Hidden Unknown Truth by Edward Scott

Hidden Unknown Truth

Do fearful thoughts of not having enough or not being good enough, continually occupy your mind? Are you tired of negative chatter in your mind dictating your life?Are you searching for inner peace and enjoyment in your life? Have you been looking for your true purpose?Using easy-to-follow stress-relieving meditation combined with mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy as well as intelligent prayer and affirmations, you can change your en...

Details Hidden Unknown Truth

TitleHidden Unknown Truth
Release DateJul 17th, 2019
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Self Help

Reviews Hidden Unknown Truth

  • Leslie Hasty
    Absolutely wonderful! Looking for true peace of mind?I'd recommend this read to anyone who wants a little more guidance on the road to self development. This is a practical approach to getting your mind focussed on the truly important things in life, in an easy to understand format and with a very down to earth perspective.First, you teach yourself how to truly listen by stopping that internal critic! Then, you have some mental breathing room to ...
  • Pegboard
    Hidden Unknown Truth: A Guide to Consciousness, Spiritual Awakening, and the Joy of Living is a book that will challenge your thought process and teach you how to control your thoughts. Edward Scott used his own personal life to motivate him to change his thinking when he realized he was getting the same results with the thoughts he had. He recognizes the thoughts he has and understands the effects they will play in his life.  By consciously ide...
  • Jessica
    This is a self-help book. It is aimed at helping you achieve spiritual well-being and happiness. The author also wants to help you to get you life balanced so that you are happier physically and mentally. Remember: “I am seeking real and lasting positive change and a sense of true purpose. Through inner reflection, meditation and self-awareness of both your thoughts and your emotions, the author seeks to help you rework how you approach your da...
  • Kira Howard
    This is an amazingly well-written book that offers invaluable insights into how to live a meaningful, peaceful, connected life. The author does a wonderful job of presenting a simple, step by step approach in easily understandable language that is accessible and able to be used by anyone. As someone with a broad background in clinical psychology, I believe this is a solid approach which utilizes various methods that are backed by research. I woul...
  • Precious Hernandez
    I loved this bookSo helpful and I'm going to put practice on these techniques. Thank you. I think the more I read spiritual books. The more I understand❤
  • Grady
    Peace of mind is not a myth’Canadian author Edward Scott makes his writing debut with HIDDEN UNKNOWN TRUTH, and with the impact of this first book being absorbed by many, it is likely he will continue to share his concepts in further books. Edward is a software developer and a ‘spiritual aspirant:’ his personal experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, meditation and prayer form the foundation for this book.The sensitivity of this guide...