Watchmen by Alan Moore


This Hugo Award-winning graphic novel chronicles the fall from grace of a group of super-heroes plagued by all-too-human failings. Along the way, the concept of the super-hero is dissected as the heroes are stalked by an unknown assassin.One of the most influential graphic novels of all time and a perennial best-seller, Watchmen has been studied on college campuses across the nation and is considered a gateway title, leading readers to other grap...

Details Watchmen

Release DateJan 24th, 2020
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews Watchmen

  • J.G. Keely
    Since the movie came out, I've found myself having to explain why Watchmen is important and interesting. Despite being the most revered comic book of all time, it never really entered the mainstream until the film. Now, people are rushing to read it in droves, but approaching Watchmen without an understanding of its history and influences means missing most of what makes it truly special.The entire work is an exploration of the history and purpos...
  • Jayson
    (A) 88% | ExtraordinaryNotes: Constantly captured by its brilliance, it’s a comic book chef-d'œuvre, with meaty text and a complex, layered storyline.
  • Mark Lawrence
    I didn't read this until last year. I saw the film about six months later. I'm a new convert still radiant with that 'just converted' glow. Along with the Sandman graphic novels this is my favourite work in the medium (Zenith and Preacher get honourable mentions). Watchmen wins over all of the other candidates in ambition. This is a work of vast ambition. It doesn't deliver on every level, it isn't perfect, but it contains so much that succeeds, ...
  • Sean Barrs the Bookdragon
    Morality is a fickle bitch. This is, simply put, iconic. When any one mentions comics/graphic novels the first thought that enters is an image of the Watchmen. I think there is a strong reason for it. It made me question morality on a scale rarely seen in fiction. Indeed, when considering the characters it is incredibly hard to consider any of them truly good or truly bad. They are simply people who are convinced that they are right. Take Rorscha...
  • Will Byrnes
    I reread this in anticipation of seeing the film in 2009. Rorschach Watchmen is one of the all-time great graphic novels. Someone is killing the costumed adventurers and the very dark Rorschach, our guiding Virgil into this Inferno, is trying to get to the bottom of it. Watchmen deals in multiple time lines, from the early days of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s when the superheroes were welcomed and appreciated, to the 70’s when laws were passed ...
  • Schmacko
    I can understand why this is considered a holy tome in the field of graphic novels. The plot is complex, it’s unique, and it’s well drawn. Also, it’s got the Holy Grail of every geeky comic book fan's wetdreams – lots of cool gadgets and stuff.I ain’t knocking that. Imagination abounds, and I am thoroughly impressed. I love that comic books and graphic novels create their entire world – but – BUT then again every piece of art create...
  • Nicole Prestin
    I realize that what I'm about to say is as close as you can get to comic book blasphemy, but I think that 1) Alan Moore is the most overrated comic book writer ever and 2) this graphic novel is overblown, pretentious and most unforgivable of all, boring.To be fair, I'm somewhat of a snob when it comes to my reading habits. First and foremost, I want to be entertained. If the story happens to be deep, thought provoking or groundbreaking as well, t...
  • Fabian
    Not a fan of the graphic novel but this epic actually moved me. It tells of the human drama, the DNA that is passed down generations, the hopelessness of modernity, and which side we'll choose when the apocalypse is neigh. It is pessimistic, dark, & sometimes silly (as a staple of the genre... it wouldn't be a success if it wasn't SOMEhow ridiculous)."The Incredibles" (Best Pixar picture Ever) touched upon many of the themes presented here, mainl...
  • Felicia
    Hmm, what to say. I read this AFTER I saw the movie, which was sacrilege according to some fellow geeks on Twitter, but my definition of "Geek" is someone who doesn't do what people PRESSURE them to do :P They love what they love. So anyhoo I read this and I can summarize this way:The Movie did a great summary of the plot while formulating a story that missed the subtext of the graphic novel entirely. I enjoyed both, but after reading the graphic...
  • Always Pouting
    So I've been super busy trying to figure out my life now that I've graduated and it's terrible and I've literally read nothing in weeks but I actually ended up taking a day to read this because someone lent it to me. My boyfriend was saying that it was ridiculous that I hadn't read this yet and insisted I finish and even though now I'm like behind on this online class that I've been taking it was totally worth it. Usually I write like some kind o...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    What's this? Unpopular opinion time? Most of my friends and most of Goodreads love this book. I did not. I read for pleasure. I don't care if reading makes me smart. I don't care if reading makes me pretty. I just want that escape into other worlds. If I went to this world-I would die from boredom. I actually like the darker books so I thought this one would sweep me up into the fandom of it. But, alas, it just made me sleep quite well last night...
  • karen
    wow, i thought i had written a proper review for this, but it seems that ten years ago i was as bad at writing reviews as i am now, on the other side of the peak, where i am washed-up and bedraggled and very far behind in my reviewing-stack. ):ANYWAY, i just came on here to check my review, because i am finally getting around to watching the HBO series, and that show is making it REALLY DIFFICULT to maintain my longstanding rorschach-crush, susta...
  • Sanjay Gautam
    Alan Moore is the greatest graphic novelist of all time. He has created a world where superheroes are not typical superheroes like super-man, spider-man et al. Each superhero has a unique philosophical perspective. And he has created superheroes who were either in deep complex psychological crisis or are going through one, and they are not perfect who always save the day in the end.
  • Lyn
