Brotherhood of Dragons by Sarah J. Stone

Brotherhood of Dragons

My life is in grave danger. And he’s the only one who can save me. Jason Crane. A high-profile bodyguard. Strong, mesmerizing, and hard as steel. I want to run my fingers all over his chiseled chest. On paper, he’s perfect. Normal. But he has a secret. He’s been alive for over four centuries. A dragon shifter. And I’ve been thrown into a safe house with him. Away from the serial killer who’s stalking me. He’ll stop at nothing until h...

Details Brotherhood of Dragons

TitleBrotherhood of Dragons
Release DateJul 7th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Dragons

Reviews Brotherhood of Dragons

  • Gemma
    I am loving this series. I had originally planned to read a few books, have a break and them come back to finish it. However, it was so gripping and intense I had to keep reading one after another. I love the characters and the storylines. A great series.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Jennifer Bourgeois
    I love that it was very long. I really enjoyed the book. I love the characters interaction with each other. I love the ending of all the books. Chase was my least favorite. But it was still great. My favorite was Drake. I would to read it if you love romance and paranormal.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Kimberly
    I am not sure where these other reviewers got their ratings but this set breaks the one hardfast rule IN ROMANCE books about HEA. Yep! If you are fine with a main character dying these books are for you. I'm warning others to not waste their time or the author should reclassify this collection.
  • Ramona
    This box set started different than I thought from the title. The first book does the intro into this set. In book one there's a secret society the Brotherhood. A new initiate who goes by the name "Beast" must killed ten people to be included into the secret society. The souls of the dead that the Beast kills are captured inside a crystal necklace which gives him power. The Beast murders become wide-known and capture the intention of Elle who rec...
  • Jamie Brydone-Jack
    Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a massive fan of cheaply priced box sets. I love books that are written in a series, but sometimes it can be frustrating as a reader to have to wait for the next installment! How delightful to have them all together so you can binge read. While each book could stand on its own, each being about a different brother from the same family, the entire series has an overarching and interweaving plot which adds depth to the stor...
  • Michelle Crago
    meh—unimpressed and disappointedThe reviews for this series were really good. I was hopeful that it would be as good as people said but was disappointed. The beginning was pretty good, if a little light on actual content. This author did what a lot do, especially with shorter books or novellas—move the characters too fast. Elle and Jason barely know each other as he is assigned to guard her from a serial killer. She moves into the safe house ...
  • Roseann White
    Very good spoiler alert some story lies started but then just dropped. Enjoyed the series but the author started what seemed to go in another direction but then just dropped the story line. Example: after Elle and Jason got together there was a seen where they were at the kitchen table and the police woman brought a chocolate cake. Which before she hooked up with Jason she loved it, but now her tastes were changing. Dragons only eat raw meat. She...
  • Georgia
    Man, talk about out of my dreams and into my car. A whirlwind of unexpected activities and surprising events catapults those stormy emotions, coiling tightly, bursting to life brilliantly. Drama, adversity and suspense engage all of your senses while a plethora of twists and turns run rampant. Each exhilarating storyline and gripping plot propels this bad boy to life flawlessly. Struggling through all the trials and tribulations along with a few ...
  • Emily Pennington
    The author has provided a wonderful dragon shifter box set of 10 books. These sets are always a great bargain because, by grouping together these fantastic reads in one place, you make sure not to miss anything. Likewise, you don’t have to wait for the next book to “stay in the zone” reading about your shifter favorites! When you get a good author with great writing skills combining her books for you, you just can’t lose!The story lines f...
  • Margaret
    A ten book set revolving around the Dragon shifting Crane family and those they encounter.The first four book cover the four Dragon shifting Crane brothers finding their mates and the other six books cover the family as the children find their own destinies. This means the stories have love,Laughter and happiness but also the conflicts of beings that are hunted and at war with humans ans other paranormal beings plus the tragedies that come with i...
  • Denise
    This is a NON-SPOILER REVIEW. Brotherhood of Dragons by Sarah J. Stone is a 10 story box set. I have read the first two books and must post a "Seriously Addicting" warning. I picked up the set yesterday and began reading this morning and could not put it down. There's lots of drama, angst, humor, sexy dragon shifters, prospective mates, evil dragons, questionable humans and did I mention... dragons! I really enjoy that you can binge read the enti...
  • Sharon
    I chose this box set of 10 short dragon shifter stories to be my introduction to this author, and I am very happy with my choice! My advice is to start at book one and read them through in order, book one is important in that it sets the scene for the other books to follow. Each book has its own story but does continue a secondary story in the background that starts with book one and continues throughout the entire series. I enjoy dragon shifter ...
  • Nina Campbell
    Brotherhood of Dragons by Sarah J. Stone is a set of ten different interconnected books in a series. Each book is named after the dragon shifter featured in that book. The books in this series are: Jason, Drake, Chase, Miles, Kris, Jonathan, Luke, Leo, Ben, and Liam. This series is an incredible set of stories that starts with four dragon brothers finding their mates and saving the world from a group of crazy. This was the core that this series e...
  • Debbie Caswell
    I always love it when a box set of a series is produced This way I get the entire story line without any chance of missing books in the order that the author wants me to read them I don't have to wait between books so I don't lose the stry thread and they usually are extremely good value and this set ticks all the boxes We start with the story of Jason Crane a member of a security company set to protect Elle who has become the target of "The Beas...
  • Latoya Wilson
