Have Lizard, Will Travel (Double-Oh Shifters, #1) by Eve Langlais

Have Lizard, Will Travel (Double-Oh Shifters, #1)

A lizard of many faces, he not only must save the world, but also convince a lady to pet his reptile.International agent Simon is on a mission. And it isn't to avoid the shoe of the woman he's sent to spy on.This undercover operative must find a dangerous recipe book before it's too late. The fate of shifterkind depends on him.But if it comes down to saving the lovely Petunia or the world…his trouser-lizard wants a say.

Details Have Lizard, Will Travel (Double-Oh Shifters, #1)

TitleHave Lizard, Will Travel (Double-Oh Shifters, #1)
Release DateJul 25th, 2019
GenreRomance, Paranormal Romance, Humor, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Fantasy

Reviews Have Lizard, Will Travel (Double-Oh Shifters, #1)

  • Jilly
    This is silly fun.... oh, and smutty. So, kinda perfect if you feel like something light and frivolous. Simon is a lizard-shifter who is pretty full of himself. He thinks he is da bomb when it comes to women. He's a spy - well, a super spy. He has gadgets and shit. Can't be a spy without gadgets and shit. He always gets the girl. Bitches love gadgets.He is on a case with Petunia, a human girl who he thinks is going to be a chore, and she is. I lo...
  • Stephaniec
    This was just ridiculous enough and I enjoyed it
  • James Wharton
    This is the first book in the Double-Oh-Shifters series and the first collaboration I've seen between Eve Langlais and Mina Carter. It does not require any other books in order to be thoroughly enjoyed.It is an excellent lighthearted romance and parody of spy novels. I wish some of the scenes were fleshed out more and the other characters were more nuanced. My favorite scene was the hot dog in the park which had me laughing out loud.I look forwar...
  • Niki
    Entertaining, with plenty of unexpected twists I enjoyed that this story was not only funny, but completely unexpected. The twists kept coming, almost as often as Simon. Though it was a collaboration between my favorite author and another author, I definitely enjoyed it and will read more in this series.
  • Sydney M Neblett
    It’s not easy being greenOh my goodness! These ladies have joined together and created a book that is going to make you laugh, cry and cheer before you reach the HEA. This egotistical lizard almost misses out on his destiny but manages to turn it around with the unlikeliest of rescuers. I can’t wait to see what these two come up with next. I foresee many laughs in my reading future.
  • Anna Low
    A lizard for a hero! Yes, that's right and he is a double-oh agent who thinks he's suave and debonair but is he really. You can decide for yourself but be prepared to laugh until you cry. I can't wait for the next book in this series from two of my favourite authors.
  • C.J.
    This was a good quirky funny read and a great take on shifters.
  • Cifa
    Super weird but funny and entertaining.
  • Jan
    International Agent Simon Longwatton was on the job. He always got the villain and the woman. Petunia Erwin was the target. Well, she knew the target in question and they needed her help. She turned out to be more than Simon thought. This is really funny. I love it. You have to love that there is a Reptile Intelligence agency section 3. This is a fun book. It’s like James Bond but shifter with his girl Friday, command, weapons and all. Simon is...
  • Jennifer Lovins
    Shifter funPetunia has been taking a medication for most of her life. She fears lizards. She meets Simon and they get shot at. Her father is missing and they are trying to find him.Somewhere along the way she finds out he is a lizard shifter. For some reason he starts to grow on her. She finds her father and learns the reason why he was taking the medication. Why is she taking the medication? Can she and Simon have a future?
  • Bev
    A Rom-Com in writing. Eve has pulled off an absolutely fun loving story with none other than a Lizard! Simon our self absurd lizard is charged with the job to find the missing professor. And to do so, he needs the professors daughter Petunia to aide him in the search. Petunia is a bit of a recluse, and she knows more than she lets on. In the end who saves whom? Now that’s the question! But, that ending!Wow, really, what, why? So many questions.
  • Patricia Kearns
    Enjoyable A lizard as a sexy super spy ?Well a lizard shifter, who has a massive ego.His mission, find a missing book and the Professor.Simon, the lizard shifter, goes to the daughter's place to question her about her missing Dad.That when the fun begins, bad guys shooting and chasing them.You has to laugh at the antics these two get up to.Nice cosy read
  • Diane Selander- maglioli
    Large Lizard and Small Lizard?I just adore this author's style of writing. It is always filled with sexiness, fun, danger and action. Her imagination is beyond amazing. Her characters are always filled with over the top personalities, sarcasm and egos. Loved it!!
  • archie faye harvey
    Lizard and CatI loved this book. Laughed out loud from start to finish. Eve and Mina did a very good job with satire, mystery and love story. Highly recommend this book for great entertainment!
  • Donna
    Have Lizard, Will Travel is a silly, sexy shifter tale that will have you giggle-snorting into your wine. Simon is a sexy super spy and a lizard shifter sent to protect the abducted scientist’s daughter Petunia. Hilarity and lust ensue. This was a total romp.
  • Leung Yat Kiu
    Simon is a lizard-shifter who is pretty full of himself. He thinks he is da bomb when it comes to women. He's a spy - well, a super spy. He has gadgets and shit. Can't be a spy without gadgets and shit. He always gets the girl. Bitches love gadgets.It's a funny story
  • Gina Alexander
    Lizard and a LionTotally hilarious!! Love the concept and the story. Arrogant spy and sassy lion make for an entertaining book, can't wait for the next.
  • Leanne
    Wonderfully differentFunny story loved the different shifters and hope the next one is out soon. Petunia and Simon are a great couple.
  • angela gunstone
    Have lizard, will travelLoved the characters and the storyline so couldn't put it down until the end so it's a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone
  • Ruth Hambley
    HilariousI absolutely loved reading this one and hope to read more in this series soon.If you enjoy reading shape shifter romance then you will love it too.
  • Nadine
    OMG...LOLThis book is so funny. I was laughing out loud multiple times. I love how the lizard always refers to his"lizard" as if it was a person. Great story,great author.