Awful Curse (Celestial Bodies #1) by Elena Monroe

Awful Curse (Celestial Bodies #1)

He was King of Arcadia Prep until she came for his throne…ARIANNAWe moved around a lot, too much.The shine of my highly respected and decorated military dad’s badge wore off after I became heavy baggage.I was the new girl thirteen times in two years and every time I had to tape up another box I grew more resentful. Forced to forget everyone I fell in love with, laughed with and bonded with.For a certain price you could unburden yourself from ...

Details Awful Curse (Celestial Bodies #1)

TitleAwful Curse (Celestial Bodies #1)
Release DateFeb 24th, 2020
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Awful Curse (Celestial Bodies #1)

  • Ashlee
    First time we were released, the Victorian Era. We were meant to influence the people, propel evolution forward, inspire changeUrban Fantasy has long been a sub genre of romance that Ive loved. Its been hard to find very many of them that arent the same exact trope though. They all are at school, they all revolve around a girl that doesnt know she has incredible powers and they all sorta blur together with their illustrative covers. Then enter El...
  • Karla Lopez
    YOU GUYS WHAT DID I JUST READ???? What a heck of a ride that story was. I want to start off by saying that Im not a fan of fantasy, but this book I LOVED IT!! The angst, the suspense, the characters they were everything. This story held some of the most intense unapologetic characters! And Im here for it. They were strong and admirable, but at the same time I wanted to shake them. Elena did an incredible job using Gods and signs to tell this stor...
  • Halle Reads
    4.5 🌟 Stars ▪▪▪ She was painfully normal. She was naturally curious, though, which made observing her a dangerous game. My new favorite game. ▪▪▪ Awful Curse is book 1 in the Celestial Bodies series and holy heck was it an insanely addictive and intruiging ride that kept me guessing until the very end and boy did I enjoy every minute of it.This is a fantasy new adult romance based off of astrology and greek mythology and set in a g...
  • Amber Dimartino
    Elena, you kill me with your books! Can you write anything but perfection? Each book is better then the last, you always have me hooked and salivating for more! This was my first Fantasy book that I actually finished, I was obsessed from the first chapter to the last. I couldnt imagine a life now with out Bolton and Arianna in it ( and Nyx..😜). I love how youre able to write such strong characters that mesh so well together. Arianna alone is t...
  • Victoria Weston
    I've read books by this author before and I really like her style of writing. This book is a fantasy and I didnt really know what to expect.The Celestial Bodies.This is the first book in this series.Arianna is a very sexy, strong minded woman and knows what she wants and how to get it.she moved around a lot and has been the new girl a lot of times and has had to start over a lot.Bolton is fearlessand is a real alpha male and is a very sexy guy an...
  • Kodie Mackay
    Normally when reviewing a book I have so much to say I can't filter my thoughts. This one I'm so opposite it's not even funny. I'm literally sat here flabbergasted at wtf I just read.Be prepared for rambling.I've given it 4 stars simply because it's not finished. It's a mother fucking cliffy. I don't like them and normally stay clear just because they drive me to the brink of insanity. However this one took me by surprise hence the shock of that ...
  • Adriana
    Wow firstly what did i just read!!!Anyone that really knows me knows i haven't read a paranormal book in many years but damm did the cover draw me in and so glad it did. This book took me to another word of Gods demigods. I really didn't know how this book would go with me as last time i tried reading a paranormal i ended up not finishing it as i just couldn't do it , but i really didnt have that problem with this one loved it cannot wait for the...
  • Kera (featherboundbooks)
    I am reeling from this book right now.I was graciously provided an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.The only reason this was not a five star rating was because there were frequent moments in this book that seemed muddled. Like I couldn't follow because of gaps in the story. But honestly, even that wasn't enough for me not to LOVE this book. Like, A LOT!*********UPDATE**********February 23, 2020I reread the first half of this b...
  • NativeHippiesBookObsession
