Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2) by T.S. Joyce

Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)

Morgan Holland is a poacher’s daughter looking for a way out of the swamp. She’s been making secret moves to relocate, but it seems like every time she takes a step forward, she gets shoved two steps back. Her dad and friends are on the hunt for the Shifters, and they’re closing in fast. She doesn’t know Liam Lachlan, but he’s in danger, and she’ll take a huge risk to warn him. She’s walking a fine line that could get her in deep tr...

Details Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)

TitleDig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)
Release DateAug 25th, 2019
PublisherWicked Willow Press
GenreRomance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Reviews Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)

  • Jennifer
    **My review is not an attack on the author. I actually quite like her a lot, but this, this was not a good book. Regardless I can't give it less than three stars.**I've been disappointed by the last several of these books. They feel like they keep getting shorter and shorter and are pretty much just novellas now. I follow the author on social media and I can see that she's got a lot going on and that's okay. You should have a life outside of writ...
    Protecting Morgan!!!Morgan Holland, the daughter of the biggest and meanest poacher in the swamps who was looking for a way out of Uncertain. She was secretly making plans to move but each time those said plans got derailed. Her father and his friends were hunting Shifters. She knew that Liam Lachlan was in danger, even though she didn't know him at all. She had to warm him so she risked everything and took a chance.Liam Lachlan was Holt's ( SWIM...
  • Amelia
    The Keepers of the Swamp series has an innovative premise, and the second book added more fascination that kept me totally engrossed during any situation that cropped up. Every development cleverly imagined by T. S. Joyce comes across as believable, even when an incident is beyond anything within my reality. The supernatural aspects seem to be so natural, making me want to think these events could actually occur. DIG DEEPER is constantly spellbin...
  • Lisa
    This is a good book but I didn’t love it like I did the first one. I really enjoyed parts of it and have a few highlighted passages. Liam is much more than he seems. It was great to see him open up and sometimes I forgot he was gator with the way he acted. We are able to delve more into the relationship between him and Holt. They really come a long way in this one. It’s good to see everyone making changes. The town, the gatahs, and the mates....
  • Jessica
    Joyce is one of my favorite writers, and I think I've read all, but one of her books. As usual, I enjoyed the story, but as a few other reviewers stated, it felt short. It wasn't rushed. What was there flowed fine, but there was a lot of story that wasn't told, that I felt could have been added to make the whole story better. Another 30-40 pages would have turned this from a nice read to a really solid, enjoyable novel. You are shot-gunned into M...
  • Shelley
    A 🐊 and a poachers daughter😍I’m so excited that this book came out today😁 I honestly never thought I’d like reading about any other type of shifter besides the usual bears and wolves that T.S. Joyce wrote about, but I am loving this series💕 Morgan is the daughter of a poacher and as the years go by, she’s been forced to become less than...because of her family. She witnessed Liam Change a few years before and never told a soul a...
  • Elizabeth
    Liam and Morgan Wow! Amazing read from a amazing writer that will get you glued to the story to the very end. Great plot, likeable characters and red hot romance that will get your panties in a twist for sure. Liam is a alligator shifter that keeps everybody away. Until Morgan, the daughter of a local poacher and his enemy. He started really looking at her when she protected him and his family. Morgan feels invisible in her on home. Spending her ...
  • Darcy
    This one is a bit of a Romeo and Juliet story, only with a gator shifter and the daughter of a poacher. I loved that Morgan wasn't like her family, in fact she sort of hated them and how for years she kept Liam's big secret. I thought more would come of Liam learning that, but instead he fooled us and Morgan because he knew. I think that alone helped Liam believe Morgan when she called to warn them what her father was up to. With that one call Mo...
  • Maria
    Needed More3.5 Stars - Liam and Morgan's story was a good addition to this new Keepers of the Swamp Series. I could not rate this higher for a couple of reasons. First their were a couple grammatical errors. Then the most important is that it ended too soon. There should have been so much more. It felt rushed at the end. The characters deserved a more well rounded ending. It made it feel as though there was a cliff hanger which to be honest I do ...
  • Judy Warshaw
    Simple but sweet.Love these books. Such a good story buried in the interactions of the characters with each other and with the town. I delight in reading them and have enjoyed every one. I set aside a few hours and get engrossed in a fantasy that isn't real because over and over the author talks about family and the life satisfaction to be found in the closeness and in the knowledge that someone you love and who loves you will always have your ba...
  • Sandy Bowers
    Omg!!!!!Again, as with most of her series, these stories just keep getting better and better with every new release!! I LOVED this book!!! This author grabs you up from Page one of her books, and doesn't let go till the end!!! Love, thrills and chills, fury, admiration, hope, are just a few of the emotions she evokes!! And the very best part? She doesn't make you wait a year for the next new release!! Usually you get a new one every month of so w...
  • Debbie
    Dig Deeper is the second book in the Keepers of the Swamp series. Unlike the last book, I felt this one had more actual story in it. We were able to get to know Morgan a little bit, and clearly see and understand why she wanted to leave her father and his friends in order to make a better life for herself. Liam is a nice guy. Just like Holt, I believe he’s spent a great deal of his life being lonely and trying to hide who he really is. The stor...
  • Gail Stroker
