Destroyed (Omega’s Destruction, #3) by Eva Dresden

Destroyed (Omega’s Destruction, #3)

Broken and damaged, Quinn refuses to be destroyed.She rages against the bond Tobias Kahler forced her to complete between them, denying the pull of her claim set into his soul that fateful day. Struggling against the power of his will, she won’t become the smiling, placid thing he attempts to mold her to be.An unseen foe seeks to take matters into their own hands, threatening Quinn and everything she holds dear. Forced to cling to Tobias for su...

Details Destroyed (Omega’s Destruction, #3)

TitleDestroyed (Omega’s Destruction, #3)
Release DateFeb 13th, 2020
GenreParanormal, Omegaverse, Dark, Fantasy

Reviews Destroyed (Omega’s Destruction, #3)

  • Meredith
    Ive protected you as best I can, and I will never forgive myself for what happened to you while you were mine.This series has turned into a broken, devastating love story, finallyI lost hope of redemption for Quinn and Tobias while reading Damaged, but Destroyed restored hope and brought redemption.The largest critique this series has received has been the amount of sexual violence it contains. The final installment, Destroyed, proves Omegas Dest...
  • Birjis
    This amazing, intense and incredible imaginative story has come to an end. Both heartwarming and violent, the ordeals of Quinn and Tobias are much clearly engaged here.Destroyed concludes from where Damaged left off. Quinns struggles - emotionally and physically are revised, reopened and are given chances to reason her predictment. Tobias is not so easily liked, here the readers are given a chance to know him. His devotion to his mate and childre...
  • Louise H - ⭐ Life in the Book Lane Reviews ⭐
    I'm simultaneous floating though empty space, devoid of all sensation and standing in the middle of a riotous explosion of colour and emotion.If youve got this far, in the trilogy, then you know just what to expect or do you? This is written with the same unique voice that characterised both Broken and Damaged. Eva Dresden's writing is akin to a complex symphony, one where the full orchestra is playing a multitude of notes that blend into one ha...
  • Caitiebelle
    What an incredible ride it's been!! Destroyed (Omega's Destruction Book Three) concludes Tobias and Quinn's feel worn out reading this series hehe. It's been a ride of heartache, joy, fear, uncertainty... yeh All of the feelz you could think of and Eva Dresden pretty much did it all in this amazing series!Our story comes to a conclusion - Saved from her captors Quinn tries to get to grips with living again with ...
  • Puss'N'Books
    Reviewed by PussnBooks.netReview by PussnBooks. Reviewing the darkest, most erotic and taboo books we can find. Click HERE for your next disturbingly sexy read.I feel like Ive been waiting for this book for AGES! But, it really hasnt been that long, lol. The amazing Eva Dresden writes her books pretty quickly. Im just super impatient when it comes to Quinn and Tobias.You ever read a book and then sit down to try and review it only to realise noth...
  • Set
    I feel that her alpha is completely the other side of the coin in his personality in this final book. There is happily ever after but we still get a bonus book. WOOT! In this book, we finally see who her enemies are and her alpha takes control of destroying anyone that is a danger to her family. She is safe and secure to an extent in her dystopian society and she comes to accept the bond between her and her alpha. There's definitely a finality to...
  • Morgan Gene
    I'm convinced a totally different person wrote this story. The writing, tone, and MCs were so different from the other two installments. No way this installment was from the same author imo. DNF at 50%
  • Deanna
    Fucking hell! I'm not sure what to think of this book....I was so glad to see that Quinn got some of her own back on the alphas surrounding her and on Tobias....but is it enough to make up for what has been done to her...that I'm just not sure about. You will have to make up your own mind about that. I know she seems happier and more content with her life. Which i was so happy to see because after everything that girl has gone thru she so deserve...
  • Courtney
    Received ARC from Author for Honest Review.I Give this Book a 5/5 Star Rating.This will be an immediate buy for me!Well written & I was drawn in the from the beginning!This is Omegaverse, if you dont know what it is, please take the time to look it up before you judge this book. It may not be everyones cup of tea but its DEFINITELY Mine.*Grins*To Me this Book Portrayed a Decent Representation of A Dark Omegaverse :DPlease Do Not Read Quinn & Tobi...
  • Emily
    In my estimation, the entire Omegas Destruction Series was riveting. Yes, it was darker than dark and came with a heavy helping of blood and gore. Yes, I cringed at some of the things that happened to Quinn. But, from the beginning, the author warned us we might get sucked into the inky blackness. And, secondly, this is the story of the inhabitants of a ruthless, brutal world; where life at all levels of their society is often dog-eat-dog, and mo...
  • Tamara Reynolds
    Not all hearts stay broken !!!This series has been a rollercoaster of emotions, albeit at times devastating I can happily say it ends with a well deserved HEA (phew). This is the final book in a three part series, and follows on directly after Damaged. In Destroyed we are able to see more touching moments between the Quinn & Kahler, as they navigate between each others emotions due to a complete bond. Eva has managed to capture the complexity of ...
  • Mom2three
    If you have read the other titles in this series then you will understand what an emotional ride this has been. If you haven't read any of them then you are missing out on one of the best Omegaverse stories on the market. None of the books have been happy feel good stories, so I wasn't expecting this one to be any different. That assumption was correct, but it still blew me away with it's beauty and the emotional aspect. I wasn't sure how this on...
  • Joyffree
    I knew it!!!!Quinn finally gets a ray of light to break through her world of darkness!If you are here I'm going to assume you read the first two books in this series - if you haven't then you need to back up and start from the beginning. Just trust meIn the first two books I really really disliked Tobias - the way he treated Quinn. His lack of empathy. His borderline psychotic ( fine he was well passed borderline) behavior. His sense of self-enti...
  • Louisa