    Hate me tomorrow. Right now, Im busy bowing.First off, Im obsessed with this book. I love the vivid world the author has painted. It rolled through my head like a film and I never want to leave. Ever. So many beautiful elements that tie this story together. The author leaves clue here and there while I gathered them up stuffing them in my bag and spreading them out on the table to put together the mystery. You get fantasy, mystery, drama, love, l...
  • Brown Li
    ARC PROVIDED FOR A HONEST REVIEW CLIFFHANGER WARNING Because I'm king, they won't disobey me, and you're mine. Okay so when I first got this book I was a little reluctant, with the whole fantasy aspect. But omg once I started reading, I literally devoured it. I just wanted to know everything, I couldnt wait to go to the next page and GET SOME FUCKING ANSWERS!Arcadia Preparatory School for the forgotten, left behind, and otherwise independent. It ...
  • Megan
    "Why would a king fight a knight?"I've been stewing on this review for a while because I just didn't have the words to explain my thoughts on how absolutely incredible this book is.I recieved an ARC in exchange for an honest review and upon starting, I initially thought to myself "is this for me?" And by around 4% of the book, I was intrigued by this strange sizzle with 6% I was hooked. What was Boltons issue?! Why did he react that w...
  • ✿❀ Blurry Mama ❀✿
    4.5 stars.This book was just awesome. Such a unique story. Descriptive without being OTT. Suspenseful without the cheesy clues. Sexy without being drawn out or forced.This book was definitely more fantasy than romance. The complexities of the interactions between all the characters was exhausting to read...which just means Elena Monroe knocked this out of the park. I can just imagine how her story notes looked trying to keep the names, signs, per...
  • Cierra McCauley (Cierra's Corner)
    New and Exciting! Awful Curse was just what the doctor ordered! I love all things greek mythology and I love me some history! Let me start with I went into this book completely oblivious to what it was going to be, I didn't fully stop and let the words "Celestial" sink in I was just super excited for a Monroe book! And let me tell you, Monroe blows you away with a story like never before! I'm obsessed with Awful Curse! I was so not expecting this...
  • Danielle (The Caffeinated Book Addict)
    I liked the idea of Awful Curse. I love mythology, Greek myths are one of my favorite things to read about, and the setting and everything was intriguing. "He was an enigma wrapped up in beauty and pain." But I was never fully able to connect to the characters. I liked Bolton and Arianna, but I always felt distant from them. I wasn't able to connect with them. I found myself losing interest while reading and not wanting to pick it back up becaus...
  • Ana Manjić
    "This was all written in the stars....this was the calm, and she was my storm, lightning and all."This is an outstanding one, well-plotted urban fantasy can I say fairytale for me?! - full of vivid characters and magical world/ancient gods and co-existing with the contemporary."Because I'm king, they won't disobey me, and you're mine." - I am more than human, I am almost god, I have a gift, I have a curse my name is Bolton. Stuck in Arcadia Pre...
  • Sarah N
    3.5stars! First of all....can we get a round of applause plus a standing ovation?! Because that cover is incredible! If that alone doesn't want to make you one-click, then consider an eye exam. That aside, Elena Monroe delivers an exciting and captivating new world in Awful Curse!I loved the main characters, as well as each additional POV from side characters! Monroe pens a strong and badass heroine in Ari, and a magnetic hero in Bolton. The conc...
  • Mel @thevocalromancer
    Awful Curse, book 1 in the Celestial Bodies series by Elena Monroe is an supernatural, urban fantasy. The story captivates you right from the beginning and keeps hold of you throughout all the ups and down, twists and turns. The author creates a vivid world that is unique, intriguing, and exciting. Bolton is intense and unapologetic. He is a complex character and I enjoyed getting to know him. Arianna is a bada$$ with a no-nonsense attitude who i...
  • ReadingInPyjamas
    Awful Curse is the first book in the Celestial Bodies series and it's my first experience with Elena Monroe's writing. It was definitely an intriguing and captivating PRN romance and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it. The story follows Arianna and Bolton. She's a new student at Arcadia Prep and her strong personality puts her on Bolton's radar. He is the King of the school, he makes the rules and when he feels like his title is being chal...
