When Did You Last See Your Father? (The Chronicles of St Mary's, #10.5) by Jodi Taylor

When Did You Last See Your Father? (The Chronicles of St Mary's, #10.5)

'Max, your father is here. He's come to take Matthew away'Have you ever wondered what would happen if Max's husband met Max's father? What would Leon do?They're normally a fairly amiable bunch, but this is the story of what to expect if St Mary's doesn't like someone. As in, really doesn't like someone. Warning: contains a unit-wide criminal enterprise, a great deal of illegal activity and a sad misuse of public resources. All the things a father...

Details When Did You Last See Your Father? (The Chronicles of St Mary's, #10.5)

TitleWhen Did You Last See Your Father? (The Chronicles of St Mary's, #10.5)
Release DateSep 5th, 2019
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews When Did You Last See Your Father? (The Chronicles of St Mary's, #10.5)

  • Sara
    I loved this short story, told from Leon’s perspective, chronicling his past life, meeting Max and joining St. Mary’s. Not having heard Leon’s side before, it was good to see his experiences for a change. And man, did he have a past. Obviously we know what he’s told Max about his ex wife and children, but to hear it from him personally elevates my opinion of Leon so much more. I also loved the various highs and lows of Leon and Max retold...
  • Richard Derus
    A really enjoyable and enlightening light shone on the character, somewhat underdeveloped in the series, of "Leon Farrell" as we know him.I am sure that means nothing to newbs. Please believe me that you're not going to learn anything you need to know by reading this book out of order. All that will happen is you'll spoil some lovely moments in the earlier books. But for the series regular, this entry will expand the emotional landscape against w...
  • Bradley
    A completely charming tale. Or was it a diabolical revenge fantasy?I always get those two mixed up.Either way, I really enjoyed getting a full run-up on just who and what Leon is and what conspires with his completely twisted relationship with Max, eventually leading up to said completely charming diabolical revenge fantasy tale.Hello, father in law! I will never look at milk in quite the same way again.I really enjoy these short stories. :)
  • Trish
    First instinct of Leon: protecting his family. Especially after what happened to his first family before he travelled back in time and worked with Dr. Bairstowe. And now Max's father comes strutting in ... whether he comes for Max or Matthew doesn't really matter, does it?Well, it certainly doesn't for Leon and this story is from his POV.A few books ago I decided I could no longer care for Max and the interpersonal relationships this author has d...
  • Richard Derus
    A really enjoyable and enlightening light shone on the character, somewhat underdeveloped in the series, of "Leon Farrell" as we know him.I am sure that means nothing to newbs. Please believe me that you're not going to learn anything you need to know by reading this book out of order. All that will happen is you'll spoil some lovely moments in the earlier books. But for the series regular, this entry will expand the emotional landscape against w...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    What would you do if you met the very wealthy, influential man who molested your wife when she was a child and he has come to claim it would be better if your son came to live with him?The easy answer would be murder or a big fight for most. But this is Leon and St Mary’s and there is never going to be any solution that simple when that group is involved. This is a very funny tale of how Leon and a few of the cast of St Mary’s banded together...
  • Steven
    Fun little adventure in framing an asshole... in Leon's POV. Love.
  • Michelle
    This is quite a nice little short story, mainly focused around Leon's background, including some stuff that I had forgotten from the earlier Chronicles of St Mary's books. In recent short stories, I feel that Jodi has been stepping away from the action packed craziness, and going slightly more in the background of the characters, or rehashing the events after they have happened (much like "And Now For Something Completely Different", which center...
  • Annie
    Bit of recap albeit from a different POV at first. But that's okay because so much has happened in the Chronicles of St Mary's. It helped me to remember and wrap my mind around the timeline. Even though I knew what happened it broke my heart again. Then in true St Mary's Style it has me laughing like crazy. How I love this series!
  • Fern Adams
    Saw this was available on kindle so downloaded it and read it immediately, pausing only long enough to locate a cup of tea and my hidden chocolate stash. Taylor reliably did not disappoint with this short story. Also so brilliant to hear something from Leon’s point of view. If your a fan of St. Mary’s you’ll be a fan of this!
  • Marika Charalambous
    A quick story told from Leon's point of view. It was fun to see different people's ways of narration and dialogue. Leon's prose was more serious, while Max is way too funny and witty. I liked how we got to learn the way the two met, and some of his own struggles as well.
  • Noodle The Naughty Night Owl
    7/10: Good solid read, something to get your teeth into.It is the duty of every husband to rock his wife’s world.This little gem of an extra in the Chronicles of St Mary's series was told from Leon's POV. For that alone, it deserves top marks.But despite its short length, it also managed to make me feel. Everyone had known but me.We already knew a little of Leon's past, but this fills in the gaps and then whacks you over the head with them. Or ...
  • Tina Miles
    Brilliant and very satisfying, a real gem!Max’s Daddy was and is a bad man. Max’s husband is quiet, bent on revenge and oh-so-clever. Max’s friends and colleagues are loyal, smart and quite devious. All of which makes for a fascinating tale with twists and turns and a very satisfactory ending. Max’s author, Jodi Taylor, is a bloody brilliant writer with startling insight into the human condition, all wrapped within amusing shenanigans and...
  • Bridgette
    Finally, more of Leon! He's such a quiet soul most of the time, it's refreshing to get something from his perspective and this was the perfect one for him to really use his voice! Jodi Taylor is so full of awesomeness!!! I haven't gotten tired of her work yet, and don't imagine I will. Back to Leon... he really is a good fella. It's no wonder he and Max work well together. His male bonding time with Markham was fabulous!
