Our Harlem by Marcus Samuelsson

Our Harlem

Make an audio pilgrimage to Harlem with Ethiopian and Swedish chef, TV personality. and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson, and get to know the food, history, music, and. . .most importantly . . .the people of an iconic neighborhood that Marcus knows as his home and the home of his Red Rooster restaurant.Special guests join Marcus each day of the week to cook, sip cocktails and make their Harlem our Harlem including Melba Wilson, Jelani Cobb, Bevy Sm...

Details Our Harlem

TitleOur Harlem
Release DateJun 27th, 2019
PublisherAudible Studios
GenreAudiobook, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, History

Reviews Our Harlem

  • D
    WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!That's what it's all about. Hangin' out in the kitchen, cookin', talkin' smack, learning from the elders, gettin' that education and history. Damn, I so miss those times. This book was just what was needed. We a blessed to have so many cultures sharing their foods and history with the world. Never heard of this dude. But I thank him for Our Harlem: Seven Days of Cooking, Music and Soul at the Red Rooster! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐...
  • Beth Lennon
    I thought this was an audio book but its really more like a podcast with interviews and general conversation. I just dove right in with out knowing much about it because I am interested in Marcus Samuelsson, The Red Rooster Restaurant, Ginny's Supper Club, southern cooking and its origins, the great migration, and stories of Harlem and its evolution. If you are interested in any of the same then you will love this book.
  • Amanda
    Spring 2020 (Feb); I love, love, loved this read. I expected so little of what ended up happening, and was drug out with current entirely. The focus on food, politics, race, class, poverty, culture is so broad and so gorgeous. I was really sad this book started ending when it did. It's left me with so much to think on.
  • Cassandra Joseph
    Very interesting history of Harlem. I learned a lot and cant wait to try a few recipes and drinks! Very interesting history of Harlem. I learned a lot and canโ€™t wait to try a few recipes and drinks!
  • Libraryscat
    This was fascinating trip through Harlem. The listening experience with the music and the different and diverse guests really added to the story. In my mind I visited all these places with Britt, who would be a most excellent guide! Great!
  • Sarah
    While it was interesting to learn more about Harlem and the Red Rooster, I did not enjoy the format. There was too much going on in the background, and it was mostly made up of dialogue, with people talking over one another and interrupting constantly; it made it difficult to follow.
  • Neeraja Sankaran
    This audiobook was a very interesting mix of cookbook, history and travel-writing with a bit of personal memoir thrown in as well. I learned some interesting things about Harlem, its history, its restaurants and also the writer/narrator whom I'd only seen as a judge on "Chopped" before, and about whom all knew was that he was black (African and specifically, as I only learned here, Ethiopian) brought up in Sweden. My main grouse with it/him was h...
  • Mike Kennedy
    Very interesting idea for an audio book. World famous chef Marcus Samuelsson takes you on a journey through Harlem. He does this with a combination of interviews over drinks and while cooking. This was long for an audible original, six and a half hours.Mr. Samuelsson explores all areas of Harlem from iconic places like the Apollo Theater to the Great Migration when a mass exodus of African Americans from the South to Harlem helped form the great ...
  • Jennifer
    I've been getting into cooking shows lately and I've seen Marcus feature in a few episodes of 'Beat Bobby Flay' and he was notable because of his backstory. He was born in Ethiopia, adopted by swedish parents, and is a classically trained in French techniques. It was interesting learning about Harlem's history through the people that helped Marcus with his restaurant, Red Rooster get up and running. It's an interesting history lesson and love tha...
  • Monica
    "African American history is part of the history that drives black diaspora culture all over the world yet it is so hard to find." History is the best gift you can give to anyone. I loved this book, it's story and the narrator! So much history delivered is a fun creative way. Recipes to try that sounded DELICIOUS! Listening to the many contributors to the telling of the making of their Harlem many years ago to now was phenomenal! Everyone should ...
  • Leigh
    This audiobook, which is both serious and light-hearted, is probably of most interest to those with a special interest in Harlem and its rich history, culture, including, of course, food. It's inspiring to "meet" lots of leaders -- some well-known beyond Harlem, and some not -- from this community. Sometimes it felt to me as if Marcus Samuelsson is a bit too rah-rah, "aren't we all having a great time!" But if so, it's for a good cause.
