Star Trek by Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek

You’ve seen the trailer... now, witness the events leading to CBS All Access’s Picard. Before he retired to his vineyard, Jean-Luc Picard was the most decorated admiral in Starfleet. Then one mission changed his life forever. The Countdown starts here!

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TitleStar Trek
Release DateNov 27th, 2019
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Trek, Sequential Art, Comics, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels

Reviews Star Trek

  • HBalikov
    Star Trek is a decades old television series that has successfully franchised its offerings into books, movies and graphic novels. Patrick Stewart had a long run as Jean-Luc Picard, the “Next Generation” captain of the Starship Enterprise. I heard that Stewart had signed up for a new Star Trek series and I was not willing to pay another streaming service for “premium access.” So when I saw this graphic novel purporting to cover the same s...
  • ThomyZ
    This was a fine opening chapter and the art by Angel Hernandez is great, as usual. Picard doesn't really sound like Picard to me, but I like the dilemma he is faced with, and look forward to where this plot is going.On the clearly negative side, the inclusion of the Odyssey-class USS Verity doesn't make a lick of sense and seems more like Star Trek Online fan service than anything else. Also, I'm just not a huge fan of the design.
  • Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
    Artwork is solid throughout, though the face in the cover itself feels off.The writing is heavily expository, setting up a scenario consistent with what we've come to expect based on the events of Star Trek (2009) and various hints dropped in interviews so far. The character of Raffi Musiker didn't make a great first impression. On the plus side, the story introduces a classic moral dilemma rife with dramatic potential. And it's nice to see some ...
  • Anna Heidick
    An alright introductory issue. It contains a fitting in-canon dilemma and decent character portrayals. It's a promising start. Art is good, though the cover makes me a bit uneasy. I can't help but keep evaluating how they did the face. It gives off a bit too much uncanny valley vibes.
  • Freya
    Review to come :)
  • Karsyn
    I can't WAIT for Picard. It's gonna be so so so gooooood!!
  • Christina Farr-Thompson
    Eh....don't know how I feel about this.
  • Stephen Hoenig
    Well written with excellent artwork. It does a good job of laying out the principle characters in advance of the next 2 books and the Picard series. So far I have only seem the first two of the TV series. I am enjoying it. I watched a Youtube video yesterday made up of a panel og "experts" who wee extremely critical of the show. In my opion they are way overthinking this new chapter in the Star Trek Universe. I look at this series, the comic book...
  • Shala
    Was hoping for a little more on the art in this series, but I love seeing how we get to the conflicts that lead to the new Picard show. I was very intrigued by all of the maneuvering of the Romulins in this story.
  • JR
    A glimpse of the unseenThis work was well done and ties well into cannon and the new series. It’s whet my appetite further for more episodes of Picard now that I’ve read this Title and seen the first episode.
  • Linda Hammett
    Short, but informative.Excellent preparation for the new series. Appreciate the continuity of the Picard character and find myself drawn further into the story.Onward to the next installment.
  • Kym Taborn
    I want more! A month is too long to wait! Admiral Picard has already found himself in the midst of a Romulan pickle. The stakes are high and he has few options. And we got to see Geordi. A quick but fun read.
  • W. P.
    Really enjoyed the story. The art work was good but not great. Overall, a great prequel to the Picard series coming up.
  • P aul Eaton
    InterestingSo we are back in the prime universe. Not sure about the uniforms. As for the story. Well this was written for Picard. Always the moral dilemma.
  • kevin browning
    It's a bridge between Nemesis and Picard series. It has an intriguing plot and gives you a small test to what's coming January 23rd.
  • Maria Whitehorn
    Reminds me why I don’t like comicsJust pre purchased the series to be aware of what Leads of to Star Trek Picard. After I finish this trilogy I will stick with the novels.
  • Takahiro Kawaguchi
    Must readIf you are gonna watch Picard .... this is a must read. I started to see the big picture ..
  • Scottston
    Great introduction!Great introduction to the new Picard series showing the events after the last Star Trek movie in the original timeline!
  • David
    Beautiful Comic and Well DrawnIt's a bit a tease though, obviously so you come back for more. Well written and fun though. Recommended if you plan to watch the upcoming series.
  • Daniel Bartoli
    An interesting start to the story preceding Star Trek: PicardA pot of introduction, as is to be expected, but it has whet my appetite for the next book in the trilogy.
  • Susan
    Just got into the new Star Trek Picard a.m.wanted to learn more about the new characters so I got this one and it was worth it.
  • theron smith
    GreatAn excellent prelude to the amazing new tv show that brings Picard back to the small screen. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
  • Razoor
    Really great setup for the show. Can't wait to see how the story develops from here.
  • Linda Wines
    Short but sweet to see Picard backWhat other rating could any of us possibly give it? We have been waiting decades to see our old friends.
  • Matthew
    What a first act!
  • Fangirl
    I like how it gives us some background to some of the new characters.
  • Adam Spinks
    It's a good book and it good readBecause it was good book and it's a really good read and I'd read again because it's a good book
  • Grant Nguyen
    A good startThis is the first glance into the world of Star Trek: Picard. A glance into the time between Nemesis and Star Trek (2009.) The images were vibrant, I loved it.
  • Shelley
    Very short. Glad I got it on sale, won't bother with the followup.
  • John R.
    Great Run Up to PicardI am intrigued! This really has me stoked to read the next volumes and to see the new series. Bring it on!