Broken (Evergreen Academy #2) by Ruby Vincent

Broken (Evergreen Academy #2)

They broke me. Ryder, Maverick, Ezra, and Jaxson didn't think I would come back for my second year.The coldly cruel knights of Evergreen believed the Mark would be all it took to get rid of me... to keep me quiet.But now I've got a whole new reason to stay. Those four will know a pain far worse than what I've endured. They tore me apart until there was nothing left... and now I'm going to return the favor. Broken is a reverse harem high school...

Details Broken (Evergreen Academy #2)

TitleBroken (Evergreen Academy #2)
Release DateAug 15th, 2019
GenrePolyamorous, Reverse Harem, Young Adult, Dark

Reviews Broken (Evergreen Academy #2)

  • Jennifer Baughman
    Ahhhhh! I LOVE this series so far! I think I love it so much because it’s believable. No supernatural(that’s not my jam,) no characters that are in high school but are acting like they’re grown(for the most part.) No over the top ‘you can’t be for real’ storyline. Val is my girl! The storyline is so good! And I never seen the bit coming about who Adam’s father is and what happened! Let’s be honest. Even though Ryder is the “lead...
  • ❤️Melanie G.
    This book was so yummy I devoured it in 1 day. The drama, secrets, schemings, deceit and overall strength from the characters draws you in and swallows you whole. Great read and excited to see what happens in the next book.
  • Ashlee L
    4.5 stars!This is a new author to me so when I first read Marked I was shook! I absolutely went crazy with how intense things went down. Holy crap! I didn’t have to wait long to read Broken, which was yet again, another crazy ride! I have a feeling this series will make me go crazy by the end of it. If you want an intense bully read, start this series!! Valentina is not playing no more. She wants answers, and the Knights are either gonna go in ...
  • Nikitasbookreviews
    Omg if you guys haven’t started this series yet then you absolutely have to! Ruby Vincent is actually a new author to me and yesterday i saw marked in my suggestions and read the blurb and since I absolutely love bully romances i had to get it! I literally devoured marked which is book 1 in the series and let me tell you I’m super pumped that i got to get an ARC of Broken!!If you thought book 1 was crazy damn book 2 is going freaking amazing ...
  • Sammyll
    I came across Ruby on Goodreads as I was searching for my next ‘bully’ book, I liked the sound of Marked the first book in the Evergreen Academy series and was blown away, I was gripped from the start, halfway through I started searching for the release date of this book the next one in the series, and was so lucky that I only had to wait a few days for its release date, BUT one day before the release I received an ARC, super excited I starte...
  • Sille
    Suspenseful, and DramaticThis is the second book in the Evergreen Academy series, and the continuation of Valentina's story. The Knights, Ryder, Maverick, Ezra, and Jaxson, succeed in breaking Valentina last year, but she not out of the game yet, and now she out for blood, and looking to take the Elite Knights of Evergreen down. They thought they got rid of her last year, but Valentina's back this year, and she looking for revenge, will Valentina...
  • Sharon
    This is book 2 in the series and I think everyone needs to read “Marked” which is book 1 before going into this one. Here we see Val returning for another year, but she’s done being the victim, she’s strong and she is going to give back everything that she went through with interest! It’s a brilliant written story and the characters are great. It’s dark, so be aware of that, but it’s a fantastic read. Waiting for book 3 to see where...
  • Philleys Peters
    I am really surprised at how much I am enjoying reading this series! I love hating Evergreen Academy and the things they allow their students to get away with especially when one of them is "marked". But redemption comes in the form of some really brilliantly executed vengeance by our heroine Valentina. I loved it, all of it! But some eye opening revelations have put a whole new twist to the story. I can not wait to see what happens next!I receiv...
  • Rachel Benham
    Val returns for a second year at the academy. She has a revenge on her mind. The Knights made her life a living hell now she is going to deliver it back ten fold. As she marks off her list she realized that Ryder and her had something in common. As she learns the devestating secret the knights share she sees them in a different light. Together they band together to bring justice to those who wronged them. But things go bad at the end and brings h...
  • Shana
