Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic by Nick Carr

Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic

A teenage genius with a big imagination, Wally just moved to Savannah, GA from Maine with his mom, who adopted Wally when he was an infant. In this charming and sweet solo show, Wally investigates a hiccup in the spacetime fabric of his neighborhood which is causing a number of strange events and occurrences. Part science fiction and part coming-of-age story, Wally Roux charts one boy's journey of self-discovery and identity.

Details Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic

TitleWally Roux, Quantum Mechanic
Release DateAug 1st, 2019
PublisherAudible Originals
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Young Adult, Audiobook

Reviews Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic

  • Richelle Nicolé
    This is a pretty ambitious effort. It’s short but good. It also helps that William Jackson Harper’s voice accurately describes what I feel the character hears in his head. That story between his mother and the school bully when she was in school was crazyyyyyy. I’m happy that I picked this for this month’s free audible original.
  • Chelsea
    This was an excellent short coming-of-age story that I wish had been longer. It was smart, funny, and engaging, with a wonderful narrator, William Jackson Harper (who plays Chidi in The Good Place!). I really need him to narrate more books.
  • Marianne
    Ok story read by a fabulous narrator.
  • Lis Carey
    Wally Roux is a teenage genius whose mother adopted him when he was an infant, and has just moved them from Maine to Savannah, Georgia. It is, in his opinion, lonely and boring at best. In addition to that, though, there's a strange space-time hiccup causing weird problems in his neighborhood. For instance, when he walks to and from school each day, he really is walking uphill, both ways.After a chance encounter leads to him using his excellent m...
  • LeeTravelGoddess
    I love books about smart African American kiddos— Wow Quantum Mechanics 🤯 lol!!! 😍😍😍
  • Anniken Haga
    Remember what I said about listening to audiobooks while moving? Yeah. That's what happened here. Ok, so I got this book for free from audible, it beingone of their monthly originals that they give away to subscribers. I didn't really expect much from it, and to be honest, I only bought it because it was so short. So, I was pleasently surprised. The story was a bit twisty-turwy and felt cut a bit short at times, but generally I enjoyed it. The pl...
  • Madeleine Pelli
    This was a pretty okay-ly crafted book, but the part I loved was when it talked about Savannah!! Hometown, what can I say? It was also nice to hear a more cynical view, not just all the historic stuff everyone talks about. You get to see two sides: public school and private school. Also, I’m pretty sure the voice is one of the people from The Good Place??
  • Steven Shinder
    William Jackson Harper (AKA Chidi from The Good Place) is pretty on-point with his delivery of humorous lines from the characters. Especially the mother's bullying story. And there are also some heartfelt moments.
  • Becca
    A+++ narration. This was thoroughly entertaining, and I would have liked it to be longer, but it didn't really need to be.
  • Eden
    Trippy but intriguing short story centered on a young boy tweaking quantum physics around his neighborhood.
  • Jay DeMoir
    I love reading stories about brilliant African American boys/men! This was an enjoyable quick read. Wish it was longer and could've gone deeper into Wally's experiences with the other dimensions
  • Catherine Puma
    Being a straight-to-audio story that clocks in at just under 2 hours long, I think this just bit off more than it could actually chew. Topics like quantum reality, adoption, coming of age, puberty, bullying, alternate realities, and first crushes were all glanced over here, but I don't feel like any one of them were handled adequately or fully. Because the title of this includes "quantum mechanic", I think this could have been best served by focu...
  • Ryan
    Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic would have benefited from a longer running time. Spoilers.The central plot is that Wally Roux, a fourteen year old black child adopted by a single white woman, is transplanted from Maine to Savanah, Georgia, where he notes failures in the space time continuum, which he is able to repair with his trusty quantum-based tools. I was unclear what type of genre this story would fit into, whether it be comedy or science fict...
  • Brian Layman
    Excellent narration. Think of this as a 1 act play and you may enjoy it more.It does get better halfway in as it is clear that this piece is not really about quantum theory and other than as a source of arrogance, it is not really about science. So the weak support of either doesn't matter. It's not even really about portraying disdain for various stereotypical Christian archetypes. Nor even is it really about racism is various forms. That's why ...
