Crossfire (Star Kingdom #4) by Lindsay Buroker

Crossfire (Star Kingdom #4)

For the first time in his life, roboticist Casmir Dabrowski is headed to another star system as an advisor for the Kingdom space fleet. He’s being given a chance to prove himself to King Jager by helping find the ancient artifact he inadvertently lost. It’s best not to think about what might happen if he fails... But with technologically advanced astroshamans after the artifact, not to mention the deadly mercenary captain Tenebris Rache, it...

Details Crossfire (Star Kingdom #4)

TitleCrossfire (Star Kingdom #4)
Release DateJul 13th, 2019
GenreScience Fiction

Reviews Crossfire (Star Kingdom #4)

  • The Mysterious Reader
    Disclaimer: although we’ve never actually met, I totally adore Lindsay Buroker. I’ve read everything else she’s written, in all their varied genres, and loved them all. That’s certainly true of the Star Kingdom series, and most definitely true of Crossfire (Book 4). Roboticist Casmir Dabrowski and friends may indeed be caught between warring factions, but never fear, they’ll figure something out - and it will be spectacular. But for the...
  • Norman Partington
    Beautifully crafted yarnCharacters are interesting, their interactions are amusing and enthralling, politics is fun ( a critique of the pros and cons of a monarchy included)The cliffhanger finish always enjoyably annoying, lol.Who will end up running the system , I am tipping Casmir, with Rache/David as his peacekeeper
  • A.M. Scott
    WonderfulI love this series and this novel didn't disappoint me at all! Inventive, fun, snarky and lots of adventure with unlikely heroes, and some reminders of unintended consequences. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Richard T. Kotomori
    Action packed series with good character development!Multiple storylines and great action holds your attention in this book. Casmir learns that naivity and good good intentions can have both good an bad results. Kim and Rache are growing closer. Bonita and Qui learn dealing with pirates can be dangerous. I look forward the next book.
  • Alice L Parry
    Crossfire stands the Buroker testI always assume that each time I pick up one of Lindsay Buroker's books, it will be a very pleasurable read. This one is no exception. Totally enjoyable and touching all at the same time. I'm never disappointed and don't believe anyone else will be either. I recommend everyone needs to read them all!
  • Peter Rijs
    Very entertaining indeed,and working toward a "clash between the good and the bad". Good description of developing human relations and a nice touch of humor. No hard cliffhangers, although the books can definitely not be seen as standalone reads. And a certain captain cosying up to a certain roboticist . . nice turn of events . .
  • Rob Mueller
    Great storyThis series is so full of people with issues to overcome and action packed events! It is fun to read about the characters and the story is great! Can not wait until the next book is out in September!!
  • David Wongwai bad
    GreateI am really enjoying this series. Can't wait for the next book. I hope we get more of these books.
  • Robert m. Patterson
    ExcellentExcellent workLove the humanity, people need to read more books that give alternatives to war and killing. What's wrong with being nerdy?
  • Julie Cobham
    A great follow up to the other books. Dialogue excellent, characters well drawn and believable. Plot wonderful with 2 cliff hangers here with Qin and the astroshamans so roll on September for the next instalment.
  • Carole S.
    Action packed series!Crossfire was just as exciting as the other books in this series! The plot was well thought out and kept me interested the whole time! So glad most of the major characters were included and are continually evolving! Looking forward to the next book!
  • Bob Truman
    Truly original space opera I find myself slowing my pace when reading cause I don't want to finish too quickly. Once again I am caught up with an empty feeling .Can't wait till September ,
  • Charles F. Shirley
    Great Author Good reading, great storytelling, author has a rye sense of humor and a gift for the appropriate quip. The characters are clearly drawn and have evolved throughout the series. Author has written “Steam-punk”, Fantasy and Sci-fi, all good. I like the space opera series’ the must, try them you’ll like them.SincerelyC F Shirley, fan.
  • Jane Edmunds
    Love these charactersThroughout this series, the characters have driven the narrative, easing you into an affectionate familiarity with their quirky personalities and reasoning. Great storytelling at its best!
  • Marti
    I LOVE this series! Our intrepid roboticist rides again! Casmir, Kim, and Rache are wonderful characters. The plots are fun and interesting with lots of exciting action. I can hardly wait to see what happens next!
  • Monte Huebsch
    As good or better then the previous 3After finding this author I purchased her Dragon series. While enjoyable she has really grown as a story teller and this fourth book in this series did not disappoint. I’m hooked and can’t await the next book in September. I read this one in a day! Brilliant.
  • Elizabeth
    Love the direction!! I'm loving the direction this story is heading!! I can't wait until book 5 is released. The personalities and relationships are blooming
  • Susan
    Great readThis was a good read, with some good character development, but I need more Bonita and Qin. They are two of my favorite characters.
  • Sherry
    I am really loving this series! It's well written and the MC's are interesting and complex. I could see it being a movie series, as long as it was done correctly. I look forward to the next story!
  • Francesca
    Casmir and Kim on another flight in space. Almost all the usual people are there. Lindsay Buroker left us with a bit of a cliff hanger and that makes me a little frustrated. I’ve thought, for a while, that I could like Rache and Ishii. This book with me closer to liking both of them. Asgar and Zee got ‘deeper’ with their personalities. Overall, there’s a lot of moral complexity in this book and I really appreciated it.
  • Patrick
    Very funny but not silly There are so many interesting people in this story and they keep getting more fully developed. Dabrowski is the best in some ways and the blend of comedic space opera with realpolitik is kind of mesmerizing. The other characters are also being increasingly squeezed between the reality they wish that they inhabited and the forces that are pretty much determined to demolish their individualism. It's a tough place to be and ...
  • L
    FantasticAnother wonderful update to the series - I’ve always loved Buroker but this is smart and witty with all the techno humor and links with science, religion and politics! Character development was also amazing, with us learning more about everyone - Casmir and Rache etc. Well done! Looking forward to the next in the series.
  • John Mchale
    Excellent follow up. Story keeps going with the characters still developing and adding twists which means you keep reading. I look forward to September for the next instalment.
  • Punya
    Fun and fast pacedThe ongoing adventure and new branches are energizing and funny a good mix of emotion, action and relationships, and a dash of galactic politics
  • Carlynne Toomey
    Great story! Loved it!