Bound (Evergreen Academy #3) by Ruby Vincent

Bound (Evergreen Academy #3)

Five people bound by the most terrible secret... and something else.I never thought I could forgive them. I didn't believe there was still a heart inside of me that could forgive. But my boys, my knights, were taking down my walls and claiming a piece for themselves.All I wanted was to lock our secret away and enter junior year as though the past never happened......but someone won't let me.Someone knows what we did and the price for their silenc...

Details Bound (Evergreen Academy #3)

TitleBound (Evergreen Academy #3)

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  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn. I thought this was the usual three-book series, but alas, no, there is ONE MORE!!! and I NEED IT LIKE NOW, STAT, PRONTO. The mystery that is entwined throughout this series is DRIVING ME NUTS!!! I will personally murder the spades. Ruby Vincent must need a beta reader for book 4, right? Is begging bad? Well, not too long to wait, hell, who am I kidding, just over two weeks is WAYYYYYY too long to wait...
  • Courtney Turner
    This book series is amazing! I can’t get enough. Valentina’s world has changed again because she has the Knights on her side. But that doesn’t stop someone from trying to ruin everything Valentina wants to accomplish. This book will keep you guessing from beginning to end. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster that you don’t want to get off of. I could go on but I don’t want to spoil anything. But if you have read the previous boo...
  • Jodi
    Holy fork!! 😱Ok so I didn’t really believe that the knights could be redeemed (in my eyes) but I was wrong. Clearly. This story has more twists and turns than a road map. I have a couple ideas who Ace might be...If I haven’t said it before, this is a terrific storyline. The characters are phenomenal from our FMC, her harem and all the secondary characters. Can’t wait to find out how senior year goes.
  • ❤️Melanie G.
    Another Awesome book. The twist and turns that keeping happening have me on edge. I swear once I think I have something figured out, I’m wrong. I can’t wait for the next book because I need answers!!! Amazing series.
  • Lena
    h truly came into her own here, she was ruthless at times and i liked that she took some of her power back
  • Sille
    Intensely Emotional!This is the third book in the Evergreen Academy series, and the continuation of Valentina's twisted story. Valentina is starting another school year, the Knights, Ryder, Maverick, Ezra, and Jaxson, have apologized, and are on her side now. Valentina just wants to get on with her life, and leave the past buried in the past, but that may not be possible, someone else is targeting them now, and their secrets could be exposed. Thi...
  • Sammyll
    Wow! I loved this book, the third instalment in the Evergreen series, Val came into her own, claiming her knights and taking some control back. But the mystery and secrets continue with blackmail and the mysterious Spades, who are they and what do they really want with Val. Who to trust with their friendship and who to avoid. New characters as the plot thickens.Ruby has written another gripping, sexy book, with a strong female lead and four Gorge...
  • R.G
    3rd book and it was just as amazing as the first two books of the series. Val and the Knights thought that the marking was over and dealt with but learn that is far from the truth. Also was evergreen hiding in his office the whole time? I don't trust that guy at all. Moving on, I loved the interactions Val had with her Knights in this book. I loved baby Adam (such a cutie). Cannot wait for the next book looking forward to Val unmasking and hopefu...
  • Meka Weaver
    Well wow. Wow just wow. So fantastic. Everything you would want. The overall story is amazing. So much angst and heartache get you much character growth and build up. This was my favorite of the series so far. There are dark themes done so well. And ends on a cliffhanger. Can't wait for book 4
  • Jennifer Richey
    Blown away... wow! Still speechless! 3rd book of this series and ruby has taken us through some emotions with Val & her boys! Val is back and it’s her junior year someone is blackmailing her over their secret will it get so bad she leaves or she loses the knights for good! Wow cNt wait to read unmasked!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Jacqueline Kurtz
    My favorite of this series so farThis 3rd book of the series is definitely my favorite so far. I couldn't put it down and literally ignored everything on my Saturday morning to read and finish it.
  • April
    Loved itThis series just keeps getting better as it moves along. Finally her friends and Knights stand up for Val. I can't wait for the conclusion. This is a new author for me but I will definitely check out what series comes next.