Reflections in the Nile (Time Travel, #1) by Suzanne Frank

Reflections in the Nile (Time Travel, #1)

Imagine that you, a contemporary tourist, are standing awestruck in an ancient Egyptian temple. Suddenly a vortex in time and space sends you back thousands of years to a desert kingdom of glittering splendor. Your body has merged with that of a scheming, beautiful priestess, yet your sensibilities, your intelligence, your terror remains that of a modern woman who is trying to get back home, trying, in this place of strangeness and wonder, to sta...

Details Reflections in the Nile (Time Travel, #1)

TitleReflections in the Nile (Time Travel, #1)
Release DateJul 1st, 1998
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreScience Fiction, Time Travel, Historical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Northern Africa, Egypt, Fiction

Reviews Reflections in the Nile (Time Travel, #1)

  • Suzanne Frank
    Obviously, I'm biased. I wrote these books because it seemed to me the COOLEST thing in the world to go back in time to ancient Egypt. But if a person knew all the details and was just confirming (or rewriting) what she'd expected, then ... where would be the fun? The adventure? The growth? Enter Chloe -- modern woman, multi-cultural, forward-thinker, but with enough understanding to comprehend the history she's living, and the skills needed to (...
  • Lizzy
    I was curious by the idea of Reflections in the Nile. I like to read about ancient Egypt, add to that the possibility of time travel and you could have a very entertaining tale. But not an easy plot to accomplish, despite its potential, as it turned out.I enjoyed most of Chloe's adventures when she, through a vortex in time, finds herself in the time of the woman pharaoh Hatshepsut, as an evil priestess. However, I liked her lover Lord Cheftu, a...
  • Julie
    From it's book cover:"Imagine that you, a contemporary tourist, are standing awestruck in an ancient Egyptian temple. Suddenly a vortex in time and space sends you back thousands of years to a desert kingdom of glittering splendor. Your body has merged with that of a beautiful, scheming priestess, but your sensibilities, your intelligence, your terror remains that of a modern woman who is trying to get back home, trying, in this place of strangen...
  • Veronica
    Well, that was disappointing. I've been looking everywhere for a good time-travel story set before the Middle Ages and not in Europe, and it seems I'll have to keep looking.Let's start with The Good. This is decently written, with some very pretty and evocative descriptions. The idea itself is very promising - a modern tourist pulled into the past and the body of an ancient Egyptian priestess? Yes please. The characters are decent, even if somewh...
  • Nancy
    Chloe, an artist, is exploring an Egyptian tomb with her sister when she enters the chamber of a priestess. Through a confluence of factors, she ends up whisked through time, waking up in the body of an Egyptian woman. Frantic to learn her identity and find a way back home, she has no one to trust and numerous enemies. The noblewoman whose body she usurped has committed evil acts, and Chloe must atone for them. With her life at risk and her optio...
  • Delafieldlib
    While visiting her archaeologist sister in Egypt, Dallas artist Chloe Kingsley steps into a forbidden chamber and is whisked back in time to 1452 B.C.E. Caught in a maelstrom of political and personal intrigue, she meets and falls in love with Lord Cheftu, a court magus and physician. (DE HAS BOOK 3 IN SERIES)
  • Teresa
    Egypt is one of the countries I fell in love with as a child. Mummy's, pyramids and pharoahs - what more could a girl ask for? This book is a bit more grown-up than my childhood Egyptian reads, but I loved it anyway. Time travel is always fun and Frank does it in a good way.
  • tash
    I loved this book, i found it in a used booksale at a school, picked it up and didn't stop till it was finished. great characters and amazing mix of history, archaeology, art, a religion= great read
  • Spooty Mcblarbsnarble
    Oh god, this book was baaaaaad. I have no clue how it has such a high rating. There are a two mild positive aspects to this book:1. It was so bad that at times it burst out the other side of dreadful to become hysterically funny. I had a great time describing the ridiculous "plot twists" to my coworker during long drives out to work sites. 2. I picked this book up because I wanted a hot slice of Ancient Egyptian escapism, and the book assuaged th...
  • Cil
    I absolutely loved this book! I've always had a thing for time travel stories. Especially if they're taking place in a very interesting time and place. And since I've always been a huge fan of ancient Egypt, this book sounded like a safe bet to me. And I wasn't disappointed.What's special in this book is, that Chloe doesn't keep her own body but awakes in the body of another woman who lived during this time. That was a very interesting twist for ...
  • Sarah-Lambert Cook
    I read "Reflections in the Nile" for a book club. Having loved Outlander I thought this might be a lot of fun. Time travel? Ancient Egypt? What could go wrong? A bit, as it turns out. Chloe is a girl from the twentieth century visiting her sister, and Egyptologist on a dig, for the Christmas holiday and her birthday. One night, while exploring the temple of Karnak, Chloe is thrown out of her time and wakes up in the body of an ancient Egyptian pr...
