Fairy Tail, Vol. 06 (Fairy Tail, #6) by Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail, Vol. 06 (Fairy Tail, #6)

DEMON RISINGHotshot Natsu and his cool rival Gray are fighting to stop a calamity demon from being revived by Gray’s fellow disciple Lyon and Zalty, a master of Lost Magic. But while they try to defeat the bad guys, the magical ice binding the demon keeps melting. Then a grudge between Fairy Tail and a rival guild turns to all-out war!Includes special extras after the story!

Details Fairy Tail, Vol. 06 (Fairy Tail, #6)

TitleFairy Tail, Vol. 06 (Fairy Tail, #6)
Release DateApr 28th, 2009
PublisherDel Rey
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Magic, Comics, Shonen

Reviews Fairy Tail, Vol. 06 (Fairy Tail, #6)

  • Amber
    So, I am writing my reviews on a volume by volume basis. This might be a crazy endeavor, but I just wanted to make that clear so that no one thinks this 2 star rating is a reflection of what I think about the series. As a whole the series has been a goof read. Does it WOW me? No. But, this volume in particular kinda rubbed me the wrong way. The main focus of the story was to end the drama on the demon island and then to set up more drama betwe...
  • Roxana-Mălina Chirilă
    Man, "Fairy Tail" is just so awesome that I can't seem to stop reading it!... Wait, what's that? It's been over a month and a half since I read volume 5, despite the fact that I have the first 45 volumes just lying around?Well, what do you know. I *can* stop reading it, after all. Somehow, while I find the series entertaining, I don't find it very engaging.So, I picked up where I left off - our heroes are fighting hard to stop a terrible demon fr...
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    Volume 6 wrapped up the Deliora arc and before it even seemed like it ended it started up the next arc! I dub thee the Fairy Tail vs Phantom Lord arc. That might even be the real name, who knows.I was actually kind of worried, because I didn't remember how the gang ended up defeating Deliora. But it turns out that the reason I didn't remember how they defeated it was because (view spoiler)[they actually didn't, lol. It was kind of lame and anticl...
  • Mal
    I really like reading this. I find it a lot harder to watch than to read - really, all the big ones are like that for me - so revisiting these after watching them is really cool! This arc is awesome, by the way. Because Gray is one of my favorites <3
  • Jordan
    I've seen about 60 episodes of the anime (or whenever this Nirwana-Thing happened) and so I know at least a tiny bit about the story. After 60 episodes I lost interest, but now I believe that might change. I'm not saying I'm a Anime/Manga-Fan now, but I start to see why so many people love it. They are not just quick reads, they have so much more humor and it just looks amazing.Besides - that ending though... brutal.
  • Kanna Ogihara
    They kept fighting in this volume so the main story was almost same as volume 4 and 5, but the conflict between Gray and Lion was over. Then Deliora in the ice made by UR woke up but is died finally. To be honest, I expected that Gray and Lyon fight with Deliora so I was disappointed a little. However, they could break the curse finally so I enjoyed this volume.
  • Oscar Leal
    Tomo 6 Fairy Tail . ¡Lo has vuelto a hacer Fairy Tail! . Una historia a la que no me acercaba por miedo a que no terminara de convencerme (y así era debido a sus primeros dos bastante normales tomos) . Pero la historia desde el tomo 3 no ha terminado por soltarme . Es genial . En este tomo tenemos la conclusión bastante humana del arco de la Isla Galuna . Tenemos la continuación del hangliffer y un combate bastante emotivo de Gray y Lyon . De...
  • Strangerealms
    My review is for the whole manga so far (50 volumes). Fairy Tail is set in a fantasy world where wizards join guilds to make a living, and help the population who have no magic and cannot face certain threats. Lucy is such a wizard looking for a guild, and after meeting Natsu she joins his guild Fairy Tail. I watched the anime first and I prefer the anime look, but the drawings do get better after some volumes. The regions do look pretty, and the...
  • Cornerofmadness
    This picks up with the damage inflicted to Gray mid-battle with Lyon. Their battle continues and the reader does have to suspend disbelief that anyone could go on with injuries like that but if you’re into the action genre, you’re good at that already. Unfortunately for our heroes while Gray and Lyon are battling it out, Lyon’s compatriots are about to unleash the demon from the ice. But for the back story lovers like myself, we get more of...
