Defended by Darkness (Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds, #2) by Terry Bolryder

Defended by Darkness (Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds, #2)

Everything feels stronger in the dark...From birth, Tanner has been the responsible one. Formerly known as Tynan, fae prince and commander of darkness, he has protected his kingdom from waves of chaos fae ever since the death of his father. Going to the human world should be an easy task, until he lays eyes on curvy, feisty Eva, and knows that she's the only one he wants to protect.Eva is tired of everything. Her job. Her gross bosses. But she ca...

Details Defended by Darkness (Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds, #2)

TitleDefended by Darkness (Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds, #2)
Release DateMar 18th, 2020
GenreRomance, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fairies, Fae, Paranormal

Reviews Defended by Darkness (Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds, #2)

  • Hanna-Anneli Belt
    The True Value of LoveI love this book! It's sweet and sensual and emotional. I couldn't put it away until read. Two independent, strong persons find and fall in love with each other, learning to trust and defend each other. The villains were unexpected, I didn't see them coming, which was interesting. Usually I don't like so much office romances or the selfish power-hungry corporate world, which was the background of this story, but in this book...
  • Sandra Aaron
    This is a good addition to the Wings, Wands, and Soul Bonds series. I have liked all of Terry's dragon series, but it is nice to now have a series about Fae, whose powers are very different from dragons/shifters. The Fae princes are all likable in their own way, and it is fun to see them try to adapt to and understand human culture.This book is about Tynan/Tanner, the Darkness Fae, and his attempts to develop a soul bond with Eva. Eva is damaged ...
  • Samm Lynn
    Wow! The Fae are a fantastic addition to Terry's universe and each book just adds more dimension. No man should be an island but Tanner/Tynan tries.Another beacon has been found by both the good Fae and the chaos Fae. Tanner/Tynan (dark Fae) knows at first sight that Eva is his soulbond and he will do anything to protect and bond with her. Eva is protective, also, as she tries to improve the conditions and do what is best for the people in her co...
  • Christina Rodrigues
    Defended by Darkness is the second book in Terry Bolryders new Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds Series. It is a steamy paranormal shifter romance that is written in first person, from the point of view of both the hero and heroine. This is a fun read, with great characters, a happily ever after and no cliff hangers. Eva Bennett is an independent and kind woman who knows what she wants and enjoys working to help others. Tynan "Tanner" Shadeson is a str...
  • Rosemarie Grainer
    Great book 2!I am liking this better now, although I will always be more partial to dragons. Tanner is the commander of the Darkness Fairies. He meets Eva, who is VP in charge of Human Resources in a company. She has been having a rough time at work. He knows she is his soul bond, but things are much more difficult than he thought. Chaos is everywhere and they do a very good job of hiding. The pace is fast, the tone is hopeful yet uncertain and t...
  • Joetta Spurling
    Great start. I love this world!Found by Frost: Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds Book 1 By Terry Bolryder Kindle unlimited purchase After months in the human world, the four fae prince warriors are ready to fight evil, the dragons have taught them everything they could, it is now time for them to do their job.Brett (Boreas) is the first to find his soul bond and he got more than he expected. Avery always knew she was different, and the last thing she p...
  • Debbie Caswell
    This is the second book in this wonderful series about four fae princes sent to the human realm to save four beacons four fae princesses who have no idea who or what they are though they do have signs that they are differentThis is Tanner(Tynnan's ) story he is the prince of darkness and the most warrior like of the four fae after all his realm is the first bastion against chaos. He knows the moment he meets Eva that she is the beacon meant for h...
  • Cheri
    Eva and TannerEva had committed herself to the company for years. She knew she'd been passed over for promotions but she fought to make things better for all the employees. She didn't go out much and was annoyed with the men who tried to pick her up when she did. So why did she find Tanner so attractive? When she went to dinner with him, she had no idea she'd see him again so soonthe next morning when he showed up as her interview for the new int...
  • Nikki
    Defended by Darkness: Wings, Wands and Soul bonds book 2 by Terry Bolryder is a 5 star read. Eva is CHRO of the company Qualtechnics and is on the hunt for the third CEO in a year, but the men in the boardroom dont take too much notice of her recommendations. When the guy who kissed her the night before and left a great impression shows up for an interview for the job Eva tried to have him blocked but it doesnt work. Tanner is the prince of the d...
  • Kirsten Ensman
    Dark and ice get togetherI enjoyed Tanner and Eva's story. Eva represented a lot of woman in the corporate world. She was not respected by the men in the company but she worked hard too hard really and wanted to make the company great and do right by the other employees. The men laughed and talked about her behind her back. Tanner who I liked from the beginning tries hard to do right by Eva and tried to do right for the company that she is so ves...
  • Mary Puthoff
    Easy to relate toYou work hard all your life, doing it on your own and then a man come in and tells you he will take care of everything. Um.. I dont think so and neither does Eva. She is smart, hardworking, and independent. Tanner comes in and thinks he can, basically, take care of everything. The whole book is a learning curve for the characters. It is a very fun adventure. It is pretty much my life except for the Fae part. Very relatable and gr...
  • Janice
    This is the 2nd book in the seriesYou have Prince of Darkness who is Tanner Tanner becomes CEO of the company that his Soul Bond Eva works as HRHe will protect her against the Chaos Faes who want her As in all the books things don't go as simple as that & Tanner has to learn to listen to Eva as well as fight ChaosWhile you can read this as a stand-alone it's best to read in orderI can recommend not only this book/series I have read a lot of serie...