  • Gaile
    First in a series of time travel back to ancient Egypt. All Chloe Kingsley wants to do is find her way home. Instead she finds herself in Egypt in the reign of Hatshepsut. She meets a young physician, Cheftu who has some secrets of his own. She also meets Moses of the bible and experiences the chaos of Egypt and travails of the Israelites.That Moses should be living in the time of Hatshepsut is one surprise but there are many more to come as the ...
  • Susan
    WOW. I didn't read the entire overleaf when I read this book the first time... it was a time-travel recommend. It BLEW me away and my cousin would be proud to hear I had to refer to the Bible a few times in this series...
  • Erika
    Anyone who loves Diana Gabaldon would love this series
  • Diane
    I am a big fan of anything Egypt and loved this book. I really feel the author did extensive research to create the story.
  • Carrie
    This author is the most coolest!!!
  • flajol
    Time-travel romance is my guilty pleasure... I love this series! Made me want to find out all about Champollion.
  • Beth A
    LOVE these books.
  • Zohreh Avatefi hafez
    -نمي توانم بدون تو بروم.-برو...با خدا برو...او همراه تست.
  • Sher Fick
    Fabulous time travel - I LOVE all 4 books in this series . . . .
  • Sasha
    Usually, I'm pretty divergent - if someone raves about a book, I inevitably find it boring or over-hyped. If someone calls a book the antithesis of enjoyable, I usually have it on my favorites shelf. But in this case, the majority of previous reviewers for this particular book were dead-on. The beginning was impeccable. I legitimately felt like I was ankle-deep in sand. Her description is so unbelievably vivid, and it's like that throughout the b...
  • Nina
    I didn't love this book, but I really wanted to. I'm a sucker for time-travelling stories, however I have not read one that takes place in ancient egypt, so I hoped for a great read.I was disappointed.I didn't really feel for any of the characters and mostly I feelt not a lot was happening. In then end the pace toke up speed and i enjoyed it more, but it just wasn't enough.The point of view jumps mostly between Cheftu and Chloe, the main protagon...
  • Renee
    This is a re-read for me. When I was in my early teens, I read Shadows on the Aegean, not realizing that it was the second in a series until I was halfway through the book and came to the conclusion that the things that were confusing me must have been explained elsewhere. And so I went back to read Reflections in the Nile, and my early teen self was embarrassed by the number of sex scenes (the library didn't shelve these in romance, so it was un...
  • Faye
    Read this over 10 yrs ago, it was memorable, imaginative - sort of Outlander set in Ancient Egypt but just a bit shy of the depth and breadth of Diana Gabaldon. A strange and unique story to imagine someone waking up a priestess in ancient Egypt! Kind of a sad ending, but hopeful and realistic also. I also read the sequel.
  • Deborah Bowman
    A Different Look at HistoryThough the theme and history had an interesting premise, the book was too drawn out and jumped around too much with too many characters and too many long sections that moved slowly. Hard to follow. It was just okay. It took much perseverance to complete. I don't think I will continue with the series.
  • Nicole Renee
    Hi-- I created a group for fans of Suzanne Frank's books... Place to discuss her books and countdown to her newest book about Chloe & Cheftu, once we get a release date :D Feel free to join!
  • Lindsey
    This was fantastic-Outlander meets ancient Egypt but with the twist of Chloe, the accidental time traveler, landing in someone else's body. Chloe, through the fate of her birth date and time, ends up as a court priestess during the time of Hatshepsut and the biblical plagues of Egypt. Loved the romance and her view of ancient Egypt through modern eyes. I could have done without RaEm's (Chloe's alter ego) fascination with ritual S&M-that provided ...
  • Skyqi
    Chloe visits Egypt to celebrate her sister's doctorate in Egyptology. She is drawn to an Egyptian temple where she is transported back in time and becomes Lady RaEmhetepet. Unfortunately, the Lady has a terrible reputation and is even under suspicion by the Pharaoh. At first she cannot speak and is appointed the handsome and mysterious Cheflu to heal her. The story involves Chloe trying to understand what has happened to her, figuring out how to ...
  • Cherisse Wilkins
    I started this book thinking it was going to be another romp through ancient cultures with boring-ass characters because the author really wanted to write a history or a travel guide.BOY WAS I WRONG!!!There is nothing I do not like about this book. Both of the main characters are very engaging and, while flawed (ergo, relatable), they are fantastic, (view spoiler)[especially as a couple (hide spoiler)]. My absolute favorite aspect of this book (a...
  • Dyana
    This turned out to be a time travel book (1st in a series). Chloe Kingsley is visiting her archaeologist sister in Egypt when she enters a forbidden chamber at the right time and place and wearing a special significant necklace. She is suddenly transported to ancient Egypt into the body of RaEmhetepet, a not-so-nice cow headed HatHor priestess. Chloe still has her twentieth century mind, reasoning, and historical knowledge to figure out what is g...