A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs by Ben Garrod

A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs

Publisher's SummaryMost children go through a dinosaur phase. Learning all the tongue-twisting names, picking favourites based on ferocity, armour, or sheer size. For many kids this love of ‘terrible lizards’ fizzles out at some point between starting and leaving primary school. All those fancy names slowly forgotten, no longer any need for a favourite.For all those child dino fanatics who didn’t grow up to become paleontologists, dinosaurs...

Details A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs

TitleA Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs
Release DateJul 4th, 2019
PublisherAudible Original
GenreNonfiction, Science, Audiobook, History

Reviews A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs by Ben Garrod and narrated by author is a book that sparked the kid in me again! Who doesn't love dinosaurs? My youngest son answered the question of how old he was with, "I two year old dinosaur!" The next year he was a 3 year old dinosaur, by the next year he was, "I am four years old and I have a dinosaur. " He told everyone he was going to be a paleontologist. Most people just looked at me for help, they weren't ...
  • David
    This was targeted at adults who outgrew their "dinosaur phase" but wanted to hear the latest research on dinos, so it was a fun listen for everyone who ever loved dinosaurs as a kid. The narrator interviews several paleontologists, asks everyone who their favorite dinosaur is (with some good-natured joking about the inevitable layman's answer, "T-Rex" or "Velociraptor") and talks a lot about the various geological epochs in which dinosaurs lived,...
  • C.L. Cannon
    Who didn't want to be a paleontologist as a kid? Especially my generation who grew up on Jurassic Park! This was a wonderful refresher for grown-ups that was fun. It wasn't a boring list of dinos, but an exploration that makes you want to grab a brush and a pick and get digging!
  • Lis Carey
    As kids, most of us loved dinosaurs, and had a favorite dinosaur. As adults, other things, more urgent at least, if not necessarily more important, have displaced dinosaurs at the center of our lives. Not every dinosaur lover grows up to be a dinosaur scientist!But Ben Garrod agrees that that's a terrible shame, and presents a really engaging, informative, entertaining summary of the current state of our knowledge of dinosaurs.This includes the f...
  • Jammin Jenny
    I really enjoyed this audiobook by Audible audio about the dinosaurs and how they evolved. It is a quick fun listen, and it talks about the sixth extinction (man) and how we are walking right into our own demise. The production of greenhouse gases, and other toxins, is affecting a lot of species now, and killing off those species is leading us down a path.
  • Elijah Fry
    Half the time it seems like they are trying to date and explain away a global catastrophic flood. Other stuff pretty interesting, though I was constantly wondering "do they actually know this fact with any certainty, or is it a wild guess?" I would love to see a statistical analysis applied to all of the facts presented here, and I would want to see the quantity of data that backs up everything. If an entire theory is based on one interpretation ...
  • Marre
    Precisely what I look for in an audiobook. Very interesting and entertaining. Had me smiling through my commute.
  • Amanda Sola
    I don’t know why being an adult means I don’t want to learn about the rawrs but I wanted more dinosaurs and less chemistry of the asteroids.
  • Sarah
    A quick, informative look into the world of dinosaurs. The author approaches it from the angle that his audience has had almost no previous knowledge of dinosaurs, which was cool, but also meant that many people will already know quite a bit of the information he's providing.
  • Patrick Kelly
    Dinosaurs are amazing. I loved being able to dive back into this fun subject. There are times that I don't believe they were real. Studying cosmology and the universe has made me think about life and this planet. Dinosaurs are the most successful living creature that we know of. They called earth home for almost 200 million years. Humans have called earth home for less than 2 million. What if aliens visited earth when their were dinosaurs? Scienc...
  • Alan
    Tastes like Chicken!Review of the Audible Originals audiobook (2019)This audiobook is an extension of the So You Think You Know About... Dinosaurs? series by biologist Ben Garrod. That series is geared for 9-12 year olds but takes a scientific tone without dumbing down the subject matter.The Grown-Up Guide doesn't exclude younger readers/listeners except for the fact that there are no accompanying illustrations to adorn the audio text. Regardless...