  • Laura
    This Volume wraps everything up nicely and leads us on to a new storyline, with hints of whats to come. Still loving Fairy Tail
  • Connor
    Fairy Tail is number 1! ☝
  • Paul Spence
    This volume has both the ending of the current story arc and the beginning of the next one. This arc was very much specific to Gray as the main hero, in that while the other characters were present, most of the action was done by him.Years ago, Gray and a fellow apprentice Ice Mage name Lyon worked and learned under a woman named Ur. She was quite powerful, so much so that even years later, folks talk of how powerful she was. She died not just sa...
  • Inês Mendes
    Let's continue on with the adventure! It's very good to remember what already happened and analyse it in further detail. I can't believe how fast I can read these, they're so intense, and funny, and I just love it!
  • Karlie Spiry
    I’m not sure about the sexual harassment that Lucy seems to get.
  • Soline
    I read this entire volume during a class and I don't even regret it.
  • Alyx
  • Glaiza Champion
    I miss reading about the little side stories with the little victories which reveals more and more the growth of every character.I definitely love that I'm getting that from Fairy Tail.
  • Blackandred04
    Fairy Tail is my favorite manga by far
  • Teresa cox
    ☺ ☺ ☺
  • Jason
    its a great book and series I love these types of books that are thrilling.
  • Sam Chapman
    This was soooo good. The island story arc is great. I'm not a huge fan of the Phantom Lord Arc but oh well, I'm sure it'll grow on me.
  • Cesar Cango
    Great story.Great volume. I just started reading Fairy Tail and I can't stop, I really enjoy the story. Awesome manga, I really recomendaciones it.
  • Joseph R.
    The big conflict between Gray and Lyon is resolved along with the defeat of the no-longer-ice-encased demon Deliora. Even all that action and excitement still doesn't resolve the Galuna Islanders' problem of turning into demons at night. So the Fairy Tail team winds up trying to destroy the moon anyway! The end of the story does feel a little bit like the writer coming up with anything to get out of the corner into which he'd painted himself, tho...
  • ʝʊʟɨǟ Ꮖɦօʍքֆօռ
    It left me on a stupid cliff hanger. This book tho. I kinda liked it. Angela's trying to get me to be nice but I am not that good at that.
  • Helen
    The story is getting more complicated. After success on Galuna (with some surprise twists), the gang return to Fairy Tail to accept their punishment only to find their building has been attacked by a rival guild. Some sinister stuff is going on, and now Lucy has been captured. The books always leave great cliffhangers.
  • Maggie
    wow, can I put more than 5 stars, please?AND WTF THAT ENDING, what a cliffhanger..Review;First, I've been going through a few reviews down pages lately for each volumes, for this one, it seems people mostly didn't like it xD I think I understand why so many people dislike this series or make bad reviews; I do see the bad sides of Fairy Tail. The thing is, I usually read Manga to distract me and just enjoy my reading at maximum. So while I do agre...
  • Lissibith
    This volume offers a good if, again, somewhat standard resolution to the first major arc. And I have to say, I enjoy that this one takes an incredulous view of the "die for your friends" mentality many shonen shows do. I've always found it ridiculous how fast people dive straight for that, and I'm glad Fairy Tail addresses how much more important living for your friends is.but as fun as the resolution of the "demons" plight is and as cool as the ...
  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    This volume comes to the conclusion of the Galuna Island Arc and starts with Chapter 40: Galuna Island: The Final Battle. There has been a lot of back story of Lyon and Grey's past. We enter with the two of them in their biggest fight yet. Grey has the belief that Ur, their teacher, is still alive in the ice encasing the monster Deliora. Grey believes that Magic is a living thing not a tool, but a living part of yourself.Meanwhile Natsu is tracki...
  • Samantha
    Tinha deixado para ler os dois últimos capítulos desse mangá, que iniciam um novo arco, apenas quando tivesse os próximos volumes, mas queria deixar a minha estante currently reading zerada, então preferi terminar logo.Gostei bastante desse volume, tanto do desfecho do arco da Ilha Galuna quanto o início do arco Phantom Lord. Fiquei curiosa para saber qual a importância da Lucy nesse arco, tomara que ela tenha mais espaço para lutar.Ah, ...