Evermore by B.B. Reid


Grab your dancing shoes and put on your prettiest dress. It's prom season in Blackwood Keep and forever can't wait any longer! Four Archer was the toughest girl around. Just ask anyone. She’s the street racing daredevil who brought the King of Brynwood Academy to his knees. But watching her boyfriend fawn over his childhood playmate—even though it was just an act—would be her toughest challenge yet. When jealousy rears its ugly head, Four q...

Details Evermore

Release DateAug 30th, 2019
PublisherBebe's Reads LLC
GenreNew Adult, Romance, Novella, Contemporary

Reviews Evermore

  • Hanna's Book Obsession
    I received an ARC of the E-book in exchange for an Honest Review}{I listened to the Pod cast over on Read Me Romance as well}This Novella is EVERYTHING!!!! Oh my Gosh!!! I LOVE Four and Ever with all my heart and being back in their heads is so wonderful. B.B. brings it with the angst in this one! Four and Ever are still forbidden and secret and watching them sneak around is so sexy. Their connection only grows even when they are tested! I love t...
  • Anna Banana
    4.5 starsIt was great being back inside of Four and Ever's POV. This is a great novella to kind of tie up some loose strings but also leave you excited for the next book with the way everything is being set up. Jamie still makes me want to throw up in my mouth every time he talks but I am curious to how his love story with Barbie will go. Also I need Vaughn and Tyra to be endgame so I need book 3 to come out so I can see how their love story will...
  • Insane Book Lover
    “Forever and always” ➡➡➡ INSTAGRAM: @insanebooklover 😊❤After finishing The Moth and the Flame. This was everything I needed.!!!I adored the way Ever is head over heels in love with Four.And how Four will always challenges him.Even though this is a short. It plays a vital role in the When Rivals Play series.You have to read it. And since the situation FourEver have found themselves into is not an easy one. This novella will shed lig...
  • Tracy C
    YESSSS. I will be downloading the previous and the next book IMMEDEATLY!!
  • Carissa
    I'm so lost, these novellas/audios, should really be standalones.I listened to the professionally narrated audiobook on the Read Me Romance Podcast for FREE!Read Me Romance FREE Audiobooks ➝ https://bit.ly/2PzD65gListen for FREE here:iTunes ➝ http://geni.us/A888vRAGoogle Play ➝ http://geni.us/7lB4UBKStitcher ➝ https://bit.ly/2yX2zeH
  • Katie Pedersen
    I feel like I have no idea what I just listened to. I really wish the RMR podcast would not choose books that can't be read as stand-alones. I mean, they say they can be read as stand-alones but I guess I just disagree and this is at least the second book this season that I've felt this way. I still don't understand why Ever was pretending and the whole book revolved around that premise. This was beyond frustrating and confusing, so sadly, I coul...
  • Weronika - Little Steamy Reads
    „You’ve seen the lenghts I went to drive you away. How far do you think I’m willing to go to keep you?”It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with When Rivals Play series and that every glimpse of Four and Ever makes my heart beat faster. I went crazy for them in The Peer And The Puppet and the short story in Evermore made me fall in love with this couple even more! I’m such a sucker for lovers with many obstacles in their path and B.B. R...
  • queen_of_the_books_18
    ”Only ever you.”Evermore is a 15k word bonus Novella that takes you back into the lives of the Blackwood Keep Gang. For anyone who has read The Peer and the Puppet and The Moth and the Flame you will love this. I’m obsessed with this series so any words that BB Reid wants to write about these characters, I will scoop them up and read them in a heartbeat. ”Don’t you know I’m king, baby?””Only when I say so.” I love Four and Ever ...
  • Kahea
    ***4 Stars***FINALLY!!Well, kinda sorta since it will be a true finally situation when The Punk and The Plaything drops, but it’s the beginning and to say it took long enough is an understatement. This little novella shows us once again why Four and Ever are not only good people ~ despite what some believe ~ but so good for each other. And I can’t help but admit that as much as I do love “The Punk” I’m crossing my toes that he does get ...
  • Emily
    I listened to the podcast of this book. I was completely lost with the backstory. I had no clue what was going on. Definitely should have went with a stand-alone. I’m also not a huge fan of high school stories.
  • Becky
    Not really a fan. First, this isn't really a standalone--I was completely confused why Four and Ever have to hide their relationship and why Ever's pretending to be with someone else for most of the book, and now that I'm finished I still don't get it. Why are so many characters living at Ever's dad's house? Where is Four's mother? Isn't she supposed to be there too? (Honestly, the adults are pretty much an afterthought here, if even that.) How d...
  • Rebecca
    I love B.B. Reid’s When Rivals Play series; the world she constructs and the characters she develops all add to the angsty feel of Blackwood Keep and more importantly, Brynwood Academy. It’s clear that money talks and secrets reign in this town but despite the transformative power each one seems to have, those involved still have a choice and even though it’s inundated with obstacles and plagued with a slew of second guessing, the only way ...
  • Keri Loves Books
    There is never enough Four and Ever! This quick read will give you your fix as we wait impatiently for more of this captivating series!Going to prom is a right of passage, but what’s the point if you can’t go with the man you love. Four would rather skip it if she is forced to sit back and watch Ever go with Barbie.Hiding their love is becoming more of a challenge. Not being able to love out loud is taking it’s toll. Ever is going to have t...
  • Erika PBookHavenBookBlog
