Already Home (Finding Home #4) by Carly Marie

Already Home (Finding Home #4)

By leaving Nashville, Harrison wanted to escape. What he found at home in Oklahoma was better than anything he’d ever had before. Harrison is happier with Greg and Jasper than he’s ever been. When Harrison can no longer avoid his ex and has to go back to Tennessee, he has Jasper and Greg by his side. But being back in Nashville also means facing Neil and Derek. The trio knew the trip would be challenging before they left Oklahoma, but will th...

Details Already Home (Finding Home #4)

TitleAlready Home (Finding Home #4)
Release DateJul 25th, 2019
GenreMenage, M M M, Erotica, Romance, M M Romance, Polyamory

Reviews Already Home (Finding Home #4)

  • Ali
    I am so sorry to see this series end but this book was the perfect way. It pulled at my heartstrings from the very beginning, I swear I had tears in my eye throughout most of the story. This starts right where the last book left off and is mostly about Jasper coming out but also the family coming back together even stronger than ever.I know some have said that the coming out was repetitive but I think that is more realistic, how often will you ha...
  • Nese
    This book continues from where book 3 Close To Home ended .The books need to be read in order to fully understand the family dynamics.Boy oh boy is Jasper in trouble !!!How is Jasper going to explain the state of affairs that is his love life?Will his family believe his admissions of his sexuality? At the age of 35 his life has changed beyond his wildest dreams,his heart is full, he has found his home at last. His childhood crush , who is also De...
  • Alex Jane
    Fine endingDidn't necessarily enjoy this one as much of the others in the series, mostly as it involved the three guys revealing their relationship to their various friends and family, which is essentially the same conversation over and over (which while realistic, could have been abridged). There was one twist that I didn't see coming which was particularly gratifying and made me smile.
  • ML
    Jasper,Greg and Harrison’s relationship really develops in this conclusion to the series. Jasper’s family finally come to realize how isolated they made Jasper feel. Many things are worked out. It was a wonderful way for the story to conclude. This was my favorite book of the series. It will give you all the feels!
  • Amanda Viecelli
    This is a beautiful and emotional end to Jasper’s story and to this series! Jasper, Greg, and Harrison are finding their way together after all falling into bed in the previous book. Carly Marie nails the balance needed in a relationship with three people, and I love how each man brings something to the table so it’s equal. Sure, they could probably be happy with any two of them, but it’s obvious they wouldn’t be complete the way they are...
  • Jeff
    Excellent Conclusion. In this conclusion to the Finding Home series, we pick up shortly after we left off in Book 3 - Jasper has found his relationship. Now he just has to tell his family...This produces some amazingly touching scenes between Jasper, who stayed home and worked the family ranch, and his brothers, who went off to different parts of the country. As the oldest of three brothers myself, these scenes expressed quite a bit that I only w...
  • Shannon Tolen
    WOW! At the beginning of this series, Jasper was just a side character for me and I couldn't see how the author could write an entire book about him (especially a menage), but after this book, I totally see him in a new light! This is the fourth (and final :( so sad) book in the Finding Home Series, and focuses on Harrison, Greg and Jasper's "coming out" to everyone and figuring out everything. There includes some deep conversations between Jaspe...
  • Kelly
    Arc provided courtesy of Carly Marie All reviews are voluntary and my honest opinion.Jasper, Harrison, and Greg are back, in this absolutely amazing conclusion. Jasper's finally found his men, and he's happy. The one thing he doesn't know how to do is tell his family about his new guys, or that he's been hiding his bisexuality for years. Both of his brothers have been out for so long, and gotten so much care and acceptance from their mother, th...
  • Modwena
    At the end of the last book the three men (Jasper, Greg and Harrison) were just getting together and this book picks up exactly where the last one finished. Jasper is still not out to anyone but it's not long before the secret slowly starts to be discovered. I loved watching the relationship with Jasper and his men as he begins to reveal his sexuality and relationship to his family. The scenes he has with his brothers are raw and emotional and th...
  • Angelica Juarez
    I'm not crying, you areOmfg....Jasper, my sweet Jasper you made cry and want to hug you, never letting go. Thank you Greg and Harrison for being there to give Jasper all the love he needed. Jasper, Greg, and Harrison continue to grow in their relationship and slowly let the outside world in. I love Derek and Ty but hated how they were with Jasper. Jasper just wanted to be part of the family and not feel alone. Well he found plenty of love and cou...
  • Denise GremoryKohta