  • Michelle
    Got this book for free as an Audible original. Very much enjoyed it although I was hoping for a little bit more of Samuelsson's story because I'm very interested in how all the different cultures that he is a part of have affected his cooking. Although I suppose there's his autobiography for that. I should have paid more attention to the title haha. That being said, it was still very interesting picture of a little of his restaurant and interesti...
  • Michele Hermansen
    This audiobook was a lot of fun, and it was educational I really learned a lot about the black migration from the south to the north, Harlem, etc. Marcus is a fun guy who clearly loves his profession and his community. At the end of the book, they do a few outtakes -one of which I found inappropriate. So if you dont want to listen to that, now you know to skip it. This audiobook was a lot of fun, and it was educational โ€“ โ€“ I really learne...
  • Lynn Gionette
    I got this from audible. It's more like a series of podcasts than a book. It was good. Learned some interesting things about Harlem and southern american cooking. Marcus Samuelson 'hosts'. Hes really 'on' and I'd you aren't in the mood to listen to an overly excited person, save it for a happier day.
  • David
    I liked watching Marcus Samuelsson on Chopped, and have seen a few interviews where his commitment to Harlem is clear. This book is a nice collection of stories and interviews from the people of Harlem about the history, people, and food of Harlem. It's clear that he loves food, and he loves Harlem, and it comes across in the audiobook.
  • Mark
    This is a mix of cultural aspects, which is great for me. There are pieces of history, food, specific events, places, people, religion and general flow of people over time. What a great introduction to such a pivotal place in the culture and history of the U.S. and the world. If you are interested in other cultures and specific local histories, this is for you too.
  • Terrol Williams
    Not really a book per se, but a wonderful exploration of the food and culture of Harlem. I could almost taste the food as I heard it prepared and several times I found myself using Google street view to walk down 125th Street, to look at the Apollo Theater, the Red Rooster, etc. My next trip to NYC will definitely include an exploration of Harlem.
  • Tameka Mullins
    An amazing celebration of Harlem! Its people, the music and the food. I learned so much from the conversations. I already love the Red Rooster but listening to this makes me want to cherish it more and visit more and also introduce it to more people. I also want to share my experiences of Harlem with others as well. Amazing auditory experience! An amazing celebration of Harlem! Itโ€™s people, the music and the food. I learned so much from the c...
  • Michelle Jackson
    I really enjoyed this listen, more like a podcast than a book, but full of rich texture and flavor as Marcus and his friends share personal stories and historical context to Harlem. Makes me want to visit!
  • Cheryl's
    Entertaining collection of stories and interviews from the people of Harlem about the history, people, and food. Great narration on the audio version. Includes a pdf download of recipes - can't wait to try that fried chicken, harlem style.
  • Joseph Newell
    They suckered me in with promises of cooking, but I stayed for the window flung wide open into the heart of Harlem. I had no idea about anything regarding Harlem, and now have great respect for that place and those who call it home. A fantastic audio experience.
  • Mary
    Marcus Samuelsson takes listeners on a cultural, musical, culinary tour of Harlem. Enjoyable guests help him prepare amazing food and beverages while telling us about the Harlem experience - historical and current. I loved it all and really appreciated the music!
  • Daniel
    This was a sweet piece about Harlem. I listened to it which I'm glad I did because I felt like the talking component and each person sharing their piece made it so much more personal and enjoyable for me.
  • Marie B.
    I thoroughly enjoyed both the history and the recipes.
  • La'Tonya Rease Miles
    A fun time! I felt like a citizen of the world while listening to this. Would love to meet Mr. Samuelsson in person. He seems like a blast.
  • Jada
    4.5 stars
  • Tiffany
    I really enjoyed this! Maybe my fave audible freebie yet.
  • Deborah Gaspar
    Great cultural story about Harlem, the music, the history, the people and the food. Well told.
  • Tyler Elmore
    Wouldnt call this an audiobook but it was definitely a great listen! Loved hearing from Dr. Jessica B. Harris! Wouldnโ€™t call this an audiobook but it was definitely a great listen! Loved hearing from Dr. Jessica B. Harris!
  •  KJA
    I live near Harlem so it was an interesting listen.