    A fun glimpse into one of my favorite couples keeping me salivating for the next book!! Four and Ever had me glued to the pages, giggling at their antics, and swooning all over as the Author gave us some extra time with them that I adored so hard. If you loved them as much as I did in The Peer and The Puppet!! I inhaled the goodness as if I was starving!! I absolutely cannot wait for more!! I thank the Author for providing a copy to review!!~~~Er...
  • The Talented Miss Ripley
    I listened to the podcast because well I wanted to see what this novella was about. It brings back Ever and Four. While I read the Peer and the Puppet as well as Moth to the Flame I don't feel like you would get the clear picture of this novella if you have not read at least The peer and the puppet. I adore these characters but I really want Four and Evers story to continue. I loved the podcast and will be listening to more also i preordered. I l...
  • Joan
    Listened with Read Me Romance. Intrigued to read the full book... definitely would be more beneficial if you read book 1 before this one.
  • TheSassyNerdBlog
    I listened to this on RMR podcast not long ago and absolutely loved it. This story is Ever and Four's and HOT DAMN, It was hot. It was Emotional. It was intense and it completely consumed me as I listened to it, so when I saw the ebook coming out I knew I had to grab it and read it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as much as I did listening too. These two characters relationship was so push and pull that it will have you almost pulling out you...
  • Nadia
    "For nothing and no one in the world would I ever let myself lose you."Bebe Reid did it again. How tf did she manage to make me feel so much in just so few pages is beyond me. It's no secret I'm in love with this series and these characters and Evermore was just what I needed right now. I love how Ever was so determined and sure about his love for Four and how he was willing to do just about anything to stay with her.One extra star for so much Ja...
  • Denise
    I'll start by saying, I would recommend NOT listening to (the podcast) or reading this novella until you have read both the Peer and the Puppet & Moth and the Flame. I don't think you will be able to follow what is going on unless you do.As for the story, it was a novella so it was short. I'm a greedy/impatient lover of all B.B. Reid and didn't want it to end. This was a bit more of Four & Ever and takes place at the end of Moth and the Flame. So...
  • Jamie
    You should REALLY read book 1 first. I was NOT into what happened with these characters. And unfortunately it felt too young for my liking bc of it. The weird dual relationship made no sense bc I had not read previous book. Maybe I’ll get around to it but doubtful. Great writing tho, loved how the author tells the story, but yeah I was lost haha.
  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    ♥ ♥ ♥ I listened to the professionally narrated audiobook on the Read Me Romance Podcast for FREE!I advise not to read/listen to this one before reading the previous books, I wish I had to be honestly, because I believe I would have enjoyed it much more and not felt lost, giving it’s not a standalone. Enticing characters though, I’ll definitely check the rest of the series now!
  • Christina (The MasqueReader)
    More FourEver is exactly what I needed!,Four and Ever are one of my favorite BB Reid couples. This little novella was an absolute perfect addition to the When Rivals Play series. Gives a little something extra to all the FourEver fans out here. Can't wait for the next book.
  • fatin (booksforahufflepuff)
  • Phuong
    3.5 StarsThis was cute and a quick read.
  • Joey Love
    Good addition for an already amazing book.
  • abire
    "For nothing and no one in the world would I ever let myself lose you." August 2019 (reread) :Full review on my blog : https://dreadfullybookish.blogspot.co...Upping this to 4.5.This novella makes you fall even more in love with Ever and Four’s relationship and their love. As much as Ever is willing to do to protect his best friend, he would go through infinitely more to keep Four. And at no moment does he make you doubt who he loves or who he...
  • Steffi De Ceuster ♥
    I love Four and Ever! They are my favorite!This one didn't lack any steam or heat! It sure made me blush while running on the treadmill and I was already red..What this one made me realize more was how selfish Barbie actually is because if you truly care about your friend, you find another way to make the problem go away. She realizes it probably but still only sees her awful situation, and doesn't think what it would do to Ever or Four.. I found...
  • Kate Hastings
    🎧 Read Me Romance 🎧 4.5⭐’s **Connected to the Peer & the Puppet, something I was openly aware of going in as the “Lady Podcasters” couldn’t have been clearer it was a “.5 in a series” title. That and my eyes aren’t just for decoration while I’m booknerd-researching on GoodReads.😆**Because I’ve not read the two previous titles in the series I knew if “Evermore” didn’t float my boat, it would 1000% be on me (& not...
  • Cinderella (Nysa Bookish)
    *disclaimer: Evermore should NOT be read/listened to before reading The Peer and The Puppet AND The Moth and the Flame.I was really excited when Bebe announced that she's giving us a bonus scene with #FourEver with not just a few paragraphs, but a WHOLE novella!!!! Y'all, I rarely do Audiobook, because I need to read, see those words on a page, go at my own pace and create my own visuals. But I love the ladies at Read Me Romance, and them pairing...
  • Vanessa When Vane Reads
    English/spanish versionOMG! I loved this short story!! So addictive and sexy!! BB Reid slayed it! Four and Ever are EVERYTHING, I can't get enough of them.I love how they complement each other so perfectly. Their chemistry is so intense, their dialogues, and they are so tender at the same time.This short story hooked me from the first page and I couldn't put it down. It was the perfect conclusion for Ever and Four and the perfect introduction for...