Keane - Her Ruthless Ex by Theodora Taylor

Keane - Her Ruthless Ex

He's broken, dangerous, and determined to get me back.My ruthless ex is broken, bitter, and determined to get me back.I used to be a sensible, responsible good girl who kept her nose buried in textbooks and worked hard to make her father’s dreams come true. Then Keane happened. He was a crude, rude, ruthless Southie bully who only cared about his hockey career and pucking his way through a string of girls. I hated him and I thought he hated me,...

Details Keane - Her Ruthless Ex

TitleKeane - Her Ruthless Ex
Release DateAug 25th, 2019
PublisherRom Tell That
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Sports and Games, Sports

Reviews Keane - Her Ruthless Ex

  • *Dee's Book Carousel*
    Love is Love Theodora Taylor's writing style has always grabbed me from the very first page of her daring stories but this one was so prolific due to the timely subject matter she cleverly weaved in Keane and Lena's engaging tale.So cheers again to Theodora Taylor on another epic story to her 50 Loving States series!Hero or should I say anti-hero, Desmond B. Keane aka Keane was that bully and noted hockey jock that readers will love to hate... li...
  • Steph's Romance Book Talk
    2 Stars / 2 Steam Fans This was just a NOPE! A bully story and I didn't like it! This specific video review will be included in the August 2019 wrap-up. For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk.
  • Sonya
    I received an ARC- Advanced Reader Copy; the review and opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway by the advance copy.For the first part of this book I wanted to just beat Keane- he was a bully, harsh, horrible, and so nasty. I hated the derogatory language and actions that he and his friends used and I had no idea how anyone would like him- let alone love him! Hate him-yes! Hate to be attracted to and around him yes but love him-NO! No! M...
  • Marianne
    Theodora took a long vacation (please, don't do it again. My reader self doesn't possess enough emotional training to bear all that time without reading one of your work) but I forgive her because she came back with a pleasant story. Keane was Lena "teenage dream" that has come true but not for just "tonight" (as Katy Perry sings). A complex love that has gifted us a long and emotional journey.I want to thank Theodora for bringing on the table an...
  • Lynn
    I’m a major fan of hotness. If a romance book doesn’t include smex, I quit reading it. In their past, Lena gave her purity to the hero. For me, it wasn’t romantic. Instead, I thought it was ridiculous. She was a little damp, but it wasn’t enough. “Get wet for me, bad girl.” He pushed two fingers into her while his thumb started rubbing circles over her clit as he told her the God’s honest truth, “I want you ready to fuck as soon a...
  • Donyae Coles
    This was Taylor's at bully romance and I even written by an author I enjoy, I am just not a fan of that trope. At all. But more than that, I gave this a two star because it just seemed too derivative of Taylor's other works to stand out. On the plus side, there were way less egregious typos and grammatical errors in this text than some of her older ones so that's awesome. Her world building was smooth in this, she locked Keane into the universe w...
  • Mstcat
    Fans of Theodora Taylor are certain to enjoy Keane, the latest installment in the 50 Loving States series. The story follows a formula that I've grown to expect from this author. That's both a positive and negative in terms of my reading experience. If you're a fan there are certain things that likely appeal to you when it comes to Taylor's work. The alpha-hole hero for example and the passion that turns to hate that's masking unrequited love sto...
  • Darlene I read to many boooks
    love and a Bully1.5 ⭐NOW the RMR version is wayyy lighter then the full orginal version.. and wayyyy better honestly.. i enjoyed this wayyy more... or maybe i should say the RMR of this story to the full book??? But yeah... this one was better... wish i hadn't read the full book... Full book is keane -Ruthless Ex (ebook) I just finished reading the full book... and i disliked it.. since the dude was a bigger asshole.. in his adult years... blac...
  • Dominique
    This was...goodNot my favorite Theodora Taylor book but it was a good read filled with a lot of feelings. I did not like Lena and I think that is what made this such a hard read for me because I just could t connect with her or reasonings sometimes. The romance in this story fell flat and ended up leaning more sexy with no real connection. Perhaps if there had been more of the story dedicated to telling what transpired that summer the two of them...
  • Karen's Bookshelf
