Bowie by Steve Horton


Inspired by the one and only superhero, extraterrestrial, and rock and roll deity in history, Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns, & Moonage Daydreams is the original graphic memoir of the great Ziggy Stardust!In life, David Bowie was one of the most magnetic icons of modern pop culture, seducing generations of fans with both his music and his counterculture persona. In death, the cult of Bowie has only intensified. As a musician alone, Bowie’s legacy is ...

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Release DateJan 7th, 2020
PublisherInsight Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Biography, Nonfiction, Music, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Bowie

  • Andy Burns
    1970-01-01 grew up on rock and roll and comic books.It sounds like a lyric, right? Maybe it is because my experience certainly wasn’t a solo one. Often times, those loves would intersect, like with Rock and Roll Comics, published by Revolutionary Comics in the early 1990s. The black and white books were totally unauthorised histories of some of the most prominent artists in music – the Rolling Stones and ACDC, t...
  • Noah King
    I really wish this site would let you do half star ratings, because I feel like a 2.5 would be more appropriate for how I feel about this book. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, it’s square in the middle. The reason I’m leaning more towards liking it is the art, you can tell this is a clear passion project for Mike Allred and co. His love for the music and iconography of Bowie is super evident on each page and it’s all lovingly rendered...
  • tony dillard jr
    Goodreads list this book as being by Steve Horton, but Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns and Moonage Daydreams is ultimately Michael Allred's baby!Having read Michael Allred's Red Rocket 7, about an extraterrestrial rock God come to save the earth, I already had the notion that Michael Allred was destined to be David Bowie's visual biographer. It was just a matter of time when he would fulfill it. That when was revealed recently in the amazing graphic nov...
  • Richard Gray
    I remember where I was when Bowie died, more or less. It was 30,000 feet in the air somewhere between San Francisco and Sydney. The pilot made the announcement over the PA, and I wanted the people around me to keenly feel the sharp shock as much as we did. David Bowie’s songs, much like The Beatles, are hardwired into our DNA at this point. So, this comic book biography crossed into so many of my wheelhouses that I was genuinely excited to see ...
  • Jacob A. Mirallegro
    Pretty good, some of the dialogue was really on the nose but I can tell this book isn't supposed to be completely literal so it's fine, just kinda took me out of it. I wish there was a bit more depth or emotional weight to it but oh well. at the very least it's a stunningly drawn art book of cool looking David Bowie in various iconic looks throughout that era. Mike Allred's drawing are so good and I just love looking at them, his artwork is so pe...
  • Catherine Siemann
    A visual treasure -- the friend who gave me this as a present isn't even a Bowie fan, and she had to read it before giving it to me -- absolutely stunning artwork. Covers Bowie's career from its inception to the end of the Ziggy Stardust era. I only hope there will be more -- the final pages give a quick flashforward through the rest of his career and I'd love to see that in this format as well.
  • Amanda K
    Awesome! Hits all the right notes for a whirlwind tour of Ziggy while working in some cool anecdotes and hints of the rest of Bowie's varied life and music. If you don't have a mental soundtrack while reading this then you need to put on an album! The art is beautiful and encapsulates the zany imagery that got me into Bowie's music!
  • Craig Little
    A fantastical look at Bowie's life, especially the Ziggy Stardust years drawn, written, and researched beautifully.That said, don't expect a biography. This is a loving hagiography written by and for fans that doesn't get into the darker aspects of sex, drugs, and rock-'n'-roll as they intersected Bowie's life.
  • Bonnie G.
    This book is beautiful and thoughtful and a great idea. The execution is pretty great but it does vaguely remind me of Hedwig and the Angry Inch a bit? Also I felt kinda annoyed that I wasn’t sure who everyone is- a super fan will love this book a bit more than I will since I didn’t know who I was supposed to identify in large scenes. Overall a beauty and a gift for a super David Bowie fan.
  • Charlie Rose
    This was really fantastic. A slice of Bowies life with amaziny done art filling the pages and with a little bit of Si fi action with Ziggy Stardust. (And also an introduction by Neil Gaiman- LOVE) Overall got me to put the Starmans music back on repeat.
  • Mari
    Gorgeous, beautifully written and beautifully drawn. I can't think of a better way to express the art of David Bowie's work - his music, writing, acting - then in this form. I loved it so much, I bought more copies to give as gifts for friends and family who are also huge fans.
  • eric garza
    Adored this book. A beautiful and wonderfully realized telling of the rise of the Starman. Gorgeous art by Mike Allred brought to life with Laura Allred’s colors. This book is amazing. Read it loud and follow along with Bowie’s music in the background for maximum experience.
  • Trevor
    Michael and Laura Allred are my favorite art team in the comic book world. David Bowie is my all time favorite musical artist. The only way this could be more made for me is if David Lynch directed a movie version.
  • Christian Lipski
    A love letter to glam rock and its brightest luminary. Allred's art is the perfect medium to tell the story of Ziggy Stardust. Brilliantly researched and written by Steve Horton, and colored to a gem like sheen by Laura Allred. To be read at maximum volume.
  • Lindsey Elizabeth
    Great art and a fun read. Don't leave us hanging Mike Allred, we need a sequel about his Berlin years!
  • Sverre Amundsen
    Brilliant, awe-inspiring, beautiful. If you are a Bowie fan, you owe it to yourself to read this.
  • Ashley Beery
    I guess as non hardcore Bowie fan, the book was a little weird. It jumped all over the place. The artwork was great, but the story just didn't flow for me.
  • Monica
    That was a a read fun and gorgeous book. It’s a fabulous tribute to Bowie.
  • Matthew
    Great portrait of Bowie's life, up through when he declared the end of Ziggy Stardust. It doesn't dig real deep, but does give good highlight s if his life, career and creative energy.
  • Violet
    Gorgeous illustrations that really capture the nuance of Bowie's life and early career.
  • Cidnya
    4.5/5 stars Official Review I wrote for linked
  • Bryan
    Best thing Mike and Laura Allred have ever done. And they have done some amazing things. Just absolutely gorgeous.
  • Kim Pallister
    Artwork is beautiful. The storytelling was a little too weighted to dates and other factoids. Would have liked more info on what was going on at personal level.
  • Tim
    Any fan of Bowie should not miss this
  • Donna
    Beautiful artwork. This is a real gem for any diehard Bowie fan.
  • Jaclyn Hillis
    Allred’s art really captures Bowie so well! So vibrant and beautiful! Allred’s art really captures Bowie so well! So vibrant and beautiful! ⚡️
  • Alain Gutierrez
    While the writing leaves a little to be desired the art is amazing and more then makes up for it. A must have for any comic book and/or Bowie lover
  • Beth Barnett
    It tries to do too much in too few pages, and never manages to find it's subject's soul.
  • Susan
    I picked this up to look at the art and ended up devouring the whole thing. Beautifully done.
  • Sesana
    If you'd asked me who I would like to see illustrate a Bowie biographical comic, I almost certainly would have said, "Michael Allred, of course, as long as Laura Allred does the colors." So I loved the art, obviously. This biography is strictly limited to Bowie's Ziggy era, which may be for the best. There's plenty of great visuals to be had, and Bowie's career was just too varied to neatly sum up in one biographical comic. I found it fascinating...