  • Shelley
    From the Darkness, he rises🤩Tanner is the Prince of Darkness and he finds his soul bond when he meets the next beacon they are to protect. Evas life is all about work but when she meets a stranger and tells him about all her works woes....only to meet him the next day for an interview to become CEO, things start taking on a different hue❣I loved this story of Tanner and Eva😍 Terry has a way with words and I know each time a story comes ou...
  • Linda Leslie
    4.5I love the storyline and the characters in this book like always Terry does such a great job there! I dropped it down from a 5 to a 4.5 because of the editing issues. Examples like going into great detail describing her pantsuit for the party and then they get home and he takes off her dress, only she wasn't wearing a dress. Also the party was in the conference room and then all of a sudden it's in a ballroom. There were a couple of other glar...
  • Sherry Koch
    Tanner, the protector of the darkness, is used to doing everything on his own and never shared his responsibility or his burden of leading. He might have to change his ways, when he meets his soul bond and Beacon Eve. I loved the fact that a Fae prince could blend so well as CEO. I'm not sure if it's, because Tanner has learned so much or that CEOs can do so little and not be suspicious. I didn't see the twist of who the chaos prince was coming. ...
  • Crystal Watson
    I want me a dark fae!! Wow this book was sooooo good. I love this series. This is Eva and Tanner's story. Tanner is the dark fae Prince and in charge of everything. Eva is a HR personal used to putting out the flames. When these two come together sparks fly. But when Tanner is used to commanding everyone he'll so learn woman don't like that. When the chaos warriors see weakness in the soul bond couple they make their move. Can these two come toge...
  • Sydney M Neblett
    Light in the darkness Im really enjoying the path the author has taken the fae on. I love how the guys know their soul bond and then have to figure out how to win the lucky lady over. This book is a fantastic example of that. The author had to overcome the way this couple thought about the world and then shape them into the pair they would become. There was so much emotion in this book and the steamy scenes are off the charts, plus the danger is ...
  • JodyL
    Tanner and EvaTanner has been the "Commander of Darkness" since he was young and his father was killed. So he has a take charge attitude. Eva likes to have control too. She is VP of her company and tries to do what she can to help her employees despite the way the shareholders treat them.When these two come together sparks fly but they will have to work together or their relationship will fizzle out. Especially is Chaos agents have anything to sa...
  • Winsome Edwards9
    Awww!!!Loved it, man this was even more intense than the ice fae Brett. But I am happy for Tanner and Eva they both deserve their ever after. Now another chaos fae fall and we know that's not the end of it because they will continue to make attempts to capture a fae princess, which will never happen with these defenders around to protect I am curious to know who will be next, can't wait to see who that will be..big fans as always Winz...
  • Cassie
    Eva has always known she was somewhat different than those around her. Tanner has always relied on himself. He is determined to protect her, but can they work as a team?I loved these two. I couldn't blame Eva for how hesitant she was after she watched her parents marriage crash and burn. I loved how Tanner showed her a gentle side. Good read!
  • Carol
    Couldnt get into Main characters. On the surface heroine character is a type I usually love. But here I felt disinterested and frankly didnt care about either of them. Liked the other two unmatched male fairies more. Will read other book about them because of that otherwise I would not read anymore in series. Couldn’t get into Main characters. On the surface heroine character is a type I usually love. But here I felt disinterested and frankly...
  • Holly
    The Fae Warriors have found the next beacon, Eva, and Tanner, Commander of Darkness, knows she is his. Both Tanner and Eva are stubborn and independent but they still grow closer every day, strengthen their bond. They will need to learn to work together to overcome chaos and get their HEA in this action packed story with some unexpected twists.
  • Debbie Givens
    Another great story!Love this new series and this second book. Great characters and storyline. This authors books are alway well written and edited. I particularly enjoy that many of her books have glimpses of past characters and storylines. It gives more depth to the plot many times. Go Fae Princes ! Waiting for next one Another great story!Love this new series and this second book. Great characters and storyline. This author’s books are alw...
  • Kimberly
    not as good as the first This one was good and i liked the surprise of the bad guy....but I Hate smart characters who act stupid! The female lead in this is a VP but she just comes across stupid and unrealistic a couple of times. Women that smart dont put thier heads in the sand and pretend things will just be ok.
  • Cynthia Clay
    I enjoyed the point of view the books are written in. Eva is a wonderful character and she is independent and loving. Tynan is a strong alpha prince who knows how to get things done. He is used to having his way and Eva and him bump heads. They eventually work through this. The action and drama, of course, make for easy enjoyable reading.
  • Laura Branson
    Must read!!This is an incredible book! I love this author! I could not wait to read this series. I am sad I have to wait until the next two books come out. Its a must read. Love. Honor. Truth. Passion. These are just some of the words that describe this wonderful book. Must read!!This is an incredible book! I love this author! I could not wait to read this series. I am sad I have to wait until the next two books come out. It’s a must read. Lo...
  • Cynthia Jackson
    Completely fun, sexy & romanticThe characters are stubborn & independent. Coming together & trusting each other. Learning how to be a we instead of a me, leads to some extreme situations. Not to mention the chaos.
  • Aimee L Tilling
    InterestingInteresting with a different perspective on some of the things we take for granted in our world. Especially as they are things they fight against. Love these strong women!
  • Jane Elizabeth
    KU Edition reader I am so completely engaged in this amazing series! This story has everything you could ask for, including mystery, chaotic mayhem, and two very charismatic characters.