    Book 2I just knew this series was going to be good ..I started reading book one Saturday afternoon and couldn't put it down its now Sunday morning and I just finished book 2 all I can say is wow great story it has some shocker plot twist's and the building Chemistry between Val, Jackson Ezra Ryder and Maverick is going to be hot once they get there this is a must read and I can't wait for book 3
  • Maria Banales
    Wow I’m Hooked!Ok these books are just getting better and better.. Talk about one surprise after another.. I wish the books were longer, but that doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t take away from how good these books are and how they have me on the edge of my seat with counting down the days until the next book in this series comes out.. Because I can’t wait..
  • Deb
    A brilliant second book that is filled with the promised revenge. The reveals are heartbreaking. Their reactions are priceless; their anger is palpable. I was captivated by the author's ability to protray the scenes with wonderfully descriptive words so I felt I was actually in the scenes with the main character. A great second book and I'm looking forward to reading more from this series.
  • Rachel Campbell
    Excellent!!!Finally a bully book where the girl really gets revenge!! I loved Valentina! She was so awesome and she really got back at those that went after her in the first book! Val is totally my girl! She was no joke and I loved this strong heroine! I’m loving this series and am definitely getting the next book!
  • Meka Weaver
    Brilliant Wow I loved it. What a read so much drama and meaning to the word bully. FMC was strong and had a crazy backbone in this book. Her growth was amazing. Her payback beautiful. We start to see a different side of the guys and Sofie. New secrets, what a rollercoaster. Does end on a cliffhanger.
  • Jennifer Turner
    Started off with a bang then it flopped Really the spades you would think would be more then one person but no it somehow turned into one female teacher that some how molested all four boys it went from believable to WTF? Really quick and now we have to wait for another book to come out no thank you
  • Jodi
    Sweet retribution!!!!That vengeance was so good I needed a cigarette after! I was right and damn did it feel so great to be right. I still can’t forgive or trust the guys. Not to mention anyone else at the school. Hopefully guilt doesn’t destroy our heroine.
  • Jamie Ellis
    Revenge is so sweet.Loved this installment but it's not over. Can't wait to read what the Knights and Van go through next. 2 more books being it on!!I recommend this bookThanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis
  • Nancy Arnold
    Keeps getting betterThis series is amazing! I woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't wait, the pages flew by. I have no idea where we're going but I'm staying on this rollercoaster. The best part is, only a two week interval between installments.
  • Sherri Morris
    Very enjoyable great readingWow! This keeps getting more intense and I love it. I definitely did not see that coming Adam being her son and the ryders father or who he thought was his father being the daddy.I can't wait to see what will happen next for them.
  • Lindi
    I loved Book 1 and I loved book 2! I loved all the mysteries of what was happening that constantly kept me guessing of who could the ' spade ' be. I cant wait for book 3 in just a couple of days to be released!
  • Dezi
    Great addition!Book 2 was just as great as the first! I seriously could not put it down and finished it up in one sitting. Val is one tough cookie and I can't wait for book 3 to see how her relationship works with the Knights.
  • Melissa Hickman
    Wow!!!!This series just keeps getting better!!!!! The mysterious keep piling up and the guys get hotter!!!!!! Valentina was awesome giving back to the people that tried to beat her down and I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!!
  • April
    Outstanding readVery dark but so worth the read. These are fabulous broken characters entwined together. Secrets revealed that will have your jaw dropping. Great plot.
  • Karen
  • Nikolett Farkas
    Amazing!Such a great ending. I can’t wait for the next one. I couldn’t put the book down. Hopefully there is a happy ending. I wonder who she will end up with.
  • CallMeZ
    Yesssss. Valentina was so badass in this!
  • Karla
    HookedReally enjoyed this series. First book was awesome and 2nd book lived up to and exceeded expectations. A must read.
  • Joleen Grace
    Book 2 This Spade is hardcore with their goal. But so is Val! She came back with a vengeance . She took care of the Knights like a boss
  • Cheryl
    frick it got good near the end and now I don’t have the third book I’m sad
  • Kristine Fangman
    Plot twists!Holy moly! Just when you think you know what’s going on everything shifts. I seriously can’t wait to see what happens next in Bound!