When Did You Last See Your Father? by Jodi Taylor

When Did You Last See Your Father?

'Max, your father is here. He's come to take Matthew away'Have you ever wondered what would happen if Max's husband met Max's father? What would Leon do?They're normally a fairly amiable bunch, but this is the story of what to expect if St Mary's doesn't like someone. As in, really doesn't like someone. Warning: contains a unit-wide criminal enterprise, a great deal of illegal activity and a sad misuse of public resources. All the things a father...

Details When Did You Last See Your Father?

TitleWhen Did You Last See Your Father?
Release DateSep 5th, 2019
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews When Did You Last See Your Father?

  • Sara
    I loved this short story, told from Leon’s perspective, chronicling his past life, meeting Max and joining St. Mary’s. Not having heard Leon’s side before, it was good to see his experiences for a change. And man, did he have a past. Obviously we know what he’s told Max about his ex wife and children, but to hear it from him personally elevates my opinion of Leon so much more. I also loved the various highs and lows of Leon and Max retold...
  • Michelle
    This is quite a nice little short story, mainly focused around Leon's background, including some stuff that I had forgotten from the earlier Chronicles of St Mary's books. In recent short stories, I feel that Jodi has been stepping away from the action packed craziness, and going slightly more in the background of the characters, or rehashing the events after they have happened (much like "And Now For Something Completely Different", which center...
  • Fern Adams
    Saw this was available on kindle so downloaded it and read it immediately, pausing only long enough to locate a cup of tea and my hidden chocolate stash. Taylor reliably did not disappoint with this short story. Also so brilliant to hear something from Leon’s point of view. If your a fan of St. Mary’s you’ll be a fan of this!
  • Noodle The Naughty Night Owl
    7/10: Good solid read, something to get your teeth into.It is the duty of every husband to rock his wife’s world.This little gem of an extra in the Chronicles of St Mary's series was told from Leon's POV. For that alone, it deserves top marks.But despite its short length, it also managed to make me feel. Everyone had known but me.We already knew a little of Leon's past, but this fills in the gaps and then whacks you over the head with them. Or ...
  • Richard Derus
    A really enjoyable and enlightening light shone on the character, somewhat underdeveloped in the series, of "Leon Farrell" as we know him.I am sure that means nothing to newbs. Please believe me that you're not going to learn anything you need to know by reading this book out of order. All that will happen is you'll spoil some lovely moments in the earlier books. But for the series regular, this entry will expand the emotional landscape against w...
  • Kelly
    I should have known when I found myself editing the title when talking to my daughter. The title alone might stir up things for her. This story deals with Max's father. And while I LOVE how it turned out (seriously - amazing resolution!), there's also the part of me that wishes I hadn't read about a daughter and her abusive father. It stirs up memories and makes me wonder "what if..."SO...if the concept of childhood trauma inflicted by a parent i...
  • Tina Miles
    Brilliant and very satisfying, a real gem!Max’s Daddy was and is a bad man. Max’s husband is quiet, bent on revenge and oh-so-clever. Max’s friends and colleagues are loyal, smart and quite devious. All of which makes for a fascinating tale with twists and turns and a very satisfactory ending. Max’s author, Jodi Taylor, is a bloody brilliant writer with startling insight into the human condition, all wrapped within amusing shenanigans and...
  • Pat Hauldren
    Chief Farrell tells a storyAnother great story from Jodi Taylor. Max has a fad, if all things, and apparently a bit very nice one at that. Her husband and the rest of St. Mary's step up t the plate to protect Max and Mathew. Told from Chief Farrel's POV, we get a glimpse into a devotion to Max and the lengths he is willing to go to protect her and their son. Poignant, sweet, funny.
  • Jen
    Wow, just...wowHow can Jodi do so much in a short story? The main story (When did you last see your father?) was emotional - beautifully written & ingenious. My heart hurt for our friends at St Mary's, especially Max & Léon. I think this is my favorite short story so far. Bravo Jodi, bravo. The other short stories included on the audio version were humorous & fun & a good change of pace - really enjoyed them too :)
  • L K Stow
    Another great oneAs my dad would say, small but beautifully formed, it always surprises me that one person can write so many good stories without them getting boring and repetitive but Jodi Taylor does just that. Funny, very entertaining and original, if you've never read her stuff, you missed out on a wonderful rollercoaster of a series. I never get fed up with reading her stuff, long may it continue
