Death Note Special One-Shot (2020) by Tsugumi Ohba

Death Note Special One-Shot (2020)

Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the mega popular Japanese manga series Death Note debuted in 2003 and came to an end in 2006, but the Shinigami known as Ryuk has returned here at the start of 2020 with a brand new 87-page one-shot!The special one-shot story, written by Ohba and illustrated by Obata, takes place after the events of the original series, and it’s been published in English, in full, over on se...

Details Death Note Special One-Shot (2020)

TitleDeath Note Special One-Shot (2020)
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2020
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics Manga, Short Stories

Reviews Death Note Special One-Shot (2020)

  • Mai
    That one shot was sooo good!!! The auction thing was actually pretty funny and interesting. And I feel bad for Minoru :(( He wanted to do good (view spoiler)[and died anyway (hide spoiler)] :/
  • Shea
    8th grade me is dying right now.
  • Cassie S.
    reading this one shot make me want to reread the whole series again!!
  • Nicki Markus
    It's so great we can read this for free on Viz. I enjoyed returning to the Death Note world for the one-shot. On the whole, I thought the story worked well with its updates to allow for current technological advances. The artwork and characters were great, but I was a bit sad about the ending. However, this could potentially leave things open for a new Death Note series, so we'll see what happens.
  • ❋
    overall fun but ultimately lacking the charm of the original. too fast-paced (which is understandable since it IS a one-shot). I was left wishing we could've gotten more time to delve into the new mc's psyche as well as motivations (which is what made death note so great in the first place!), but again, one can only do so much with a one shot.also pretty sure that minoru's actions just set off massive hyperinflation? 2 years of planning and he di...
  • Alice
    minoru was CUTE and smart as hell rest in peace king
  • D.J.
    A new Death Note one-shot? Sign me up.Many fans, I'm sure, were all rather excited but also apprehensive of this new story. Without the characters that made the original story good, how would this one fare? Would Ohba pull off a miracle and show us that he could still be the kind of writer he was in 2003? Well...Creative phases are hard to recapture, especially in writing. Fourteen years is a long time to be away from an idea, so if you're going ...
  • Wazoo
    Does Ohba's latest offering reach the same levels of unprecedented intrigue that his original Death Note did? Let's be honest: no. No, it doesn't. On the one hand, though, it is a one-shot, and for one written more than a decade after the original ended―and within an era of countless reboots and remakes that are just downright terrible ―I actually thought this post-original work was pretty decent. Its story wasn't nearly as well-developed,...
  • Finny
    Yum. Apples. So good. I need more apples.Death Note One-Shot is a great time. It's a shame it's so rushed. It feels like there's a good 2 or 3 volumes of content here, edited down into a brisk but disappointingly shallow 80 pages.The worst part is that it stops just as it sets up some truly interesting stuff—I never realised before today how much we needed a political-thriller Death Note sequel series, and this one-shot stops dead just as it st...
  • Evelyn
    This is a one-shot continuation of the Death Note series.Nostalgia hit me like a bus and I enjoyed every minute of it. Not really a spoiler, just me being a nostalgic fangirl -> (view spoiler)[Death Note is a series special to me because it was the first manga that I became obsessed with. December 2009; I checked volume 1 out at the school library on Friday; read it on the 3 hour ride to Tennessee... reread it 10+ times... bought volume 2 and 3...
  • Daelyn Blackwood
    (3.0) I overall quite enjoyed reading this. I watched the anime for death note a couple of years ago and it still stands as one of my favourite of all time, so it was really fun to be back in that world. The concept of how the Death Note would be used in a more modern society, paired with the slight political message about world leaders fighting for the most power was really interesting to explore, and the idea of someone wanting to sell the Deat...
  • Kloe Thomasson
    I was so disappointed with this.. death note is by far my favourite series at the minute but this... it just kind of ruined the whole thing for me. I guess that because I love the og mangas so much it set my expectations high. 1- NEARS HAIR - what is going on????? Near became L as he was L’s successor but what happened to his hair????2- the plot was kind of crappy. It could’ve been a decent plot if Obata had made this a little longer and the ...
  • James DeSantis
    Whohoooo death note is back! Well for just a One-shot but damn it's good to have it back. Ryuk is up to no good as he wants to have his death note spread to someone and them do some evil ass things. Sounds fun right? Well it is, because he decides to drop it into the lap of someone new with a VERY different motive than Light. This catches on as N, now the new L, must hunt down A-Kara. While I did really enjoy most of this, and the art is fantasti...
  • Maggie Chatterton
    Death Note Special One-Shot is a fast-paced continuation of the original Death Note series set in modern day where surveillance has seemingly no blind spot to prevent another Kira from rising up and seizing the world in a choke hold.With this being a one-shot, the main character doesn't get a whole lot of depth and the plot itself seemed a bit rushed. We do get a chance to see familiar faces from the original series, though we don't get to stick ...
  • Ludo
