Under Cover by MaryJanice Davidson

Under Cover

Sweet StrangersRenee Jardin never meant to become the world's most sought-after thief. But the minute she walks out of her biotech firm accidentally carrying "The Cure" -- the most important scientific discovery of the century -- she's on the run from ruthless bioengineers, cops, and the U.S. government. Desperate to lose her trackers, Renee lays a full-body kiss on the first gorgeous guy she sees...a kiss that she gets back with a toe-curling ve...

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TitleUnder Cover
Release DateOct 1st, 2004
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Anthologies, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews Under Cover

  • R.G.
    Once more this is a group of short stories that are connected as the actions of one person effects others and leads them down different paths so to speak… since it’s Davidson it’s of course filled with humor and even a little silliness that just makes this book such a fun read… personally Lovely Lies is my favorite… I’ve read that one several times… Peter is just a quirky character that usually isn’t seen behind such a big and rug...
  • Ann
    I have NO idea what possessed me to read this book; let alone buy it. The only saving grace is this book was on sale, and I bought it using a gift card. If you like a racy, exotic read then this would be a good one for you. I, personally, like to leave things to the imagination; hence, the point of reading for me.
  • Michelle Mendoza-Aguilar
    A very easy, fun, and steamy read. Really enjoyed the book. It was like reading a porno in some parts. LOL. I enjoyed reading three stories that connect with each other. Very fast reading if your looking for something that is simple and fun.
  • Kelly Elliott
    My first time reading this author. There are 3 quick short stories and they were all funny and quirky. Pretty steamy sex scenes as well.
  • Tammy
    What's perfect about this book is it's actually three short stories centering around the main plot of the first story. Quick and fun read!
  • Judyth (Geeky Reading)
    ~4/5[Also available on my blog.]This book is made up of three intertwining short stories, and I kind of loved them. I even kind of wish Davidson’s other stories were a bit more like this. And, oddly enough, I kind of think that Davidson shines a bit more in short stories than in full length novels, which is odd.The first story, Sweet Strangers, was very much like her normal routine, with a hard edged heroine that doesn’t want to say ‘I love...
  • Lindsey
    This book was really 3 short stories. It was hit and miss with me. The last two were fun, but the first one was a little too silly:Girl on the lamb is being hotly pursued on the first page. She runs into a cute stranger inside of a glass elevator and kisses him as a way to avoid being caught. The kiss turns really hot and when the elevator doors open she is all set to say goodbye forever. Only guess what? That lucky stranger she just mauled is on...
  • Serena
    4.7 starsSweet Strangers *****Love Lies *****Delightful Deception ****My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.
  • The Flooze
    Under Cover contains three connected short stories, each with its own HEA, and a plot that's light but holds your attention. I just love MaryJanice Davidson. A great mix of humor and romance. She's one of those writers that leaves me smiling and inwardly saying "awww" at the end of every story. Under Cover is a good, quick read.
  • 1000 +
    Under Cover - is 3 short stories revolving around a Bio tech firm, a former Head of Security, a bad boy security guard and the genius of the Bio tech firm. We find love, humor, theft, hidden agendas, do gooders and I did mention love right? MelissaReviewer for 1000 + Books to Read
  • Jenn
    Under Cover is MJ in all her snarky glory. I love her wit! MJ writes strong, no-nonsense women and men who appreciate a woman with equal parts sex appeal and brain power. Wuthering Heights this is not, but if you want a fun, quick escape with some steamy characters, you can always count on MaryJanice!
  • Pieofhoney
    My second romance novel by a different author. A good title but I wasn't feeling this one really. There were 3 differen't titles in this story.."Sweet Strangers""Lovely Lies""Delightful Deception"Can't really say anything about this book. It just got me clueless a bit.
  • Carole
    This was really more like 3 novellas (which tied together) in one book. It was not the author's best work, but it took up a few hours of my time this morning and kept me from obsessing about the nasty headache I was fighting. I won't be reading it again.
  • Kathy Davie
    Sweet Strangers was definitely sweet! And funny. Well, it is a Davidson, therefore it IS funny. This one was particularly enjoyable.Lovely Lies Cute. Satisfying. A bit dorky.Delightful Deception Sweet and a little dorky.
  • Jessica
    This was another fun, sexy read by Ms. Davidson! She writes her books with some humor in them and the characters are amazing and some of them you wish you actually knew them. I definitely recommend this book.
  • Princess Thuy
    A cute anthology with three stories that are connected by three people who work for the same biotech firm. The stories are hot and funny with a bit of adventure mixed in. Really quick and witty read.
  • Emily
    Three cute stories that are wonderfully written.
  • Rachael
    I loved all three of these fast, fun, sexy stories. I'm not sure which one was my favorite...they were all great.
  • FayAnn
    Unique! First multiple story book by 1 author that I really enjoyed greatly. The stories were linked, but 2 & 3 went completely separate ways. Again unique! I'm glad I bought it.
  • Lori Whitwam
    Love MaryJanice. This is a three-story collection, following the path to steamy romance of three inter-connected characters. Each set is totally unique, not cookie-cutter characters, and a fun read.
  • Jessica
    While I like it when characters have a sense of humor, the sarcastic, witty characters here kinda annoyed me. It's like they were always trying to one-up each other with one-liners.
  • Kupie
    Silly. Plus reading the numerous sex scenes out loud to my husband made them even more ridiculous. Still, it was a good way to waste a day.
  • Alyssa Edmonds
    These three stories were way too short! What a hot read! I could read it over and over but sadly enough I won't. I will definitely read more of Davidson's books however. WOW!
  • Roos
  • Kelli
    I have picked this book back up a number of times. I can't get over how much I enjoy it every time.
  • Jujubee
    One of my favorites from this author...maybe because it's not a paranormal and goes at a less hectic pace? Three sweet and smexy novellas, worth your time.
  • Michael
    A Cute single story book that really need revamped and and a good sequel!
  • Christy Stewart
    I just couldn't get into this. I wont be too harsh about it because reading something when sick doesn't give it a fair shot. Let's just say it wasn't a faith healing read.
  • Patrice
    Sweet Strangers :)Lovely Lies :)Delightful Deception :)
  • Kim
    Too much boy meets girl, they have wild mutli-orgasmal sex and marry within the week. Not me.