    Absolutely loved it! As always T.S. Joyce has gone and written one amazing shifter romance. Morgan & Liam’s story is so beautiful! Poor Morgan has had a awful life with a horrible father and his poacher friends. All Morgan wants is to save enough money to move out and start her life. Liam’s support gives her the strength to keep moving forward. You’ll totally fall in love with these two. You’ll get more of Holt, Bre, Fargo and Raina in th...
  • Carmen
    A Grand Slam!I absolutely adore T. S. Joyce’s books. I think I own every one she has published because they are so much fun to read. Her characters are alway a little off kilter but you quickly get into the story and love them. This book is set in the bayou and deals with a gator shifter named Liam and the girl he falls hard for, Morgan. Two outcast come together and have that epiphany that maybe they can have happiness too. It was sweet, a lit...
  • Noemi
    Gatah love foundMorgan has a secret. A secret that isnt her's to tell, so she's kept quiet. Then it all unravels once she captures Liam's eye. Life will never be the same.Liam is drawn to Morgan. This attraction was something he'd never experienced. She'd seen him in his secret place. He was surprised she hadn't told the others.Their lives are now interwined. There's no going back.It was a good read! I wish it'd been longer. Cant wait for Fargo n...
  • Jane Elizabeth
    KU Edition reader Things are heating up in this second story. There is a lesson to be learned and T.S. Joyce said it perfectly with this sentence: Sometimes family isn’t blood, sometimes it’s the people you gather around you who you can trust, who have your back, who cheer when you triumph, and who cry when you cry.”There is a lot of truth right there!Great story and series.
  • frances dunning
    The poachers daughter and her gatahI thought Holt and Bres story was amazing, but Morgan and Liams is my new favorite. These stories are always emotional and this one was heartbreaking. I'm excited for for the next in the series. I think the town just might come together and rid themselves of these bad guys intending to harm their own. I can't wait for Raina to become a great grandma. Things are going to get crazy.
  • Meghan
    Awesome as always!I don't think I have read a T.S Joyce book that I don't absolutely love. Dig Deeper hooked me from beginning to end and o didn't put it down until I was finished. This author has an amazing ability to make you want to just immerse yourself in the fictional universe that she has created. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next book in the series has in store for us. LOVE T.S Joyce and her characters.
  • Sian Bulpin
    Loving this series!!Morgan is a poachers daughter but doesn't agree with their ways.Liam and his gatah has taken a shine to Morgan but will they get on.Find out by reading,. Great story of how two people from different sides can get on and how small minded some people can be.Another excellent read.
  • Helen
    LiamI knew he was a good guy! I saw it in him in the 1st book! I loved their story! I can't wait for the next one! I recommend this book, this series, and anything this author writes. If you like seeing women empowered and overcoming great barriers, you'll love these books! I've not been disappointed yet and I've read most all of them. Enjoy!
  • Jamie
    Oh my!!!In a place where most people see dirty water, heat and humidity and incredibly large reptiles T.S. Joyce brings us a story of beauty and joy, of overcoming obstacles and finding family. Well written and researched down to the language used in areas of swamps, think gatah for gator. Perfect length, perfect back story perfect book.
  • Melanie
    Fantastic!!!What an amazing ride! I will be honest and say I wasn't sure if I would like a gator shifter with never reading one but the first book made me love love love them!! This was a fantastic read from start to finish. I can not wait until we see what fargos story will be. I knew from the first book that there was more than meets the eye with that dog.
  • Dee
    Excitement supreme!!!!I love US Joyce's books! This is another exciting book! Each page brings more excitement. Liam is powerful, protective, fun and thoughtful! Morgan is a stand up woman with a scrappy father! The way everyone stands up to her father and suck bag Cal is fantastic.
  • LaKeysia Briscoe
    I loved every moment of Liam’s story! I can’t wait for Fargo story! Man when Holt told Fargo to Fuck em up! I was cheering him on! Favorite line in the book! You’ll love this book! I’m never disappointed when I read TS Joyce. Just sad that I have to wait for the next release and that I finished so fast because the book was so good 😊
  • Jen
    Ahhhhhhh Oops she did it againShe played with my heartAnd put it back together again!Omg this book is awesome. I have never been a fan of reptiles but I want me a gatah-boy. This book had me oohing and aahing and crying and laughing. I was screaming at it my kids thought I was crazy. If you want a shifter book that has all the feels get this series.
  • Andrea
    I love these Gatahs!!!!I finished this within a night! So so so good! Love me these gatahs and their drive protectiveness and loyalty to those they care about. Also, can I just say I knew Fargo would get his own story and I cannot wait for it!!!!! T is amazing and I love the way her brain makes up these beautiful worlds!!!
  • Kirsten Ensman
    Gatah man gets his mateLiam finds his mate in an unlikely place. Morgan doesn't like her life. She hates what her father does and helps to protect Holt and Liam. The story is really good. Cal and Seamus hurt Morgan without a care. Only thinking of themselves as usual. A sunrise in The swamp never looked as good as the one Morgan and Liam shared. Gatah's rule!!
  • Sarah Cleaver
    Romance awayT s joyce is a marvel she always surprises me with her shifter books each and every one are brilliant. I love them all. This one is liam and morgans story and aww im so happy they found each other. Im hoping liam will eat cal and her dad at some point thou those two are a waste of air
  • Denise R
    NOT AGAIN!!!!It has happened again! I turned the page only to find I have reached the end of another riveting story by T.S. Joyce when all I want is more more more! So many feels, so much strength... Her books just keep getting better with every book she writes, & that's saying a lot considering her earlier books are awesome! I am on pins & needles waiting for the next book!
  • myles hillier
    Not enjoying series unfortunatelyI was sceptical about Gators, went with it read the first book, didn't love it, second book again not hooked and next we have a shifter dog! Usually love T.S works even Squirrels, Ravens etc, this series just not gripping me at all. I'm sad because I want to love them but just not connecting.