising TV personality. Grace was such ...
  • Emma Crowley
    Four years I have been waiting for this story The Beekeeper's Cottage to be told. That's the length of time since I read Emma Davies' absolute gem of a novella Merry Mistletoe which introduced us to the character of Amos Fry. If you haven't read that short story than I suggest you do so as it will really give you a flavour as to why Amos is such a special character that just has this most wonderful aura and sense of calm and serenity surrounding ...
  • Amanda
    I have been a fan of Emma's work for quite a while now. I have read each and every one of her books and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. In fact they are a delight to read. I couldn't wait to grab a copy of 'The Beekeeper's Cottage'. I read this book as soon as I could and I can definitely say that it is another delightful read, which I thoroughly enjoyed but more about that in a bit.I really did feel for Grace. Grace was in a very unhappy...
  • Gia
    We are introduced to Grace just as she is about to end her marriage of thirty years to an abrasive, insufferable, philandering husband. No longer interested in fighting this lost cause, she has reached the point where her courage must overcome her lack of confidence. Grace’s only interests lie in fighting to keep her beloved cottage and her cherished bees.Amos has spent years wandering; allowing his intuition to guide him to where he feels he m...
  • Karen Mace
    This book had me at the cover! A gorgeous house set in a gorgeous garden - it's my idea of heaven! And with the character of Grace I also found a kindred spirit! She's always happiest when she's in her garden! She understands the role it plays - both in nature and in her wellbeing! The peace it gives her from the stressful world around her, and the stressful situation she finds herself in when she calls it quits on her marriage of 32 years. How s...
  • Gaele
    Grace has a special relationship with her bees – they tell her things, she talks with them, and everyone manages to benefit from that connection. But a stranger has appeared at the flower farm run by her friend Flora and her husband, in the form of an itinerant worker, Amos, who seems to be drawn to the places and people who need him most, in his efforts to atone for some long-past issues. Amos and Grace are drawn to one another, even as she’...
  • Joanne D'Arcy
    Emma Davies has done it again with a book which captures you from the start, where you can hear the hum of the bees working in their hives, you can feel the tension that emanates from the cottage and you can feel the love that is clearly everywhere to be had.Grace, who we meet first in The House at Hope Corner as Flora's closest neighbour is the main protagonist in this story. You do not need to have read this book to enjoy the story but I knew f...
  • Grace J Reviewerlady
    Having read Emma Davies' work since her very first novel, I have come to expect warmth and compassion in her novels, and I'm never disappointed!Grace has the most beautiful country home with a large garden in a gorgeous setting where she keeps her beehives. The only blot on the landscape is her lying, cheating husband - and she has decided their marriage has come to the end of the road. What she didn't expect was him to threaten to sell the house...
  • Diane
    The Beekeeper's Cottage by author Emma Davies will touch many of your emotions as you read the story of Grace and Amos. Grace is a beautiful woman who loves her home and gardens, enjoys beekeeping, and is ready to ask her selfish husband for a divorce. She has had enough of Paul's lies and infidelities and all she wants is her home with some peace of mind. Amos is a very intuitive stranger who offers to work and help at the flower farm in the vil...
  • Monica Mac
    Yay, we are back in Hope Corner again, and this time the story concentrates on Grace. Grace lives next door to Flora and Ned (and Ned's parents), on a flower farm. Grace keeps bees and she is finely in tune with them, in a way that very few others are. One day Amos comes to work on Flora and Ned's farm, in return for food and board. He is keeping a secret that keeps him on the move constantly, but he can't resist a damsel in distress and Grace is...
  • Roberta
    A beautiful story about two people finally finding the freedom they deserve, this book is very well written. I felt at home right from the very first page. The sense of tranquility and place is lovely.As well as the wonderful love story (and slight mystery) at the centre of this book, I particularly enjoyed the scene when Amos shows the estate agent around Grace’s house, which made me chuckle several times. The information about bees was fascin...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Grace thinks she's finally going to live the life she wants to live - but her ex-husband is still out there poking at her. She's living in her cottage and keeping bees but that's not going to make enough to keep the wolves, and the property developed at bay. Luckily (for us as well as her) she lives next to Flora and her flower farm. Don't worry if you didn't read the first book because Davies gives you enough of Flora's story without overwhelmin...
  • Anne
    There was so much I loved about this book that I hardly know where to start. If you read The House at Hope Corner, the backdrop and many of the characters will already be familiar – but, although it was good to see how their lives have moved on, there’s no problem at all should this be your first encounter. Grace was a strong character, on the periphery of the earlier story, who really intrigued me, and it was so good to see her take centre s...
  • Janette
    I had read and loved the previous book, The House at Hope Corner, so I was looking forward to this one and I wasn't disappointed. Well written with a wonderful setting and lovely characters who I could easily identify with. I love the community spirit and would love to live in Hope Corner or somewhere like this. I think this book could be easily be read as a standalone novel but would recommend starting with The House at Hope Corner.I have read a...
  • ~bookworm~
    I was not aware until after I had read the book, that this was a sequel to another. That would explain a few gaps in character development/explanation at the start but really it didn't detract from this being a heart-warming summer read - perfect for by the pool/sitting in the garden etc. The characters are good, the storyline is quite typical, but its the little details that make this book something a little special - the descriptions of the gar...
  • Emma
    I absolutely adored reading this book. I couldn't put it down once I started to read it. It is such a heartwarming and feel good book.The book features the mysterious and magical Amos Fry from Merry Mistletoe, one of the tales from Appleyard books. We are also reunited with Flora and family from the farm at Hope Corner, as they work to help Grace keep her cottage after her divorce.It is wonderful to be reunited with previous characters, but this ...
  • Sally Tyrer
    A lovely gentle summery easy read! The descriptions of hope corner and beekeepers cottage transport you to an idyllic landscape of a picture perfect rural setting with fields of beautiful blooms and bee hives!The added romance that blossoms between grace and Amos makes for a lovely feel good read as these two lost souls seek out and find each other, each getting a second chance at love!Thank you net galley for this early read
  • Julie
    This is such a lovely book that I keep thinking about the characters weeks after finishing it. It's the kind of book that seemlessly incorporates everything a good book should - a mysterious hero who appears from nowhere, a browbeaten wife who fights back, supportive villagers and a scenic setting, not to mention bees. This is the very essence of summer distilled into a book that you won't want to finish. I loved it.
  • MetLineReader
    Another warm and engaging tale from this wonderful author whose books are guaranteed to transport me to a beautiful setting. I’m not a particularly whimsical person but I loved the descriptions of the flowers, the bee hives and the glorious fields. A fabulous tale of friendship and instinct, this book brings together a great cast of characters that are realistic, facing every day challenges.A lovely read which I galloped through. 4.5*