Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2) by T.S. Joyce

Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)

Morgan Holland is a poacher’s daughter looking for a way out of the swamp. She’s been making secret moves to relocate, but it seems like every time she takes a step forward, she gets shoved two steps back. Her dad and friends are on the hunt for the Shifters, and they’re closing in fast. She doesn’t know Liam Lachlan, but he’s in danger, and she’ll take a huge risk to warn him. She’s walking a fine line that could get her in deep tr...

Details Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)

TitleDig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)
Release DateAug 25th, 2019
PublisherWicked Willow Press
GenreParanormal, Shapeshifters, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Reviews Dig Deeper (Keepers of the Swamp, #2)

  • SheLove2Read
    3.75 stars
  • Shelley
    A and a poachers daughterI’m so excited that this book came out today I honestly never thought I’d like reading about any other type of shifter besides the usual bears and wolves that T.S. Joyce wrote about, but I am loving this series Morgan is the daughter of a poacher and as the years go by, she’s been forced to become less than...because of her family. She witnessed Liam Change a few years before and never told a soul and now when she ...
  • Darcy
    This one is a bit of a Romeo and Juliet story, only with a gator shifter and the daughter of a poacher. I loved that Morgan wasn't like her family, in fact she sort of hated them and how for years she kept Liam's big secret. I thought more would come of Liam learning that, but instead he fooled us and Morgan because he knew. I think that alone helped Liam believe Morgan when she called to warn them what her father was up to. With that one call Mo...
  • Charlotte
    *WARNING* contains sexual contentLiam was losing more control if his beastly gator. Liam knew the older he got, the worse his gator would get unless he found someone to protect.Morgan is the poacher's daughter. Morgan has no life other than work, and cooking for her dad and his vile friends. Morgan wants to get out of there, she doesn't agreed with what her dad says or does.This little town rallies together to save/help its own, I like that most ...
  • Sian Bulpin
    Loving this series!!Morgan is a poachers daughter but doesn't agree with their ways.Liam and his gatah has taken a shine to Morgan but will they get on.Find out by reading,. Great story of how two people from different sides can get on and how small minded some people can be.Another excellent read.
  • Þórey Jónsdóttir
    I’m not sure what it is but this series is not doing it for me like the others. Maybe because it’s a bit more serious?
  • Gale Albright
    T.S. Joyce is an incredibly talented author. Every single shifter story she writes is filled with magic. This story was both amazing and heartbreaking. We live in a world where being different is looked down on. I wish we could just learn to love one another.
  • Jenny - Book Sojourner
    3.5 Stars. Really liked Morgan and Liam. And liking this swamp family. Could have used more, or longer chapters, in the end. Felt a bit rushed. But really liked the overall story and the couple.
  • Natalie Waters
    DNF at 50%. So I never thought I would say this...but I think my love affair with T.S. Joyce may be coming to an end. Whilst I absolutely adored, fell in love with and was beyond excited by her Damon’s Mountains series of books and even her Red Dead Mayhem and Outlaw Shifter series, I have found it more and more increasingly difficult to get behind her latest releases. Her Tarian Pride series was too sporadic for me, some of it really good, som...
  • Shawn
    No resolution / cliffhanger and way too many typos
  • Marsha Keeper Bookshelf
    Reviewed at Shifter HavenDIG DEEPER brings us Holt’s cousin, Liam’s story and perhaps a softening of the anger of their relationship. This one is full of moments that made me chuckle but I think my favorite laugh out loud moments came very early on with a conversation between Holt and Liam. Sometimes men, including shifters, are simply clueless about their women. *grin*I liked Morgan. She’s in a rough place in life, a poacher’s daughter w...
  • Jennifer
    **My review is not an attack on the author. I actually quite like her a lot, but this, this was not a good book. Regardless I can't give it less than three stars.**I've been disappointed by the last several of these books. They feel like they keep getting shorter and shorter and are pretty much just novellas now. I follow the author on social media and I can see that she's got a lot going on and that's okay. You should have a life outside of writ...
  • Amelia
    The Keepers of the Swamp series has an innovative premise, and the second book added more fascination that kept me totally engrossed during any situation that cropped up. Every development cleverly imagined by T. S. Joyce comes across as believable, even when an incident is beyond anything within my reality. The supernatural aspects seem to be so natural, making me want to think these events could actually occur. DIG DEEPER is constantly spellbin...
  • Polly
    Dig Deeper--Possible SpoilersI love Liam Lachlan. I don't like his gatah (gator) as much as I like Holt Lachlan's gatah (from "Swim Deeper"). I also don't like the heroine in this book, Morgan Holland, as much as I like Bre Haynes, Holt's mate from "Swim Deeper." To be fair, Morgan had an extremely difficult--likely abusive--upbringing. Her mother walked out on her when she was about 10 years old and told her to her face it was her fault. Her fat...
  • yessenia
    ﹍ 2 stars ﹍I just have read another book by TS Joyce, Tarian Silver Lion, and I like it so much. So it surprised me this one felt so different from that one in terms of writing style. I don’t know if it was because the characters are younger—though she’s 29 and he’s 35, they’re adults!—or because it’s another series but I just didn’t feel the story. I know it’s a short one but everything felt rushed, from the “romance” t...
  • Lisa
    This is a good book but I didn’t love it like I did the first one. I really enjoyed parts of it and have a few highlighted passages. Liam is much more than he seems. It was great to see him open up and sometimes I forgot he was gator with the way he acted. We are able to delve more into the relationship between him and Holt. They really come a long way in this one. It’s good to see everyone making changes. The town, the gatahs, and the mates....
