Poetry in Motion by Samantha Wayland

Poetry in Motion

Travis Campbell has been at this hockey thing for a while. He knows his days on the ice are numbered, but he’s happy with the Moncton Ice Cats and he’s still got some time to figure out what comes next. He’s been taking college classes online and thought he knew what he was doing, but then he made the ultimate rookie mistake. It turns out the poetry class is not the easier way to get his required English credits. Barnaby Birtwistle has exil...

Details Poetry in Motion

TitlePoetry in Motion
Release DateAug 8th, 2019
PublisherLoch Awe Press
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Hockey

Reviews Poetry in Motion

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    This book is all the things: - one lovable, tough-as-nails hockey player (Travis) who doesn't need to lead- one adorkable English grad student (Barnaby) who is toppy as hell- sizzling chemistry- friends to lovers- awesome ensemble of secondary characters (Jack & Grady need to get together pronto!)- SEX on fire- POETRY- hurt/comfort- low relationship angst- romance (Travis & Barnaby were so sweet together, I was swooning the entire time)- HEA!The ...
  • Nazanin
    Sweet and hot. I'm definitely going to check this author's other books. Loved the Hafez quote too. Now I cannot wait for Jack and Grady's story!
  • ~nikki the recovering book addict
    4.5 starsOh... it’s certainly refreshing to be reading a book that’s not only well written but fun and funny and adorable and full of hockey!I love Samantha Wayland. She wrote my all-time favourite hockey book, Home and Away 😍 so to be in the periphery of the lives of the characters from that book? Awesome feeling. To be honest, I expected more conflict between Barnaby and Travis but they simmered down pretty quickly from first contact. I...
  • Bev
    Well, I was intending to read the rest of the Moncton Ice Cats stories again but as usual got caught up in this new story. 4.5 stars from me. Loved it.We catch up with Rupert and Callum...well, obviously *cue eye roll* as Rupert is the team manager and Travis, one of the MC's, is a sort of enforcer for the team. There was also a teeny tiny catch up with Alexei and Mike, and I hate to say it but the solution to Travis being withdrawn from the play...
  • AussieMum
    I can understand all the high ratings for this one. It’s very sweet, very romantic, it made me laugh and it has two likeable MC. I found it a little slow in parts which had me putting this down a few times and wavering with giving it 3 stars. But I always picked it back up. There was just something special about these two men. Whether it was the poetry, the hockey...I’m not sure. It just gave me lots of the feels.
  • Courtney
    Funny and emotional This book both made me laugh and cry (and maybe fan myself at the love scenes - holy moly, they were hot!!). I devoured it and would have loved more. It was great to see characters from former books, and I’m hoping to see some side characters get their happy soon!
  • Elizabeth
    Great read!I love this world Samantha Wayland has created. The characters are wonderful and that hockey world intriguing. Travis and Barnaby are another great couple in this little world. This book had a good storyline, great characters, as most importantly, a lot of heart. One complain is it ended abruptly for my tastes, I would love an epilogue. Good book overall.
  • Nat ReadingAllNite
    Fantastic, except the very endSamantha Wayland was one of my gateway authors into MM and I was thrilled to see a new book. Barnaby and Travis were wonderful characters and their story had me laughing and swooning and close to tears at some points. The ending was kind of disappointing though. A whole bunch of events and discussion that I’d rather have seen happening is told too quickly and wrapped up in less than a chapter. At least it got to a ...
  • Mateo
    Did i say to you that i love poetry ? No ? I love poetry and it was the real magic in this novel. The idea to use poetry as a medium between the two characters was a brillant idea. It really works for me. Try it, you could be surprise.
  • msartemysia
    I read this book by Samantha Wayland basically all in one sitting. I could barely put it down to eat, use the restroom, and deal with my feelings. There are so many things I could say about 'Poetry in Motion', but I don't want to be (too) spoilery, so I'll do my best to describe anything that gives away any major plot points. With her Moncton Ice Cats series, Wayland has created such a beautiful universe of characters that I did not know what to ...
  • BR11
    Recommend! Both characters are adorable.
  • Tj
    I loved this book. Poetry.... this alone should be enough to entice you into reading this one. However, don't panic if poetry isn't your thing, this book has so much to offer. The main characters are two men who are both dealing with life and life choices. Barnaby has left England for the cold frozen wonders of Canada. He is back on track to finishing university and getting his degree. He went all-in for love and dropped out of school to support ...
  • Kim
    4.5 starsThere is just something about Samantha's Waylands Ice Cats world that just sucks me in again every time. It is always great to see old friends especially my favorite couple Rupert and Callum, but she also keeps adding interesting and lovable characters to the group. Barnaby is Rupert's cousin from England and he is trying for a fresh start to get over heartbreak and some personal issues. Travis Campbell is getting a bit old to play hocke...
  • Morgan Skye
    Yay! Hockey is just around the corner and this books gets you right in the mood!I love Samantha’s books and it was great seeing a couple of the old MCs again.I was not expecting this book to have the serious undertones that it did, but I was so pleased to see the subject of traumatic head injuries being discussed like this here. It’s something you hate to see as a hockey fan – but they’re a reality. In theory all the new rules are designe...
  • Snjez
    The first 2/3 of the story was wonderful. I can safely say that I liked all the characters, though Barnaby might be my favourite. Oh how I wish there was an audio version of this book, I'd love to hear him talk in that proper British accent of his. He is so adorable.Travis and Barnaby were super sweet together. I liked the progression of their relationship from student/tutor to friends to more. It felt natural. Also, I can't remember the last tim...
