The Day He Came Back by Penelope Ward

The Day He Came Back

It was the summer of my life.I’d met the guy of my dreams.Unfortunately, he was the son of my uppity employer—and very much off-limits.But Gavin was a rebel. He knew his mother would disown him if she found out about us; in his eyes, we just had to be careful.He never treated me as his mother did—like hired help.Instead, Gavin put me on a pedestal and loved me harder than I’d ever been loved in my life.What a summer it was. Until it all e...

Details The Day He Came Back

TitleThe Day He Came Back
Release DateAug 17th, 2019
PublisherPenelope Ward Books, Inc.
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews The Day He Came Back

  • KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
    MY REVIEW AND OTHERS: can also be found on my blog: KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS THE DAY HE CAME BACK: is a full length romance novel by Penelope ward. Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives.'Even though this has been done many times before when it came to the storyline it still ended up being an enjoyable read. This was so easy to get into, the story flowed effortlessly and the characters were easy to connect with on all levels. A slow burn second c...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    LIVE 5 STARSIf you haven't read a book from Penelope Ward this is the book you must read!It was simply perfect from page one till the end!All the feels, and the relationship between Gavin and Raven was both flawed and perfect to epic proportions!The Day He Came Back is so addictive, once you start it you can't put it down until you finish it! “I will give you as much time as you need. But I want you. Only you. Not tomorr...
  • Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog
    *****FOUR STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}I had no chance to prepare myself. Before I knew it, I turned around and stared into the shocked eyes of the only guy I’d ever loved, one I hadn’t seen in a decade. I’d never dreamed that today –a random Wednesday—would be the day he came back.The latest by Penelope Ward is a forbidden/second chance romance. Gavin Masterson is the oldest son of a powerful and affluent family, while ...
  • Vi Keeland
    My favorite type of book by Penelope Ward is second chance, and this one made my heart melt! I loved Gavin from the first page. It's refreshing to read a hero who is kind and knows what he wants.
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    5 Stars!(ARC provided by author) Raven Donatacci is a 20 yr. old girl from Florida. Her mom works as a housekeeper for the Masterson’s, a rich, powerful family in Palm Beach. They have two sons whose futures have already been mapped out for them. The oldest Gavin is enjoying his last summer home before law school when he lays eyes on the strikingly beautiful Raven. He couldn’t get her out of his head, and wanted to get to know her better. His...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    2.5 STARS Overall this was a lovely, second-chance romance with two very likable main characters. I wanted to love this book, but much of the story felt rushed, glossed over, a lot of tell and not show...and a fairly simplistic story line that in my opinion was not very imaginative or original. Raven and Gavin had great chemistry together but my main issue with the book is that the author picked a locale (Palm Beach, Florida) for no apparent reas...
  • arini ★彡
    what a cute, charming, and romantic (albeit fairly simplistic and unimaginative) second chance romance story these two lovely characters have graced us with!!i was never a big fan of dual timelines in books. and this one in particular spends too many chapters in the past that when it's time for the two characters to rebuild their relationship and make right their past misunderstandings in the present chapters, all of it to me seems glossed over a...
  • warhawke
    Genre: Contemporary RomanceType: StandalonePOV: First Person - DualRating: 3.75 starsOne magical summer, Raven Donatacci and Gavin Masterson had the best time of their young lives. Things were not meant to be when they were pulled apart and left their hearts in pieces. Years went by and neither of them thought they would ever see each other again. When a situation brought them back together, old wound reopened and they had to face the truth or f...
  • Andrea Fleury
    Raven and Gavin and the banana sticker...As everything I read written by Penelope this is a hot with me. I loved Gavin.. I loved how sexy he was portrayed. The minute he saw her and her wise remark in the kitchen he was hooked. Raven was beautiful. But not in his mother's eyes. Would they have a life. ??
  • Robyn
    4.25 My Queen Stars I’m never disappointed with P. Ward’s words! This books had the angst, palpable emotion, and the bits of humor that I’ve come to expect with her books.
  • Dali
    With The Day He Came Back Ward provides a delectable romance that balances sweetness, angst and sexiness in a wonderfully unputdownable read. Every second she looked in my eyes, she owned a little more of me. These feelings were not going away. When Raven was twenty years old she got a summer job helping out at one of the wealthiest estates in Palm Beach where she met the very off-limits Masterson brothers. That didn’t stop her from falling for...
  • Wil Loves Books!
    "You can’t give your heart to someone when it belongs to someone else. You’ve always had my heart, even though you didn’t know it.” I loved this one a lot. Probably my favorite Penelope Ward book to date. The Day He Came Back is an amazing second chance romance. I devoured this one and read it in one sitting. I simply loved everything about Gavin and Raven and their love story. "I’ve looked for you in every woman I’ve ever met, try...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4 's This is a second chance, rich boy-poor girl romance. Gavin and Raven meet when they're younger and ~sort of~ grow up together with her mother being their housekeeper. It's now ten years later and circumstance have changed greatly. Raven is Gavin's father's care giver and Gavin shows up unexpectedly. The story is broken up into two parts - the past and the present. While I enjoyed the past, I think too much time was spent on it. I really want...
