The White Giraffe (Animal Healer, #1) by Lauren St. John

The White Giraffe (Animal Healer, #1)

When Martine’s home in England burns down, killing her parents, she must go to South Africa to live on a wildlife game preserve, called Sawubona, with the grandmother she didn’t know she had. Almost as soon as she arrives, Martine hears stories about a white giraffe living in the preserve. But her grandmother and others working at Sawubona insist that the giraffe is just a myth. Martine is not so sure, until one stormy night when she looks ou...

Details The White Giraffe (Animal Healer, #1)

TitleThe White Giraffe (Animal Healer, #1)
Release DateMay 10th, 2007
GenreFantasy, Animals, Childrens, Fiction, Cultural, Africa, Adventure

Reviews The White Giraffe (Animal Healer, #1)

  • Haley
    This book sucks VERY badly.I am warning you.First point: It seems like Martine Allen, Jeremiah and Tendai are a love triangle. For those who don't know, Martine is an eleven year old girl, Jeremiah is the white giraffe, and Tendai is forty.Second, NOBODY RIDES GIRAFFES. There's a reason why it never happened.Thirdly, what's with the odd dialogue?? "Lucky I missed you, hey!""There was nothing wrong with that kudu, nothing!" Who the hell writes lik...
  • Erin Reilly-Sanders
    Overall, this tale of a girl reluctantly sent to live with her grandmother on a game preserve in South Africa is a fun adventure with a lot of animals and a tiny bit of culture thrown in. However, I found the inclusion of magic somewhat disturbing, similar to other semi-fantasy books set in Africa. The portrayal of blacks as some sort of shaman always tends to disturb me, as it seems somewhat unlikely that this is an attitude that they would be c...
  • Relyn
    10/10/08Audiobook formatI have been listening to this book for about three days now. It is wonderful. Really great. One of the many wonderful things about it is the audiobook reader. This woman is nothing but incredible. I mean it! She is the best audiobook reader I have ever heard. OK. She ties with the reader of Shadow of the Wind. I'm going to be looking for more books narrated by her. I love having Sloane come to school with me. It is so wond...
  • Amanda Thomas
    I had one of my student's randomly select a book from my library one day so I could model how we read and think. The lesson however took a slight turn as instead of giving them the planned for assessment, we continued reading for the rest of the hour. We couldn't put it down and when I told the kiddos we had to stop and go to lunch the glorious whining rang through my classroom, "Noooooo!" My students would rather read than eat. I call that a TEA...
  • Sarah Sullivan
    Listened to this on audio while driving, and it was a definite upgrade in narrator from the last audio book I listened to. I found the story to be pretty compelling, considering that animal narratives are never my favorite genre. BUT, I have some major concerns with the way race is dealt with in this book. Here we have a white girl who moves to Africa and gets to be the long awaited savior of the animals who the mysterious, wise tribal woman assu...
  • •Abby•
    I read this book back when I was in sixth grade thanks to my wonderful teacher who had recommended it to me. I absolutely fell in love with this book and went on to read the second book and almost went through the third book. For some reason, I was just thinking back to all of my books I had read about three or four years ago and this one really stood I am really wanting to reread this series 🤞😊
  • Cherie
    If I had read this book first, I may not have read the 2nd. I doubt if I will read the other two books in the series.
  • Hailey Younger
    For summer reading I read The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John. After a tragedy at her home in England which caused Martine is forced to move with her grandmother Gwyn Thomas who lives on a South African game reserve and whom she's never met before. Martine discovers a whole different living situation and almost a completely different world. When Martine arrives in Africa Tendi who is a worker in the dame reserve with Gwyn brings her to meet his ...
  • Debbie Battaglino
    Great read. Beginning of what is sure to be a series that will keep kids reading. Interesting characters, quick paced storyline, African adventure, and a rare and mystical animal in peril. What could be more compelling!
  • Becky Loader
    Ah. We all need a White Giraffe in our lives.
  • Dniemuth04
    This book started out like a very uninteresting and quite depressing book just like my last book,"Rash." The first scene that I was introduced to was in Martine's dream which plays a vital role in what happened later in the book when she found out her healing powers. Her dream described her touching a goose with her hands; they were lighting up in a glow as she healed the goose to perfect health. When she awakened she was greeted by a heat wave f...
  • Garrett W.
    Garrett White p5-7The White Giraffe August 18, 2012By Lauren St.JohnFiction181 pagesThe White Giraffe is about a girl named Martine. She lives a happy life in England with her Mom and Dad. But one night everything is changed. Martine escapes a threatening house fire that takes the life of her parents. Now Martine has a big decision to make. Does she stay in England at an orphanage or go live in South Africa with her Grandmother she has never met?...
  • Jess Hancock
    An enchanting, emotional and endearing read. Patterns: Martine and Tendai being outsiders, orphans both having suffered a tornado us about f grief and suffering. Martine didn't fit in at school, Tendai was bullied for the colour of his skin. I felt Jemmy is included here too. Protected and secluded for the coulour of his skin. Secrecy and lies are apparent through the book, Gwyn Thomas not revealing Martine's past, Tendai hiding the truth, Alex l...
  • Slawka Scarso
