Friendship with God by Neale Donald Walsch

Friendship with God

The first book in a new series by the multimillion-copy bestselling author of Conversations with God.Neale Donald Walsch has changed the way millions of Americans think about God. His Conversations with God series, book 1, book 2, and book 3, have all been New York Times bestsellers- book 1 for over two years.The essence of Neale Donald Walsch's message lies at the heart of faith- the sacred place in every person, where he stands alone with his G...

Details Friendship with God

TitleFriendship with God
Release DateOct 1st, 2002
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Religion, Inspirational, Philosophy

Reviews Friendship with God

  • Brittany Henderson Dhawan
    This book would I think be shunned by a great many professing Christians for the simple reason that it presents a God that is completely non-judgmental and completely open to all without any preconditions. There is none of the 'my faith is better than your faith' or 'only people who believe like me go to heaven...' in this book. It is real, it is open, it is honest - and it painted a picture of God that is probably the closest that I've ever seen...
  • Laura
    I liked this one better than the Conversations series. I thought it was very honest and forthcoming. The main message is that of a New Gospel - we are all one. Our is not a better way, ours is merely another way. Throughout the entire series, God uses very clever play on words. My favorite in this book was that we are Gods in formation, God's information. We are God, in life expresses. He says that only when there is a change in the human heart w...
  • Mitzi
    Another great read from Neale Donald Walsch, if you enjoyed Conversations with God you will enjoy this one as well. I liked how he addressed his personal life and history a bit more in this book than he did the others, and how he struggled with going from being a regular guy to a well known spiritual author.
  • Anni
    This book is simply amazing. Whether you believe in God or not I would recommend this book to everyone. It has so much wisdom to share. So much wisdom that will change your life. I've read it three times now and everytime it has given me something to remember and think about :).
  • Elyana
    This book helped me realize that God really does love me and helped me strengthen my relationship with God. You have to have an open mind to read all of Walsch's Conversation with God books. They are certainly not for everyone.
  • Golrokh
    one of the most effective books in my life...!!!I love it.
  • Andy
    This is my favourite of the series. I have listened to the audio version over and over. My favourite place was walking all over the city of Victoria, BC with Neale and God friend-ing in my ears.
  • White
    Not much of a read. I believe this book reflects the misogynistic shadows of our culture. It puts men on a throne, sometime that is a must to tolerate while instructing women on how to accept them. Meanwhile, women are ridiculed and not taken seriously. Nah. If you're an independent woman and your husband can't communicate, reading this book will take you one step closer to divorce. This author should throw in the towel. I never read another one ...
  • Andréia Rivas
    My favourite book, my bedside table one. As a spiritual person, I found it the perfect mix of romance, religion and quantum physics. The dialogues have forever and profoundly changed my life as I have found in this book the perfect translation of my feelings and faith into words.
  • Umaymah
    I have had this book for over 2 years, read it in fits and bursts. One thing I know for sure, nothing in life is a coincidence. I finally finished it at a time I was meant to learn it's deepest lessons. For that I'm grateful.
  • Angelika Christie
    This is another book by Neal that follows his philosophy on how to make your God connection real and practical.
  • Chirag Donga
    The author is himself great. No need to describe it. But this book is partly about author's personal life if you are interested in it...
  • Rami
    I like this book but it’s very repetitive and it could be shorter, i like his first book more “Conversation with god” but its recommended for my friends who grow up with religion families
  • Jesus
    I mean every book of Neale has been eye opening. Thanks to him and the creator for opening many many door in my mind and my soul.
  • Skylar
    Highly RecommendedI would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a way to seek more answers out of life. This is also revolutionary in the idea that we can have a relationship God (inadvertently, ourselves) without the static requirements we may find in organized religions.
  • Zeeii
    I love Neale Donald Walsch style especially after I read for him the masterpiece "Conversation with God" trilogy. This books contains a lot of the concepts already explored in the previous 3 CWG books but nevertheless I enjoyed reading the book.
  • Clarice
    I haven't read his other books yet, but I resonate with a lot that he/God says. Marked several passages. I was blown away by the conversational style from the beginning and thought I'd breeze right through the book, but it's a long one, and it took me some time. Sure to be controversial with conservative Christians, I guess I'm a bit more open with the idea of more than one path to God. In fact, the one message he says we need to share is, "WE AR...
  • Soren Stewart-MacTavish
    Was surprised by this book actually. After having read (and loved) Conversations book 1-3, I found this book to appear as if Walsh was trying to "sell" [god] to the masses. Everything that could be covered was already covered in Conversations book 1-3, here he was just grasping at straws in a seemingly futile attempt to keep the story going. I have read many books on spirituality, and have never seen someone who was so spot on try to overcompensa...
  • Saniya
    "Life is a creative process, not a journey of discovery or a school of learning. You're not discovering yourself, but recreating yourself. So don't try and figure out who you are, but establish who you want to be. You create your reality every minute, probably without realizing it. You can be, do, and have whatever you can imagine. "- Neale Donald Walsch (Friendship with God)The book with great words. The essence of Neale Donald Walsch's message ...
  • Robyn Adams Young
    Quite possibly the most beautiful book I have ever read.Neale's questions are as raw and honest and poignant as are God's answers. An Uncommon Dialogue subtitle does not even begin to address the miracle of this conversation. I promise you, this is no remix of the convoluted angry God you have had shoved down your throat for eons. Dare to meet this one and so meet yourself and discover your own goodness, no matter how undeserving you may believe ...
  • Michelle
    Friendship with God? Talk about friendship with himself. Neale really disappointed me with his name dropping, his chapter dedicated to talking about how he feels he should accept money from his books. I couldn't get through it. He really showed how much he's changed since the Conversations with God books came out. He sold his soul to the industry.
  • Kat
    Taking the Conversations With God series further, this book was amazing and speaks to the necessity of developing your own deeply personal relationship with the Creator within.
  • Cherilyn Willoughby
    I think this book brings attention to your relationship with God and your feelings on that. It brought some comfort in my own thoughts and feelings and helped me to grasp new concepts on the subject. The content plays along with the other books on grasping bigger concepts and gets the thought process rolling as the others do.
  • Misti
    My favorite book yet! It answered my questions, reaffirmed what I already believed to be true and impacted me with new truth. Truly breath touched my soul on levels I can't put into words. MUST READ!!!!!!!!!
  • Melissa
    great message, but it could have been said in about 200 less pages (400 page book). it dragged a bit too long for me and at some points got a wee bit philosophical. nonetheless, it had a good message, and i would recommend it to those who are interested.
  • Debbie Albonaimi
    Again Neale is a wonderful writer. He is able to bring God down from the Heavens to demystify and allow him to be a spiritual presence without all the rules and regulations of institionalized religions.
  • Nancy Baack
    Another excellent spiritual book from the Conversations with God author. I seem to read these books when I most need them and this one does not disappoint. Such awesome info, comfort and inspiration (beyond religion and church) to the heart of love.
  • Lynn Manning
    Not as great as his other books