Upon a Sleepless Isle by Andrew Fidel Fernando

Upon a Sleepless Isle

Dense Green forests in Yala, white-sand coasts in Trincomalee, azure waters off the South Coast, Anuradhapura's ancient temples, and cricket. Civil war, political assassinations, internally displaced communities, industrial-scale corruption. All are Sri Lanka. As are smug bureaucrats, nosy neighbours, and stray dogs with serious axes to grind. Through the eyes of Andrew Fidel Fernando, cricket writer par excellence, both a local and a tourist in ...

Details Upon a Sleepless Isle

TitleUpon a Sleepless Isle
Release DateJun 27th, 2019
PublisherPan Macmillan India
GenreNonfiction, Travel

Reviews Upon a Sleepless Isle

  • Apurva Nagpal
    3.5⭐Upon a Sleepless Isle by Andrew Fidel Fernando is a mesmerising travelogue of the author’s experience travelling through Sri Lanka and I have to say, I cannot wait to visit there myself after reading the book.The author has captured the essence of the streets, the people, the wildlife, the culture and little things that make a place someone’s home beautifully.He reflects back to the people he met on his journey, on a bus or on a trishaw...
  • Sairam Krishnan
    A sparkling, funny, and enjoyable travelogue, Upon a Sleepless Isle is a lovely, light read. I came to it because I have read Fernando’s cricket writing for a long time now, and knew that this was going to be good. He brings that same depth, flavour, and wit to the book that makes his cricket writing such a joy. He loves Sri Lanka, you can tell, but he also does not ignore its weaknesses, dark undercurrents, and complexities. Since this is not ...
  • Sanjana Hattotuwa
    Through a dozen chapters, covering the author’s journey across the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, country, cities, communities and context are captured with an unerring eye for detail. Foreign readers unfamiliar with the country will no doubt appreciate the artful turn of phrase and skill at prose, both of which, astonishingly, are far better than more seasoned authors I’ve read. But the book is by an observant, sensitive, empathetic, domic...
  • Esme Kennerley
    I loved this book! Full of horrifying and heartwarming stories, I really enjoyed how Sri Lankan history was interwoven seamlessly with the author’s personal travel memoirs. The author was refreshingly and hilariously honest throughout, showing both the negative and positive sides to Sri Lanka in a way that often had me laughing. A beautifully written book, I highly recommend reading it.
  • Thimal
    Stacked on a shelf in Barefoot Gallery(or what I consider to be the beating heart of bourgeois Colombo) is a book alluring titled “Upon a Sleepless Isle”. The first few pages contains an artfully drawn picture of a map of Sri lanka with all the “popular destinations” marked out.I sigh inwardly and begin to wonder whether I have fallen for a tourist trap,blinded by my borderline obsequious admiration of the author.I fire off a slightly pas...
  • Damith S
    A superb introduction to Sri Lanka for visitors, but also a terrific examination of the island for locals. Fernando keeps the tone light (there are plenty of laughs) but doesn't balk at tackling the island's many complexities. His Sri Lanka is multi-layered and both infuriating and enchanting at the same time. There is a host of characters in this book. Despite it being a travelogue, so many of the people Fernando introduces seem to serve a narra...
  • Minoli
    2.5 starsThe first thing that strikes you when you start reading, is how beautiful the writing is. The words truly paint pictures, and it's a rare joy. That's the only thing that made me plough through the first half of the book. The content was not nuanced at all, and I often wondered if this is a tourism-propaganda piece for the white man from the West. There was an exoticisation of the country sprinkled with the age-old worn nostalgia that imm...