    Yes, I do know this is a young adult/children novel but this doesn't mean an adult shouldn't appreciate it all the same. Except in this case the book was extremely disappointing. The storyline is fine, but the characters and the dialogue are so fake at times it is quite irritating. The fake African accent of Grace, for instance, is annoying but then at least she is a nice and well developed character. The teacher and headmaster are just a concent...
  • Rosa
    This was actually a very good book. There is mystery and suspense and magic.On Martine's 11th birthday there is a fire in her home that kills both of her parents. Martine gets sent to live with a grandmother (Gwynn Thomas) that she has never heard of on a game reserve in South Africa. When Martine arrives she is picked up by Tendai, one of the game reserve's employees, he takes her to visit his aunt Rose who tells her that she has a gift she must...
  • Deborah Piasecki
    I liked this book because there are several characters that young readers can connect to - Martine, who lost her parents in a fire and has to live with her Grandmother in another country, Ben, who is quiet, but has many strengths, Jemmy, the White Giraffe who befriends Martine and is the catalyst to her healing over the loss of her parents, the Five Star Gang of Caracal School (the kids that everyone wanted to be-rich, popular and ultra cool) Oth...
  • Benenden School Library
    I found this book exhilarating as I felt I was riding on the back of the white giraffe on Martine's game reserve in Africa! If you haven't read this book you really should!You will adventure with a young girl whose parents died in a house fire while she managed to live. She was thrust over to Africa to live on a game reserve with her grumpy grandma who doesn't seem to want anything to do with her. Martine's head was bursting with questions. Why d...
  •  Pam Browning
    I just finished The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John and it was wonderful. A student recommended it to me and she was right this book was a fun and fast read. Martine, and middle school aged girl loses her parents in a fire right at the beginning of the book and has to move to South Africa (Cape Town) to live with a grandmother she didn't know she had and one who seems not too excited to have her there. The book centers around several mysteries a...
  • Jackie
    Destiny becomes reality as Martine's young life is shattered by the untimely death of her parents. Living a serene, idyllic life in England is commonplace for this 11-year-old only child. When a tragic fire tears her world apart, she is sent to live with her grandmother in South Africa. There she finds that these series of events have been foretold. She has 'the gift' and although her grandmother chooses to ignore the signs, its prophecy becomes ...
  • Brynn
    The protagonist in this story is an 11-year-old girl from England who moves to South Africa to live with her grandmother on a game preserve after her parents pass away. I thought what would follow would be a good story for 5th and 6th graders who like animals with a bit of information on a different part of the world. The story, however, is very weak. The language is far too complex for the target age group, the story is boring and often too desc...
  • Gabrielle
    "The White Giraffe" engages me to the point where I began to feel as if I am one of the characters or in the journey/adventure of one of them. The events that take place towards the beginning of this book lead to a young girl (Martine Allen) being sad, lost, and confused, but in return she is placed in a "magical," and amazing adventure. Martine is sent to live with her grandmother on an African wildlife reserve where she is determined to find- T...
  • Kate Hastings
    Grades 4-7. When Martine's parents die in a house fire, she is sent to live with her estranged grandmother in Africa. She meets a soothe-sayer who says she has a gift and that her decision to use it comes with great power and responsibility. Martine's grandma lives on a wildlife preserve. Poachers murdered her grandfather and continue to steal animals. Martine discovers an elusive white giraffe from local legends. Poachers are hot on its trail.Ma...
  • Gable Holyoak
    This book absolutely captivated me. The story of young Martine, who lost both her parents to a fire, a girl who had strange dreams, a girl who was forced to live in South Africa with a relative she didn't even know. But she would learn that she was not like ordinary girls. She was powerful. And it took the eyes of a White Giraffe to see that. I loved this book because of the adventure, and the magic inside.
  • Jennifer Swan
    I was intrigued by this book, and really liked it! The first page makes you want to read on, and the first chapter draws you in completely. I was attracted to the descriptions of life in Africa, I liked that there was just a bit of fantasy in the book and it wasn't overstated, but was just real enough to almost believe in the magic. I highly recommend it!
  • Austin Smith
    martine's parents are killed in a fire, and she must leave her home in England to live on a wildlife reserve in Africa with a grandmother she never knewshe had. As soon as Martine arrives at the reserve, she hears whisperings of a mythical animal living there-a white giraffe. No one has ever seen te animal, but i leaves footprints behind
  • Anu
    Aloitettiin vanhan vinkkaussuosikkini uudelleenluku kolmasluokkalaisen iltakirjana. Kirjaa ehdittiin lukea ääneen vain kaksi iltaa ja 70 sivua ennen kuin kuuntelijan hermo petti ja kirja lukaistiin loppuun koulubussissa ja välitunneilla. 9-vuotias julisti kirjan uudeksi lempikirjakseen!
  • Cam Thibault
    Overall the white giraffe is a decent book and a simple read. I liked how there was suspense and action in some places. I didn't like how the whole book was based on one character. I did not like the book as a whole because it was too easy and somewhat boring.
  • Lenney Baldonado
    it was a great book !!
  • Katie Jacobson
    I read this because my 11 year old daughter read it and loved it. She wanted me to share the experience with her; how could I resist that? I read it, it was cute, now we can talk about it :)
  • Bailey
    this book looks good!!