  • Sabella
    Travis is a hockey player that is trying to balance school with hockey. He is also dealing with a lot of emotional things that he tries to ignore. He also doesn't look for any types of relationship since he knows he can be traded at any time. Barnaby is Rupert's cousin and came to Canada after leaving his ex. As he works towards his doctorate (I think), he is determined to not date anyone. Then he is asked to tutor Travis in his poetry class. Wel...
  • Cat
    This book was a bit of a surprise, in a great way. I knew I’d enjoy it from other recommendations and reviews, but I didn’t think I’d rate it 5 stars. It’s well deserved! The characters are complex and interesting, the relationship is solid, beautiful and organic, and the plot itself is interesting. And the poems? I’m not usually one for poems, but they add a lovely romantic touch to the story. It wouldn’t be the same without them, es...
  • Kristy Grissom
    A beautiful journeySo this is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be my last. I am so glad I took a chance.While I'm a huge fan of romance and insta love this book really grabbed me. Samantha wove an amazing tale of real live. The kind that takes time. True and timeless.Throughout the book you root for Barnaby and Travis. Their live story was written in a way that made you feel like they could have been your neighbors. I definite...
  • Leelah🍁♋️ Orion
    Ok let’s just start off and say I’m not a poetry girl. Not unless the meaning is obvious. So I could totally understand where Travis was coming from. Going beyond the poetry parts, this was a good book. About two men who don’t think they can have love, finding love with each other. This has several of my weaknesses. Hockey players, and a nerdy man with an accent. YES! Let’s just put it out there now, don’t let the athlete and nerd put y...
  • Kim
    Worth the waitI have been a fan of Samantha Wayland for some time now and have waited somewhat impatiently for her next book to come out. I must say it was well worth the wait. Samantha has a beautiful way of building a story that makes it almost impossible to put down. Poetry in Motion is a beautiful story of two new characters that you fall in love with almost immediately, but it also has visits with old friends and lets us learn more about cha...
  • Leslie
    I love everything about this world Samantha Wayland has created with her Moncton Ice Cats team. “Poetry in Motion,” brings us Barnaby who is the cousin of Rupert from, “Home and Away.” Him and Travis were lovely together and I enjoyed catching up with Rupert, Callum, Alexei and Mike. I’m going to read the two novellas next and then Alexei and Mike’s Christmas Story. I don’t doubt that I would read anything about anyone on this team....
  • Angelica Juarez
    A great return to MonctonI'm so happy Ms. Wayland continued with the Ice Cats series. I love all the books in this series, including this one. This book had it all...sexiness, love, humor and poems. Travis the hockey player needs a tutor to pass his poetry class and in steps Barnaby. Barnaby is Rupert's cousin from England that came over to finish his studies and heal a broken heart. Travis and Barnaby become friendship which develops with some b...
  • Shelly
    Funny, incredibly clever, sweet, heart-wrenching, and achingly romantic. This was so much more than a book about hockey, (even though I love those types of books, too!) I can’t tell you how many times I found myself smiling from ear to ear or snorting loudly because of some clever phrase or unexpected situation between poor Travis and Barnaby, only to tear up and want to sob a few minutes later. I also appreciated how the many poems they studie...
  • gimmethosebooks
    I think this was my favorite one. Travis is a hockey player who recognizes he’s aging and that there are possible effects of many concussions and CTE (which which he very sadly has a past). With Barnaby we have a PhD student hired to tutor Travis who also must confront the fact that Travis doesn’t know what else he’s good at besides hockey (and he has a learning disability). Their relationship was strong and fun, and I only wish it hadn’t...
  • Tricia
    First time reading this author and am impressed So, when one of my favorite authors of m/m work says they adore a book, I am immediately curious. Holy wow. Not only was it well thought out, and sweet, and the 2 main characters were adorable together and separately, but it was filled with poetry. And it was relevant to the story. Worked it's way right in. Adding all the more feels. So good.
  • Mark
    Poetry reduxInteresting story by an author I've not read before (but I do have a daughter named "Sam"). More to the point, though, is that, like Barnaby, I am an English teacher, and like the author, did take a poetry class in college (Chaucer, though) and Late 17th Century and Early 18th Century British Literature classes, so, yes, I recognize the works/authors, here.Nicely done work mixing that with hockey and two good MC's.
  • Victoria Taylor
    Loved this book!I loved being back in the world of the Moncton hockey team and to check in with some pasts MCs, especially Rupert and Callum. The two MCs in this one were a delight and this book also brought the feels as they struggle to find their HEA. Hope there are more to come...Jack and Grady?
  • Celine
    Loved loved this bookI love everything by this author that I have read so far. And up until now, nobody came close to Ruppert, but I think Barnaby just did.I loved the story it was heartbreaking, down to earth, sweet and sexy.I loved both Barnaby and Travis. I could talk so much about this but I am afraid of spoilers. Their relationship was so organic and natural.I am definitely going to re read this over and over and over again.Really loved it
  • Emilyrose
    I absolutely love this series by Samantha Wayland so when I heard she had another release it's safe to say this was pre-ordered... and it was worth it! Poetry in motion follows Rupert's cousin Barnaby and his struggles to get back on his feet after a bad breakup in England. Whilst staying with Rupert and Callum, he's introduced to hockey player Travis and starts tutoring him for his misguidedly-taken poetry class. Suffice to say, throughout the s...