    4.5 I’m glad that this was online and free to read. At first, I thought I was gonna laugh at whatever this was (I was like “what is this?/why is this?”), but then I was positively surprised—even if there wasn’t Light, this was quiteentertainingto read. All the twists and mind playing were still there—plus that ending… This was totally Death Note!(view spoiler)[Just on the ending I’m disappointed because it wasn’t right to make i...
  • eme
    This was really good, but not as good as the original serie I guess? I don’t know I liked the change and the whole new idea about how to use the death note, but at the same time.... idk it felt kinda rushed and pointless at the end? I guess it’s because it is such a short one shot and they had to condense so much info in just 89 pages, but it was very interesting to read anyway and the art is just as fantastic as ever. I just feel like I want...
  • JT
    This was one amazing shot! Its has a new interesting character and some returning from the original series. The story is quick paced and focused with a rewarding conclusion. Seeing the mindset of Minoru and some of the new challenges he faces keeps it from being a direct copy of the original. Only complaint is that it was so short! Some of the story elements will be lost If you haven't seen or read the original. This is not for newcomers. 4/5 Rew...
  • Carina Stopenski
    a phenomenal one-shot with a kira for the modern ages. it was wonderful to see the return of some of the original story’s memorable characters. the art style is as always haunting and impeccable, the writing is clever and well-honed considering the short structure, and the plot is so telling for today’s sociopolitical climate. and what’s death note without a bittersweet ending? overall, short, smart, and a must-read for fans of the original...
  • Carol (bookish_notes)
    It was great diving into the Death Note world again. I loved seeing some old characters! Like, NEAR?? He’s all grown up!! And he really didn’t give a fuck at the end there. lol I loved that Minoru (the new MC) found a new loophole that just royally pissed off the Shinigami King. The ending is kinda of sad, but what could you expect from Death Note? Overall, this was a fun one-shot.
  • Ian Darko
    Thank god the original creators gave us this masterpiece to wipe away the stench of that dumpster fire Netflix movie! Its amazing how well they were able to capture the suspense and intrigue of the original series, complete with a ending even more jaw dropping than the original, all in just 87 pages. Masterful storytelling.
  • Sai Ram (ZanyAnomaly)
    it's was going so good, until the slap dash, abrupt ending. the twist was, in paper, a very signature unexpected-death-note-twist. BUT, it was just a bit too absurd, and it feels like the writers didn't give it much thought. also, a minor personal grievance, they really did Near dirty with her look this time it's was going so good, until the slap dash, abrupt ending. the twist was, in paper, a very signature unexpected-death-note-twist. BUT, it...
  • A.M.
    I hated it, it was genius. I genuinely thought things were going to be all peachy keen. But I guess adding new rules is fair game now, or now more clearly stated as a possibility. I wished Ryuk told POTUS about the new rules after he accepted the notebook. It wasn't fair to Tanaka to be the only one to die. Actually I don't care about fairness, I just really wanted POTUS to die.
  • Lexi
    It was interesting to see what a new Kira would do with the death note. I also appreciated the inclusion of L (Near) and Matsuda from the original story. Of course, it ended just as badly for the protagonist as the main series, which is to be expected. I also felt that the inclusion of real-life world leaders to be completely unnecessary and a cheap attempt at making a political statement.
  • Ternessa
    I was so excited when I heard about this one shot and couldn't wait to read it. It was so awesome getting back into the world and seeing old characters. I wish we got to know more about Minoru and to see more of the Shinigami but I still very much enjoyed it. It's a fun, entertaining and quick read.
  • Skye Spears
    I missed reading Death Note, I love how thoughtful the story lines are. This was for sure a great new take on how to use the Death Note without actually killing someone, brilliant. I was only a bit sad with the fact it was a single volume and that a new rule was made out of nowhere so that the main character had to die. But I see the need for it since it was only a single volume story.
  • Lestat
    What a delight. Death Note steps into the politics of today while being a suspenseful and gripping story. Love the new protagonist Minoru Tanaka. He’s a scheming little thing without being evil. Not too sure about the new L. They didn’t exactly do anything. I just loved reading this so much. It was so much fun. Highly recommend this to everyone!
  • Pier-luc
    Very interesting spin on the Death Note idea, completely different from the original series.That being said, two things drag it down: Near appearance is near useless (get it?) and the last page seemed a bit unfair.But overall, very good and the art is sublime.
  • Clara (Clarylovesbooks)
    The ending of the one-shot was too forced, but it was interesting to see a new Death Note story set in modern era, with all the complications that comes with new medias and technologies. I wish we could have seen more of Minoru!
  • Ultan
    I really enjoyed this manga, thought it was bit short but hey it's a one shot and free. I really loved seeing old characters from Death Note reappear and what the world thought of Kira after he was gone. I highly recommend this to anyone who was a fan of the original Death Note, although I will say the protagonist was not as interesting as Light.