Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2) by Libba Bray

Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2)

Ah, Christmas! Gemma Doyle is looking forward to a holiday from Spence Academy, spending time with her friends in the city, attending ritzy balls, and on a somber note, tending to her ailing father. As she prepares to ring in the New Year, 1896, a handsome young man, Lord Denby, has set his sights on Gemma, or so it seems. Yet amidst the distractions of London, Gemma’s visions intensify–visions of three girls dressed in white, to whom somethi...

Details Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2)

TitleRebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2)
Release DateDec 26th, 2006
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2)

  • Maddie Dix
  • Lola
    Do NOT read this series if you feel like you hate the whole world. Because these three girls—Gemma, Felicity and Ann—will make you want to bang your head against a wall. But please do read it if the combination of silly and serious intrigues you and you feel like losing yourself in a deeply fascinating world-building.
  • Beth
    So I emailed a friend today and explained that the only way I could think of to describe this series was to imagine tossing Mean Girls & The Craft (both of the cheesy teen movie persuasion) into a blender with the whole Harry Potter English boarding school concept just to see what comes out. And what results is an addicting, fast-paced story that is difficult to put down. I’m actually a bit shocked by how engrossing this story has become. Libba...
  • Fables&Wren
    WrensReads Review:I need everyone to read this series. It touches on so many topics and it’s just such a pretty tale.There will be spoilers from the first book, but no spoilers for this current book.One of the four has passed away from the real world. Felicity, Ann and Gemma are all dealing with the death of their dear friend Pippa in their own ways. Mostly everyone blames Gemma, including Gemma herself, even though no one forced Pippa to eat f...
  • Moira Russell
    I loved the GR reviewer's crack that this series was like a mashup of The Craft + Mean Girls in Harry Potter. My take on it just as I was settling into the second book was "Picnic at Hanging Rock on acid." In this one, the Magickal Rules are still just about as bad as the Magickal Geography, there are several entirely unbelievable visits to Bedlam, an OPIUM DEN, a suitor offering absinthe at a get the idea. But the adolescent female c...
  • Trina (Between Chapters)
    Series review video: It's only a few weeks since I read this but I have since finished the series and am lowering my rating of this book from 2 stars to 1 star because the things I found to be problematic were never redeemed and I cannot overlook them.Original review:There were more things I didn't like than I liked, which causes it to fall just below a middle of the road rating.TL;DR - Predictable, r...
  • Jenny
    I love this book. I love the entire series. I found them first in seventh grade, but the third one hadn't come out yet. I was scanning my middle school library's shelves, when I noticed an interesting cover near one of my favorite book series. I read the back and I thought the plot was interesting. So I decided to give it a chance and read it. I thought they were great. I mean, I really didn't consider them as some of my favorite books. Eventuall...
  • Pinky
    I was really scared of how this book would turn out because I loved the first book in the series. And I didn't want any of the characters to die or anything. But I had to pick this book up because I wanted to know what happens next. And I am so glad that I picked it up. “Sometimes we seek that which we are not yet ready to find.” This book continues off after A Great and Terrible Beauty, it is the second book in the series. If you haven't h...
  • Kassidy
    Loved it!! *4.5*At first I was kind of on the fence about it, but the last 100 pages were awesome, and totally captivated me.Loved:-The depth of the relationships between Gemma, Felicity, and Ann. I enjoyed seeing Felicity grow and show a more vulnerable side. -The change in Gemma. I felt she really matured and stepped up to the plate in the end and I feel more connected to her than I did in the first book.-The love interests. Now she has Simon a...
  • Summer
    OMG. Okay. I have to get The Sweet Far Thing. Like. now. Blast... it's only in hardcover... I don't know what to do. My brain isn't working.So far I love this series way too much to be healthy. You know you've got me hooked when I start going all delusional and forget that there is this thing called reality, and that I shouldn't be sitting in bed with my eyes closed trying to picture a door of light. But more than just the fantastical element... ...
  • Emma Blue
    I can't decide which book is better. Ah but the second is great. Gemma has the same fire, the character development is as good as it was in the first. New characters are dark. My favorite newie? Nell Hawkins. Oh and my thoughts on Simon Middleton, handsome, but I'm still praying for a romantic relationship between Gemma and Kartik, more fire, tension, and mystery, who can't love that? All I can say is that Felicity's, Gemma's and Ann's journey fo...
  • Kei
    Find the bloody Temple and bind the stupid magic already! All of the contrived riddles and guessing games, near death experiences, etc., just didn't do it for me because this story has been drawn-out with other filler stories just to make the book unnecessarily thick. Oooh 548 pages...why not go for an even 600? Just add another meaningless event, like Simon tells Gemma more juicy gossip or take her on a shoplifting spree. This one wasn't as enth...
  • Tatiana
    I enjoyed "Rebel Angels" just as much as I did its predecessor - "A Great and Terrible Beauty." In this book Bray continues exploring constraints of Victorian society, and their suffocating effects on young women's lives. This time we go beyond the borders of the finishing school - Gemma, Felicity, and Ann are in London for their Christmas holidays. We accompany them to opera, ball, and various social events. To add to already dark Gothic atmosph...
  • Lauren Kammerdiener