    Keane and Lena's story was a little different from what I usually expect from Theodora Taylor but sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone and Keane-Her Ruthless Ex was definitely that for me. Lena and Keane's love story was a complicated one that has more twists and turns , ups and downs, and secrets on top of secrets. For a big chunk of the story, I was thinking there is no possible way for these two to have a happy ending because t...
  • Pooh
    Love, in all its forms ...I simply adore this author and have been reading her books for years now. I appreciate that she tackled subjects that are more and more prevalent and out in the open today.Spoiler alert .....Gender identity, how parents navigate their children's struggles, non-traditonal family structures, immigrant parents' expectations of their children, racism, etc. were all explored well here. Keane's and Lena's story began in high s...
  • Kashi Ashley Lowe
    He surely played to win As usual, Theodora Taylor delivered another hands down job. Lord I love Keane. Lean was cool too but at one point they both made me love/ hate them lol. But I’ve been so proud of how Keane reacted to finding out about his son’s secret. That was like a break through in their relationship. The ending was also simply beautiful, I was not disappointed in this book, my wait was worthwhile. Ohhhh let’s not even get into th...
  • Jahne' Raynal Johnson
    What a Amazing StoryFirst I would like to say Thank You Mr. Taylor for showing Theodore that she wrote one amazing story the reviews speak for themselves.The book touch me on so many levels that seems to happen inn people lives today .I took my time with this book because I could have finished it on Sunday but I had to prolonged Mrs.Taylor book why because I didn't want it to end.Keane and Lena story was about redemption and over coming many obst...
  • Danielle Palmer
    Ok I received this free book through ARC but having said that I still have pre-ordered it. Authors like Theodora Taylor who write these wildly entertaining interlock stories just have to be shared. The book Keane did not disappoint either for those who have read Theodora's other stories you will like to see snippets of previous beloved characters. Keane's love for Lena was beautiful to read and I enjoyed their wild relationship. The little twist ...
  • Brenda Holder
    A Very Good and Sensual Interracial RomanceKeane - Her Ruthless Ex: 50 Loving States, Massachusetts is a very good and sensual interracial romance that earned a rating of four stars. I enjoyed reading this book about Keane and his love for Selena. They met in school, when he was bullying her best friend for his lunch money. Over the past eleven years they loved and break up making their lives complicated and painful. He became a ruthless milliona...
  • Mylene Williams
    Another great story by Ms Taylor-She never fails to entertain. Lena and Keane are not friends, they are sworn enemies. This relationship started at their very exclusive prep school. At a spring break a few years later, Keane spots Lena and helps her out of a difficult situation. Their relationship is rekindled but on another level now. The summer is spent together and they are in love. For Keane this was everything but for Lena she has a path she...
  • Veronica Hillman
    I really like the author but I had a hard time following the story. A lot of the story seemed incomplete which made it hard to really grasp the backstory of Keane and Leana. I really wanted to like Keane but I really felt like he had a lot of excuses for being a bully and was never held accountable. The reasons for break up was really weak. I kept wanting more and never got it. Also I felt the entire issue with the kid was sloppy. If you are goin...
  • Zsa
    This is definitely not a hearts and flowers romance. It is visceral, dramatic, downright ugly, compelling and in the end evocatively redemptive. TT weaves together many elements that create a dramatic story of love found, lost and reclaimed. The plot deals with relevant topics, some which could have been explored more in depth. Overall the plot kept me engaged from start to finish. A story that encourages the realization of self, acceptance and l...
  • Crystal Franklin
    Great read!As a typical TT book, I couldn't put it down. It was a great read , gave me the twist and turns that I love in her books. But I will have to agree that it did feel like it was missing a lot of the story, that's the only reason for the four star. Personally I love that you write on topics people are too scared or timid to write on but I feel as if you could have done a bit more with this one. Still great, just felt like it was missing t...
  • Kay
