The Pure Heart by Trudi Tweedie

The Pure Heart

When Iseabail is employed by a wealthy merchant to be his daughter's companion, her life changes forever. Transported from her remote island home to the Scottish borderlands, Iseabail is unnerved both by her precocious young charge and the house's secrets: a hidden chapel, servants who speak in a foreign tongue, a mute stableboy. And then the merchant returns with a mysterious cargo. Why has Iseabail really been summoned here? And will she ever m...

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TitleThe Pure Heart
Release DateFeb 6th, 2020
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews The Pure Heart

  • Annette
    The nice thing about the Book Box Club is that I not only get books I normally wouldn't have gotten in the bookstore myself, but it's also that we do this buddy read, whether or not I'm in the mood for it. That means that I usually don't even bother to read blurbs or check out what the story is about. I dive in and then I see how it ends and what I think of it.I'm not entirely sure what to think of this book though. I think the premise and the st...
  • Lydia Hephzibah
    This was a lot more basic than I was expecting and I feel like it's being wrongly marketed as YA fantasy (which is a huge and rich category) when it is definitely more like middlegrade fantasy, aimed at age 12ish. The writing was quite bland and there was a lack of characterisation, and the exclamation points in the narrative bothered me. It also felt a bit ... loose. It didn't satisfy, and I don't think it was right to be included in a YA book b...
  • Justin Strain
    This is a stunning book – a suspenseful gothic novel set in Scotland in the time of the plague. The plight of Iseabail, and her dilemma as to whether she can ever return to her old life, resonates poignantly with the current world situation. Trudi Tweedie creates an eminently believable historical world, in which magic and fantasy seem somehow anchored in gritty reality. The period detail is beautifully described and never heavy-handed. Iseabai...
  • Aramiheartilly
    3.5 stars really. Damn. Every now and again I read a book that surprises me. I thought the story was too obvious for a while but that was, I think, intentional. Glad I read it. Pretty impressed with the ending though I think some of the execution of the story could have been improved along the way.
  • Zili
    I received The Pure Heart by Trudi Tweedie in Book Box Club's January box. I'm a little surprised by the number of negative reviews because I enjoyed the story (mostly), but each to their own and all that! I can understand why people found Iseabail annoying or difficult to like.This was a very different type of book to what I was expecting. In a good way! I was expecting a YA historical romance with a love triangle or two. Without giving anything...
  • Katie Williams
    The Pure Heart by Trudi Tweedie was the second book I received in Book Box Club's January box. I am officially all caught up! I mainly loved this story but there were a few things that irritated me slightly which is why I knocked a star off.The story is centered around Iseabail who lives on an island off of Scotland. She's due to marry the boy she loves but a stranger's letter takes her away from her home into the Scottish borderlands and to a ma...
  • Charlotte
    There are some books that leave you rattled, an unexpected twist to the end that leaves you unsettled and, in my case, aimlessly pacing the house to help process what just happened.The Pure Heart is gloriously gothic, set in the atmospheric Scottish Isles and on the border to England at a time of unrest. There’s a genuine fear, despite being the middle of nowhere, that the Protestant English could arrive and this bubbles away under the surface ...
  • Mary Judy
    The Pure Heart weaves a tale that is utterly enthralling. The historical backdrop of the Scottish borderlands pull the reader into an otherworldly place, but one that sits just beside the real world; wild and filled with creatures and events that simply cannot be. The tension steadily builds as the superstitions of the aftermath of the Plague fill the pages and Iseabail struggles to hold on to a sense of reason and uncover the knowledge she needs...
  • Insert Name Here
    Iseabail, a young girl from a Hebriden island, is employed as the companion of a rich merchant's daughter on the mainland. The position promises her wealth and education, but it may cost her far more than that.I have such mixed feelings about this book. And they've mostly surfaced since I finished reading and began thinking about it; while I was reading it I was caught up in the story and not really thinking about the implications.Let's start rig...
  • Rose
    I thought the writing and characterisation of the novel were bland. There was no development and it felt like each chapter was filled with worthless gibberish that added little to the plot. The protagonist was a bit like a wet wipe. Underdeveloped and lacking. I thought the story had real potential when I picked it up, but from less than half way through realised I was only reading it to finish it. Whilst the plot twist was dark and chilling, the...
  • Katie
    Firstly, I want to say thank you so much to Chicken House books for sending me a copy of The Pure Heart. I really do appreciate this opportunity.I did really enjoy my time reading this book. It is a very quick read which will instantly draw you in. I felt like I was so immersed into the story that I did not want to put it down because I wanted to know more.What I really enjoyed in this book was the world and the plot. I was very intrigued through...
  • Emily
    The whole way through, this book frustrated me to the point where I had to put it down and scream before continuing. I really really wanted to like this book- I was intrigued by the unusual setting. It’s not often that I come across a book set in 16th century Scotland about a simple Gaelic speaking ireland girl. It went downhill quite quickly. I found the writing style quite bland but that may be because the narrator was stiff and unlikable. I ...