  • Anne OK
    Not my favorite from an author I am always ready to one-click on any release. This one really disappointed me. I didn't really feel there was much depth or enough time spent on relationship building -- and most likely because of the big gap in time between first young love and then a second chance ten years later. It was pretty much a twofer insta-love situation in the making, both past and present. I felt short-changed all the way around.
  • Jo - •.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•
    Raven and Gavin met as teenagers, her mother worked as a housekeeper for his family and Raven helped out part time on occasion. They come from completely different worlds but there is something about Raven that draws Gavin in. She is so easy to talk to and Gavin loves how relaxed he feels when he spends time with her. ‘When you’re in a room, your shine brighter than anyone else.’ Before too long Raven and Gavin have fallen in love and spend...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewHelloooo hot cover guy. I am not really one to bother with covers, however the orange makes this one stand out. And what is it with Penelope Ward (and her collabs with Vi Keeland) and their covers that are always so lickable?The premise of this story is nothing new - rich boy/not rich girl/works for him scenario. We have read about this a thousand times already. However this did not stop me enjoying The Day He Cam...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Full disclosure: I struggle sometimes with second-chance books that are set up like this. Where we get the first part of the relationship in one half, and then the “second-chance” in the second half. I like to have lots of time with the couple building their romance or settling into it or actually being together and – this set-up doesn’t always allow for that. And in truth, it did take me a while to settle into this one. I mean, the writi...
  • Wendy ⏃: ✦Cheeky Chicks Blogger✦
    4 STARS!A second chance romance, The Day He Came Back by Penelope Ward is one you don't want to miss!Drawn in from page one, I swept through this book. The story begins with Raven in the present. She is the nurse assigned to care for Mr. Gunther Masterson who suffers from dementia and thinks that Raven is her mother Renata. See, Raven used to work for the Masterson family along side her mother. What she never expected was to see the love of her l...
  • Sarah/DragonflyReads
    The Day He Came Back is classic Penelope Ward at its finest! This second chance romance is a story of epic proportions filled with all the love, angst, and heartbreak you'd know and love in a Penelope Ward book. "How many times in life do you have a chance to undo your biggest regret?" I absolutely adored this story. Raven is the girl on the other side of the bridge. Gavin is the boy in the mansion. Their love was fast and hard and torn down bef...
  • Jessica
    Background noiseKnow how when you're doing something you keep a show or movie playing for background noise? That's what this book felt like for me - background noise. It didnt resonate with me, I didnt feel anything and I didnt wish for anything to happen except for the book to end. After the reunion, I was actually kinda hoping Weldon and the h got together. Total miss for me.
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Raven was from the wrong side the tracks. Gavin didn’t care, but would that be enough to keep them together, or will their difference in economic society tear them apart?Raven is as sweet as they come, I felt she was patient, kind and understanding. Gavin for the most part was a great character as well.This story had sadness, pain and anger, but for the most part it didn’t skyrocket in the angst factor and I was looking for more of that. Over...
  • lucie
    Very average and forgettable read. The story was nothing original, rather predictable, I didn't get attached to any of the characters and there wasn't really any drama for a second chance romance. But the writing was good and nothing bothered me much in the story.
  • Ann
    Huh. Not what I was hoping for or anticipating with my 1-click. Didn't find these characters to be special in any way. Read more along the lines of a sappy Harlequen novel. Not up to this author's usual must read standards. I did get a smirk or two near the end from worthless brother Weldon but mostly skimmed this one.
  • Auntee
    Not my very favorite from this author but still a good read. Review to come...
  • Ramona
    I think I have a tradition with Penelope’s books. When they come out, I leave aside everything that I’m currently reading and start hers, because I know it’s going to be epic. This story, in particular, was a hit for me from the cover release because of the gorgeous cover and I was dying to get my hands on it. Btw, I think I will also purchase the paperback because this story hit my emotions hard I read it in 2 days and I loved it, loved t...
  • Izzie d
    Good story.Separation lasts 10 years.Dual POV. During separation both are with others.No intimate scenes with anyone other than the Hero and heroine.Hero is engaged to other woman when the Hero and heroine see each other again.Hero says he loves his fiance but it's a different love to the intense love he had for the heroine years before.Heroine broke it off under pressure from his mother, she blackmailed her into doing it, the reasons the heroine...
  • Luna Sol
    I love anything Penelope Ward writes but when she writes romance that spans years omg that is my absolute favorite from her. In The Day He Came Back there is a span of 10 years between the parts and I just loved every second of it. There is just something about that first love that stays within you. The chemistry and soul connection between Gavin and Raven is so palpable from the beginning. These two souls that connected no matter how different t...