    Really loved the final instalment to this trilogy. As a read, it was much softer and romantic than the previous books, which were difficult to read at times. Enjoyed the central relationships and the mystery element in this story. I saw the villain coming but that didn't dampen the story for me at all. I also really liked the length, the author didn't skimp and maintained the same quality of writing from the first page to the last. I stayed engag...
  • Hope
    I loved this book, I was so happy that Tobias stuck to his alpha behavior until the end, he had some soft moments but he still took what he wanted, when he wanted. There were moments when Quinn was so stubborn that I got angry with her lol, but Tobias is an amazing example of a "alpha" and Quinn of a strong woman. The sex scenes continued to amaze me (among other things 🤭), and this is definitely the best alpha /Omega romance that I ever read....
  • Badh
    Fantastic conclusionI thought that this was the perfect conclusion of this series. Quinn and Tobias are trying to adjust to all the changes, but Quinn keeps fighting against Tobias. He forced a bond on her, and she feels the squirmy thing in her chest and she wants it gone, so she fights. I think that if the two of them had actually stopped and listened to each other more, and actually LISTENED, then things would've been better. Altogether, a per...
  • Amanda
    Interesting readI finished the story and I do enjoy omegaverse novels. I did feel that the h was not accepting of her fate for a little too long. She was rescued and continued to fight him after he gave so much and showed so much care. The H eventually got through to her and they had a HEA.
  • Janice
    Wow, this trilogy wrung me out. I dont want to give anything away because the book is just too good to spoil and Quinns story is so well told. If youre looking for a neat, cookie cutter romance, keep looking. This story is gritty, dark, rough, filled with angst and you will not be able to put it down. After all Quinn has endured, she finally gets her HEA minus some pieces that were either Broken,Damaged or Destroyed along the way. Wow, this tri...
  • ValerieC
    After following this insane, gory violent, trilogy, we are left with a cliffhanger? An enemy is still out there... 😳
  • Lisa
    WowI actually have to say is wow wow and WOWThis third book really was the best I cant belie how good this one went thank you WowI actually have to say is wow wow and WOWThis third book really was the best I can’t belie how good this one went thank you
  • Covertly Curated
    Disclaimer : I skipped to this book after reading only about 70% of book 2 because I couldn't put up with (view spoiler)[ Tobias' bullsh*t treatment of a broken Quinn post-rescue. (hide spoiler)] However, now that I've read this book, I'm thinking of going back and finishing. While this installment had a happy ending, the characters' emotional journey-or lack thereof- left me unfulfilled. I started skimming over the sex scenes after a while becau...
  • Darkreads
    What an amazing conclusion to this thrilling series by Eva Dresden! Destroyed picks up right where Damaged left off and plunges us right into the agony and bitter ecstasy of Quinn's existence is Tobias' mate. The raw emotion that pours from the pages of this book is truly staggering and a testament to Ms. Dresden's undeniable talent. The struggle that this couple goes through to get to their HEA, both emotionally and physically is intense. At tim...
  • Michelle
    Like a phoenix who rises again after the ashes, Tobias fights to bring Quinn back from all that she has endured. Even if he was the one responsible for failing to protect her, she belongs to him and he won't give up on her. Quinn continues to battle for her freedom to just be who she is, to have a choice in things. Yet everything is not as it seems and she must make Tobias realize that before it's too late.This is the final book in this dark and ...
  • Jessika
    What a beautiful ending to a dark and tragic story.I know a lot of people hated the last book or couldn't handle the dark nature of it. To be honest, it was rough, but the way Eva writes the utter desolation of her characters is just fascinating. I always feel on the edge of my seat, the second book left me feeling so broken and hollow for Quinn. This last book was just pure gold. It was everything I wanted for her. I loved how through this book ...
  • Moyae
    Never DisappointedThe never ceasing to amaze Eva Dresden, has of course continued to improve on something previously perfected. This third book brings out all the feels. Eva takes you on a Tour Dr France of emotions, using various means of transportation. This has been a rollercoaster well worth riding. Tobias and his commitment to take, keep and control what is his does not falter; willing to barrel through the depths of hell to slay the devil h...
  • Jackie Moore
    I am so happy Quinn finally gets to be happy! Of course this is still an Eva Dresden book so Quinn still has a battle to get that happy ending. That battle is a crazy one too! I loved Tobias in the second book and I love him even more in this last book. He is all alpha but he will do anything to keep Quinn. But at the same time he wants her to be happy with him. I like that even tho Kahler has rescued Quinn she doesn't just rollover and think he ...
  • Jane B
    ohh man. finally! it took the very last book for me to see the love Tobias had for her. "i see the scared little girl who is just afraid of loving as being loved." ugh its about time he starts to show his declaration for her, to her. it drove me nuts how he didnt realize the pain he caused her. there was just so much pain and misery for her in the first two books and in each of them, just as it seems like things will get better, THEY DONT. the au...
  • Ruba
    A good end! Although some missed opportunities Pleased with the end but the editor should really have pointed out the wasted opportunities with Curtis, Meghan and Ilya (view spoiler)[Curtis could have had more involvement for the reader so his death meant something, Meghan apparently arranged a shoot out and can now hack IT systems and Ilya being alive was dangled in front of us for no reason whatsoever (hide spoiler)]. There was also a lot of me...
  • Bookmum
    Oh my God!!! I don't even know where to start!!! This book was amazing. We got our happily ever after for a strong Omega!! Quinn and tobais relationship is......(I'm sorry I don't know the words) Quinn is an Omega with the heart of an alpha and tobais is an alphas alpha and wow do they clash!!!This is the 3rd instalment and it starts with quinn being back home with tobais dealing with the after effects of her abduction, and the new effects of the...