  • Sydney Young
    I could not sleep last night, which was not at all great. So I decided to take a listen. And...in one short swoop, I’m done. Love these little shorts, especially the first.
  • Marti
    10 Stars!!! “When Did You Last See Your Father” is an absolute hoot. This is a new side of Chief Leon Farrell, and I love it. I cannot imagine a more perfect reward! Hilarious and diabolical! Thank you, Jodi. This story is the BEST.
  • J.A. Ironside
    It is the duty of every husband to rock his wife's world.Max's father comes unexpectedly back into her life. Leon Farrell, Max's husband and the man who can fix things, has a plan. The plan involves Security Chief Markham, Mrs Partridge's tea-making skills and a gallon of horse urine. What could possibly go wrong?I really enjoyed this little short story told from Leon's pov. It's quite reflective - we get a fair bit about Leon's backstory from hi...
  • Kelly
    I should have known when I found myself editing the title when talking to my daughter. The title alone might stir up things for her. This story deals with Max's father. And while I LOVE how it turned out (seriously - amazing resolution!), there's also the part of me that wishes I hadn't read about a daughter and her abusive father. It stirs up memories and makes me wonder "what if..."SO...if the concept of childhood trauma inflicted by a parent i...
  • JPT
    Audiobook Story: B, Narration: A Not a review, just some thoughts for personal reference. Spoilers. It's such a treat when I check Amazon and see a new Jodi Taylor work is available. The St. Mary's books are among my absolute favorite. My only complaint about the shorter works is, well, that they're too short!The main story is told from Chief Leon Farrell's POV with a brief accounting of his life up to the point of the main action, which is when ...
  • Jacey
    A St Mary's short story which tells the tale of when Max's husband meets Max's father. Andit's payback time. Leon knows Max's upbringing wasn't kind but Max has been free of her father for many years now—until he suddenly gets the idea that Max isn't a fit person to look after a baby, so he's about to use all his considerable influence to take Matthew into his care. The only problem is that due to Max's arch enemy Ronan, Matthew was 'lost' in t...
  • Ken
    Revenge is sweetAnother wonderful St. Mary’s romp by Ms. Jody. This ones about Max’s father coming to visit. It was supposed to be about Leon meeting Mr. Max, but in actuality, they never meet. Nope, Leon sees Mr. Max from afar, that’s about it. I highly recommend the St. Mary’s stories, the novels as well as short stories. They’re written very well (no grammatical or spelling errors) and give the reader a welcome distraction to our rel...
  • Julie
    I am a diehard St Mary’s fan but, even for a short story this was flimsy at best. It liked getting to know Leon better but the while Max’s father issue was very unsatisfying. It lacked the small details that usually make Jodi Taylor such an excellent story teller. I usually can’t put these stories down and lose a lot of sleep as a result of reading ‘just one more chapter’. This one is not even 60 pages but I fell asleep! It has 2 stars ...
  • Pat Hauldren
    Chief Farrell tells a storyAnother great story from Jodi Taylor. Max has a fad, if all things, and apparently a bit very nice one at that. Her husband and the rest of St. Mary's step up t the plate to protect Max and Mathew. Told from Chief Farrel's POV, we get a glimpse into a devotion to Max and the lengths he is willing to go to protect her and their son. Poignant, sweet, funny.
  • Karsyn
    3.5 stars rated up because St Mary's.Cute short story. Only reason I say 3.5 is because around 35% of the actual book is just a recap of things we already know. Good, yes, but I would have wanted more of this actual story than what we already know. So it was a recap, then the bulk of the story then another recap of the bulk of the story. Still, it's St Mary's and I'm always glad to be back, even if briefly.
  • Donna
    Jodi never disappoints! This is yet another amazing short story. It gives us fans more of an insight into the life's of the residents of St Mary's, and what made them, them. Sometimes I have to remind myself they're not real people. The day Jodi wraps up this series will be very sad indeed! I sat with my cup of tea, and hardly moved, I was so gripped, until I had finished the last page. When I see she is due to release a new book I must admit I g...
  • L K Stow
    Another great oneAs my dad would say, small but beautifully formed, it always surprises me that one person can write so many good stories without them getting boring and repetitive but Jodi Taylor does just that. Funny, very entertaining and original, if you've never read her stuff, you missed out on a wonderful rollercoaster of a series. I never get fed up with reading her stuff, long may it continue
  • Jen
    Wow, just...wowHow can Jodi do so much in a short story? The main story (When did you last see your father?) was emotional - beautifully written & ingenious. My heart hurt for our friends at St Mary's, especially Max & Léon. I think this is my favorite short story so far. Bravo Jodi, bravo. The other short stories included on the audio version were humorous & fun & a good change of pace - really enjoyed them too :)
  • Simona
    A short story which highlights Leon's ingenuity in dismantling a threat, told from Leon's POV.All the major characters are involved, more or less openly, everyone does what they know best (Peterson and urine, for example), while Max remains silent for the most part of the book.The book contains two other pre-published short stories, "Desiccated water" and "Markham and the anal probing".And the first pages of "Doing time", which I eagerly wait for...
  • Linda
    This short story about Leon and Edward Bairstow is a nice fill in for the other books. It explains how Max and Leon met and how he fell for on first sight. It doesn't have much Max in it but her father shows up and Leon and Edward determine to keep him from getting to Max. It is an insight to the early relationship of Leon and Edward and St. Mary's. Everyone of these books is terrific.
  • Jan Bandich
    Team WorkI loved the way this story pulled some of Max and Leon’s history into a simple chronicle, while brilliant team work of many at St Mary’s formulated an insidious plan to defend their son, Matthew, from Max’s powerful father, who threatened to take him away from them. As usual, danger and hilarity go hand in hand.