    Brilliant.A clever joke, wound up inside a parody, and all surrounded and blanketed by a cool story.Three cheers for Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for this deservedly popular and critically acclaimed, genre defining, wildly influential graphic novel. First published in 1987, this has come to be a benchmark of what kind of powerful fiction can be accomplished in this medium.Describing an alternate history where Richard Nixon has been president for m...
  • Brad
    I've been in many discussions over the years -- some in classes I was teaching, some over pints in the bar, and still others late at night with people I love -- about what Alan Moore was trying to say with Watchmen, discussions about the meaning of his graphic novel, and I am convinced that the meaning is not what most people think.Most people I have talked to look at Veidt's mini-Armageddon to bring peace as inherently evil -- and the most monst...
  • Michael Finocchiaro
    One of the greatest standalone comics which led to one of the greatest screen adaptations of a superhero story, Watchmen is an extraordinarily fun ride. I love the 30s atmosphere and the compelling characters. The heroes are all over their prime (kind of like Batman and Superman in retirement in The Dark Knight Rises). The artwork is great and the story is orignal - one of the great comic classics!Need to re-read this one regularly as Alan Moore ...
  • Trish
    Aaron's been telling me for a long time that I should read a select few of his favorite comic books. And I haven't been avoiding them. But when I'm looking around the house for something to read, I forget to wander over to the comics section. So finally he just made a stack of books for me, and I started with Watchmen. And within the first few pages I was testing his patience with questions/comments including: "Why is Rorshach the hero when he's ...
  • Dan Schwent
    With the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation, the Comedian is found dead and the super heroes that knew him go looking for the killer. They might not like what secrets they unearth...I first read this when I was around 20 and was blown away. Now, untold decades later, I decided to finally give it a reread. It held up.On the surface, Watchmen is a murder mystery and it works fine on that level. Rorschach, the view point character, enlists N...
  • Tom Ewing
    Modern comics events seem to demand endless lead-ins and spin-offs, and sadly Doomsday Clock, from the blockbuster team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, is no exception to this trend. Watchmen, the extended prequel to Doomsday Clock, feels wholly unneccessary to 2017's much-anticipated DC Rebirth (TM) event. For a start, it's not even by Geoff Johns - how big a clue do you need that DC see 'Watchmen' as simply a cash-in? The storyline has been farm...
  • Alejandro
    Re-discovering a known masterpiece This book is an giant-size hardcover annotated edition of “Watchmen” graphic novel. Presenting the entire original work, in black & white, along with reference notes per page. Also includes a timeline of the events in the story.Creative Team:Writer: Alan MooreIllustrator: Dave GibbonsEditor of Annotated comments: Leslie S. Klinger WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN? None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here w...
  • Anne
    Ok, first let me say that I have never read a graphic novel. (I apologize in advance to all those who will be offended when I make this next statement.) I thought it would be a nice easy read that I could finish in a few hours. Oops! What can I say, I figured it was just an adult version of some comic book. Boy, was I wrong. This thing took me days to finish! It was an in-depth, gritty, dark, mostly sad look at an alternate world a lot like ours....
  • Gabrielle
    I really struggle to find a good way to review “Watchmen”. It doesn’t feel like enough to say “This is great, and even if it has flaws, everyone should definitely read it”, thought that would be the TL-DR version. Watching the new HBO series, which is a continuation of the dystopic alternate universe created by Moore in his masterpiece, made me think about the original work again, and I found I had things to say about it.This is the gra...
  • Kemper
    Not much I could say that hasn't been said already.
  • Nasia
    Αριστουργηματικό, πάρα πολύ καλογραμμένο, με σχέδιο καλοταιριασμένο και λεπτομερές τόσο όσο. Οι φιλοσοφικές του προεκτάσεις σου δίνουν τροφή για σκέψη, ειδικά σε εποχές Τράμπ. Αυτό το βιβλίο εναλλακτικής ιστορίας μένει χαραγμένο στην μνήμη, δίν...
  • Miltos S.
    Το Watchmen με συγκλόνισε.Επί 1 εξάμηνο διάβαζα και ξαναδιάβαζα μόνο αυτό το βιβλίο και ακόμα και μετά τη 10η ανάγνωση ανακάλυπτα πράγματα που δεν είχα συνειδητοποιήσει ότι υπήρχαν στις άλλες 9.Είναι εκπληκτικό πως οι δημιουργοί εκμεταλλεύτηκαν στο έ...
  • Mia (Parentheses Enthusiast)
    MIA'S JOURNAL. JANUARY 31st, 2016:Finished book today. Was good. Interesting. Review to come, much to say.When people see this, they will demand to know. Down below, the readers will look up at me and beg, and they will ask: "Should we read this book?"And I'll look down and whisper, "Yes."
  • Heidi The Reader
    I can't stop thinking about this graphic novel. It's not something I'd usually like- ultra-violent with a very dark vision of humanity- but there is something incredibly compelling about it.It starts with a murder. Watchmen is the story of a group of super heroes who don't fight crime anymore because vigilantism was outlawed. Among the many costumed regular heroes (The Comedian, Rorschach, Nite Owl), there is an actual superhero, Dr. Manhattan, w...
  • David Schaafsma
    Made the Time magazine list of 100 greatest 20th century novels, the only graphic novel on the list... and deserves it. Great, endlessly complicated, but literature, without question, and not just a typical superhero yarn, of course. There's the depiction of women that is problematic as in so many of Moore's novels, no question, and this is troubling, but the work is incredibly ambitions, insightful, thought-provoking... gets at the heart of our ...
  • Punk
    Graphic Novel. It's 1985. We won the Vietnam War. Nixon is still president. Someone is killing off costumed superheroes, and the world is on the brink of nuclear war. I wasn't expecting to like this book. What, I wondered, did a comic from the late eighties have to offer me, a hip and happening girl in the oughts? You can practically see the dots in the color! I'd checked it out from the library on the advice of friends, and I'd tried to read it ...
  • Erin
    Arguably one of the best comics of its time. This is the book that made me pledge a portion of my literary heart to Alan Moore.
  • ahe Butterfield
    This is the graphic novel to end all graphic novels. Unparalleled. Seriously.