The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1) by Andrew Mayne

The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1)

For a Florida police diver, danger rises to the surface in an adventurous thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Naturalist.Coming from scandalous Florida treasure hunters and drug smugglers, Sloan McPherson is forging her own path, for herself and for her daughter, out from under her family’s shadow. An auxiliary officer for Lauderdale Shores PD, she’s the go-to diver for evidence recovery. Then Sloan finds a fresh kil...

Details The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1)

TitleThe Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2020
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1)

  • Mackey
    I already knew going into this book that I really liked Andrew Mayne's writing style and his character development. Mayne, never-the-less, surprised me with yet another great thriller, this time set in southern Florida and filled with drug cartels, corrupt politicians, pirates and MORE. Generally I'm not a fan of Florida or water based thriller but from the very first page Mayne had my attention and kept me glued to the pages until the very end. ...
  • ij
    Rated 3.5
  • Emma
    This was a good thriller. I am a fan of Andrew Maines The Naturalist series and I found by comparison this wasnt as good. This was a good thriller. I am a fan of Andrew Maine’s The Naturalist series and I found by comparison this wasn’t as good.
  • Alayne Emmett
    This was a prime first reads and it was excellent. It had all the elements that I love in a book, twists and turns and clues which make you try and guess who did what and to whom.I read this very quickly as I couldnt put it down and I wanted to find out who did the crime. This was a prime first reads and it was excellent. It had all the elements that I love in a book, twists and turns and clues which make you try and guess who did what and to w...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    Florida is a great setting for a new series by Andrew Mayne, who lets his curiosity lead beneath the sea in a wetsuit. Sloan MacPherson comes from a family of treasure diving rascals, and while pursuing her Phd. in archaeology also has turned her experience as an experienced diver into a career with the Lauderdale force, retrieving sunken bodies as well as such specimens as tossed weapons. Sloan, who also is sharing parenthood with her daughter's...
  • Kathy
    Amazon freebie and recommended by my brother who could not put it down. It is just not my favorite kind of story and/or heroine with "rough" edges.It is just the thing, I suppose, for lovers of diving/boat stuff/weird sub stuff/bad cops/drug cartel ownership of officials/judges VS the little "guy" - or gal, in this case. She makes risky decisions at every turn even though she has a young daughter to keep safe. There is a second book that I will n...
  • Lena
    Kindle first, you knocked it out of the park! This was thoroughly entertaining! A police diver from a treasure diving family finds herself in the middle of a dangerous search for a hidden half billion stash of drug money. But thats not even whats worth killing for...Lol, I did have moments of doubt with some of the government conspiracy angles, but they did not bog down the story. Black Coral will be hard wait. Kindle first, you knocked it out ...
  • Barbara
    Sloan works as a police diver - a frogman (or frogwoman) as we'd say in the UK. I have no idea if the Americans say the same. She's the one the police call to scrabble around in muddy water looking for knives, guns or bits of dead bodies. And, because she's based in Florida, she's got alligators in a lot of the inland waterways just to keep life more exciting. Sloan's family have a bit of a reputation as pirates and salvagers and her uncle's in p...
  • Armand Rosamilia
    First time reading this author and I feel like I've missed out on some great action, adventure and thrills. The cast of characters is interesting and believable, the plot has many twists and turns, and I'm looking forward to the second book coming out next year in what I hope is a long series.
  • Dennis
    Top flight thriller. When part time police diver Sloan McPherson surfaces to find a fresh murder scene, she's thrust into a world where she (and by proxy her daughter) are a potential taget of cartel violence. Turning to assistance from law enforcement (within her precinct and without), she realizes local and federal authorities believe shes behind the crime, or are ready to assist in framing her for it. From this set up we enter a taut thriller ...
  • Natacha Lakoki
    A well written story that is different from what I would normally read. Loved the main characters as well, and more particularly that the author steered away from the clichés regarding romantic interests between main characters. No damsel in distress here, how refreshing!
  • Roberta
    Sloan McPherson has been diving since she was very young with her expert father teaching her. She has searched for artifacts, but in recent years has become a part of Lauderdale Shores Police Department. They use her regularly for evidence recovery, since she is very familiar all the South Florida waterways. One day when she is doing a dive, she surfaces to find a body that seems to have just been dumped while she was underwater. At first, this p...