    It started out really goodThis box set started out really good but... it all went downhill with each book. Main characters with great powers became filler characters that did nothing to stem the wars between dragons in the protagonists favor. It was like the author was in a hurry to finish the series after book one. I had to stop at Kris' book because, well, I'm not to give out any spoilers but one of my biggest pet peeves about main characters w...
  • Claudia
    10 books about a group of dragon shifters and their mates - humans as well as other kind of shifters. The stories span over a long period of time, we are meeting several generations of one family fighting for their mates and protecting humanity and shifters against extremists from either side.The stories are a good blend of thriller, fantasy and romance, a few of the books form a larger story, connecting all books of one generation..I did enjoy t...
  • Caroline Doig
    10 fantastic dragon shifter stories, there is a secret society called the Brotherhood they very much hate humans and other shifters they are planning to take over the world.Book 1 Jason. Book 6 Jonathan.Book 2 Drake. Book 7 Luke.Book 3 Chase. Book 8 Leo.Book 4 Miles. Book 9 Ben.Book 5 Kris. Book 10 Liam.There’s action, adventure, danger, suspense, twists and turns, passion and so much more to keep you entertained and turning the pages, these st...
  • Michele
    Great readThis set leads you through the lives of dragon shifters all the way through several generations of the crane family. It took me about a week, maybe two before completed. 10 separate books that , when read one after the other, gives the reader a thrilling trip through magical beings, time, family relationships, death, births, marriages, and so much more. The characters turn up in several books, so it really is best to read them in order....
  • Philleys Peters
    A ten book series focused around the Crane family of dragon shifters and their mates, human or otherwise. It is a timeline of stories that begin with the four Crane brothers, honorable dragon shifters caught up in the nefarious plans of dragon elders of the Dragon Council of Thirteen bent on the rise of dragon domination. Great stories of love and romance, of mates and bonds and the ongoing battle to survive. I enjoyed every story and I highly re...
  • Lisa Bing
    Well written fast paced stories full of action, family and loveThis is a fab set of dragon shifter reads that really took me on quite the reading adventure. Action, drama, twists and steamy romance abound in these books, and while they are each a complete story, the characters are family, so we get to see them throughout the other books, which I feel adds great depth to a series but it also makes me very happy. I want to know how the previous cou...
  • Brenda Moser
    This is a great ten book collection of dragon shifter stories that will give you hours of reading pleasure. The author centers on the Crane family with each book having their own unique story to tell yet the characters can be found throughout the series. She bring the stories to life with her descriptive writing and detailed scenes and weaves entertaining stories that kept me reading. I enjoyed and would recommend this set.I voluntarily reviewed ...
  • Angela
    A great collection of stories The Brotherhood of Dragons was a great book of stories that primarily revolves around the Crane family, who are mostly dragons. It tells of the trials and tribulations that each of these brave people have been through, but most of all, how a family is always there for one another. There's lots of love, drama, angst, mystery, suspense, and of course numerous unexpected twists and turns that you'll never see coming. It...
  • Liz Burke
    This is a series of stories of the Cranes and their extended family. The original four brothers are all dragon shifters who have to fight a great evil and find their mates. After the first four stories it continues with the sons and daughters finding their mates and fighting their own evils. These are some of the best dragon stories I have read in a long time. Bravo to the author. I will read these again.I received a free copy of this book via Bo...
  • BusyM3
    If you are looking for sexy alpha dragon shifters then look no farther, this box set is a must. It has all of the stories in one set. It will keep you reading story after story, you will not put it down. Each story is full of full of suspense, action, twist and turns and off the charts chemistry. This series is about the Cane Family and each book intertwines with each one so you get the whole family all the way through. You will loose track of ti...
  • Kathy
    I'm rating this series as a 3.5 total. I honestly had a really hard time getting into the first book but pushed through to continue with the series. I am a huge fan of shifter books but never read from this author before. When I read the synopsis of the books, I had high hopes for the series. Unfortunately for me it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be or what the other reviews stated. Now having said that, just because I didn't enjoy this...
  • Debra Richardson
    A compelling series of read-worthy paranormal romances. The stories included are guaranteed to set your kindle ablaze. Amazing storylines that are action-packed and filled with suspense, twists and turns, danger, and will hook you from page one. The plots are consistent, interesting, engaging, and the stories move along at a brisk pace. The characters that are likeable; the chemistry between them is off the charts. This box set is a must read. Hi...
  • C.B.
    Dragons! They've got dragons! This is an excellent bundle/series of books that are an absolute delight to read. You get to continuously read and don't have to wait for the next book. You get everything you need in these stories and everything you didn't know you did. The MC are amazing, exciting, soft/hard, intiguting, charming, gruff, sweet, feisty and loyal and they continue through the series. Awesomely done! I received an ARC from Booksprout ...
  • DB
    Welcome to the Crane Family!This is the first Sarah Stone novel(s) that I have read. It was a great collection with each novel introducing another great Crane family member.Each novel was great on its own but only added to making the collection even better. I hadn't read a shifter book in a while and am glad that I started again with this set.You won't be disappointed!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a...
  • Christina Luberts
    This is the first time I have read any of Sarah Stone's books. I will have to say the way she writes brings you right into the story. You can visualize everything so clearly, which is unusual for most writes. I will say that Once you start writing you can not put this set down. So give yourself over to the dragons, cause I sure did. I guarantee I will be reading more of her books.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntari...