Safer by Sean Doolittle


In Safer, a young couple moves into an idyllic little cul-de- sac—and ignites a harrowing journey into darkness as a shocking accusation is made, a family is shattered, and the mystery of a long-ago crime begins to unravel. For Paul Callaway and his wife, Sara, moving from the East Coast to a quiet midwestern town was a major adjustment. But right from the start, Paul has tried to fit in. He’s played golf with the guys. He’s even joined t...

Details Safer

Release DateFeb 24th, 2009
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreFiction, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Noir

Reviews Safer

  • Delee
    I stumbled across SAFER while looking for another book online- and the bright snazzy cover jumped out at me- after reading the synopsis I completely forgot about the one I was looking for, bought this one and dived right in. I had never heard of the author and not many people on my friends list had read it- so I wasn't sure if it was going to be money well spent or not. It was![image error]Paul Callaway and his wife -Sarah- move from Boston to Po...
  • Atef Attia
    Sécurité renforcée, c'est avant tout une idée brillante et dans l'air du temps : celle de l'obsession sécuritaire et ses dérives, transposée à l'échelle d'un petit quartier américain sans histoires. Faut-il renoncer à une partie de ses libertés pour avoir un minimum de sécurité en plus. Le sujet prête à débats et Sean Doolittle, fort heureusement, ne sombre pas dans le pamphlet réactionnaire où la démonstration lourdasse pour ...
  • Diane
    This book is an entertaining crime fiction novel about a couple, Paul and Sara Callaway, who move to a little midwestern town from the Northeast. They reside on a seemingly quiet cul-de-sac in a suburban neighborhood where everyone knows everybody else. One of the other major characters is Roger Mallory, a retired cop, who seems to know just about everything about all his neighbors. Very creepy! Within a short period of time, Paul and Sara find o...
  • Kelly Hager
    This book jumps back and forth over several months. It opens with the main character being arrested and goes on to explain how he's been set up (or so he says) by a neighbor of his, Roger, who is (of course) the most beloved man in town.It's a very suspenseful book and I had a hard time putting it down. I wasn't crazy about the ending, but I may have just been exhausted from not ever wanting to put it down to do things like, say, sleep. :)I'll se...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    Pretty decent page turner. Just goes to show that you really don't know your neighbors.
  • Marianne K
    I was expecting more from this novel, it's well-written but lackluster, maybe due to me not liking the main character very much. It's a very quick read but the book seems to fall apart about three-quarters of the way through. I did not like the ending, it was like everyone in the small Iowa town was corrupt.
  • Dennis D.
    Author Sean Doolittle sets his hook with the very first sentence: "my wife, Sara, and I are hosting a faculty party at our home when the Clark Falls Police Department arrives to take me into custody." In very quick fashion, we learn the following: Paul Callaway has no idea that he’s about to be arrested, even after he greets the police on his front stoop. He's a college English professor. He and his wife only recently moved to this small Midwes...
  • Brian Sison
    When I picked this up, I thought it would be very similar to Caught by Harlan Coben. Though there were some similarities, I feel like this was a much stronger book.In both books, an otherwise good upstanding citizen is accused of sexual crimes against a child. In both books, the accused vehemently denies said allegations. That's where the parallels end.Unlike the tough, me-against-the-world, Jason-Bourne-lite characters that populate the Coben no...
  • Pat
    I thought this story had a lot of potential and the style of the narration was a bit different and worked quite well, IMHO. You got the impression there were layers to the events being described.Paul and Sara Callaway are new arrivals in a cup-de-sac in a smallish town. On the first night in their new home they are confronted with an intruder in the bedroom. This serves as a catalyst to increase membership of the local Neighbourhood Watch committ...
  • Elaine
    An Ex-cop with a Fresh SpinPaul’s neighbor Roger who lives across the street takes the liberty of spying and keeping tabs (yes, files) on the neighbors but little does he know someone knows something about him. Roger has the dirt on those around him and manipulates it to the max, making stuff up to fit his needs. He’s an ex-cop whom the community has come to trust making it all the more sinister. I think of a man with his hand extended for a ...
  • John Seyfarth
    Paul Callaway and his wife Sara have moved to a town in Iowa where Sara has taken a job at a regional university. Police show up and arrest Paul for sexual exploitation of a minor. Paul is not guilty, but it takes 334 pages to explain why he is suspected of the crime.
  • Rita
    I liked it a lot until the end. My big question is "WHY?" I can't give it 4 stars because I'm confused about the ending. I'd appreciate someone telling me why "THEY" did what they did.
  • Kees van Duyn
    Tijdens een feestje bij hem thuis wordt Paul Callaway door de politie van het kleine plaatsje Clark Falls, waar hij en zijn vrouw Sara een paar maanden eerder zijn komen te wonen, gearresteerd. Paul wordt beschuldigd van misbruik van zijn minderjarige buurmeisje. Terwijl hij weet dat hij onschuldig is. Om zijn onschuld te bewijzen gaat Paul, ondanks dat hij wel een advocaat heeft, ook zelf op onderzoek uit. En ontdekt tot zijn verbijstering dat e...
  • Phyllis
    Hard to follow. Couple move into a new neighborhood and are immediately greeted by neighbors on culdsac. Husband goes on an errand and comes back to a guy pinning his wife to the bed.Neighbor comes over and ask him to be part of the neighborhood watch program.Nothing is what it appears.
  • Maddy
    RATING: 4.0In today’s world, the headlines are full of stories about from predators on the loose, rampant crime and an overwhelming message that the world is not really a safe place. People are afraid to let their children play outside by themselves. Most of us are willing to go to extra lengths to protect our loved ones. It’s actually comforting to live in a place where there is an active neighborhood crime patrol and where people are alert ...
  • S. Wilson
    Everyone wants to live in a town where everyone knows each other, where everyone keeps an eye out for their neighbor, a place where you always belong. But what if this idyllic community slowly turned into a Brave New Neighborhood? What everyone knew you more than you would like, your neighbors kept to close an eye on you, and when they didn't like what they saw, decided that you were no longer welcome?Doolittle takes a handful of modern paranoid ...
  • Christine Staszko
    This book reminded me a lot of Gone Girl and what an enjoyable reading experience that book was. Like Gone Girl, this book reads like a movie and it is fast paced and to the point. You are constantly trying to figure out what crimes were actually committed in the neighborhood and who did it. You feel just like the main character, confused and untrusting of anyone in this mysterious neighborhood. There's nearly every kind of crime you can think ...
  • Kara Jorges
    Paul and Sara Callaway moved to the college town of Clark Falls, Iowa for Sara’s job. On the night they move in, Sara is attacked while Paul runs an errand, which leads to a relationship with their neighbor, Roger Mallory. Roger is head of the neighborhood watch and an organization called Safety First, which advises people on personal safety. Roger is a Clark Falls icon. Paul never trusts Roger’s gung-ho mentality and finds his “concern” ...
  • Josh
    Roger isn't your typical neighbourhood watch rep. In fact, this former cop and hero of the community is down right scary in Sean Doolittle's most mainstream novel yet 'Safer' - a story about a 30-some odd married couple moving to a small town community whose first introduction to the neighbourhood consists of an attempted burglary, rape and evidence tampering. Before long this once cosy street is turned on its head and a shady past brings light t...
  • Mike Kazmierczak
    Doolittle is one of the authors that slowly worked his way onto my read list where excellent writing has moved him up to my "must read" list. SAFER reinforces his position on that list. The book was very well written and involves several fears that can result in today's society.Sara Callaway accepts a Dean position at a university near a small Midwestern town; as a result, she and Paul, her husband, find and move in to a house on a quiet cul-de-s...
  • J.C.
    Is Your Neighborhood Safer?While not particularly groundbreaking, SAFER is a wonderful thriller. The method of storytelling by the author, Sean Doolittle, is especially engaging because he paces the book incredibly well. The reader is introduced to the main character, Paul, who is being arrested on the first page. The story then alternates between Paul explaining his story to his attorney and others involved, introducing a possible paranoia of hi...
  • Jacki (Julia Flyte)
    Safer is an enjoyable and very readable suspense novel in the style of Linwood Barclay or Harlan Coben. It pulls you in quickly: kicking off with the narrator (Paul) being arrested on child pornography charges, which he strenuously denies. Then we backtrack several months to the night he and his wife first moved into the neighborhood and an intruder broke into the house. Essentially the first part of the novel explains how he got to the position ...
  • Liberty Abbott-Sylvester
    Wow! Wow! Wow! This was a fantastic book! While the concept is not unique, Doolittle does a superb job of telling this story of neighbors gone wild!The book reminded me of the movie Lakeview Terrace but in my opinion was so so so much better! The action begins on the first few pages and continues at a fast pace clear up until the end of the book. Doolittle ties up every loose end leaving nothing to wonder about. When I finished the book I shut an...
  • Jacquelynn Fritz
    I picked this book because the author is from my home town. Paul and Sara have moved to small town Iowa from Boston and move into their home. They meet the neighbors that include the retired police chief. Paul tries to fit in and does things he doesn't like to do. Then he is charged with molesting the neighbor's daughter, whose mother he had a one night stand with. He has to move out of the house, but discovers that he is being spyed on by the re...
  • Ron
    This book's formula is one that I really enjoy. A middle-class professional gets into "credible" trouble (bankruptcy, or he is arrested, or is threatened by criminals, or kidnapped while visiting a foreign country....). Incredible events (problems with the CIA, apocalyptic events, chased by zombies, other make believe scenarios) are too far removed from my simple existence to raise concern or interest. In this book, as I recall, an out of work co...
  • Sunny Shore
    I expected more from this book from the reviews I read. However, it was very well written. The twist at the end was decent. We knew who the culprit was the whole time, so the suspense for me was really naught. However, I would give Sean Doolittle a 4 stars for writing...he's good at creating interesting characters and dialogue. He's not up to Harlen Coben in the plot department yet. I am picky about mysteries - won't read one with a continuing de...
  • Khim
    Dit is het eerste boek wat ik in het nieuwe jaar heb gelezen en het is een heel goed begin van een nieuw boekenjaar! Paul en Sara verhuizen naar een klein stadje. Ze worden al direct opgevangen door de buren en ook Roger de overbuurman leren ze kennen. Deze stelt voor om zich aan te sluiten bij de buurtwacht. Is de buurtwacht wel zo veilig? Als Paul en Sara een feestje geven wordt Paul gearresteerd. Hij wordt beschuldigd van kinderporno en het mi...
  • Truff
    If I could get this book tattooed on my body, I would. It is that amazing. -page turning- devoured it in hours. At first I was going to toss it across the room, when the scenario of the "liberal professor" goes after the black guy assaulting his wife in the bedroom with a golf club, because I thought it was going to be something that it wasn't. You can give the first person narrative character a break for being a liberal white professor and not o...
  • Robert
    Just moved into the neighborhood and already had a bad incident occur at your house? Maybe you will feel safer if you join the local neighborhood watch program. Be careful because the program may be run by the pscho ex-cop who lives just across the street. Of course you won't know that the guy is a whack job because he can really spread the bull crap. Oh and if you find yourself framed for some heinous crime, well, welcome to the neighborhood. An...
  • Jerry
    This book definitely held my interest from start to finish - the kind of book where the deeper I'm into the book the more time I want to spend reading it and the next thing you know I'm up 'til 2:00AM because I need to know what happens next and then I need to finish the book but then maybe wish I'd made it last a little longer because I'm gonna miss the characters and the book I'm starting next might not be nearly this good.