  • Simona
    A short story which highlights Leon's ingenuity in dismantling a threat, told from Leon's POV.All the major characters are involved, more or less openly, everyone does what they know best (Peterson and urine, for example), while Max remains silent for the most part of the book.The book contains two other pre-published short stories, "Desiccated water" and "Markham and the anal probing".And the first pages of "Doing time", which I eagerly wait for...
  • Michael Davis
    Loved it, even though almost half of it was recapping one of the other main characters story, albeit from his perspective, most of which we either knew or gleaned from context. Nevertheless, a great appetite whetter for the next new one, coming out relatively soon.Highly recommended, as with all in this series.
  • Hollie Rushmeyer
    Great short storyI was excited to read this story about Leon’s experience with John Maxwell, and it did not disappoint. I can’t usually get myself engaged in short stories (as backwards as it seems; I find it easier to sit for 8 hours reading a book than I do to sit for 30 minutes reading a short story), but this one I was able to sit down and actually finish in 1 go.
  • Kathleen Young
    Love these books !I look forward to these books like I used to look forward to Christmas. I cannot recommend them highly enough. This short story is excellent although to really appreciate it you need to know the back story regarding Max,Leon and every one else. But it was so good! Thank you Jodi for your great writing .
  • Annie
    Bit of recap albeit from a different POV at first. But that's okay because so much has happened in the Chronicles of St Mary's. It helped me to remember and wrap my mind around the timeline. Even though I knew what happened it broke my heart again. Then in true St Mary's Style it has me laughing like crazy. How I love this series!
  • Crystal Blake
    Revenge is a dish best served by St MarysThis eagerly awaited short story describes what happens, when the St Marys misfits feel threatened and have the chance to step in to the role of Karma. A great edition to the series that I couldn't put down.
  • Sandra Agus
    Leave it to St. Mary’s to exact revenge on John Maxwell. In true St. Mary’s fashion! Perfect short story. I always felt bad for Max about her past. Leave to Leon and the rest of St Mary’s when Max’s father turns up to take Matthew. And the other 2 stories were short but funny. Loved them.
  • Myereading
    Not surprisingly-I loved itThis series is wonderful. I always end up laughing and crying-and laughing again. In this story, a very bad parental unit-with the help of all the usual suspects-gets what he has deserved for a very long time.
  • Heather
    The story is okay-3 stars easy. It lost a star for some of the retcons. They are just tiny little changes but they’re there and annoying. I imagine it’s a set up for future stories and can be explained by the events in the 3rd book but there were enough that it was a distraction.
  • Mary Johnson
    Outta the parkJodi Taylor hits it out of the park again (sorry for the use of an American metaphor). The teamwork required to neutralize John Maxwell is nothing short of amazing! Bravo again to the St. Mary's historians and cohorts!
  • Marti
    10 Stars!!! “When Did You Last See Your Father” is an absolute hoot. This is a new side of Chief Leon Farrell, and I love it. I cannot imagine a more perfect reward! Hilarious and diabolical! Thank you, Jodi. This story is the BEST.
  • Lynette Gilbertson
    EXCELLENT SeriesEvery book or story in this series is great reading! Love Max & the Crew! Jodi' style of writing flows wonderfully...first thing you know, the day is gone or it's 3am! Her books are hard to put down! Love her humor!
  • Susan B. King
    Absolutely wonderful as always!A touching and funny short addition to her series. Definitely worth the read! If you haven't read the others, please do! One of the best I've ever read!
  • Irene M.
    Sweet RevengeI’m not sure that I found the story enjoyable as much as satisfying, that Leon was able to get Max a bit of justice for the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father.And yet, we still get to enjoy Taylor’s quirky brand of humor;)Recommend.
  • Rosemary Dreyer
    Another wonderful short story in the Chronicles of St. Mary’s series. Loved: the humor; the great characters we know and love; the plot; and the wonderful writing. No time travel (sorry ;)) in this story. Great fun and a super quick read.
  • Sarah Talmage
    Gutted that I can't give this more than 5 stars!
  • Mary Smith
    A great addition to the St Mary’s Chronicles series.
  • Karin Jenkins
    A satisfying short story plus a couple of bonuses for fans of St Mary’s.
  • Josie Jones
    Love the book, like I do all of Jodi Taylor's St. Mary stories
  • Howie Modell
    Another St.MarysWhat can I say? Wonderful. Marvelous! The Everlasting Historian. The Prince of Tech.lnow I gave to wait for another one . Sigh.