    Amazing!!!I having been waiting on this book and I knew it would be a bittersweet read. I have fallen in love with all of the guys and it was great to see more of Derek, Colt, Ty, and Declan as well as see Jasper, Harrison, and Greg’s relationship build but now I’m going to miss them. I have no doubt I’ll be rereading this series many times. Great characters and deep emotional storylines have made them some of my all time favorites and put ...
  • Hannah Smith
    I fell in love with Carly’s writing from the first book At Home. I wondered how she would take a dick of a character like Jasper and ever make me like him let alone fall in love with him like I have.I’m so happy he finally gets his HEA with both Greg and Harrison and that they both get theirs as well.This story definitely needed to be split as there is just too much detail that would have been rushed and overlooked in just one book.I finished...
  • Kathryn Manzella
    Already Home is the fourth and final book in the Finding Home series by Carly Marie. We get the continuation of Jasper, Greg and Harrison's love story. This throuple is fun, sweet and hot! Their love is strong, protective and amazing. Supporting characters are hilarious and entertaining... and very very openly kinky. The story has coming out drama, scenes of telling an ex to go away, sweet moments between family and the heated passion of three se...
  • Karen
    Much neededThe fourth book really wrapped up all the missing conversations from the first. Well, I mean book 3 of the series. Book 3 focused on these three coming together only while book 4 was one big coming out as a throuple. I liked the series very much. Lots of romance with a side of crazy family and some kink.
  • Leci Forde
    Such a great series! This was the culmination of the series. It was a continuation of Jasper, Harrison and Greg”s relationship but caught us up with everyone! I loved it! The genuine love and acceptance of the Scott family was the best part of the book for me! This author is fantastic and I can’t wait to read her next story!
  • Victoria Taylor
    Loved this series!Thank god Jasper finally found his HEA at long last. All the feels in this one especially around being the one that feels left behind. Can’t wait to see what this author writes next!
  • Cassity Sawyer
    Super sweet readThis is the conclusion for jasper, harrison, and Greg's love story. So happy that jasper finally came clean to his family, Greg 's kids meet his men and loved them, and harrison finally has two men who truly love him. Life is good!!
  • andrea moran
    Finding home 4Get the tissues ready for this concluding book of the Finding Home series, J finally comes clean to all the family and cleans the air for the way everyone has behaved over the other 3 books
  • Mary Dunlap
    Standalone is good the series is awesomeI over this book 3 men who love each other and fight for who they are and who the want to be with ....From the first book about a Daddy and the next book about sexy underwear to this is great
  • Sam
    Already home was totally worth the wait. This book lived up to the level of excellence that were achieved by the first 3 books. I loved them all, but already home is by far my favorite. Jasper is the sweetest! Kudos to Carly Marie!
  • Szidi ☼
    YESSSS!! Perfection! It was the best ending of this series. Everyone got their HEA - again.The best thing about this book is that this book is exist! Like we have 2 books with Greg, Jasper and Harrison! Best! Thing! Ever! And all the other family members were there too! Aww. I loved reading this series, but the last two book was the best! Hey- you know menage is my weakness LOL - but really, this two book was so good! Carly Marie outdid herself! ...
  • Shannon Duda
    Loved it!I had to read this book twice in 2 days. I loved it so much! I cried and got emotional with Harper's struggles.
  • Nudlez
    4.75* love these guys and great to see the other brothers again
  • Jamie
    Great bookThis was a great end to a great series. It was great to see the family come together and the brothers able forge a strong relationship.
  • Sheridan
    Wow!This book was definitely one of those books to pull the emotions out of you as Jaspers family find out the truth about his sexuality and the ups and downs that come with it.Family members deal with their relationship better than others, and the one family member that offers their full support will surprise you!Then Greg’s children are told of their relationship and it’s funny and wonderful ❤Their story was beautiful and full of love and...
  • Penny Chelmer
    Lovely conclusion to the series!What a happy and loving ending to the series. Glad all the main characters throughout the books got their happy ending. Would recommend to anyone.
  • Sallyann
    Wow!!!! I have never cried so much when reading a book. My heart totally broke for Jasper but with the support of his two sweet sexy men he was ok. There were plenty so very hot sexy scenes what I loved most about this second part of the story was the acceptable that Jasper’s family gave them. So glad that Jasper, Greg and Harrison found each other and got their hea.
  • Chris Hughes
    AmazingI cried so many times reading Jasper, Harrison and Greg's story. It was a journey I am so glad I got to experience!!!!!!!
  • Katie Bugs Kindle
    LovedGreat conclusion of this series. But I hope to see them back in some novellas. Must read series. Loved all characters and this ended great