  • Amy [Book Addict Reviews]
    Elena Monroe is a new to me author and the concept of this book really caught my attention. Im not a huge fan of fantasy, however, with Awful Curse it was the perfect balance of contemporary and fantasy that sucked you into the story. Bolton is the king. He is the alpha of Arcadia Prep. Arianna is the new girl. She is fearless and strong. The chemistry between these two is out of this world. They are drawn to each other. They are meant to be toge...
  • Britney Chavez
    Oh Elena!!! Gosh do I love her writing! She just sucks you into her books and the world she creates!I am not a big fantasy reader but she got me. Of course it was about Greek gods and Greek mythology and I have always been obsessed with all of that! So going in I didnt really know what this was going to be about, I didnt read the blurb but I love Elenas books so I was all over it. 🙈But once I got started and really getting into the book I was ...
  • ||Elizabeth||
    My first read by Elena Monroe and definitely not my last! This story was super original, unique and utterly intriguing! The combination of gods, astrology, hidden memories, hierarchal power, love, lust, friendship, betrayal made for one heck of a story. It kept me at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Grasping onto any tidbit of information I could gather. Not only were the relationships between characters beyond captivating, b...
  • Anja Dettmann
    Elena Monroe is a new to me author.I also haven't read fantasy romances for a long time.Awful Curse will change it for me and Elena Monroe will be an author for me I will definitely reading.You get to know Arianna. She is a strong female character with a not so beautiful past. She is lonely and is covering it up with her sass.Bolten is the brooding 'king' of Arcadia Prep. Everyone is bowing to him except Arianna. There is always the damn fine lin...
  • Purpleflower
    I have been waiting for you to release a bookEpicI am ready for you bookLove it alreadyWhat a bookIt was enticing and I was enticedI enjoy and love it
  • Winter
    Four Celestial Stars Wow. This book. Just Wow. Full disclosure, I didn't expect much. I don't know the author, never read any of her books, but the blurb sounded interesting, so when I saw she sent me an ARC, I was surprised, intrigued and very nervous. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't it - it's so much, so, so, much better. Destruction leaves us untouched and toying with how much we can take.How was destruction not a god? The T...
  • ♣Bel♣
    Awful Curse 4 stars WAIT WAIT WAIT. HOLD UP. What was that ending? How is it okay to end a book like that and expect us to be fine?!?! I dont know what Im supposed to be thinking or how Im supposed to feel.... Ive been majorly anticipating this title not just because I love all of Elenas works but also this just sounded so fucking good. And in terms of concept, the world, the characters it was very intriguing, I did really enjoy that aspect of it...
  • thehotmesslibrary
    Awful Curse by Elena Munroe is an exciting and original book in the new Celestial Bodies series. The books main character Arianna is new to schoolagain. Being a military brat, she has been moved numerous amounts of times and she is hoping that this one may be her last, if only she can stay out of trouble. After living with a foster aunt and being moved for breaking and entering, her military dad ships her off to Arcadia Prep. A school which is a ...
  • Jill
    Im going to say 4 stars .... This book left me lost for words , but Im Not sure why - its taken me a while to try to think about what Id like to say about it . There was a lot to it , lots to try to grasp and understand . But lots of questions Im still left with . Its a Greek mythology, supernatural , young adult dark/bully romance . And I enjoyed reading it !Ari is a troubled 17 year old who starts at Arcadia prep - which we get introduced to as...
  • Paula Phillips
    I wasn't 100% sure what to expect with Awful Curse, just that it had a paranormal aspect to the novel and was set in a college environment and considered a potential bully romance. The book starts with our main character Arianna moving to a new school - Arcadia Prep as she fell into trouble with the mayor's son at her old school. This according to her father is a final resort as he is off on another top-secret military mission. Ever since her mot...