  • Amalia
    Love the narrator (who plays Chidi on The Good Place), so when audible sent an email saying he narrated one of their free books, I went for it! It was short — only 2 hours, but I listen at 1.5 speed so it was more like 1.5 hours total — so, big a lot of substance. Like...kinda cute? And the narration was great, aside from all the looooong pauses audible put into production that kept making me think the book was suddenly over. I’m not really...
  • Niki
    This is a book that I got for free from Audible for being a member. I always like choosing the children or young adults because that are fun and uplifting to read. I like this quick story from the start about a boy who has a found out how to travel in space time going to other locations just like his but not. It is a fun story about a young boy trying to find his identity in a strange new world.
  • Nicole
    Probably a 3.5 star rating... I'd give the book 4 stars if it had been produced differently. But the sound effects were annoying and sometimes louder than the narration. The story was good, the narrator was great. There was just way too much NOISE there, too. Example: I do NOT need to hear the sound of someone chewing with their mouth open in order to envision the scene. I can picture that sound well enough in my head already, thank you.
  • Robert
    A short novel, comedy like about a teenager moving from Maine, to the Deep South. Who, besides the big culture shock, happens to have the ability to fix and interfere with the space time continuum, since he is as good with fixing cars as with messing with the quantum mechanical realm. Funny, silly and with one or two nice deep thoughts. Real quick listen that does not really feel as a waste of time. Well narrated.
  • Bill Scheidegger
    This was one of the free books for Aug 2019 and it was a great quick listen. I started it on my ride to work, continued during my morning workout, and finished it on the ride home. It definitely takes a few leaps to accept some of the history of the main character, but if you take them as they are, then it is an enjoyable story.
  • Sunshine
    Not a bad way to spend a brief road trip. With it's themes of growing up, being different, being brilliant and being brave I would say this is a great read for young readers, but the language means it can only apply to a more liberal audience. There was a slight sense of wanting more by the time this book was finished, but the humor was on point.
  • Ellen
    I picked this one up as a monthly Audible choice, based on the numerous reviews that "it was SO funny." Maybe so, but all the language never gave me a chance to find out. I gave up by the third scene.
  • Brandon Schumann
    I listened to this story on a long drive and it was engaging, entertaining, intelligent, humorous, poignant, uplifting, mysterious, heartfelt, and both down-to-Earth and head-in-the-clouds at the same time. Excellent story and performance. I will definitely listen again and recommend to others.
  • Steve
    This is probably the BEST of the free monthly Audible Originals that have been offered since the program started.Fantastic coming-of-age story, fantastic writing, fantastic narration.Highly recommended. 5 solid-gold stars!
  • Natalie McAnulla
    A play written by Nick Carr in which he uses quantum physics to tell a fictional story about a young man who is adopted and feels very isolated on every level of his life. This is the best work of fiction I have read in years!!
  • Ramona Poole
    Interesting story. It definitely captured my attention and held it through to the end. This was a free selection. It's not something that I would normally chose, but it was good. I'm glad I selected it. I'll have to check out more of the author's work.
  • Karissa
    This was a fun audiobook short story. It was a quick listen that I enjoyed. I got it free as an Audible Original. This is done as a life performance audiobook, I am still not a fan of these. While this book only had one narrator, it had a variety of sound effects in the background that were distracting and I could have done without that.Wally Roux is a boy genius who is finding quantum anomalies around his town. He is able to repair these anomali...
  • Andy Klein
    What did I think? It's definitely the best freebie I've received from Audible. And it is one of the best short stories I've ever read. I really nice coming of age story with a bit of sci-fi mixed in.
  • Sue
    This was a quickie, but lots of fun. It's a great read.
  • Douglas
    Great fun! Great performance!
  • Alanna
    A cute story, I felt sometimes the plot was slightly weak at times but definitely a fun listen to while driving in the car. The narration was excellent!