Clash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #6) by Sadie Moss

Clash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #6)

Sometimes a good offense is the only defense.We're out of options. We have no back-up. This is our fight to win or lose.So much hangs in the balance I can barely stand to think about it. I have four gorgeous, incredible boyfriends, a sister I love with my whole heart, and real friends for the first time in my life.I can't lose all of that.But the only way to end this is to take on a monster more powerful than any of us.Clash is the final book in ...

Details Clash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #6)

TitleClash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #6)
Release DateSep 5th, 2019
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romance

Reviews Clash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #6)

  • Christy Bailey
    This series!Not gonna lie I stalled in reading this book just because I knew it was the final in this series. I didn't want it to end and even though I wanted to know what happened so bad I just couldn't rush. From book 1 I was hooked! This is one of the best RH series' I have ever read. I loved all the guys and they each brought something special to the table. I'm sad to have finished this but but so so glad I read it! If you ha ent read this se...
  • Asia
    What can I say? Was it the best series I've ever read? No.Was it the worst? Also no.The plot in each book was basically the same. Fight the bad guys and have sex.But it just had something in it that made me read the whole series. That something is 100% Asher and Cam. I just love them. Also Maddy.
  • Shirley Cuypers
    Original reviewThis book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Sadie Moss!Clash is the final book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series and continues the story of Elliot and her four men.Clash was yet another amazing book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic, and is sadly the last book in the series. It’s really hard saying goodbye to such a good series because I loved reading about Elliot and her men. T...
  • Bev
    Incredible!! Every single book in this a series. Incredible!! Every single book in this a series. It seems every book is a better than the one before. I have NO idea whato read now. She has completely spoiled me!!
  • Vicki
    This book was the final in the series and it continued being a nice blend of action, steamy romance and fun magic. The entire series was fast-paced and though in some places I wish it would have been a little more in depth, I found the entire thing entertaining. I enjoyed Roman’s journey from where he was in the beginning to how relationships with his ‘Reckless’ changed him (and her). As usual, the writing flows very well and is well-edited...
  • Angela
    Hoo boy.Holy crap. This entire series is just so good. It’s crazy how each book is better than the last. Absolutely a must read.
  • Morgane Le Coz
    I mean... Hell yes!!!This is going to be a review for the whole series, but I'll keep it without spoilers :)So, first of all, I have to talk about the writing that is so satisfying! I'm mean honestly, it's so well written, a few times I found myself just re-reading a sentence because of how wonderfully put it was. Sadie Moss really knows what she's doing. She can somehow communicate an emotion or a feeling so perfectly with words you feel as if y...
  • CrystalStar
    Epic conclusion!The last installment of this series was perfect. All questions were answered and everything was tied up nicely. I loved these character growth throughout the series, and how everyone came together in the end. I couldn't have asked a more perfect ending. I highly recommend the whole series!
  • Tracie Curtis
    Despite this book taking me ages to read (just wasn't in the mood to read much so far this year, bad for my reading challenge already!), once I picked it up again yesterday I finished it off and finished the series. Would love a follow up of Sin and the team working for the circuit.
  • Clare
    Good end to the series
  • Cathy Pardue
    Series conclusionThis was a great book and the end to the series. I love how it ended. I struggled to start this one, since the last one seemed to draw out a little. This book was action packed, had a few twists, and was super steamy. Elliot and Maddy are pretty awesome and I was happy Maddy found such a great love interest. This is a great paranormal RH series.
  • Denisa Hamplova
    Again. FUCKING amazing! This is one of my favorite series i ever read and i will definitely read it again. Thank you thank you thank you Sadie!
  • Samantha
    Awesome wrap up It’s a really fun series. With adult characters and a fast paced action filled plot line. Must be read in order, a treat
  • Kelly Ormsby
    Perfect EndingI love that I still didn't know what was going to happen until it happened. Moss did an amazing job with the p!it if this entire series and the finale did not disappoint!
  • Debbie Turk
    The End And It's Emotional!!(Read using Kindle Unlimited)Clash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic #6)What an explosive final book. The 'big bad' is a complete narcissistic lunatic! He's also more powerful than anyone else in the World so they're going to need a veritable army to take him down. After a shocking penetration, walls need to built & strengthened. Hearts & minds need to be turned to their side too. A huge battle is on the horizon, who wil...
  • christi tyler
    Love, love love!!!I've read this entire series, waiting for each book to become available. Finally being able to get this last book and finding how it ends with Elliot and her men, was worth all the waiting. I won't spoil it for those waiting to read it, but let me say you won't be disappointed!! I read instead of watch tv so I've read approximately 4000 books in the last two years. (Yes 4000) I'm not bragging, I'm more of less home bound due to ...
  • Courtney (Book Crazy Lady)