    I received an ARC for a honest review.I am so happy that TT went backs to her 50 states series! This book was everything. I love Keane. Yes, he was definitely a Masshole (if you have every been to Boston you will know what this reference means) but his and Lena's chemistry is off the charts.The best thing about reading a book from TT is that you get a lot of heat AND and great story. The characters are multi-layered and just when you think you fi...
  • Georgette Moore connell
    Broken and ReaffirmedSo I just finished Keane by Theodora Taylor. Wow. I’ve read everything she’s written. I fell in love first with Nathan from The Owner of His Heart, then Alexi from Her Russian Billionaire, and so many other Alphas. There have been a couple guys who have surprised me, for better and for worse, and Keane was definitely one of the for better ones. Whenever he had the chance to be honest and to be vulnerable, he took it. And ...
  • Gina StyleRocks
    Wow, I was not expecting that. Not once had it ever crossed my mind about what was going on with the child. I think I was really caught up in the drama between Keane and Lena. They had quite a bit going on. Keane was a very flawed individual, but so was Lena. I was giving her a serious side eye whenever she would tell Keane about his issues. Baby girl had some too. I did like Keane in spite of how crude unfiltered he could be. Anyway, I did enjoy...
  • La Vida Rose
    Simply put, I really liked this storySo much so, I read it in one day! Keane and Lena's story was so unique. Their love scenes were incredibly hot and so well-written! I liked the fact that this wasn't a love wrapped up in a pretty now but between two really flawed people. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed Keane! He surprised me, but Theodora Taylor sure knows how to write about soulmates. Great story! Recommended! Plus, there's a preview of her next in...
  • Darkdamsel
    Desmond and Lena4 stars for this bwwm enemies to friends sports romance. You know I am a serious super fan of TT, she is my fave however, as much as I love her writing sometimes I might not like the characters. In this case I could not get on the Lena, the heroine’s bandwagon and let alone her father. What saved the story at all was Keane (Desmond) and Max. I really get into these stories so much its like these 2D people jump off the pages espe...
  • Sherene Harris
    I am so greatful to have received an advance copy of this book by such an amazing author. This story is one of my favorites by her. I don't want to give anything I'm gonna say if you like to ride on roller coasters like the twisted timber then this book is for you because it takes you on an emotional journey, thru Keane and Lena's lives they make you angry, make you cry, make you laugh and surprise s the heck outta you. Keane and Lena's...
  • Nyree Harrell
    Well worth the waitKeane and Lena were the typical high school kids that allowed their fears and peer pressure and family pressures prevent them from stepping out on faith and taking a chance on each other. Keane was a bully, but Lena knew how to handle him, just too bad she wasn't able to do the same for her bully of a father. Parents mean well, but they should not try to relive their dreams thru their children. Max was a special type of love fo...
  • Stephanie Sistrunk
    Keane. Lena. Sigh. Talk about a gut punch. Theodora is back to form with this one. She deals with a lot of serious topics in this book. But, like always she covers it with grace. I’m not gonna spoil it. But I will say I’d metaphorically die for Max. Don’t let the other reviews put you off to it. If you’re a fan, you’ll love this book. And like me you’ll be eager anticipating the other books in this new series she’s creating! [ARC re...
  • Tphyllis
    Yeah heads upI normally don't give a bad review the story wasn't a bad the female got on my nerves but the story overall good . Now the problem I have is with the homosexuality you need to let people know what they are getting into not just letting find out yeah not cool at all in the blurb say something. I like to have my choice in the matter instead of hitting you with a sneak attack
  • Regina Todd
    Disappointed Honestly I understand an author’s need to stay current, I read to relax and get away from the BS of the world. Last thing I want to read about is badly handled political topics that just don’t fit with the overall hidden baby... premise that was trying to be conveyed. Not one of this author’s better books...wished I’ve given this one a miss 1.5 hours I cannot get back
  • Kenya Smith
    Another hot book!Ms. Theodora has uncanny way of turning these alpha men from jerks to being adored. You hate them and halfway through the book you re truly rooting for them. The steamy scenes, which are always scrumptious had me like whoa!The subject matters explored were done with grace. Once again this author killed it. Read straight through because I could not put the book down.