  • Jessica
    Joyce is one of my favorite writers, and I think I've read all, but one of her books. As usual, I enjoyed the story, but as a few other reviewers stated, it felt short. It wasn't rushed. What was there flowed fine, but there was a lot of story that wasn't told, that I felt could have been added to make the whole story better. Another 30-40 pages would have turned this from a nice read to a really solid, enjoyable novel. You are shot-gunned into M...
  • Kathy Wideman
    This is the second book in this series. While they can be read as standalones, I think they are better read in order. Morgan is a poacher’s daughter. She can’t wait to be able to leave her father’s house. She has been saving and is so close. Liam is a legendary gator shifter. He is quiet about what he is but that doesn’t mean there aren’t rumors. Morgan finds out that Liam is in trouble and goes to warn him. Liam has always seen Morgan ...
  • Deb Cechak
    Deep Water for Each OtherTS Joyce, once again, pummels our hearts with her second book in her Keepers of the Swamp series, Dig Deeper. When Morgan realizes that she can have and be more than her poacher daddy determines, she finds herself at a crossroads. And standing in the middle of that crossroads, is a big ’ol gator by the name of Liam. Liam finds himself ‘feeling’ in a way her never has before, as he and his gator decide they need to p...
  • R.B. Austin
    "Dig Deeper" received FOUR stars. The novel gained *stars* for these items: * gained for: "The book caught my interest in first five pages."*gained for: "I thought about the bookwhen I was forced to set it down and re-enter society."* gained for: "I was sad when the book ended. I wanted more!"The novel failed to gain stars for this item:NO STAR gained for: "There were no info dumps, poor writing, or copy edit mistakes that jerked me out of the st...
  • L M
    Started well but then all of a sudden it ended.Though this does add a bit more to the overall story, it just felt too cramped, too much rush, rush, rush.Felt it was lacking romance, as Liam and Morgan dance around each other for too long and only come together properly when her family causes more disruption.Liked Liam and how he grew closer to Holt over the story.Morgan is hard to review. I liked that she wanted to better herself and was nothing ...
  • Elizabeth
    Liam and Morgan Wow! Amazing read from a amazing writer that will get you glued to the story to the very end. Great plot, likeable characters and red hot romance that will get your panties in a twist for sure. Liam is a alligator shifter that keeps everybody away. Until Morgan, the daughter of a local poacher and his enemy. He started really looking at her when she protected him and his family. Morgan feels invisible in her on home. Spending her ...
  • JodyL
    Liam is funny and caring.Book two is just as good as book one. I love the way people are starting to come together to fight for what is right.Morgan has been put down by her father all her life. She is expected to cook, clean and do everything else for him, even hand over the paycheck she works hard for. All of this while he spends her money and poaches the animals from the swamp.Liam is one of those animal that her father searches for. He is an ...
  • Maria
    Needed More3.5 Stars - Liam and Morgan's story was a good addition to this new Keepers of the Swamp Series. I could not rate this higher for a couple of reasons. First their were a couple grammatical errors. Then the most important is that it ended too soon. There should have been so much more. It felt rushed at the end. The characters deserved a more well rounded ending. It made it feel as though there was a cliff hanger which to be honest I do ...
  • Claire
    Liked this one better than the second - even though Morgan is probably in a worse situation than Bre, she seems more capable, having made a plan to escape her home life that doesn't involve relying on or tricking anyone else. I also liked Liam a bit more than Holt - even though he's supposed to be equally, if not more so, aggressive and dominant, I think that he was actually more relaxed and in tune with his gator, and for all his words about dis...
  • Kendra Spencer
    Make them longer againYou know I've read the entire Damon mountains books and the spin offs with their offsprings more than a few times. I really wish you would make your books longer again. This one felt rushed. There was even a portion towards the end for a whole paragraph you said Bre but meant Morgan. You will always have a fan and reader and me so I hope you listen and begin making the books longer again. I just read this in like two hours. ...
  • Judy Warshaw
    Simple but sweet.Love these books. Such a good story buried in the interactions of the characters with each other and with the town. I delight in reading them and have enjoyed every one. I set aside a few hours and get engrossed in a fantasy that isn't real because over and over the author talks about family and the life satisfaction to be found in the closeness and in the knowledge that someone you love and who loves you will always have your ba...
  • Sandy Bowers
    Omg!!!!!Again, as with most of her series, these stories just keep getting better and better with every new release!! I LOVED this book!!! This author grabs you up from Page one of her books, and doesn't let go till the end!!! Love, thrills and chills, fury, admiration, hope, are just a few of the emotions she evokes!! And the very best part? She doesn't make you wait a year for the next new release!! Usually you get a new one every month of so w...
  • Debbie
    Dig Deeper is the second book in the Keepers of the Swamp series. Unlike the last book, I felt this one had more actual story in it. We were able to get to know Morgan a little bit, and clearly see and understand why she wanted to leave her father and his friends in order to make a better life for herself. Liam is a nice guy. Just like Holt, I believe he’s spent a great deal of his life being lonely and trying to hide who he really is. The stor...
  • Monica
    I have to admit I liked this book much better than the first. Not that it wasnt good or anything. I just related better with Morgan and Liam. That girl has been through hell! She still goes through it. Liam has always known about Morgan...knows who she is or better yet who her Father is. He knows she's different though and its because of her warning that things didnt go sideways. She just wants out and well spending time with Liam...she's not sur...