    Rebel Angels did a lot more for me than its precursor, A Great and Terrible Beauty. This I'm mainly going to attribute to the London setting, which I loved probably too much.Bray's Victorian London was dark and interesting, and you got to see a lot of it, which I really appreciated. Her London society, however, I found a little wobbly and lacking at certain points, but it still gave the story an enjoyable twist.One thing I do like about this seri...
  • Andrez
    Book Name: Rebel AngelsAuthor/s: Libba BrayLanguage EnglishOriginal Title:Rebel AngelsPublisher, year: Simon and Schuster, 2007Page total:548Date Read: june 27-28Genre/s: YA, fantasy, paranormal, historical fictionFirst line of Book:"Herein lies the faithful and true account of my last sixty days, by Kartik, brother of Amar, loyal son of the Rakshana, and of the strange visitation I received that has left me wary on this cold English night."Revie...
  • Rhiannon
    Why do I like Rebel Angels so much more than A Great And Terrible Beauty? That's easy: Balls.Not THOSE kinds of balls. These kinds:Maybe because all those par-tays made the pace of the novel seem faster and the story more compelling. But, also, we get to see Gemma interact with her family and the snooty-high-society all around her. This makes for some excellent characterization of both the major and secondary characters.Would this series have bee...
  • Megan (YABookers)
    I really loved Rebel Angels, much more than A Great and Terrible Beauty. It was magical, enchanting and truly captivating. I really love Gemma, and I think she is pretty damn awesome. She is intelligent, brave and curious and I think she had some great character development. The same can be said with Ann and Felicity, and while I sometimes dislike them, I have to admire they are pretty great characters. Pippa was a character which really surprise...
  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    I think the story is getting even more interesting, and also a bit sad. It didn't take me long to read it either! Truly, these are such fun books, and the world behind the door of light is getting more and more interesting. In this sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, set two months after, a new, mysterious teacher has arrived at Spence, three ghostly girls are trying to give Gemma a message, and Kartik tells Gemma she must find the Temple and ...
  • kaitlyn
    Besides the obvious (again with the "Felicity and Ann are my best friends. Felicity is such a spoiled brat. Ann is so annoying! Oh, they're being so rude to me, but they're still my best friends, yay!") there was one thing in particular that got me about this book. It's small and probably shouldn't bother me this much but it really did. Why, after Gemma tells her about how they discovered the Order's use of anagrams, would Miss Moore write down h...
  • Priscilla
    Check out my video review:
  • Jess
    13-year-old me: these books are the greatest and I'm having an amazing time25-year-old me: these books are not the greatest but I'm having an amazing time
  • Julie
    After reading the first book it was good enough to keep reading the other books although I didn't love it. I really liked the second book, but after the whole series was finished I was rather disappointed. I thought the story was compelling, but if you're looking for a book appropriate for you teenage girls I didn't think this was it. There are far too many points of view that conflicted with my beliefs. I really wanted to like these books, but a...
  • Lowed
    I'm surprised she did not see it coming! If you have read my review of the first book, you'd see at how I might be inconsistent with it. With a really good prose [this time], this is an excellent follow up of the first book.It's good seeing the development of the characters, although I still think they are a hateful bunch. But it was still nice enough to make me want to read the last book in the series.!
  • Jessica Avery
    So far I'm loving this series. This book was quicker paced than the first one and goes into more detail about the realms. Makes you think you know things but then it turns out you're wrong. Highly recommend
  • Alice Lippart
    A fascinating and exciting sequel.
  • Ben Alderson
    finished this book after many days of putting it off! i did enjoy this book!
  • Kayla Garcia
    This series is simply sweet droplets of bliss. I was overjoyed the entirety of reading this. These girls and their personalities were even more adored than the first book. READ THESE BOOKS EVERYONE! You won’t be disappointed, for they are lovely. ❤ This series is simply sweet droplets of bliss. I was overjoyed the entirety of reading this. These girls and their personalities were even more adored than the first book. READ THESE BOOKS EVERYO...
  • snowplum
    I liked this book less than book 1, A Great and Terrible Beauty, probably because it felt as though the author decided to add a few heaping spoonfuls of More Social Issues to a book that didn't need them. Book 1's take on feminism and ways that teenage girls suck toward each other and themselves was a bit heavy-handed and artless, but certainly in line with general expectations of the genre. And therein, perhaps, lies the problem. I think we may ...
  • Eshusdaughter
    In this is sequel to Libba Bray's excellent YA fantasy novel, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Gemma, Felicity and Anne venture to London over the Christmas holidays. Gemma finds a new love interest among the peerage and Felicity and Anne undertake a daring deception about Anne's social status. Amid the social whirl they continue to venture into the magical land of the realms, seeking to escape the strictures of their lives. But Circe's agents are cl...
  • Pau
    Solid 4. Good job, book.EDIT (Lengthier review now.)I started this book. Put it down as it seemed pointless and I wasn't up for sitting through more school room antics. One night, my insomnia kicked in and I remembered that reading helped somewhat. That night I breezed through the entire book. After the last past, I put it down and felt thoroughly satisfied.Gemma and the Powerpuff girls come back at the same place, but at Christmas time. That bit...