  • Don Gorman
    (2 1/2). An Amazon Prime freebie that turned out surprisingly well. Sloan McPherson is a really good protagonist, and Andrew Maynes does a nice job of surrounding her with a good supporting cast. The story is almost believable, the Florida setting works and the action is constant. I am not a diving or scuba enthusiast, but the excitement and mystery of it is carried out well. Very reasonable stuff.
  • Stacy
    I loved this book! It was a unique story, with good non-stock believable characters, and a female lead that I really liked. I felt so happy with how her character was written that I was convinced this book was written by a woman! Kudos to the author for developing a true and genuine female heroine! *SPOILER*The only thing I wasnt stoked about was the ending unfortunately. I was hoping for more intrigue and details about how the documents played o...
  • Tex
    Fun to discover a new series! This one is set is south Florida where I am now and has a single mom diver cop as the protagonist. This first one sets up the characters and the intensity. Problems start when our hero Sloan MacPherson discovers a dead body while on an archaeology dive. Drug cartels, oh my.
  • Joni
    Strong female protagonist, check. First person POV, check. Fast-paced and action-packed story, check check. For a landlocked Kansan to follow, understand, and enjoy a mystery taking place in and under water is quite a feat. Mayne does an excellent job of explaining diving and boating procedures without losing the reader.
  • Vanessa
    This book was great complete page turner and really interesting.
  • Marilyn Cugini
    Fun thriller with an unusual setting, plenty of amusing tough cop banter, and getting out of tough jams through cleverness and ingenuity. Enjoyable escapist fare for diversion from Coronavirus.
  • Martha K
    This suspense/police diver series earns 5 stars for originality and plausibility. Its got a great milieu, colorful characters, action, and a savvy protagonist with interesting knowledge. This ‘suspense/police diver’ series earns 5 stars for originality and plausibility. It’s got a great milieu, colorful characters, action, and a savvy protagonist with interesting knowledge.
  • Neda
    I wanted to love this novel. Ever since reading Storm Front, I have been craving another detective novel that would sweep me away. This book was not it. I picked this up as a first attempt at a Prime Read, and I am sad now. There was no life to this. Maybe I read it too fast, but I was never sucked into the story. I never became the detective. I hardly even remembered her name. She had no defining personality trait other than a love of diving. An...
  • Dominique
    I feel so bad for giving this book a low rating. I was actually thinking about giving it 1 star, but that's really harsh. This book lacked so many elements. The most striking one of all is depth (no pun intended). The story is about a girl who works freelance for the police in Florida. Her uncle has been arrested on drug charges and for that reason her father isn't a fan of the police either. She's not a black sheep of the family, but she keeps h...
  • Harriet
    MehI've liked other books by Mr. Mayne, but this one never really got me involved. I almost think he was trying too hard to create a new series of books rather than writing one whose character was so great I wanted more. Very shallow
    This was an excellent read! I couldn't stop, I had to find out how it ended, I couldn't go to bed until I was I finished. Just enough knowledge of scuba diving to be extremely suspenseful(the free-diving was shocking, but possible) Police and government corruption was totally believable and understandable. This author gave me just enough of the background of everyone's life, that I felt like I knew everyone and routed for them to come out alive a...
  • Albert C. Elser
    Cracker submarinesKept me entertained during the corona quarantine. Not too believable especially the free dive routine. But a fun read. Ill recommend it. Cracker submarinesKept me entertained during the corona quarantine. Not too believable especially the free dive routine. But a fun read. I’ll recommend it.
  • Lindsey
    Just one more chapter Rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors, Andrew Mayne has a knack for keeping you reading. All of the books I have read by him have in common that the chapters are short, and almost all of them end on some sort of cliff hanger or problem to be solved. The result is that you are always willing to read another chapter to see how the conflict is resolved even though you intended to put the book down and go to sleep. Before ...
  • Rhonda Holle
    THE GIRL BENEATH the SEA had me hooked on the first page. I know little to nothing of deep sea diving but I am impressed with the knowledge the author has. The protagonist Sloan is so dynamic. Sloan finds herself in several difficult situations and still gets out and not be killed. Skilled and creative writing, an edge of your seat murder mystery.
  • Darinda
    The first book in the Underwater Investigation Unit series by Andrew Mayne. I've enjoyed Mayne's The Naturalist series, so I was excited to read his latest book. This was a suspenseful mystery with interesting characters. An entertaining read. Looking forward to reading more of this new series.