  • Lisa
    Disappointing overall. I really wanted to like this book, setting and concept and cover art were all there: Scotland, legends, mysterious gothic setting. Elements and writing talent were there but 0 character/plot development restrained everything to fit the "pure heart" trope, resulted in frustrating unbelievable (and unlikeable) heroine, story, reading experience. Felt chained to a wall the whole read through. Author left a door wide open for a...
  • Bethany
    I really enjoyed reading this book. The story was original and the ending was definitely a surprise and a shock to me. There is nothing that I would say I disliked about it. However, some of the characters could have been developed more. I felt like I knew way too much about some and not as much about others. While some I couldn’t quite understand why they were there at all. I also felt like I needed closure with some of the events that happene...
  • Morrigan
    I liked this book but I didn't love it. There's nothing in particular that I dislike. I found the story interesting if a little predictable at times, and the ending was certainly surprising and original. Iseabail was also a likeable character although I failed to sympathise with her completely as I often felt she was far too trusting of the wrong people. In any case, I would say it was a pleasant read overall but it failed to pull me in as truly ...
  • Emma Piper
    Honestly I thought about reading this as it went with a reading challenge on Instagram. However when I recieved this in my bookboxclub, I really didn't have any interest in reading it. I wasn't wrong in that either. Although I managed to read all of it, I found the story incredibly lacking, a main character incredibly annoying and felt like the ending was rushed. The only part that did interest me was the ending as it sparked some interest in me....
  • Julie
    I recieved this book in my Book Box and in truth I would not have chosen it left to my own devices. I will happily read most fantasy, but I did find this a little simplistic. The characters were quite simple and one dimensional, there was not enough depth to hold my interest. I'd say this is aimed at an older preteen/younger teen age range.
  • Holly Marshall
    I enjoyed the end of this book however the beginning really dragged. I feel like it had no real plot or character development and it wasn't until the last chapters that I felt the characters really displayed any sort of emotion or reasoning for their actions. All round I would probably stay away from this book.
  • Naomi
    received this book in Bookbox club in January. Easy quick read but not really too much of a story. The best part of the story was the twist at the end. Agree with other reviews it definitely seems more teen than YA. Not sure I would pick another book up by this author unless I had read reviews and it was a YA book this time.
  • Georgina Power
    This was very easy book to read and that's probably why it is only 2 stars for me. I was going to give 1 until the ending threw me, so it gained one from that. Although I feel the audience target to be more 13 year old than young adult to be honest. Despite that it was an easy book to get into and finish I just feel it needed a more character development.
  • Hannah Sycamore
    Good suspense, mystery and intrigue, but wasn't keen on the ending and how plot points were resolved. A good easy read.
  • Ez
    Such wasted potential with the idea. Should be targeted towards tweens and early teens. The whole books lead up was boring and only just got interesting in the last couple pages.
  • Marina
    I really enjoyed the story of the book and the writing style of the author. I read it in 2 days and couldn't put it down. I also like the ending. Something a bit different than usual.
  • Delyth
  • Nikki
    I buddy read this with friends, who didn’t really enjoy it. I saw why but I was liking it more than them, and had hope for how it was going. I liked the concept of how mysterious it was, of how Iseabail was trying to deal with her new life. I would have slapped the hell out of Maria though! She is a horrible child. However the ending really threw me. You don’t get any resolution at all, other than finding out about the mystery. I found it ver...
  • Kirsty ~ Paper Hearts Ink
    This is not a book I would have read of it hadn’t come in my Book Box Club crate. While I like the cover the synopsis didn’t blow me away but I figured I may as well try it. I thought it started off really well. I was excited to read a story set in such a remote place. Unfortunately we didn’t stay in that place very long. I liked Iseabail though and was intrigued to discover what she would find waiting for her across the sea.It was a little...
  • Bethany Martin
    I received a copy of The Pure Heart as a bonus book in February's Book Box Club, a UK-based subscription box. When I started it, I thought this was a relatively simple and straightforward book: a poor girl goes to live with a rich merchant. I thought the plot would go either of two ways: the girl would realise the life she had before was what she really wanted and return; or that she loves being rich and lives in high society forever. The Pure He...
  • inky_paperpages
    This was a book I had been thoroughly looking forward to reading. However, I was disappointed by the lack of pacing (it was initially extremely slow and a lot of the main action occurred in the last 50 or so pages). The characters were underdeveloped, either perfect or forever throwing screaming tantrums. The concept was an interesting one but I even felt that was not explore to the extent it could have been- overall, it read more like a middle-g...
  • Hannah Toplis
    I enjoyed this book, and the ending was interesting. A very easy read and a good book