    Clash is the final book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series and continues the story of Elliot and her four men.Clash is such an addictive and wonderful read. I finished this book in two days and it would’ve been one day if I didn’t have to study. Every book in the series is so fast paced and well written, it’s easy to get in the story and fall in love with the characters!The last chapter of Clash was one of the best and sexiest end...
  • Crystie
    Great series, all in all. Probably on my list of top 5 RH series. I just enjoyed the world, the characters, and the plot.The bad guy scene wasn't too anticlimactic, but close. At least there was a true fight. It made up a tiny bit for the utter embarrassment the MC suffered the last time she went up against him. I'm sad there are no more books in this series.I kind of hope the author writes another series about Maddie just so I can catch glimpses...
  • Jessica M.
    Great conclusion to the series!I kinda wish we got an insider's peek, an epilogue so to speak, on what goes down after all of this. If Elliot and her guys are living the dream, beating off egotistical bad guys with that magical stick of hers and if she does actually name their team after a comic book league But most of all I wanna know if they have children and live HEA and if Maddy and Justin work out. But the whole series was kick ass! I read t...
  • M Keefe
    Good seriesMagic is everywhere, you just need to know how to tap into it and allow it to be an extension of who you are to achieve your desire. Right? Ha! Easier said then done! Thankfully there are Academy’s that help train for that sort of thing. But what happens if your magic is labelled Unpredictable? You work your ass off, avoid killing anyone by accident and learn to survive in a world controlled by prejudice. Enjoyed the whole series. So...
  • Natalie panda eyes
    Its over. Another series done and dusted. Another book I don’t have to try and remember what happened in the previous. Series ends feel so good, even better when I get there. So great start, slightly dippy middle but definitely picked up in the last two books. I loved the journey Ellie, Asher, Cam, Roman and Dima have taken and just how real the relationships feel with a magic twist. Not quite what I expected for the finale, feels like it went ...
  • Theresa Wesley
    Such an amazing ending! I am sad to see this series end but I don't think it could have ended any better. Elliot keeps fighting no matter what; and you couldn't ask for more supportive guys in her life. They are all so perfect. I love the interactions between everyone as they grow as a family in their fight against Agustin. The Unpredictables have a very big fight on their hands. They not only have to gain approval in the magical society but they...
  • Christina
    Loved it!This was such a satisfying and amazing conclusion to this series. Elliot was a riot from beginning to end, always running from her feeling but still learning and developing even more of a steel spine. To see how far she’s come in all her personal and I guess you can say professional lives is a joy. I’m sad to see these characters off but I’m more than content knowing they’re out there in the ether making the bad guys think twice ...
  • Louise Keeffe
    A,must readGod these books kept me in the grips and I couldn't put them,down. I fell in love with all of the character's that i really can't choose who my favourite was,they were so intertwined with each other. The story was so we'll told and I'm really going to miss this group but I've read a lot from Sadie moss' s books and I'd recommend any of her series... out standing writer and I really can't wait for more thank you for sharing your brillia...
  • Jennifer Whitlock
    Oh my god this was the most amazing series. I just can't stop thinking about Elliot and her men. I love how they all love and care for each other. I love how protective they are over Maddy. They made a little family unit with the 5 of them and accepted all the crazy that comes from each person. They fight the terrible magic stealing man and prove to the world they are more important to the magical world then anyone ever thought. I love how they c...
  • Min-Din Reads
    A great endingA fantastic ending to an amazing series. I have trouble sometimes finishing out series, but not the case with Clash. The character development was satisfying and there was just the right mix of action and steamy love scenes. I laughed my ass off and I cried actual tears reading this. I’m so sad that it’s finished, but I’m so excited to see what the author has planned for future titles.
  • Raveen Vann
    Absolutely amazing ending!!The final book in this series and its just been one absolutely amazing ride with these characters for sure. They have no choice but to fight to person behind it all and come out on top or they lose everything. I just love how she is not one to give up and that her men and sister are behind her 100 percent without question. I am a little sad to see it end but happy with the outcome.
  • Beth C.
    Perfect end to this series!I enjoyed this book, and all the others in this series, so much! Incredibly exciting and filled with drama and humor and love. What a wonderful relationship Elliot has with her sister and boyfriends and her friends from school. And that’s so special for the loner she used to be. I love how the epilogue brought it all together so nicely. Perfect ending!
  • Belinda Clemons
    Clash was just mind-blowingly epicness. Sin was kick*ss as can be and her battle against Agustin with her men Roman Dmitri Cam Asher by her side was extraordinary. and Maddy and Justin were so cute. I also loved Liam his character was a great addition to the great set already formed. This book series was hot and steamy and emotional and a rollercoaster of thrilling scenes that I just have to put this series on my all time favorites
  • Pufflet
    A Great EndingThis series has been back and forth for me. Honestly it bothered me how we have all these incredible powers like death touch.. yet it comes down to a Sonic boom carrying mirror.. Still, I this book it all came around and ended nicely. Also the guys are just sexy.