  • Salema
    This was a fun free audiobook to have for my commute during my Prague-Spain trip. It was educational and while I am a self declared nerd, I do not really have any favorite dinosaurs. You have some of the world’s leading paleontologists and evolutionary biologists explaining the nature of dinosaurs, their evolution, the diet, their build, and the strategies with which they’ve approached their research to derive the information that we have tod...
  • Marshall Wayne Lee
    _Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs_ receives 4 stars from me. This is an audible original, and excellent for anyone who needs a refresher or forgot everything he or she might have known about Dinosaurs.Ben Garrod writes this work. He is a professor but he knows his audience. The language is easy for the lay person to understand, the explanations are clear. He also interviews other professors who all speak well of their topic in an understandable way. B...
  • Nate
    This was a pleasure from beginning to end. Outstanding production that kept me engaged, which is not easy with me and nonfiction audio. The beginning was pretty basic (review for me since I have a 6 year old in a Dino phase), but quickly moved on to provide an in depth overview of Dinosaurs over their history. Provided me some excellent talking points to impress my kids and keep up on Dino facts.
  • Melanie
    So, here I listened to the audio book. The narrator was ok and the Paleontologists were amazing. Neat people. They discussed what the Dinosaurs looked like, their diet, sexual activities, how they stayed alive and what certain appendages helped dinosaurs to do. There are no pics in an audio book. Not surprising, but..... Although the information and the Paleontologists' voices were neat, I would go with the book or a computer showing you what the...
  • William Tracy
    Very well done! Anyone who likes dinosaurs should spend the couple hours to listen to this. It's basically like a PBS special on dinosaurs, in audio format. A lot of the theories I grew up with in the 80's and 90's have been turned on their heads, and this program gives a good update to modern theories about dinosaur development, lifestyles, and behaviors.
  • Taylor
    Only 3 stars for the audible version. I think this book would easily be 4 or 5 star as a physical book. I'm grateful that I was able to consume this via audio, but the experience is hindered because....I don't know what these dinosaurs look like. Obviously I know the Land Before Time ones 😂 But the dinosaurs I'm unfamiliar with...it was hard to follow along. 2 stars for that, and it's nobodies fault. I'd recommend picking this book up to read ...
  • Morgan
    5 stars for pure enjoyment!! I love dinosaurs and I've always been so in love with science. I really enjoyed listening to this quick book on my drive to work and home. I actually learned quite a bit of information I never knew about dinosaurs! Definitely recommend!
  • Claudia
    My name is Claudia and my favorite dinosaur is Archaeopteryx, är-kē-ˈäp-tə-riks. A bird-like dinosaur? A dinosaur-like bird? Both 🤓Awww! What a wonderful audiobook 😍 This book is engaging! Entertaining! And just full of beautiful nerdy facts about the latest paleontological research.
  • Kelsey Harrington
    There is no universe where I would not love this book!!!! A great, conversational look at the history of dinosaurs. The author does a great job making it easy for everyone to understand, but still explain the science and theories so well that you do feel like you’re learning a lot.
  • Tena Edlin
    Did you know scientists can now actually find out the color of some dinosaurs? I learned this and more in this informative and entertaining piece.
  • Gabby
    Was a good introduction to dinosaurs. If you want something that is easy to read and has great info this is a good one.
  • Christine
    A wonderful listen!
  • Ivonne Rovira
    Simply a joy! Whether you are an aficionado or a neophyte, author Ben Garrod has something for you, including a charming, humorous delivery.
  • Nick Armstrong
    A great updated primer to the latest science around dinosaurs!
  • Sarah
  • Marie Engfors
    Fun and intetesting facts about dinosaurs.The last chapter is not for climate sceptics.
  • Gary
    Refreshing, full of new discoveries; chickens are descendants of dinosaurs.
  • Mia Kleve
    Even though this is being sold as a "book" you can clearly tell it's more of a compilation of podcasts or some other episodic series. However, this doesn't take away from the overall recording. If anything, it gives clear "chapter breaks" in the information.Definitely a great digest explanation of dinosaurs.
  • Amy
    Pretty interesting, I’m a Dino lover so most of this I already knew, but hearing a lot of less known facts told in an easy to understand way made it enjoyable.